Design Notes during Sep 2009
Top secret behind the scenes information about AdventureQuest Worlds and our other web based games.
Miss. Ing

September 30th, 2009
First Artix… and now Cysero!?

The two have gone missing!

This isn’t like them. Don’t get me wrong—Artix and Cysero are prone to disappearing. But in the end, you can usually find them battling the Undead, hovering around the coffee maker, or jamming out with Warlic and Zhoom.

But this time is different. J6, Galanoth, and I have been searching Battleon high and low, trying to find clues to the duo’s disappearance. No footprints. No Daimyo. No stinky left socks. No luck so far.

Where could they be? I can’t even reach them on their eyePhones (Lore’s most trusted super-cellular micro-computer talking apparatus)!


Someone—or something—paladinapped Artix! And that same person most likely snatched Cysero up today (they probably lured him with something shiny like gold, tin foil, or ice cream)! But who would do such a thing?!

Maybe they have posted something on their Twitters and/or Facebooks..?

Hold on, guys, I’m coming to find you!
/runs aimlessly out of Battleon, Chinchilla in tow

miss you :(

September 29th, 2009
Birthday Preperations!
Has Anyone Seen Artix?
Hi guys!

Just a couple of quick notes...

The Rep has been removed from the Ryoku 1 on 1 fight. Some hackers were using it asn an exploit for easy reputation gain so, as of now, the only way to get Yokai rep is thrugh the 3v3 fights.

A lot of you have been writing to us and telling us how concerned you are about hackers, cheaters and scammers. I just wanted to let you know that recently we have made a few huge stides in protecting AQW, and you from these people.

Fighting hackers, scammers and people who would try and take advantage of AE's generally good natured attitude toward the world does take a lot of our time. They really ruin the fun for everyone and their actions can actually hurt the game. and We really care about our games and the people who decide to play them, so we will never quit fighting the never-ending battle.

Birthday Stuff!
We're REALLY busy preparing battleOn for AQW's 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY! That means that all of you founders who bought your 1 year membership on October 10th of last year are about to have your memberships expire. It's been a great year, and it started with you guys. Thanks for your faith in us (it takes a lot to buy an untested game.. especially from us) and thanks for growing with us. I really hope you have enjoyed the last year as much as we have and we hope that you decide to come back for another year.

Speaking of the birthday, we've got a little party planned and if you missed out on being a AQW FOUNDER, you don't want to miss out on being a 1ST UPHOLDER!

Here's a little question for you guys. Which of the Yokai Tournament Fighter armors would you like to see most in the game for you to wear? Let us know of the Forums so we can try to get them in the game for you in this weekend's Yokai Tournament Shop and the Rep shop in Akiba.

Artix: Missing?
Has anyone seen Artix? He never showed up at the lab today. He did mention something about getting a letter asking for his help with a huge undead monster, but he should have taken care of what a while ago.

I'm starting to worry.

grade... M?

I'm sure he's fine. He'll probably show up tonight with a great story about killing dead things. Come to think of it... that's how most of his stories start. And end.

FaceBook & Twitter
I'm pretty active on both Facebook and Twitter. Having a phone that is smarter than I am helps. Many of you already know my facebook and twitter accounts but for those who don't... I try to post pictures and fun facts about upcoming releases, but usually it's just random stuff that comes into my head.

More Payment Options
Oh yeah, SMS Cell Phone payments now work in Singapore and South Africa for AQW. Do you live elsewhere? We're working on it!



September 28th, 2009
AQWorld's Birthday Party!
Cake, Clowns, Ponies, DOOM and Ice Cream
Can you believe we are only two weeks away from the biggest party of the year? AdventureQuest Worlds is turning 1 year old -- and you are invited to the main event. It may be AQW's birthday, but YOU are the one getting presents. As for the special event, you are probably expecting something completely crazy, insane, twisted, unbelievable or bizarre -- but do not worry. We ASSURE you it will be a PERFECTLY NORMAL, simple, friendly party*. Yup, nothing out of the usual at all. Seriously**!

Oooh, I just got a letter saying a new undead monster has been spotted. I am going to check it out then write you first thing tomorrow morning to tell you about it!

