Design Notes during Jul 2009
Top secret behind the scenes information about AdventureQuest Worlds and our other web based games.
Artix July 31st, 2009
Tonight’s Mountainous Release!
The Stone of Memory
As the name states, the Stone of Memory is a special rock that records a profound memory. When you hold the Stone in your hands, visions from the past come into view. This type of rock is incredibly rare and has never been seen before… until now! Legend says that there is a Stone of Memory hidden somewhere in Dwarfhold Keep. And I have a hunch that this might be our first glimpse at the Chaos Dragonlord Vath! Someone in Dwarfhold Keep HAS to know a thing or two about it!


Dwarfhold Keep: A Rocky Start!
The fence around Dwarfhold Mountains has been removed! And you know what that means: a new map! Yep, the time has come for you to journey up the rocky mountain path to the entrance of Dwarfhold Keep! But don’t forget to bring Snowbeard’s Battleaxe with you… it acts like a key to get through the giant Golden Ram Doors! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggest you visit Snowbeard in the Tavern. Dwarfhold Keep

The inside of Dwarfhold Keep is amazing… despite the multiple brand-new monsters that have invaded! Fight through Glow Worms, Drow Soldiers, Albino Bats and more as you travel deeper and deeper within the caves! I hope you have your sword drawn because these beasts don’t take too kindly to strangers! Also… whatever you do… DON’T FALL down that hole! (What hole?.....ahhhhhh!)

Big Bad Boss
Look at what you’ve done. I just told you to stay away from that huge hole, and now you’re in for one rough battle. Legend always spoke of a giant cave beast that slumbers in the deepest cave of Dwarfhold Keep. And now you’ve found him. Get out while you still can—he is SO NOT a morning person… er, morning mole. (Is there such a thing? Well, now there is.)


New Dwarven Items!
Snowbeard has gotten SIX new Dwarven items in his shop! And these items ROCK (no pun intended)! I just hope your Dwarfhold Reputation is high enough to get these brand-new weapons—if not, there are PLENTY of quests in Dwarfhold to level up your Rep!
  • Karag Battleaxe
  • Battleaxe of the Angaz
  • Hammer of Drung
  • Thag War Hammer
  • Grund Dwarven Broadsword
  • Grundmir Master Dwarven Broadsword

Mini Game!

Mini Game

What are Dwarven games called? Heh… Mini Games! And guess what… AQ Worlds now has its FIRST real Mini Game! This side-scroller Mini Game takes you through Dwarfhold Mines as you collect rare Gems in a Mine Cart! But there’s a catch: some of the tracks have holes in them! And that’s a looooonnng fall. The tracks are also littered with debris that will destroy your cart if you hit them. It took me multiple tries to get all the Gems (51 attempts to be exact) but OH it is so much fun! Can you beat my record?

GeopetalGeopetal & IronFist
New NPCs are the best, especially when one of them is AE Staff! A legend in DragonFable, Geopetal makes her first-ever cameo appearance in AQ Worlds! YAY! She and a Dwarven friend named IronFist are ready to keep you busy with brand new quests! With each quest you complete, your Dwarfhold Reputation increases, allowing you to purchase Dwarven items from Snowbeard!


You might not have noticed, but this is my first time posting on the Design Notes! Sure, I sometimes help Artix and Cysero out with them (editing, taking pictures, etc) but this is my FIRST time actually posting one of my own! Yaaay! And I also got an uber sweet Avatar in the process, thanks to Ai No Miko! Okay, I’m done rambling. Off to Dwarfhold Keep! See you there!

Artix July 28st, 2009
Bupers Camel
I got an iPhone. I had to.
You know how hard it is to get reception in a lab that is miles beneath the earth's crust? Yet, somehow, Artix's iPhone always seems to get reception down here. It was a hard choice... I don't like paying for things... But it is one that I don't regret. I've been playing with my Lightsaber App so much that I've run the battery down twice.

I went to show Warlic my new toy and he immediately went for the Lightsaber.

