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October 23, 2013

Luck of the Draw Event

Spin the Wheel of Doom or Destiny for Incredible Gear!

Fate and Fortune wait for you at the Carnival! /Join Wheel to head to the Wheel of Doom or the Wheel of Destiny and take part in our new Luck of the Draw event begins!

What rewards do the wheels have for you?

/Join Doom to talk to Swaggy and spin the Wheel of Doom or /join Destiny to see Shiny and spin the Wheel of Destiny! Pull the lever to spin, see your reward, and get a chance to win!

Luck of the Draw Participation Details

Every time you spin the Wheel between 12 AM October 23, 2013* and 12 AM November 11, 2013 (10/23 - 11/11, midnight server time), you will be entered into the Luck of the Draw prize pool one time.** Winners will be announced on November 13th, 2013.

We keep track of your spins on the Wheels of Doom and Destiny, so once the event ends, we will put together a list of the winners and put their prizes directly into their inventories!

* That means every spin you've made since midnight this past Wednesday has already entered you into the contest!
* This means EVERYONE gets at least one free entry with the free monthly Wheel spin, and Legends get 1 free spin every day!

Enough words, what are the prizes?!

Good question! There will be 1001 winners, and that means 1001 prizes! First prize is a full armor set by Dage the Evil: the Fallen Warlord set. There will only ever be ONE of these in existence! 

Fallen Warlord concept sketch by Dage the Evil

The full prize list is:

  • 1st prize: 1 winner - Exclusive armor set by Dage the Evil!
  • 2nd prize: 25 winners - Exclusive armor by one of the AQW artists!***
  • 3rd prize: 50 winners - Exclusive weapon by one of the AQW artists!
  • 4th prize: 75 winners - Exclusive weapon by one of the AQW artists!
  • 5th prize: 100 winners - Exclusive weapon by one of the AQW artists!
  • 6th prize: 250 winners - Exclusive weapon by one of the AQW artists!
  • 7th prize: 500 winners - Exclusive weapon by one of the AQW artists!

*** All winners of a tier win the same item, but that will be the ONLY way to ever get that item in AQW! Each artist in AQW will contribute one item (that's Dage, Memet, Zoshi, Roroth, Tyronius, Aegis,and Aranx!)

Wait... What are the Wheels of Doom and Destiny?

Talk to Swaggy or Shiny when you /join wheel. There, you can buy a Fortune Ticket for 200 AdventureCoins or a Stack of 10 Fortune Tickets for 1500 AdventureCoins to spin the wheel. If you're a Legend, you can access the Legendary Wheel of Doom (or Destiny) quests, which give you one FREE spin every day your account upgrade is active! (You can earn free ACs by watching ads from Ballyhoo or doing AExtras offers, too.)


EVERY time you spin, you get at least THREE prizes - 10,000 gold, a 1 hour XP Boost, and a Fortune Potion - plus a chance for a very special extra prizes!

Notes on using the Wheels of Doom and Destiny

  • You must be at least Level 5 to spin the wheel.
  • All players get one free spin a month.
  • Legends get one free extra spin a day.
  • One spin can be purchased using a Fortune Ticket.
  • Ten spins can be purchased using a Stack of Fortune Tickets.
  • If you win an item, what you have won will be announced to you only, unless you have won a 1% reward.
  • If an individual on your server has won a 1% (or lower) reward, it will be announced to the whole server what they have won.

You can use the Fortune Potion and 1 hr XP Boost in the Wheel Merge Shop to get even more gear, too. New gear arrives in both wheels AND the merge shop tonight!

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