* Normal? Since when have you ever done anything normal?
** Oh boy... what are you guys up to? Normally you throw some sort of undead invasion where millions of undead attack the town of Battleon. That's it right? Hah! You are going to have an undead army attack Battleon. I knew it! That is why you are going to check out that undead monster in the next paragraph. 100 gold says I am right! ... am I right? Artix ? I? <waits> Alright, we will find out in your post tomorrow. BET I'M RIGHT!



September 25th, 2009
The DragonKoi Tournament
The DragonKoi Tournament Begins!
It is no secret that we are huge fans of Anime and Manga. In the first part of Yokai Isle we are entering into the DragonKoi Tourament. If you are also a fan of anime and manga.... um... brace yourself! There will be selection of new armors and items to get you in the spirit. There is also a new Japanese themed house model for Members. The main town on Yokai is called <big smile> "Akiba". Named after the most amazing town in Japen (Filled to the brim with anime, manga, games, and computers) Half of our new town has been released along with the arena this week. We really hope you enjoy this special release!

Oooh.. someone just got the cold shoulder!
Oooh... someone just got the cold shoulder!

Akiba Shops
For centuries, the town of Akiba has been a thriving city known for crafting some of the most amazing items. Two brand-new shops are finally open to everyone in Akiba! (more shops will be released, but right now everyone is at the tournament!) On the West side of town, you will find the Ninja Dojo and Cosplay Superstore, overflowing with Akiba-Attire! Some of the items you may find interesting include:  

  • Cat Ears Headband (color custom)
  • Prismatic Gi Mask (color custom)
  • Prismatic Karategi (color custom)
  • Dark Gi Mask
  • White Gi Mask
  • Dark Karategi
  • White Karategi

There is even a brand-new Yokai themed house that you can purchase from Grams in Akiba and Penny the Real-Estate Centaur! This traditional Japanese-style home is perfect for Ninja, Samurai, and just about anyone who loves historical real-estate with a scenic view! If the house is haunted by a grudge.... um.. not our fault!

New Yokai-Isle-Style House

Legendary Hanzamune Sword
Great prizes and even greater adventures are just waiting to be uncovered on Yokai Isle, including the legendary Hanzamune Sword… but, uhhhh, what exactly is that? Crafted in the 16th century by the legendary weapon smith Hanzamune, this ancient katana has been passed down throughout generations. Although it may be rusted and tarnished, the blade is still as sharp as though it were forged yesterday. Along with immortal fame, the Hanzamune Sword will be awarded to the Champion of the DragonKoi Tournament! But what do they expect you to do with this rusted katana if you actually won?

Upgrade Update... AGAIN!
Hi guys! Here are the first images of the Canadian and UK upgrade cards.

For our friends up North!

For our friends on the other side of the Pond!

For those who missed it before... here's a repost of the earlier info:

In the USA
You can get these cards in the U.S. right now at BestBuy, Target, Toys R Us and Lots Of Other Places!

United Kingdom
Our cards are coming to you soon! The UK will be able to turn to WH Smith (around October 20th) and Clinton Cards (around November 9th) for the cards.

Hey Canada! You will be able to look to your local Safeway, Toys R Us, Macs, and Sobeys for the Upgrade Cards (around October 14th)!

Hi to all of our Turkish players! happy to announce that we now offer a 6.00 TRY (Turkish Lira) SMS payment via cell phone!

Slowly but surely we're getting out to the rest of the world. Wether they want us there or not.

The Dragon Koi Torunament has just begun!



September 23th, 2009
Thank you!
On behalf of the entire team... YOU ROCK!!!!
Each day we wake up and are grateful. And it is all because of you. Thank you for playing and enjoying the games. Thank you for sending your ideas, suggestions, and for making it possible for the team to make the game better for you every week. Thank you for being a part of our community... for making the amazing posts... and for sending the heart warming letters that gives us so much strength and motivation. You are the reason this is all happening.... thank you.

FaceBook, Twitter & MySpace
Truth be told I am having a weeeeee little bit of trouble keeping up with all of the streams. But I invite you to add me as a friend (and actually me, not someone else claiming to be me.) on Facebook, Myspace, and you can follow my Twitter feed. These are the only ones I use.

saftey pins!

September 22nd, 2009
The Physics and Metaphysics Of Time-Traveling Salesmoglins.
The Quibble Squabble.
Hi guys! Let's talk about our favorite never-before-seen used item vending traveling sales moglin, Quibble Coinbiter.