He swung the phone once. *vhum*

Then again *vhum vhum*


*VhumVHUMvhum Vhum VhumVHUMVHUMVHUMVHUM Vhum vhumvhumVHUM*

You haven't lived until you've seen Warlic swing an iphone so much and so fast that ends up panting when he's done. I have now lived.

But here's the best part. I was showing him the Google voice recognition app. You just say what you want to search for and it googles it for you. I played with it quite a bit and it did really well but Warlic held the phone to his head and said "Dissertations on *Bruce Campbell" and what came back was "Dissertations Bupers Camel". I don't know what a Bupers Camel is but I think we're going to have to add it as a monster when we add The Sandsea to AQW.

This week the massive, stone doors to the city of Dawrfhold, located in the Dawrfhold Mountains will open to anyone who has helped Snowbeard get his gold back. I won't spoil too many surprises but, if everything goes according to plan (and it rarely does) you will be meeting Geopetal, going on a mining cart ride and getting your first glimpse at the dark elf who enslaved all of Dwarfhold, Chaos Dragonlord Vath himself.

We will be adding new items to Snowbeard's rep shop as well as adding in 2 new daily quests which will be worth a lot more rep than the others but you will have to be at LEAST Rank 4 with Dwarfhold to take these challenges on.

Pack some torches, some rock climbing gear and get ready to Enter Dwarfhold this Friday.

I'm going to go play with my Lightsaber some more.


*Bruce Campbell played, among other famous and infamous parts, Ash from the Evil Dead movies, including Artix's favorite, Army of Darkness. If you don't know who he is maybe you should google him. Just make sure to type it in instead of saying it.

Artix July 24st, 2009
Tonight’s “Little” Release
Meet Snowbeard, the Dwarf Fugitive!
Deep within the Pine Forest north of Swordhaven rests a quaint tavern known as The Inn Ternet! Inside you will find Otix, the Tavern Keeper, along with Snowbeard and his Seven Gems (our somewhat clever way of saying “Seven Girls”)! Snowbeard is the last free Dwarf in all of Lore and he has some special quests waiting for you! Whatever you do though, don’t belittle him!

Moon Gear!

A llama farm has also been spotted on the outskirts of Dwarfhold Mountains! Yes, you heard correctly—Llamas! Deep in the Pine Forest you will meet Donna Charmer and her farm of llamas! Unfortunately, these llamas have horrible barn-etiquette and are prone to an extremely nasty habit! May I recommend equipping a helm before venturing to the farm?

Moon Gear!

Everyone knows that the addition of new NPCs means new quests. But this time, we are doing something a little different… for the first time ever, we have incorporated Reputation* into quests! What does this mean, you ask? Each Dwarfhold Mountain quest is set to a specific Rep Rank, where you must meet the required Reputation in order to complete certain quests! Each time you complete a quest, your Reputation increases, allowing you to unlock more quests and enabling you to equip rare Dwarven Items!

Dwarven Items!
Speaking of Dwarven Items… Cysero has convinced Snowbeard to release some incredible weapons and gear this week! *cheer!* Snowbeard is offering SEVEN different items for you to purchase, all of which have been specially re-sized to fit Humans (the Dwarven Helms were cutting off circulation)! Dwarven Items this week include:

  • Vanir Helm (with or without beard)
  • Brynhildr Helm
  • Dwarven Baselard
  • Dwarven Throwing Axe
  • Dwarven Battle Axe
  • Dwarven PepperGun

New Monsters Afoot!
Pine Forests are scary enough with the constant fear of being attacked by unruly sap and vicious pinecones *shudder*. But now it’s even scarier: there are Pine Monsters everywhere! LeatherWings and Red Shelled Turtles patrol the forest path, keeping a safe distance from the beastly Pine Grizzlies and humungous Pine Trolls!

