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March 31, 2013

Help Aria Hatch Her Eggs

What Kind of Pet will YOU Hatch?

Spring is here, and Aria's found a basketful of unhatched eggs. She thinks they may have rare pets inside them and needs your help to hatch them! Are you up for a quest today?


How Do I Hatch My Egg?

Good question! Here's what you'll need to do to hatch a new pet!

  1. Buy 1 of the eggs from my Egg Shop. 
  2. Begin 1 of the quests that match your egg type. If you bought a Golden Egg, go on 1 of the Golden Egg quests. If you bought a Platinum Egg, go on 1 of the Platinum quests.
  3. Turn it in and save the Flame rewards you get.
  4. Come back on Wednesday. My friend Cabdury will send you on a quest for a special Hammer. 
  5. Merge your Egg, the Flames from my quests, and Cabdury's Hammer to hatch your pet!

What Kind of Pets Can I Get?

That's part of the surprise! But here's a breakdown of the hints:

If you buy a Golden Egg, you can quest to get merge items for1 of 4 DIFFERENT pets (or buy 4 eggs to get them all):

  • Cracking Golden Pet
  • Rustling Golden Pet
  • Slimy Golden Pet
  • Smelly Golden Pet

If you buy a Platinum Egg, you can quest to get merge items for1 of 4 DIFFERENT pets (or buy 4 eggs to get them all):

  • Cracking Platinum Pet
  • Rustling Platinum Pet
  • Slimy Platinum Pet
  • Smelly Platinum Pet

Each quest gives a unique merge item to hatch a different pet!

Though the names for the different Golden and Platinum pets are similiar, the art for the different pets is not the same! You can buy both types of Eggs, but will need to do the quests for each egg's specific merge items.

What About the Hammer I Need?

The only thing I don't have that we need is a Hammer to cracked the hardened Egg Shell! My friend Cabdury will arrive in Battleon this Wednesday. Return then and he'll send you on a quest for a special egg-hammer. Then use the egg, flames, and hammer in the Pet Hatching Shop to get your new pet! 

Login Now for our Server-Wide XP Boost!

Battle through Spring Break NOW to take down ALL the bosses while getting bonus XP! Login all weekend-long, because our server-wide XP Boosts is LIVE! Spring into battle with a 10% boost on our Member-only servers: Sir Ver and Evil Sir Ver! All other servers have a 5% XP Boost active!

Battle through Spring Break!

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March 29, 2013

The AE Sketchbook

The Artists of Artix Sketchbook is Live!

Now on sale exclusively at HeroMart!

Our artists endlessly create fresh and original art for our video game's weekly releases. Open this book and take a look behind the scenes. These pages are filled with inspired sketches (most never before seen) by popular artists who draw our games including Nulgath, J6, Diozz, Thyton, Samba, Mido, Nightwraith Charfade, Llussion and Dage the Evil. The book includes their personal story of how they become video game artists and what inspires them.

The book also includes a code that unlocks in-game items for AdventureQuest Worlds (7 items), EpicDuel (2 items), MechQuest, and DragonFable. See the full details and get the book at our online store

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March 29, 2013

Face Chaos Lord Lionfang!

It's a HUGE Friday for AQW & AE!

Quick table of contents for today:

  1. Chaos Lord Lionfang Battle
  2. Lionfang Finale Rare Shop
  3. Darkblood StormKing Class
  4. Spring Seasonal Shop Opens
  5. Aria's Pet Egg Quests Begins Sunday
  6. Dage's Birthday Rares & Lucky Day leave next week
  7. Artists of Artix Sketchbook on HeroMart

Chaos Lord Lionfang!

Today you get to face Chaos Lord Lionfang!

He's got the Darkblood Weapon against Chaos and he plans to use it on Drakath. His plan? Take out Drakath to solidify his own Chaos Power then use that power to destroy all evil all over Lore. Unfortunately we know that the weapon won't work against Drakath AND that Chaos Lord Lionfang wasn't quite right in the head BEFORE he became chaorrupted.

You have been entrusted with the sacred Darkblood relic and your only chance to stop is from being wasted on Drakath is to face Lionfang and take it back before it's too late. 

As usual, Lionfang will drop a Member Only version of his own Chaos Lord Armor and helm...

as well as a few other member and non-member items. 

Lionfang Finale Rare Shop

You will also be able to find a week long Lionfang Rares Shop (will go rare Monday, April 8th) where you can find a number of rares that you won't ever see again once they are gone! 

Amazing armors and powerful weapons from contributing artists Memet, Solrac, Aegis, Veneeria and more! 

Darkblood StormKing Class

Each new area we release usually comes with a class that you can unlock by reaching rank 10 in that area's reputation faction. Today we release the thunderforge Rep class... the Darkblood StormKing!