Some people have been asking about his items.

As you know, if you've hit his "Talk" button Quibble gets his items from time travel faeries (who occassionally attack Artix's DN's posts and change, repeat or make-incorrect-in-some-way the date line). The faeries grab used and discarded items from the future, bring them back in time to before they were released and sell them to Quibble at cost, who then passes the savings on to you. So you get a brand new, never-before-seen, slightly used and tarnished helm out of the deal!

The "Rare" Question.
A lot of people have been writing in and asking if Quibble's items will never be seen again or if, as the description above implies, these items will show up elsewhere later in game.

The answer is: Both.

SOME of Quibble's items WILL show up later in the game. For example, the Samurai Armor that Quibble brought for us not too long ago.

This AC armor will obviously be released in the japanese themed Yokai Isle zone upon which we are currently workin'.

The Secret Pirate Base house currently for sale will be a Holiday rare... we will probably bring it back NEXT Talk Like A Pirate Day, but it will be left out of the pirate zone that we have plan for eventually.

And quite a few of the items that Quibble has released will never be seen again.

Unfortunately since the items are to be released in the FUTURE and we're not there yet we can't tell you which items will come back and which will go rare... beacuse we don't know ourselves. If any of you guys happen to be FROM the future and want to send us a list, that would be amazingly helpful...

...Also, Lotto numbers...

...Thanks in advance, from the past.

So there you have it: A completely useless answer. Happy? Me too. (BIG thumbs up!)



September 21th, 2009
Happy Birthday Warlic!
Everyone's favorite Blue Mage levels up
It has become a tradition at the secret underground lab to make a special cake for the day's birthday boy/girl*. Normally we have a picture of the NPC on it. But for Warlic we did something... um... special! Because he sports a mighty powerful beard... the girls at the office made and cut out "beard masks" which we ALL wore as we stormed in the room and sang happy birthday while presenting his cake which had a giant picture of his beard drawn with icing and the words, "Happy Birthday Warlich**"

* Geo started this tradition by baking Cysero a green "C" cake and me a Black Dragon Cake three years ago. Here is a picture of neither of those. Even the games get Birthday cakes. (AQWorlds is coming on October 10th!)
** Yes, Warlich. This is why you should never, ever, outsource your cake production! LOL You should have seen us all wearing paper beards and singing. It was truly ridicules.



Saturday off, can't wait!


September 18th, 2009
Pirates, Ninja & Princesses!
Madness is brewing.... prepare yourself
It is Talk like a Pirate Day ... erm... weekend. So prepare yourself by using the Talk like a Pirate Page!

Battleon Pirates
We got just this screenshot from
some players Pirates in Battleon

Note: Yes, it is true. Artix & Beleen dressed up as Pirates in real life for this release

Pirates vs. Ninja War
Yaaarg! We need all hands on deck! Raise thee anchor and hoist thee flag! A watery-war is about to commence against the pirates’ worst enemy... But these are no ordinary Ninja!

Talk like a pirate day
Kappa Ninja!? Those are a type of Yokai... something is odd here.

Quibble Coin Biter
Quibble Coinbiter is back in town, and you know what that means: brand-new, used, never-before seen items for purchase! And he’s come fully-stocked with an assortment of Pirate booty to commemorate this special event! You can find the following items for sale in Quibble’s shop in Battleon:

  • Secret Pirate Base (New House Model)
  • Rotting Naval Commander
    (Previously named Barnacle Armor)
  • Captain’s Hook dagger
  • Sea Captain’s Hat
  • Rotting Captain’s Hat
  • Seaweed Hat
  • Newspaper Hat
  • Octobrero (Cysero’s favorite!)
  • Red, Blue, White, and Black Polka Dot Bandanas
  • Golden Flintlock Pistol
  • Cutlass Supreme sword (... we are still laughing)
  • Undead Parrot on your shoulder
  • Octopus Backpack
  • Naval Commander
  • Pirate Captain
  • Pirate Captain’s Hats (regular and Elegant)

You can get more AdventureCoins by buying them through our Upgrade page (which now includes a cell phone option, aka SMS) or earning them through AExtras.

Now that you’ve loaded up on plundered loot, you MIGHT be interest to know that Quibble has some interesting insight on the next Lord of Chaos!