There is another “grizzly” monster deep in the Pine Forest. It’s big…. It’s bad… and it has REALLY sharp claws! The local villagers have dubbed this monstrosity “TwistedTooth,” and for good reason, too! Once a normal Pine Grizzly, TwistedTooth ventured to the Dwarfhold Mountain Summit and came back Chaorrupted. What happened to him up there? (Could it have been the work from the next Lord of Chaos?) Well, whatever the reason may be, he DOES drop some pretty sweet weapons—but don’t expect him to go down without a fight! You will need the help of your friends to take this Bad-Bear down!

twisted tooth

*Ok, I'm going to explain Reputation to you guys. If you select your Portrait in the upper left hand corner of your screen you can see Reputation is now an option. This will tell you how much Rep you have earned with certain people. Dwarfhold is the first area with Rep and Rep based Rewards. When you look in Snowbeard's Shop you will see that all of his items require a certain Rank of Dwarfhold Reputation in order to use. If you don't have a high enough Dwarfhold Rep Rank then you can't get the item. How do you get Dwarfhold Reputation? The answer is Quests.

As you complete quests in an area your Reputation will spread, people learn to respect... or fear... you. Some of Snowbeard and Donna Charmer's quests will give you 100 points of rep and you can run these quests over and over and over. You can also do daily quests which give you a lot more Rep but you can only do those once per day. Donna has two daily quests worth 200 rep each, and if you're a member you can do the daily quest for Otix (The tavern Keeper) which is worth 500 rep! Once you have completed these quests, you won't be able to run them again until after 12:00 AM est, when our servers reset. As we go further and further into Dwarfhold you will find other daily quests worth more Rep that you unlock as you rank up, and you will also find that Snowbeard's shop will continue to grow with cool new higher-rank items as the area and the story of Vath, the Chaos Dragonlord progresses.

This is just the beginning of a whole new adventure, and if you thought that Escherion was bad, wait until you meet the Dark Elf who took over ancient Dwarfhold and enslaved all who lived there. What is he doing there? What task has Drakath sent him to accomplish? What sweet gear will you find on your way to face him down? Have fun exploring the Dwarfhold Mountains and have a good weekend! Or else.

Artix July 21st, 2009
Out of this world!
Landing on the moon
40 years ago today, Mission Commander Neil A. Armstrong and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin Eugene ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, Jr. stepped out of the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander and onto the freakin surface of our freakin moon while Command Module Pilot Michael Collins orbited above them. As Dan Rydell of Sportsnight put it..."There's really no end to what we can do. You know what the trick is? Get in the game."

To celebrate this amazing feat of human ingenuity (or amazing hoax, if you're one of THOSE people) We now have a shop button in BattleOn's main screen, where you can get Astronaut armor, helmet, and backpack, a moon helm or a Lunar Lander pet!

These are going to be VERY rare items, and the shop will vanish next Monday the 27th so grab the items while you can or else you'll miss out. We're not planning another manned trip to the moon until 2020!


July 17th, 2009
Tonight's Release
The Monsters of GreenGuard Forest
What do the Black Knight, the Green Dragon, the Basilisk, the Father of all Slimes, the WereBoar, and the multi-eyed DeathGazer have in common? They can now ALL be found in the forest surrounding the town of Battleon! Oh... do not bother opening your map. You are going to have to walk out of town to explore and find these monsters and their prizes on foot! Meanwhile, Quibble Coinbiter is back in town! Wait... we thought he only showed up before another Chaos Lord appears!?

The Green Dragon's Lair
The Green Dragon's Lair is in GreenGuard West

Be on the lookout for the Sword in the S... omething. Rumor has it the world's worst sword juggling bard is in the woods. Also you may see a beautiful Hunter, the ghost of the Black Knight, and three little wolves (with a big bad pig problem?) They may have tips on were all of the boss creatures can be found. The entrance to some of their lairs are well hidden and challenging to find!

Tons of new items can be found in the new quests around GreenGuard Forest!

