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That's all the capitols there are!

May 28th, 2010

Don Giovanni, Faust & Player Suggestions!

Another GREAT round of player suggestions!

Once again, we dove into the Player Suggestion Forums and picked out our personal favorites and the hottest items with the most player attention and added a new round of fantastic items suggested by the very inventive AQw fans!

As always, the players who suggested those items will recieve the items at no cost and have been credited for their work in the item names or descriptions or both!

This is the coolest round of player suggestions items that we've ever released and oddly enough J6's new apprentice, Dage The Evil, worked on producing this round. If you recall back when Dage was a player we selected some of HIS stuff to add to the Player Suggestion shop.

Who said making fan art never leads anywhere?

If you've never been to the Player Suggestion shop, you can talk to Yulgar in his Inn in Battleon.

The Orkestra Temple!
This week we also move on to a new section of the Mythsong area. It seems that Don Giovanni has made a bad deal with the wicked Faust. He needs your help before moonrise, or else he'll get dragged to the underworld!

Go ninja, go ninja, GO!
The Terrible Faust!

You will also be able to hear Warlic's classical area music, fight our newest monster (like the Mozard), and pick a few pets and Faust's weapon, helm and wings!

Go ninja, go ninja, GO!
Yeah, We Went There.

You will also be able to hear Warlic's classical area music, fight our newest monster (like the Mozard), and pick a few pets and Faust's weapon, helm and wings!

Quibble has decided he can spare another week in Battleon before moving on so be sure to grab his slightly-used, never-before-seen items before he splits!


May 28th, 2010

Underground Lab Expansion

It is getting cramped down here!

As you may know, we build and update our five crazy games from here in the secret underground lab. Located somewhere in Florida, deep into the earth, below a seemingly normal looking coffee shop. We work happily to the hum of spinning hard drives and bursts of surprised laughter*. The server farm has an advanced AI and even our coffee maker is probably in the process of becoming self aware**. Well... we ran out of space down here! So we are digging a tunnel under the building next door to expand***. With over 25 of our now 50+ game developers now at the lab... it is not a moment too soon as oxygen levels have been getting tight. We have officially moved from being a "small friendly team" to being a <dunn, dunn dunnn> "medium sized friendly team." If our story was a movie, this would probably be the exciting training collage part****. <plays Rocky music> But before the big AQWorlds release that we have for you tonight... an important decision MUST be made*****...

Forum Question: What sort of shop/store should we use as the cover for Lab #2!? ....and what should we call lab #2? (Answer carefully, this is actually happening.)

Laughter yes! But let's not forget the gut wrenching groans following your terrible puns Artix...

**Skynet... pffft. Brace yourself for Javanet. (Powered by GLaDOS)
*** Annexing? Careful! Remember what happened when Petoria annexed Joehio!
**** Should we make a movie? If so, then you should be in it too. Who would you want to be cast as?
***** ALERT: 5 asterisk limit exceeeded! Warning message 0501: "Bad Artix... bad!"

Secret Lab #2
+5 pts for posting "secret" plans on a site that gets a million page hits a day.



May 26th, 2010

This Week’s Sneak Peek!

…more like a Scenic View…

Wowza. It’s already Wednesday. How does the week go by soooo fast? I blame time travel faeries—they do this ALL THE TIME! *shakes fist violently towards the faeries* Fine, whatever. On to important things!

So this week’s release is ganna be awesome. We have 2 different things in store for ya’ll that I think will excite most everyone… the first feature being new item additions to the Player Suggestion Shop!

Inside Yulgar’s Inn, there is a special store loaded with 24 different armors, weapons, helms and capes, all of which were inspired by your fellow players! Yup, that’s right—there’s a little artist hidden in everyone, and this shop proves it. On our Forums, there are multiple threads where you can post your very own AQW Item ideas. And if we like what we see, we just might put your idea in game!

Big Daddy sword
Big Daddy sword inspired by Tokijin and the Viking Armor by Lavitz!

You don’t have to be Miltonius or J6 to have your item ideas considered. I spent the past 3 days diving through thousands of posts, searching for various armors and weapons that would fit nicely in game. I retrieved a bundle… but you’re ganna have to wait until Release to see if your idea made the cut (well, maybe… knowing us, we will probably post some spoiler pics in the near future). We absolutely love implementing your great ideas in game… so tell us (and show us!) on the Forums!