Invitation to the DragonKoi Tournament on Yokai Isle
Meanwhile, heroes are receiving invitations to the DragonKoi Tourmament from Princess Miko! Check your email, it is in the middle of this week's special newsletter. (Please flag the letter as not spam if it got filtered into your spam box.) The invitation seems to be a Haiku, a japanese poem. But, is there some sort of secret message hidden within the letters of the poem?

To get to Yokai Island you will need a boat. Maybe the Pirates can help you out.... it is Talk like a Pirate Day after all! The Tournament starts next Friday -- you need to get a ride there by then!

Game Engine Updates!
Every engine needs a tune-up from time to time. And ours just got a bit better.

  • If you /ignore a player they can no longer /goto you
  • All NPC & Dialog Boxes have had a speed increase
  • Achievement Icons have started beeing added to your character Pages with tool tips to explain them.
  • We moved the Game version number to the lower right of the game login screen (Oooh, a new one!)
Saturday off, can't wait!

September 17th, 2009
Upgrade Update!
Cards, Cards and More Cards
Hi guys! You've heard about our AE Upgrade Cards in stores, right? They can be used to upgrade your account or get AdventureCoins!

Check out the logos at the bottom of the card.
It can be used with any of our 4 major games!

In the USA

You can get these cards in the U.S. right now at BestBuy, Target, Toys R Us and Lots Of Other Places!

United Kingdom
Our cards are coming to you soon! The UK will be able to turn to WH Smith (around October 20th) and Clinton Cards (around November 9th) for the cards.

Hey Canada! You will be able to look to your local Safeway, Toys R Us, Macs, and Sobeys for the Upgrade Cards (around October 14th)!

EVERYWHERE can now use "Bill my Parents"
For everyone else, we have a new option to upgrade called BillMyParents. It's a weird name but it's a great idea!

BillMyParents is an easy way to ask your parents to pay for something online. When you use BillMyParents, an email is sent to your parent asking them to purchase the item you requested,

It's easy to send the request and your account gets updated automatically once your parent makes the payment. (I copied that directly from the payment option, heehee)

Talk Like A Pirate Day? Ninja Heavy Zone? WAR!
Everyone knows that Pirates and Ninja are natural enemies in the wild. This weekend is National Talk Like A Pirate Day (a very beloved holiday around the underground lab) and also the start of the Yokai Island zone heavily influenced by Artix's trip to and from Japan.

You can't put Pirates and Ninja into the same release without a war. It has to be done. This micro-war will be the first step in getting to Yokai Island. You will need to defeat the Yokai Ninja boss in order to move forward and get your first peek at the 4th Lord Of Chaos!

Someone get this thing offa my face!

Also, Quibble will be selling an Octopus that you can wear on your face, and one that you can wear on your back. Also, some other stuff. Like a house that looks like a pirate ship.



September 16th, 2009
Ahoy Me Hearties!
Saturday Be Talk Like A Pirate Day!
All hands on deck! Get thee urchins out of yer ears and lissen up! This Saturday be national Talk Like A Pirate Day!

What does this mean, you ask? It is exactly what the title suggests… you get to spend a whole day acting like a pirate!

Well… more like a whole weekend.


In AQWorlds this week, we arrrrrr going to release a motherload of Pirate-Inspired items! Aye, that we be! Brand-new items will be washing ashore, ranging from Skeletal Parrots to Barnacled Armor and Pirate Hats aplenty!

Yes sirree, Quibble Coinbiter the Traveling Sales Moglin is coming to Battleon this weekend and dragging his treasure chest behind him! You know he’s ganna have some awesome loot to commemorate TLAPD!

We arrrrr even releasing a Pirate Ship themed AC house for all the Salty Dawgs and Scallywags out there! Fill your vessel with an assortment of nautical nonsense and invite your savvy crew over for a celebration! Just make sure everyone’s got their sea legs and try not to go overboard!

Shiver Me Timbers!
Trouble over thee Horizon!

Avast me maties and hold fast! There appears to be trouble a’brewing over yonder! Hoist thee anchors! Raise thee flag! Get ye ship crew and prepare fer battle! Arrrrrrgh!


Check the Events Page (Link Is on it's way, YARRR!) in a wee bit fer more details regardin’ the savvy pirates’ life!