The Death Gazer
Portal to The DeathGazer is hidden in the Forest

Quilbble Coinbiter Returns!
Also, Quibble Coinbiter is returning to town.... wait... WHAT!? Quibble only Nightmare armorcomes before a Chaos Lord appears, and we have not even defeated the current Chaos Lord(s) yet! ... well, we are battling the forces of Chaos, what did we expect? Perhaps we will learn some secrets about our newest foe! This week, Quibble has some brand-new slightly used “nightmarish” items from the future:

  • Nightmare Plate
  • Nightmare Helm
  • Nightmare Blade
  • Nightmare Mace

Note: Normally Quibbles items are never-before-seen. However, if you are a player of the original AdventureQuest, you will recognize this is a recreation of the 2nd uber set. The armor comes from the Land of Dreams... which is roughly a year away in the storyline.

Samurai Weapon and Armor in the Suggestion shop!
Miltonius has created a set of Samurai items as inspired by your fellow player, RedWolf EADS. Head over to Yular's inn and lcheck the suggestion shop.

• Samurai Armor
• Samurai Helm
• Katana

The Father of all Slimes
There is always room to battle the "Gell-Oh-No!"

Book of Lore: New Achievements!
New achievements have been added to the book of lore for character levels 5,10,15, 20, choosing good, evil , bank spaces and aquiring <shaves head, buys a cat and holds up pinky finger> one miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-llon gold!

More New Stuff!
NEW TITLE SCREEN! Of course that is not all we changed. We updated the game engine with several improvements including bug fixes, new streamlined loader and new server selection screen (with room for the upcoming test server)

Save Chuckles Videos
See these new player made videos for the "Save Chuckles" movement.

Secret Order of Undead Slayers
Considering we were planning to have sushi tonight anyway, going out for sushi tonight anyway, this is not exactly bad news. A new mission from the Secret Order of Undead Slayers just arrived... immediately, I am to depart for Japan.



July 15th, 2009
The Monsters of Greenguard
Myth? Legend? ...oh let us hope so!
(Coming Friday) Many of the legends and stories you have heard have their TRUE* origins in the mystical forest of Greenguard. The seemingly innocent region is overflowing with danger... the Blackened Knight, the Father of all slimes, an enormous Eye-Fiend, the Basilisk, and finally... a friendly Green Dragon with a sizable treasure horde**. As the devestation from the meteor subsides, the forest creatures are returning... Zards, Sneevils, Spiders, Wolves and a several notable adventurers (including a Bard and a Hunter) who are more familiar with the surrounding lands. Oh, and I nearly forgot... have you ever heard the story of the Stone stuck in the Sword in the Stone? Join us on Friday!

* Oh boy... what did you guys do now?
** Treasure? HOW good of a Dragon did you say?

QUIBBLE!? .... huh?... wait... WHAT!?
It is a well known fact that Quibble Coinbiter only comes to town just before a new Lord of Chaos appears. So... why is he headed towards Battleon already? Well, this is Chaos we are upagainst. Does this have something to do with the DragonLord rumors coming out of the Dwarfhold Mountains?

Art Book Update
I would like to thank everyone who bought the MechQuest Art Book so far! 1,000 of them sold in the first 24 hours. The feedback has been amazing! We have even seen people in game with the armor already


July 10th, 2009
Battleon is HOME!
GreenGuard Forest, the Keep, and new cutscene
All of the magic wielding players gathered and teleported the town of Battleon to GreenGuard forest. If you missed the event, click on the "Town Moved" button and see the awesome final cutscene! Now that Battleon is in its final location, you can walk left and right out of town to preview the surrounding area. Next week we will be adding monsters and quests to the forest... and continuing to link them to the upcoming areas! (Feels like a fresh new start for the game) Also, a new house model is available at Centaur 21 called, "The Keep". It is a two story stone structure with a draw bridge, moat and a beautifully designed interior.

Get your own Keep
Now Available through Centaur 21 Agent, Penny

Re-cap of the Live Event
I would like to thank all of the amazing players who came for the special event. We would have loved to see the look on your face the first time the entire town tipped to the side and your character slid off and fell into the undead infested pit of Skullholme below. The voice acting by Warlic and Cysero was interesting (it was actually them, lol) and if you were there you likely figured out we had no end of last minute technical trouble. We need to put a camera behind me one day so you can see the chaos truely going on behind the scenes while running the a live event. We hope you had a good time and enjoyed the final cutscene in the move of Battleon. Do not get too confortable... it is likely Drakath and his Chaos Lord(s) are up to no good as you read this. Next week... things get interesting.