Continuing Mythsong Canyon

In addition to adding a buncha new items to the Player Suggestion Shop, we are expanding Mythsong Canyon—it’s music to my ears, you could say! We have covered many, many genres of music already. And have punned even more. But there’s one very popular type of music that has been neglected: Classical Music!

Friday’s release is going to orchestrate a whole new meaning to theatrical melodies. You will encounter Classic beasts such as Mozards and Pachelbel's Cannons as you fight your way through to Mythsong’s baddest boss of all: Faust! A new NPC, Don Giovanni, well help guide the way by offering quests and insight on the next Lord of Chaos, Discordia! No, I can’t give you any Chaos Lord spoilers, because, well, I haven’t talked to Don Giovanni. And not to mention, I haven’t yet brushed up on my Classical Music parodies and puns ^__^ But I can tell you this: Miltonius is currently working on an awesome cutscene that will finally reveal Chaos Lord Discordia! zomg!

Phew. That sure is a lot. And a lot of pink text. But well worth it, right? Right! So I wanna wrap this up, but not before I thank all of you for your wonderful comments about the DragonLord, StarLord, and Guardian Classes! It makes all of us here =D to know that you all love our games so much! And we love making them for you, too! Thanks for all your support and continue to enjoy those new classes!

DragonLord Starlord Guardian

Oh! One more thing: if you beat the hardest level in the Mythsong Minigame, /Dance Evolution, hold on to those Ticklish Zorbo Tickets! Next week, you can redeem that ticket for an awesome prize. We know what it will be. But do you? Heh… one more week and you’ll find out, too!

Tonight will be better

May 21th, 2010

New Classes & Quibble!


The Verification shops in Guardian tower are now COMPLETE with the addition of the DragonLord, Guardian and Starlord Classes!

Towers of Power!

DragonLord: Capable of MASSIVE damage output and on more than one enemy at a time, but even with it's amazing debuffs and self-heal It will need a healer or tank to reach it's full potential!

Guardian: Our first real TANKING class. The Guardian class was built for survivability with an aggro ability that makes monster foscus on the Guardian for 6 seconds, debuffs galore and a serious survival power to shield yourself or another for ALL incoming damage for a few seconds.

Starlord: Star Captains will find an arsenal of devestating attacks at their disposal in this class. While sacraficing survivability, It's capable of taking on and burning down SEVERAL enemies at a time with an insane damage output and distance attacks. Perfect for grinding rep!

Each class be NON-MEMBER but you will need a membership in our three previous games, DragonFable, MechQuest and/or AdventureQuest!

You can find them in the Guardian Tower in Battleon!

If you have already purchased a membership in DragonFable, MechQuest or AdventureQuest then you will need to verify your accounts in AQW, which you can do HERE.

If you are having trouble verifying your memberships in one of the other games, CLICK HERE for help or read Beleen's Design Ntoes post directly beneath this one.

Quibble Returns Today!

Quibble Coinbiter has returned to Battleon with a slew of new items to slay with! Nearly ALL of them cost AdventureCoins which means they take up NO space in your bank!

/Dance Evolution!

Llussion was psychotic enough to add 2 new levels of difficulty to the dance mini-game in Mythsong and if you master it.... which is possible, I watch him do it twice... then you will recieve a special token that will change into something else next week!

We hope you have as much fun with the classes, items and mini-game as we had making them. Cranking out and balancing three classes in a single week is kind of insane (mad props to Minimal for coding these bad boys and special thanks to Dumoose and Stratos for helping to test and balance them), but I'm pretty sure all of our hard work paid off in spades! Enjoy!

... or else.


May 19th, 2010

Class-ified Information

3 new Classes arriving Friday!

Twenty nine Classes… and counting! Friday’s highly anticipated release is bringing 3 new Classes into the world of Lore: StarLord, DragonLord, and Guardian!

New Classes!

Do these names sound familiar? Maybe yes, maybe no… but regardless, I’m ganna tell you anyway! When you Upgrade your account in MechQuest, DragonFable, or AdventureQuest, you are dubbed with the almighty title of StarLord, DragonLord, or Guardian respectively, and are granted access to the most awesome loot and unlockable areas in game. And verifying your upgraded MQ, DF, or AQ account in AQW is the ONLY way to get your hands on these 3 new NON MEMBER classes! I will provide you with a walkthrough to these new classes once their abilities are set in stone… erm, gaming code… same thing, right?