September 11th, 2009
DragonCon Review
The full story
.... what are you waiting for? READ ON!!!

DragonCon 2009 - J6 Cosplay
Read the DragonCon 2009 Story

Something wicked under Battleon
Battle under Battle on!
Deep beneath the new home of our town lurks monsters and danger. What will you find down there? Good question -- but a better one is HOW are you going to get down there? Look for secret passages around down. Also, Escherion is now dropping his armor. Oh, it is also national Grandparent's day. Show your appriciation to the ones who came before the ones who came before you by picking up some new items from our Elder's shop. Also, Penny the Centaur 21 housing dealer will be selling <groans> Grandfather clocks!

Cysero!!! What happened to you underneath Battleon?

New Items

  • Bone Terror's Head
  • Bony Chestplate
  • Skeletal Claymore
  • Yara's Sword
  • Bone Terror Skull
  • Soul Terror Sword
  • Unholy Terror Mace
  • Shadow Terror Axe
  • Bone Terror Armor
  • Citizen's Kane (Seasonal Rare)
  • Herding Cane (Seasonal Rare)
  • Golden Cane (Seasonal Rare)
  • Cherry Wood Cane (Seasonal Rare)
  • Candy Cane (Seasonal Rare)
  • Bone Cane (Seasonal Rare)
  • Echerion's Robe (EPIC AWESOME!)

New House Items

  • Grandmother Clock (Seasonal Rare)
  • Grandfather Clock (Seasonal Rare)


September 8th, 2009
Zorbak goes to Con Photos
... well, it is more of a video really!
The official Zorbak goes to Con site has been updated. I made a video slide show for you showing off some of Zorbak's favorite.... and, erm... not so favorite photos. Check backout my full review of DragonCon 2009.

See more photos at Zorbak goes to Con website

This week in AdventureQuest Worlds
It was not long ago two meteors were on a collision course with our town of Battleon. In a historic event, the combined magic of every mage in our world teleported the entire town to the safety of GreenGuard forest! But... did anyone look UNDER our landing spot? What dangers, dungeons and creatures did we land our town on top of!? Find out this Friday.... secret passages will be opening around town! (Rumor has it there is a secret underground lab somewhere down there too.)

Meanwhile, as we approach the 1st Birthday of AdventureQuest Worlds (MOGLOWEEN!!!), we are working rapidly on Stats and PvP that will take us version 1.0! We will need your help testing on the soon to open "Public Test Server". Shhhh *whispers* and an inside secret just between us... The next brand new area is in the far, far, far east. Inspired by my recent real-life adventure, it will be a Japanese themed zone. Overflowing with Yokai, Ninja, Samurai, super cute NPCs, a beautiful story based on real legends, and tons of references to your favorite anime and manga series (Maybe even a few you have not heard of yet) it will be the craziest zone we have ever made. Oh, if the rumors of the next Chaos Lord are true, *gulps*, then we are all going to need to get a lot stronger just to face his minions!

Forum Question: What is your favorite Anime/Manga series? Do you like Naruto? One Piece? Death Note? Dragon Ball? The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzimia? Inuyasha? Gundam? K-On? Kitaro? Yakitate!! Japan? See you on the forums.



September 8th, 2009
Back from DragonCon!
With over 12 gigabytes of photos and video
WOW! We just got back from the very inspiring DragonCon 2009 convention. We ran an official AQWorlds panel which was awesome! We were very honored that the room was packed with incredible players. A few of them traveled unbelievable distances to come be with us. Thank you! Some amazing players even came dressed as their favorite AE characters!

Words cannot describe how the team felt we when saw this...
(Whoops - I accidentally spelled Yulgar, Yuldar!)

If you could not be there do not worry! We showed ALL of the screenies submission in a slideshow during our panel (you got some laughs and cheers!) ALSO........ oh yes, Zorbak ran around and got his picture taken with people in costume at the 45,000 person convention. New theme this year... it will be called "Zorbak goes to dies at Con" -- because everyone was trying to eat him, disintigrate him, blow him up, or decapitate him with lightsabers! We have.. oh.. just... um.. a few thousand photos to sort through and we will post the best for you ASAP!

Hey Escherion... is that a Frog in your voice?