The TMNT Comic Story
Or... Making your friends jealous 10 years from now
When I was very, very, young I went to my school friend's house for the first time. It was a really cool experience for me, first because his family was from India so they had all of this food I had never eaten before*. Second because they were pretty well to do -- he had lots of cool stuff, even his own computer! (Which was a pretty big deal back then!) He said, "You're into that karate stuff right? Do you want to see something cool?" and pulled a perfectly kept, plastic sleeve protected, comic book out of his locker. It had some turtles on the cover. I asked, "What is that?" He said, "This is issue #1 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... it's going to be huge and one day, this comic book will be worth a lot!" I scoffed. Why would anyone care about some silly turtles**? Sure enough, a year later the cartoon goes on the air. Then the games... the toys... and all the movies... the 3D movie... every time I see a TMNT commercial I think of my friend. He called it right, and probably still has that first ever TMNT comic in the protective wrap. Alright, I admit that I will always be a bit jealous of my friend calling it right and having that first ever TMNT comic. I was telling this story last night... and thought you would like me to share it with you too. Seemed fitting as we are releasing our first ever ArtBook right now.

* My mouth burned for weeks, hehe.
** Until I saw one of them used Sai, my favorite martial arts form weapon! Raphael will always be my favorite :-)

MechQuest Artbook Release
Official Play by Play
(Starting Friday morning)
This is so exciting! Our first Art Book... we are OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED!

1pm - WOAH! 302 books sold in the 1st hour! 3 pages of awesome comments by players on J!nx's site - thank you!
NOON - The MechQuest Art book Has JUST been released and is available online now at J!nx Gear!
11:50am - 10 minutes left...
11:45am - 15 minutes left...
11:30am - 30 minutes left..... (just got an email from J!nx, they will be ready at Noon!)
11:00am - Only 1 hour until the Art book release! (You can imagine how relieved we were when the books finally arrived at J!nx yesterday.) Although, we have not heard from Ji!nx yet this morning.. hey... when exactly do they get in the office? <dunn dunn dunn>
10:30am - Coffee not ready yet (not that we look like we need any right now!)
10:00am - My copy of the MechQuest Art Book is the one in the picture below!
9:30am - Just got into the lab. I am so excited that I am literally bouncing in my chair. We are just 2.5 hours away from the release of the MechQuest Artbook. It will be available online through J!nx.


July 9th, 2009
Live Event on Friday
Battle on to Green Guard Forest!
The big news this week is that on Friday, all the magic using players in our world will gather to cast a teleportation spell to move Battleon to GreenGuard forest. The event includes new music and even some voice acting from Warlic and Cysero. If you missed the first time we teleported town... you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! Happens on Friday at roughly 3pm EST.

The Battleon! Games Portal
Yesterday we redirected the homepage to our new all-game site while fixing the homepage website. Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it! (The new NPC Oishii drew is really cute.) Status update: Everything is A-OK, 100% safe and secure. Now we are rushing to get the releases for Friday ready -- it is going to be close!

New house type coming: A Keep (to Keep!)
The keep will be become available on Friday through Penny (Centaur 21 Housing Agent) for a hefty sum of gold. The Keep is two stories tall and features a unique design that will be fun to customize.

The Keep comes with a moat
(However you must supply your own alligators)

The 2 story interior design of the keep is beautiful

Breaking News: The missing MechQuest Art Books
The MechQuest Artbooks are scheduled to go on sale tomorrow at Noon -- however, the shipment has not arrived yet!!! We are tracking down where all the books are now*. We will let you know as this story develops.

MechQuest Artbook will
be available Friday at noon!

UPDATE: THEY JUST ARRIVED! We are on for tomorrow at Noon!