Alrighty then, here’s how this works: in the town of Battleon, you might remember seeing a huge tower just beyond Yulgar’s Inn and Warlic’s Magic Shoppe. That’s the Guardian Tower, and inside it are special “Verification Shops” that offer unique items for Verified Accounts. These Verification Shops will have the new Classes in them come Friday evening!

New Class Vendors
These are the guys with the prizes!

But you must Verify your upgraded MQ, DF, or AQ account first in order to unlock these shops. Don’t worry, I’m here to walk you through it all =D On the AQW homepage, scroll down until you see the “Account” table on the left of your screen. Click the “Verify Guardian”, “Verify DragonLord”, or “Verify StarCaptain” link to simply and safely verify your accounts in our other games. After that’s all done… you can now access the Verification Shops in the Guardian Tower! Check out these 3 simple steps in picture form of how I Verified my very own AdventureQuest account!

How to verify

The StarLord, DragonLord, and Guardian Classes will forever be non-member, but you must have an upgraded account in MechQuest, DragonFable, or AdventureQuest in order to equip ‘em. Upgrading your account now in any Artix Entertainment game helps support your favorite team of whacky developers so that we can continuously release new awesome new stuff just for you!

We appreciate all of your help and support and we could not have gotten this far without you! ^__^ Thank you again and we hope that these new classes make you wanna battle on!

Please State The Nature Of The Kooky Emergency.

May 17th, 2010

Verification Shop & Quibble!

We Promised. Here They Come.

I've said to multiple people on multiple occassions that we would no longer be updating the verification shops, but I was wrong cause we're doing it this Friday!

As promised, we will be releasing THREE brand new classes this weekend:

1) The Dragonlord Class for verified DragonFable Dragon Amulet Holders!

2) The Starlord Class for verified MechQuest Star Captains!

3) The Guardian Class for verified AdventureQuest Guardians!

Each class be NON-MEMBER (you will need a membership in the other game or games, but NOT an AQW membership!) and will have it's own unique skills!

The shops first appeared in the Guardian Tower in Battleon as a special "thank you" to those of you who have decided to support our other games over the years, and this finalizes the shops that have remained incomplete for so very long!

If you have already purchased a membership in DragonFable, MechQuest or AdventureQuest then you will need to verify your accounts in AQW, which you can do HERE.

If you are having trouble verifying your memberships in one of the other games, CLICK HERE for help!

Thanks again for all your support in AQW and ALL of AE's games!

Quibble Returns!

Quibble Coinbiter will be returning to battleon this weekend with some sweet, new items so stock up on some ACs if you don't already have a ton lying around!

Mythsong Revolution!

We'll be adding some harder levels to the new Dance Minigame in Mythsong. We are thinking of adding a Ticklish Zorbo pet as a reward for beating the highest level. What else would you like to see as a reward? let us know on the forums!

Artix Von Krieger, Hero Of The People!

If Artix wasn't already your hero, check this out. A company came to us today offering us $12,000.00 USD a DAY... that's $84,000.00 a week... to put some cell phone ads on our games that would trick you into getting billed over and over on your mobile for signing up for a "free" ringtone.

Artix looked the proposal over once, saw how much it would hurt you guys and shot it down without a second glance.

We pride ourselves on listening to you whenever we can and we really do care about our players, but not many small gaming companies... not many PEOPLE... would turn down that kind of money without a second thought just because it was the right thing to do.

Please lift your weapons in salute to our favorite Paladin...

"Battle On!"


May 14th, 2010

Minigame. Mega Release.

It’s time for a /dance off!

Hello again! Sorry we released so late, but there was A LOT going into tonight’s release and we wanted to make sure everything was perfect. And not to mention, I was too busy smacking plates and offers away causing things to fly in my one eye that has no use for the release anyway...so naturally that set things a few hours back.

Right. On to the release. Where do I even begin? Let’s start with my favorite part: the Minigame! But you won’t be able to play it until you help the Great Godfather of Soul on his quests! Fight through a Hive teeming with Stingers and Killer Queen Bees (who drop their weapons, like pew-pew laser guns!) until you reach the cheating Lord Ovthedance boss. Apparently this hacker has magical dancing shoes and it’s up to you to defeat him where he stands! Dances. Whatever. Only when you defeat him will you be able to partake in the Mythsong Dance-off Minigame!