This post was just a teaser.... I am going to do a full write up of the craziness that Cysero, Safiria, Galanoth, the rest of the team and myself got ourselves into at DragonCon along with bonus stories like the impromtu Twitter contest! Meanwhile, here at the lab we just realized it is Tuesdsay!!!!!!!! What do you want for a release this week?

P.S. It is good to be home, WE MISSED YOU!


HAHA, you're a schollbus driver!

They Aren't Housebroken. Sorry.
Hi guys!

It's SO great to back in the lab, doing what we do! Thanks to everyone who came to our panel (including special guest star Voltaire who showed up to chat for a few minutes, mid-panel)! It's so great to see an entire room filled to the brim with our amazing players from all around the world (a few came from the UK, and Sunumbrella came to visit us all the way from new Zealand)!

Special thanks to our cosplayers who used their amazing creativity to show us how our creativity has impacted them... by bringing some of our most beloved and behated characters to life!

For those of you who were at the panel and gave your names to either me or Westwind (thanks West), you will find the Sock Dragon pet curled up at the bottom of your backpacks. Thanks for coming to con, everyone. In my opinion, this was the best year ever and you were all a HUGE part of that!

I'm sure we will be posting some of our favorite memories and updating "Zorbak goes to Dies At CON" soon, but here is a brief list of my favorite memories. Those of you following me on Twitter have already heard these so you may leave early:

  • Finally attending every single Voltaire Show at con!
  • Hanging out with Voltaire after the show and getting to see the first ever AQW DEADY toy!


they are buddies!

  • Both Machinima panels! (getting to see Stolen Life)
  • Meeting Pae and Maegwyn in person for the first time!
  • Following the "Roving Rave" around the streets of Atlanta, weaving in and out of convention hotels for a few hours.
  • Staying up with my best friend Alces until the pool opened at 6 AM and going for a dip.
  • Playing Mad Scientist University with the AE staff!
  • All the Awesome celebs (BSG panel, Thyton and Ron Glass in the glass elevator, Jason Momoa pretending to puke on Artix...)
  • Getting to see my first "I Fight Dragons" show!
  • Getting to see my first "ArcAttack" show!
  • Getting my FACE ROCKED OFF then taped back on THEN ROCKED OFF AGAIN By the unbelievable rock powers of "One-Eyed Doll"!
  • Cleaning up the Hyatt Recengy ballroom in exchance for one more set from One-Eyed Doll.
  • Hanging out with Kimberly and Number Three (Of One-Eyed Doll) after the show!

One-eyed Doll.... One-eared Zorbak?

Finally, the fantastic Artix Entertaiment panel which just gets larger and cooler every year. Sorry for those of you whom I struck with candy bars. Hopefully next year we will have a larger room so we can kick Twilly around a little.


Screenie Queenie

Screenie Success!
A special thanks to everyone who helped out!
This was my first year at DragonCon. And even though I am an English Major, I cannot think of a proper word to describe how awesome it was! There were so many people and vendors and costumes and lightsabers that I didn’t think it could get any better!

Oh, but it so did!

This past Saturday was our AQWorlds Panel. Before I begin, I’d like for you to imagine a room the size of your classroom. Not too big, but not too small either. Got it? Now, fill that room with 120 AQW fans, packed in to the point of exploding. They were overflowing out of the doorway and into the hallway, too!

If there was a fire, no one would have been able to escape.

The screenshots you all submitted were AWESOME! As soon as the panel began, Zhoom worked his magic and your screenies were projected on a massive white screen, visible to the world (in the room, that is). Throughout our panel—which was 1 ½ hours long—your screenshots provided many laughs and cheers and was an epic success!

Because of the massive amount of fantastic player submissions, there is no possible way to list everyone whose leet photography skillz made the panel (which surpassed 200). However, some of the best action-packed jaw-dropping screenshots actually made it to the AQW Screenshots PageCongratulations!

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who submitted a screenshot! I know everyone at the panel enjoyed seeing your characters on the big-screen, and I can’t wait until next year! DragonCon is only 363 days away, and it’s never too early to prepare.

Stay tuned for more stories, fond memories and pictures of Zorbak getting his head chewed on! Can't wait for next year!

miss you :(
Dragonsock 09!

September 4th, 2009
Let The Rep Farming BEGIN!
Hi guys!