* Meanwhile, somewhere in suburbs of California, 13 year old Timmy opens the door, "WOW! Are ALLLLL these books for me? <yelling> MOM! I'm going to need a bigger room!"


July 6th, 2009
That is A LOT of Daimyos!
Kibbles and bone bits, and bone bits and bone bits...
Drybones1998 says, "Dear Artix, i know its late but this is for Daimyo's birthday thanks and i hope you get this and reply keep up with the great releases. (smiley face)"

LOTS of Daimyos

Artix says, "Thanks Drybones1998 and friends! Your screenshot gave me a huge smile and even Daimyo and wagging his tail with a puppy smile beside me. You gave me even more reasons to work hard and make AQWorlds the best game ever for you."

This week, we are going to attempt teleporting the town of Battleon to GreenGuard forest. All magic using players are hereby asked to join us on Friday to cast the spell in a special one-time only live event. Both Warlic AND Cysero will be there to help... and *coughs* we are adding music and voice acting to the event (you were warned!)


Empress of the Shadowscythe

July 6th, 2009
"Dude, where's My Town?"
Yup, this is a real cliff hanger!
Dear Heroes, it has come to my attention that the Town of Battleon is currently swaying back and forth on the mountain top above my evil Fortress. Please do not think the irony is lost on me. It was not long ago that my Father's undead flying dragon fortress was hovering above your town, casting a shadow of doom upon you. Legions of undead poured into your town as we moved on to conquer Swordhaven. Now that the situation seems to be reversed, I would ask kindly that you do not send legions of cute furry moglins at us in retribution. No matter how funny you may think it would be.

The town of Battleon is tipping above Shadowfall.

Unfortunately my Skeletal mages have reported that the mountain top is crumbling under the weight of your town*. If nothing is done, your town will tip and fall down the side of the mountain with a 50% of landing on Shadowfall**! (Does that mean Battleon has a 50% drop rate? LOL!) Given that the inhabitants of Shadowfall are all undead***, this is a far worse situation for you than us. You are all welcome in Shadowfall and can count on any assistance I can offer. Warlic and Cysero are currently preparing another teleportation spell to move town to GreenGuard Forest. This will likely take place on Friday. Ideally, before your town falls on me.

* Yulgar needs to stop giving out all those free doughnuts and hot pockets.
Hehe, ShadowFall + Battleon = Battleonfall!
*** ALL? Does Gravelyn think she is undead too?




Friday Release on... Thursday?
I've managed to escape from the Time Travel faeries long enough to let you all know what's going on! The Faeries invaded the Secret Underground Lab, and have turned our normal Friday release into a Thursday release!!!

Holiday Weekend.. with explody things!
(click on them)

... we just went live! The first thing you will notice is a new login screen :-)

The Map of Lore
There have been many maps of our land created by explorers and Loremasters. But now, for the first time ever.. you will see what we believe is the TRUE map of our world and the continent we have been adventuring on! Click the globe icon at the bottom of your screen in game and click around to explore. Also, you will get a sense of how huge AQWorlds is going to get! (It is pretty intimidating... and yup, Drakath's Chaos Spire is where that skull is)

You can zoom into the areas of the map. You will have to log into the game to see the full map, but here is a sneak peak of the zoomed in Oaklore Forest. J6 designed it... and it is beautiful. (Just wait until all areas in the world are unlocked)

Zoomed into view of Oaklore Forest

If you are looking for Battleon, remember... we teleported town on top of Gravelyn's Fortress. It can currently be found in Skullholme. Next week we will attempt to teleport it again! (... and then be able to explore GreenGuard forest which will allow you to walk around to all of the connected areas.)

Also, Voltaire has granted us permission to make the re-play of the former live event a permant fixture in AQWorlds. A button to Skull Punch Island can now be found on the map!

Housing Round #2
Check out the new interface in your house! You can switch between edit mode and normal mode. You can even hide the menu so you can take better screenshots of your home. You can walk anywhere now (rugs and items no longer prevent you from clicking on the ground.) Although it was sort of funny the way people were stacking furniture their houses before trapping people in rooms *coughs*. More of the features we have been working on will be implimented soon.