Dancing Mini Game

Listen to the music and feel the sweet beat! Use your Arrow Keys on your keyboard and hit the correct arrow when prompted. If you are a master at the classic game /dance/dance revolution, you should have no problem winning the dance off! So show us your moves, and remember: practice makes perfect score!

New Items and Hairstyles!

I am sooo excited to announce the arrival of new hairstyles! Pat Minotaur has a bunch of brand-new hairstyles to match your rockstar look… including my very own Dragonhawk style! Yaay! Head on over to her hair shop and get the ‘do that’s right for you. There are even 22 NEW hair colors to choose from that are simply to dye for!

7:26pm - Miko is still waiting for this mysterious second picture from Beleen

New Hair Styles

As if there weren’t enough items stocked in Mythsong Canyon’s shops… we have added even more! 14 more, in fact! Dorian Mode has the Knights In the Shadowscythe Service armor (K.I.S.S. for short) with 3 helms that really make the whole look complete. These are sellin’ for ACs, so you can always store them in your bank for free!
Jon Jett has 8 new Reputation items including the player-suggested Lord/Lady GoGo armor and helm. Yeah, and when you see it, you’ll agree that it’s simply ridiculous! Falco, the pet store dude, has a funkadellic Disco Duck pet for you too! And if you wanna get your hands on a Banjo that doubles over as a fierce weapon, talk to Metallika and she’ll hook you up!

Ha! Told you we had a lot going on! And by the time you finish reading this, the release should be live and ready to go! Enjoy this week’s release and see if you can get a perfect 94-combo in the Minigame! Good luck, remember not to smack plates and have fun! ^__^

7:30pm - Yay Beleen's slowness has concluded

ECH: Emergency Cysero Hologram

May 13th, 2010

Teensy Update.

New Colors and Old Fixes.

You may have noticed that with last Friday's update, we broke Vath. He's back now. He went on vacation but forgot to tell us.

In addition to the new additions to the Mythsong Quest Chain, new armors, new hairstyles and new minigame... we will ALSO be releasing 22 new hair & skin colors by Friday at the latest!

I'm a LITTLE worried as I let one of our in-house hair dye experts,Beleen pick them (are there 22 shades of pink?) but I have a feeling that she'll do a good job. Soon you will be able to color your hair and skin a vast assortment of neon sign bright, crayon box varried colors. Cool? Yes, cool.

I know you guys like pictures so here's a pic if what I would look like with a little bit of head stubble.

Go ninja, go ninja, GO!
This Is Cold. I Can haz Hair back Now Plz?

Get yer dancin' shoes on and prepare for another puntastic release, tomorrow!


May 12th, 2010

Minotaurs make the best barbers

A sneak-peek at Friday’s Release

Woah. What’s going on here? The DNs haven’t been updated since Sunday… is everything alright over at the Secret Lab!? O_O

Heh. Yuup! Everything is juusst fine! These past few days have been so exciting and so hectic that none of us have been able to make a proper DN post. Until now. Because I just finished lunch and I’m ready to reveal what’s in store for you all come Friday!

If you have been following my Twitter, you already know that I gave myself a Mythsong-inspired haircut in real life. I call it a “Dragonhawk.” Because I got such great feedback with how it looked, Dage the Evil made it into an awesome AQW Hairstyle! And guess what—it’s ganna be released this Friday, ALONG with many other rockin’ new hairdos! Check them out!

Mythsong Hairstyles
Always trust a Minotaur with a pair of scissors

New hairstyles won’t be the only thing arriving Friday. A new shipment of Mythsong armors, pets, and weapons are scheduled for delivery along with a whole new map! Here you will meet Mythsong’s newest NPC, the Great Godfather of Soul, and 3 new tone-deaf monster mobs: Stings, Killer Queen Bees, and a Boss by the name of Lord Ovthedance. Rumor has it that there *might* even be some info regarding the next Lord of Chaos…

There is even going to be a new minigame, too! Those of you who are familiar with the game /Dance/Dance Revolution should have no problem getting a perfect score in Mythsong’s first minigame. The mechanics are still being worked on, but as soon as we get it up and running, I’ll post a little spoiler picture of it just for you =D

So there you have it. A sneak-peek at Friday’s release in just over 5 paragraphs—even Artix can read this post without it causing permanent eye damage! Please note that one should brace themselves ahead of time for the avalanche of parodies and puns to come. You have been given a 2-day warning time. Mwahaha >:D

OH! And before I go, I wrote up a lengthy article explaining the Bard Class in full detail. There’s lots of valuable information (and pictures!) regarding Lore’s newest class that just might be of some value to world-renowned Bards. Check it out!