Cysero coming at you LIVE from our 46th floor hotel room, thanks to Zhoom for letting me borrow his laptop to update the Design Notes.

The Good and Evil reputationshops are now open! In these shops you will find a NUMBER of new items which you unlock by increasing your reputation with either the forces of Good led by King Alteon in Swordhaven, or the forces of Evil, led by Gavelyn in Shadowfall.

You will find a LOT of member-only items in these shops but there are also a fair number of non-member items, such as the Platimun Knight armor in King Alteon's good rep shop , and the long awated Shadow Lich armor in Gravelyn's evil rep shop. And every single item in both shops can be bought with gold!

In addition to all of this reppy goodness, the final boss fight with Vath and Stalagbite is fianlly open to non-members. This conculdes the Dwarfhold Quest chain, as another of Drakath's Lords of Chaos falls to the heroes of Lore... and another Chaos Beast is awakened.

DragonCon stuff!
We're all VERY happy to be back at Dragoncon and we've already met a few AQW players. Last night I heard from behind me ..."Cysero?". It was Sununbrella, one of the Cysero's Defenders! She flew ALL THE WAY FROM NEW ZEALAND TO MEET US! (THAT is the kind of superfan who earns her Sock Dragon and a lot more!) We got to hang out with her all night, she went with us to the Voltaire show and we had the honor of hanging out with this amazing player AND Voltaire after the show where we got to see his NEWEST Deady the Teddy toy based on art from AQW! What a great night!

Today I ran into 4 more players all wearing their Save Chuckles T-shirts! If you want to you can keep track of our adventures throught the con as Artix, Rolith and I have a non-stop streams of tweets coming from our phones. Artix is even running some Twitter mini-contests. You can find us on Twitter as @Cysero, @Rolith and @Artixkrieger!

Enjoy the VERY early release guys and see you when we get back!



miss ya already

September 2nd-th-ish, 2009
We are going to DragonCon!
The biggest Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Anime Con in the states
Each year the friendly AE team makes the perilous journey to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. What is it? Imagine a four day long, 35,000 person costume party with games, comics, anime, robot battling, art galleries, vendors, concerts, celebrity guests, and panels on everything from how to swordfight or make a costume, or write a novel, discuss your favorite TV series with the actors.... and there is even a panel on AQWorlds where you can meet... us! This is our 5th year attending. We are leaving early tomorrow morning. In addition to a huge number of us from the secret underground lab, we will meet some of the amazing forum community staff in person for the first time there! If you are attending, please come to our panel - we would love to meet you. If you were not able to make it this year, Zorbak will be taking pictures with all of the cosplayers for you to see!

"Thanks guys! We will take lots of pictures for you :-)"

Official AQWorlds Panel at DragonCon
When: Saturday, 2:30 PM
Where: Agusta Room in the Sheraton Hotel
What: Meet the team and watch us as we hopelessly embarrass ourselves while talking about new villians, areas, features (like PvP and Stats), and all of the antics that take place behind the scenes. Aye, it is indeed very likely we will end up throwing food prizes at the 3 people who attend... which you may be able to deflect with Beleen's balloon weapons (requires correctly answering trivia questions to obtain!)

This Week's Releases
We will be launching the AQWorlds and DragonFable releases... including DF's Major DoomKnight release! on Friday from DragonCon! But we have no idea where we will actually be when we launch them... which we are going to attempt to do with our phones. Which is going to be really comical if something goes wrong! Cysero, Rolith and I will try to keep you updated with the play by play via Twitter. Read Beleen's post below to see how a little piece of you can be seen during our panel! ... wish us luck!

Cysero's Guide To Surviving DragonCon!
Everything You Never Needed To Know About What To Have With You At All Times During A Convention.

This will be Beleen's first time at DragonCon and she's not alone.