Get more House Space through Valencia
Valencia is located in the middle of Battleon. She is now selling additional house item slots so you can store more house items.

Iron Maple Leaf Axe & New Pet

New Items
Here is a list of the new items that were released.

  • Equippable Items
    • Mini Cannon Pet
      (Shoots when you click it)
    • Explosive Rocket Backpack Cape
      (Shoots when you click it)
    • Rocket on a Stick Polearm
      (Shoots when you click it)
    • Sparkler Staff
    • Iron Maple Leaf Axe (AWESOME)
    • Bucktooth Beaver
    • Balding Eagle Pet
    • Cloak of the Giants
    • Red Flag Cloak Cape
    • White Flag Cloak Cape
    • Blue Flag Cloak Cape
    • Liberty Helm
  • House Items
    • Sneeviltron Floor Item **drop**
    • Table of Food Floor Item
    • BBQ and Table Floor Item
    • Gold Undead Statue Floor Item
    • Gold Sneevil Statue Floor Item
    • Gold Zard Statue Floor Item
    • Silver Zard Statue Floor Item
    • Silver Sneevil Statue Floor Item
    • Small BBQ Grill Floor Item
    • Silver Undead Statue Floor Item
    • Rifle Rack Wall Item
    • Dartboard Floor Item (Not clickable)
    • Crossed Muskets2 Wall Item
  • House Floor Items
    • Musket2 Wall Item
    • Musket1 Wall Item
    • July 4th Balloons2 Floor Item
    • July 4th Balloons1 Floor Item
    • Fireworks Rocket4 Floor Item
    • Fireworks Rocket3 Floor Item
    • Fireworks Rocket2 Floor Item
    • Fireworks Rocket1 Floor Item
    • Royal Bed Floor Item
    • Royal Bed Floor Item
    • Royal Bed Floor Item

Secret: Sneeviltron is BACK!
The Sneeviltron (Formerly known as the Sneevil War Machine) has been added to /join Boxes and he has a SUPER rare chance of dropping the ultimate house item.

Sneeviltron is BACK!

Also, if you want to see something really crazy... goto J6's house by typing /house j6 (and nope, I do not know how to get through his forcefield. He would not tell me!)

Also, do not forget!

  • MechQuest ArtBook goes live next week!!!!!
  • WarpForce Beta (The spin off game from the team who is now running the original AdventureQuest at starts Friday.
  • Read the Project Progress Page to see the big projects we are working on behind the scenes
  • We need to gather Elemental Flux because NEXT WEEK we teleport the town of Battleon to GreenGuard forest!


July 2nd, 2009
Or... "How to trap your team mates in the Lab"
It was the end of the day and as usual we were finishing "one last thing*" before rushing off to Martial Arts. Several of us here at the lab have been taking Mauy Thai Kickboxing. We only had 5 minutes left to drive to the school... so Zhoom, Zazul, Aisha, and myself hastefully gathered up our stuff, set the alarm, locked the doors and sped off to class. I had just pulled into a parking spot when my phone rang**. It was Jemini and Korin, calling from their trapped position, back at the lab where we had apparently locked them in with the alarm blazing (triggered by the motion detector) They said the police had just shown up and that maybe... just maybe.. I better drive back. <gulps!>

* One Last Thing, n --A thing most often preceded by another "one last thing" and then followed by yet another, "one last thing" and eventually ending with the other person in the room turning red and yelling while holding an unplugged computer cord.
** Cell phones really do not ring any more... if a phone goes off at here Lab <coughs> expect to hear the Final Fantasy victory sound or the intro to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
** Oh, um, well, Officer. We tell them that they are not supposed to move much while working 24/7. Do not worry, they will be thouroughly punished!


July 1st, 2009
Mega Progress Update
We better get some more coffee!
In last week's newsletter I promised a Mega Update. You probably expected a lengthy design notes post... but that would not have been long enough. So you are getting an entire Project Progress Page!
See the new Project Progress Page


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