Mother's Sock!

May 9th, 2010

Mom's Day!

Your Mom Is A Classy Lady!

Happy Mother's Day, AQWorlders! This is that special day set aside for that secial lady who brought you into the world, and whomever or whatever else you have maternal feelings towards.

After you'd delivered her breakfast in bed, given her the card/flowers/candy, given her a foot rub and cleaned the entire house for her (no matter who your mom is or what she does, a clean house is always awesome)... don't forget to log in and grab your special Mother's Day Seasonal Rare items!

The Golden Roller is ony of my favorite items EVER!

This shop will last ONLY ONE DAY, then it's gone for another year! Happy Mother's Day moms out there. Thanks for all your hard work!


May 7th, 2010

Rock the AQWorld!

The Bard Class is finally here!

Ready to try out the newest Class? Of course you are! As a Bard, music rocks your world… and the battlefield. Your special abilities allow you to stay in tune with those around you, whether your powers are used to heal or to hurt. So you wanna see what abilities you’ll have as a Bard? Take a look below!

  • Bodhran
    20 mana, 15 sec cooldown
    Drums of war inspire your allies, raising damage by 20%, haste by 10%, and critical strike chance by 5%. Lasts 15 seconds.

  • Cantor's Lament
    10 mana, 2 sec cooldown
    Deals moderate damage to target. Applies Crescendo, a DoT that gets stronger every time the target is attacked, lasting 10 seconds.

  • O'Carolan's Reel
    30 Mana, 12 sec cooldown
    Perfect for skirmishes, brawls, battles, wars, and fighting in general, O'Carolan's Reel applies a Heal-Over-Time (HoT) effect to all nearby allies.

  • Dissonance
    10 mana, 2 sec cooldown
    Reduce the target's damage and haste by 15% and critical chance by 5%, and grants additional mana to attackers striking the target for 15 seconds.

New Bard Class

A lot of you guys were concerned with how high the Rep was in order to obtain the Bard Class. Originally we had set it at Rank 7, but after some serious consideration, we lowered it down to Rank 4! Also, the Bard only costs 1,000 Gold, so it is very easy for everyone to obtain. We hope you enjoy this new class—I know everyone at the Lab had a blast testing it out!

Continuing Mythsong

The Bard Class is only one highlight in tonight’s release. Expanding onto Mythsong Canyon is the map ‘Stairway to Haven’ where you will meet Mozzy Mogbourne, Moglin captain of the Lead Zeppelin. If you can understand this speech-slurring Moglin, he will send you on some important quests as you take down the Rock Lobsters and Grateful Undeads! Defeating these horrible pun-laden creatures is your only shot at saving the Lead Zeppelin from the worst mob—and possibly worst parody—of them all: the Bruise Brothers!

Think that’s ridiculous? Just wait until you see the shipment of new items in the Mythsong vendors’ shops! New Bard armors, helms, a Brass Monkey cape, bunches of new weapons, new pets, and 2 heavy metal hairstyles are currently available for you and your music-loving friends. (Woah, so how many does that add up to? I think that’s somewhere around 16…. but then again, I’m horrible at basic mathematics)

A lot of you have also asked for more AC items. See, we do listen to you after all ^__^ Since AC items take up NO SPACE in the bank, we understand why you wanted more! So we delivered! In the middle of Mythsong, Dorian Mode has a little AC shop just for you, selling the following items:

  • Traveling Bard Armor
  • Bearded Bard helm
  • And the Ponytail Bard helm

Fight the Rock Lobster and Ungrateful Dead

We think these items go well with the whole release, don’t you? =D

Are you low on Rep? No problem! Each Mythsong NPC has a new Rep Quest for you, awarding more Rep than ever (well, compared to last week’s quests, that is). Build up that Rep so you can be the first to get the Bard Class, Fantasy Bard Armor, and Platinum Axe of Rechord!

Seasonal Rare Shops!