I have decided to give you con-noobies some helpful hints about what to bring to make sure that you come out of your con experience more or less in one piece:


  1. A Large Bag. You're going to to be carrying a LOT of stuff around with you and picking up a lot of stuff as you con so a large bag is necessary.
  2. A Towel. Your hotel room will probably come equipped with these but I always preffer to bring a large, beach-sized towel with me wherever I go. Hitchikers listed most of the uses, but for a more practical example: I have fallen asleep in the hallways of more than one convention hotel and it's always nice to have a towel for a blanket or pillow.
    Note: Cysero also wore a white bathrobe to our last panel - use your best judgement with all advice.
  3. Energy Bars. Meals come unpredictably during con and staying alive can be hard. You never know when you'll be stuck at a table-top gaming session that lasts 14 hours straight... and if you leave the brutal GM will just kill you.
  4. Bottle Of Water. See above.
  5. Cash (Well Hidden). As you explore the convention you WILL encounter some stuff you NEED to own. Swords, pithy shirts, novels, Lou Ferigno selling autographs... and there is a 50% chance that the thing you want to buy, you can't buy with plastic.. If you plan on falling asleep in a hall somewhere, be sure that your cash is in your sock or in the secret pocket in your boxers... you don't want to wake up broke.
  6. A Mobile Computing Device. Most modern cell phones will do, but you might not get a signal in the underground mazes that connect the convention hotels. Having a wireless card in a small laptop is priceless. Hopefully a smartphone attached to a 3G network will do (con-testing my iPhone this year). You might or might not Tweet. You might or might not need to check your facebook but your FRIENDS will NEED to contact you about something that you HAVE TO SEE RIGHT NOW!
  7. A Friend. The buddy system is always a good idea. That's why I bring Alces. He's part Dr. Gonzo, part Chief Medical Officer and part Tech Support. He is all best friend and has been for more than half of my life.
  8. A Camera. Fully charged. Memory card empty. NEEDS a flash. Your cell won't do for this. Too many dark corners with Halo Spartans hiding in them.
  9. A Zorbak Plushy. It's the ultimate ice-breaker. "Can I get a picture of you holding this guy, please?" "Sure... what is he?"
  10. Good Walking Shoes. Trust me.

That should be, more or less, everything that you need to pack. Other options include: clean clothes, costumes, things you want autographed, video camera, portable game systems (some lines are long), a map of the con (some of us like getting lost), a pair of scissors (for a lock of Kevin Sorbo's hair while he's passed out in a fountain somewhere), a sketchbook (for ideas), a steampunk R2 unit... just cause.

Here's a little sneak peek at a few of the armors from the Good and Evil rep shops being released early Friday.


We've also got 10 good weapons and 10 evil weapons, good and evil helms, good and evil back items, 1 good pet and one evil pet!

Gravelyn and King Alteon will each have FIVE new quests for grinding rep. The first three will be open at Rank 1 and the last two will unlock when you hit Rank 4 Rep with your faction.

One of the Rank 4 Rep quests, will be a member only Daily quest that will get you 4000 REPUTATION per day!

Non-members? Are you prepared for Vath?


September 1st, 2009
The All-Call for In-Game Photographers!
It’s ganna be a screenshot showdown.
Do you have what it takes to be an in-game photographer? Do you possess the necessary finesse of capturing the right picture at the right time? If so, get your fingers ready… set… and Print Screen! (guide on how to take a screenshot)

As you probably already know, DragonCon is only a few days away. And the AE Team is STOKED! We wanna do something really cool this year at our panel. But we want you and your friends to be a part of it, too! This is an official all-call for screenshots. Everyone is eligible to enter!

Take a picture of something funny that happened in AQWorlds. Maybe take a pic of your coolest armor and hairstyle. Or a screenie from an epic boss battle! The possibilities are endless! Your screenshot will be seen by hundreds of people at DragonCon! So make sure it’s a good one!

Screenie Conditions
Please follow the rules stated below precisely. Otherwise, your screenshot will NOT be eligible and consequently, will not be displayed at our DragonCon panel.

  1. You may only submit ONE (1) screenshot, so make sure it’s awesome.
  2. Your screenshot MUST be cropped to just the game screen. In other words, do not submit a screenie of your entire desktop.
  3. Screenshots MUST be saved as a JPEG. Any other formats (such as .png) will be disregarded.
  4. Your screenie must abide by all AQW Terms and Conditions—so no foul language, inappropriate content, etc.
  5. Screenshots will only be accepted up until 11:59pm EST on Thursday, September 3rd.

Please send your amazing screenshot to:

Remember, your screenshot will be seen by hundreds of people at USA’s largest science fiction, anime, and comic book convention: DragonCon! The AE Team can’t wait to see your talented in-game photography skills!

Best of luck to you!


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