You can get the class one of two ways. 

  1. Reach rank 10 Thunderforge reputation and drop a lot of gold to unlick the class. 
  2. Open the Class Shop (Shops button in Game Menu, Ragnar in Battleon or Book of Lore) and pay 2000 AdventureCoins for the AC version if you don't feel like doing the repeatable rep quests in the Darkblood city of Falguard. 

To read my Skills Breakdown whic tells you everything yuou need to know about the class (like how to use it) CLICK HERE!

Spring Seasonal Shop Opens

The Seasonal Key shop in Twilly has changed! The lock has melted and the Ice Token will not longer give you access to the rares! Now you will need to purchase the Storm Token from Twilly to open this shop until for a limited time. 

This shop now contains:

  • ThunderBolt Striker Armor (animated)
  • ThunderHorn Helm
  • Lightning Slasher 
  • DaggerDual Lightning Slashers
  • Electric Storm Cape! (animated)

Remember that once the storms of spring pass and the lock heats up these items will go rare and get replaced by the summer seasonal items!

Aria's Pet Egg Hunt!

Sunday Aria begins her series of pet egg quests. For a limited time Aria will sell you rare monster eggs (one Member & one Non-Member) and you will be able to do a number of repeatable quests to merge your egg and farming items into several different rare pets. 

This is a rare chance for non-members to farm for pets of their own and it won't last forever!

Dage's Birthday & Lucky Day Leaving!

It's been a great birthday month for Dage but next Wednesday, Dage's birthday rares (shop and SoulForge rares) will be leaving forever! Monday will also bring the Lucky Day Faire to a close until next year. How was your luck this year?

The Artists of Artix Sketchbook is LIVE!

It has been one of the most eagerly anticipated HeroMart items of all time but the wait is over. The Artists of Artix Sketchbook is LIVE on HEROMART! You can read more about that in the next Design Notes Post! 


March 28, 2013

Darkblood StormKing Class

The Thunderforge Rep Class Arrives Tomorrow!

The Darkblood have always lived in Thunderforge. The evil race has thrived beneath the never-ending thunderstorms that cover the region. Centuries before the city of Falguard was built, the tribes of Darkblood regularly went to war over the resources in the region. They kept coming up with new and inventive ways to destroy each other until finally one of the Darkblood elders found a way to magically bind the power and fury of Thunderforge's storms and use their might as weapons. 

The Darkblood StormKing as born.

It takes a rare type of person to become a StormKing (the term also applies to females, there are no StormQueens). You have to have an affinity for magic, a close connection to the natural world and the will to enslave nature itelf to obey your commands. 

How, When and Where To get Your StormKing Class

Tomorrow the Darkblood StormKing Class is being released. It will be in the Thunderforge Rep Shop in Falguard as well as in the Class Shop (Menu Shops Button, Ragnar NPC in Battleon or your Book of Lore). The reputation version, of course, requires rank 10 ThunderForge Rep and a healthy amount of gold and the AC version costs 2000 ACs. There are also a number of helms for males and females that match the set but these are only available in the Thunderforge Rep shop (Several Member Options, a few non-member and all require rank 10 rep). 


The class is a straight up caster so you will want the biggest and best Wizard Enh you can possibly grab. We've also done some tweaking with the way that this class works... since it's 100% caster we decided to make it's AUTO ATTACK damage dependant on Int too. In my case (level 50 with FULL Wiz Enh), this has resulted in DOUBLING my AA damage over most other classes. While that is fun and exciting it made balancing this class extra tough. 

The mana costs may APPEAR a little high but with Mage Regen Model (mana back on hitting an enemy with an inversley proportional relationship to your HP) and Thunderclap you should be able to balance your mana flow if you don't button mash. 

This is a thinking players class. You need to pay attention to play it well but once you master it you will be able to farm mobs, bosses or dominate in PvP. 


2 second cooldown

A strong attack known only to disciplined fighters.

Remember. This class's AA Damage is tied to its INT so make sure that ALL of your gear is full of Wizard ENH and you won't be sorry. 


20 mana, 3 second cooldown

You bring the power of the storm to bear against your enemy. Using this skill on enemies with Shocked applied will heal you until Shocked fades. You will regain mana when you use this skill on enemies who have Thunderstruck applied to them. 

This already a decently strong attack without the special powers that come from Shocked or Thunderstruck. We'll cover those next. 


40 mana, 12 second cooldown

You channel the power of pure lightning through your hands and strike up to 3 enemies at once. Applies Shocked to all enemies hit. Shocked lasts for 10 seconds, will replace Thunderstruck and reduces affected enemies damage output.