The Cinco de Mayo shop will only be around a little bit longer until Monday, May 10th. So if you haven’t already loaded up on this year’s Seasonal Rares… I suggest you do so before it’s too late =O
Also, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. We all love our mommies, so for this special day, we will be releasing the Mother’s Day Shop in Battleon! The shop will be selling the 2010 versions of last year’s Mother’s Day Items:

  • The Golden Roller
  • Mother’s Day Bouquet
  • and the Fairy Godmother pet

Show your mom how much you truly care about her by beating monsters to a pulp with a beautiful flower bouquet!

Phew, that’s a lot of PINK. I hope Artix doesn’t see this… or I fear he may go blind!

We hope you have a great weekend! Rock on my friends, and battle on!


May 5th, 2010

Let’s Fiesta!

Cinco de Mayo & Randor’s Birthday

What an exciting day! Not only is it Wednesday, but it is also the 5th of May... which means it’s Cinco de Mayo and Randor the Red’s Birthday!

Randor is leveling up IRL today so in order to properly celebrate, he is selling his personal items… but only for one day! That’s right—today is your only chance to get Randor the Red’s Forest Tiger pet and his dual-wielding Dragonwings of Destiny blades. There is even a color customizable version of these blades, too! Talk to Randor the Red in Battleon to acquire these Event Rare items before the day is over. And make sure to wish him a happy birthday!

Cinco De Mayo

Today is another special day: Cinco de Mayo! Literally meaning “the fifth of May,” this day commemorates the Mexican army's victory over opposing forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It's become a very well-known and loved holiday here in the States and to celebrate, Battleon has a Seasonal Rare shop that sells 2010 versions of your favorite Cinco de Mayo loot! These items will be available until Monday, May 10th.So unless you wanna wait a whole ‘nother year until Cinco de Mayo 2011, I suggest logging in now and joining the fiesta!

Cogito Ergo Sum
Bard Sock!

May 3rd, 2010

New Class, Randor's Birthday and Cinco!

Mythsong Begins!

Finally, we are ready to start our Mythsong quest chain. This Friday, we will introduce Mozzy Mogbourne, captain of the Lead Zepplin... an amazing airship which ferries bands to and from Lorestockapalooza!

Hey Mun, I'm Mozzy. Frppn Vel Nert Foleg! (what?)

Good luck trying to understand his "Talk" section. We can't.

The Bard Class!

This Friday, we will also be releasing AQW's first ALL NEW CLASS in quite a long time: The Bard Class!

I'll probably be tweeting sneak peeks of the art as soon as J6 is done with it.

This all new class, has all new trainable skills which focusing on buffing you and your party members, while debuffing your foes!

Jon Jett, the Rep Shop owner (who will also be getting some new daily quests this weekend) will require you to get to Mythsong Rep Rank 7 before he allows you to access this new, powerful class but from out staff testing.... it's VERY worth it!

In addition, you can expect MORE new monsters, MORE new pets, MORE new music, MORE new rep items and if we have time a few new hairstyles!

Randor The Red's Birthday!

It is Randor the Red’s birthday on Wednesday! And for his special day, there will be a one day only shop in Battleon that will sell Randor’s personal items. This Wednesday (May 5th) will be your only chance to get the Forest Tiger Pet and his very own super-awesome-dual-wielding Dragonwings of Destiny blades. So make sure you log in during his birthday bash because this will be the only time that these items are available!

Randor The Red items!

Cinco De Mayo Returns!

This holiday commemorates the Mexican army's victory over opposing forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It's become a very well-known and loved holiday here in the States and to celebrate, Battleon will have a Seasonal Rare shop that will sell the 2010 versions of:

  • Mariachi Armor ‘10

  • Sombrero helm ‘10

  • Big Sombrero helm ‘10

  • Maracas ‘10

  • Piñata Pet ‘10

  • And the Dos Maracas ’10 daggers! (New!)

Mother's Day is Sunday!

Are we ALSO doing something for Mother's Day like we did last year? Maybe yes. Maybe no. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I'm not messing with you guys this time. I really don't know if we'll have time to return with the Mother's Day items. We've got a LOT going on this week and we're a little short staffed.


Book face!

Social Networking Update

Staff Imposters and other oddities

Beware of people on FaceBook, Myspace, and Twitter claiming to be our staff. Never give out your password. The staff will never ask for it, and any one who does is just trying to steal your account. Especially beware of the new imposter on FaceBook claiming to be Beleen.

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