I know what you're thinking but the mana and cooldown are NOT typos, although until you unlock the next skill you might want to equip some mana potions, just in case. This is one half of your heal skill. After you cast this be sure to take note which enemies you hit or miss, and focus on the ones you hit. 

Once you hit an enemy they will have Shocked on them for 10 seconds. If you use Storm Call to hit a Shocked enemy you will get back a healthy amount of HP, and you can usually hit them 3 times before shocked fades. At level 50 with the right enh you will get back nearly 400 HP per hit, or 1200 in the 10 second duration.

On top of all of that this is also a very decent attack with a slight enemy debuff, which is always fun. 


40 mana, 12 second cooldown

You devastate your enemies with mighty boom of thunder, hitting up to 3 enemies at once and has a chance to stun them. Applies Thunderstruck to all enemies hit. Thunderstruck lasts for 10 second and will replace Shocked.

This is your other farming skill and it has a 50% chance of stunning anything that it hits (up to 3 monsters). It also applies Thunderstruck to anyone it hits. Again, you want to pay attention to who gets hit because when you use Storm Call on a Thunderstruck enemy, you get mana back on every hit (more than the mana you spend of Storm Call) until Thunderstruck fades. 

This is where being smart really comes in. You will really have to be present and ware of the battle to decide if you want to hit them with Skyfire or Thunderclap. Sometimes, you need HP, sometimes mana and sometimes. Sometimes you could really use a stun and sometimes you just need to deal decent damage to the mob you've pulled. 

Remember that a target can be Thunderstruck or Shocked, but never both at the same time. Choices, choices. 


Rank 4 passives

Damage Output Increased by 10%

Critical chance increased by 10%

More damage is always good but the increased crit is rally the gem here. Read on to understand why. 


90 mana, 12 second cooldown

Fires a Ball Lightning, The rarest form of naturally occurring lightning, at your enemy. This attack has an increased chance to crit and will do additional damage to any enemy who has either Shocked or Thunderstruck applied. 

Yup, it pretty much drains all of your mana, and the cooldown is only 12 seconds so, again, you will need to decide when to use this and not just try and spam your nuke. PLAY SMART. In addition to being a decently high damage attack this skill has a naturally higher chance to crit, on top of the 10% crit boost you get from Tempest. You stand a pretty good chance of critting which will produce some nice, juicy orange numbers. 

On top of THAT, you also get a damage boost from anything that is Shocked or Thunderstruck. It means that you will sacrifice at least one hit of Storm Call meaning you're giving up one shot of the secondary effect. Keep that in mind. 


Rank 10 passive

Once in a great while, you tap into the pure fury of Thunderforge's perpetual storm and deal massive damage to your enemy. 

Randomly hit your target for HUGE numbers, as other skills in the past have done. It's not something you can count on but it IS a nice treat when it happens. 

I probably made StormKing sound a lot more complicated than it actually is, but you guys were asking for a class that could farm or go solo against bosses with a lot of interplay between the skills and we did our best ti give you that. Have fun with it. 


March 27, 2013

More DragonSlayer Gifts

The DragonSlayer Birthday Event Continues!

Don't let the day DragOn, because Galanoth's Birthday Treasures shop in the /lair map has NEW gear! The Polished Dragon Blade is now in his shop, selling for 1,000 Adventure Coins. Next week, we'll add Evolved and Legion versions of the Dragon Blade and... ALL versions of the Dragon Blade will become more powerful when wielded against Dragons! 

Don't forget to check out the rest of the gear in the DragonSlayer merge shop, either!

  • Evolved DragonSlayer Armor Set!
    Available for all players; use Dragon Talons in the Merge Shop to create the set!
  • NEW versions of the Classic DragonBlade!
    Golden (member-only), Emerald (non-member, gold), and Platinum (perma-rare!)
  • Battle-scarred DragonSlayer Armor!
    Upgrade to unlock this Member-only set in the Merge Shop! 
  • Prismatic DragonSlayer Armor Set!
    This gear will return each year on Galanoth's birthday!

AQWorlds Continues to Evolve!

You guys have started calling 2013 the Year of Evolution in AQWorlds, and we've taken that to heart! Jemini and Memet have been working to bring our NPC art up to 2013's standards.

The Princesses' gear levels up!

Shading is improved and the rest of their appearances are getting buffed (both in terms of shine and quality)!

New Pricess Victoria and New Yulgar!

Aria's Spring Pet Egg Hunt Begins Sunday!

To kick-off Grenwog next week, we're starting the pre-event this Sunday! Talk to Aria to buy a member-only Golden Egg for 10,000 gold OR a Platinum Egg for 175 Adventure Coins! 

Then quest to gather the merge items you'll need to make the egg hatch into a pet! The merge items you use will determine WHAT pet you get! The final merge item you'll need to hatch your pets will release on Wednesday, but you can begin farming for all the rest starting Sunday!

Don't Forget!

  • An Evil Undead Limited Time Shop launches next Monday!("Evil Dead" is one of Artix's favorite movies!) AND we've convinced J6 to make some camoflaged versions of his J6 items in honor of the G.I. Joe movie. You'll be battlin' so fly like a GI J6!
  • The King Fisher character page badge had to be removed because it was breaking on the character page. New accounts had the badge as soon as they made their accounts, and with how the badge is set up, there was no pretty way to fix it. It will return in the Book of Lore soon!
  • Lucky Day event AND Dage's Birthday Shop leave on Monday, April 1st!
  • The server-wide Rep Boost has ended and NOW we are finishing off the month of Spring Break Battle Boosts with a server-wide XP boost! 5% more XP on all servers! Member servers get 10% more!
  • You can now sell 0 AC items, so if you want to clear out some of those items you've been keeping, now's the time!

March 26, 2013

New Payment Window

Got Questions About the New Payment Window?

We've had a lot of people asking what we mean by in-game payment screen, and where to find it, so I've got a breakdown of ALL the details for you!

What is the in-game payment window?

Recently we introduced a more visible way for you to upgrade your account, purchase Adventure Coins, and find all our special packages (instead of the pop-up offers upon login). The in-game payment window let's you do all of that without having to leave the game, because you're already logged in! 

Where can I find it?

Depending on whether you have an active Membership or not, you'll see either a Get Membership orGet ACs button at the bottom of the Game Menu. Current Members will see the Get ACs button, and can see they have full member access to AQWorlds! Then just click the Member/ACs button to open the in-game payment screen.

What's inside the payment window?

  1. This is the front page. You'll see tabs to buy Memberships and AdventureCoins, or to view Special Offers. If you are eligible for a targeted offer, you'll see that tab, too. If you are a Member, the screen will start with the AC tab open, showing the details of our AdventureCoin packages. Non-members will start with the Membership tab open.

  2. This is the Membership tab. You'll see prices and details for the 12 month, 6 month, and 3 month upgrade packages.
  3. This is the Special Offers tab, currently featuring the Royal Commander 1 Month Membership package. Click the button here to unlock the Royal Commander set when you purchase a 1 month package. This tab will also show any targeted offers that currently available for you!

  4. This is the Bonus Offer screen! After you click Check Out on any of the other packages, you can add-on 5,000 extra AdventureCoins for $4.95 instead of buying them for $20.00 or, if you're taking advantage of the Royal Commander offer, 2,000 extra Adventure Coins for $4,95!

  5. This is the secure screen (https://) where you enter in your payment information. Because you used the in-game payment window, you do not need to re-enter your account information. It also links to other payment methods if you do not want to use a credit/debit card or Paypal.


March 26, 2013

New AQW Game Menu

What is the Game Menu, and Where is it?

If you've logged into AQW recently, you've seen our NEW Game Menu! This dragon-headed menu of buttons is how you access some of the most important content  in AQWorlds! It is available wherever you go in-game, giving you access to news, the weekly release, shops, and ways to enhance your battle-skills!

The most useful dragon in-game!

Here's a breakdown of what the Game Menu includes:

  • News: AQWorlds releases EVERY week, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of what all we've added! Check the news to see what's new!
  • Weekly release: We add a lot to AQW every Friday, but there is always ONE main release. The 2nd button on the Game Menu will take you straight there!*
  • Adventure Now: Not sure what to do? Go on a random adventure! This button will take you to a zone suitable for your character's level. Battle, get rewards, and have fun!
  • Special release: Special releases unrelated to the main weekly release can be found in THIS button! Right now, we're celebrating Galanoth the DragonSlayer's birthday in /lair!
  • Featured shop: Whatever shop we are currently featuring (a birthday shop, Quibble shop, holiday shop, etc) will appear here in the Game Menu!

Enhance your gear from anywhere in-game now!

  • Shops: Click this to see a wide selection of shops great for adventurers of any level! Whether you need low-level gear or high-level enhancements, you'll find them here!
  • PvP: Many of our experienced heroes love to battle monsters... and each other! Click the PvP button to queue up for a player vs player match!
  • Free ACs: Head to Ballyhoo and watch ads for a chance to earn free Adventure Coins!
  • Get Membership/Get ACs: This button opens up the in-game payment window. Read more about this below!

The Game Menu starts out open as soon as you log into AQWorlds, but you can close or open it back up by clicking on the Treasure Chest icon in at the bottom of your screen.

Click me, I'm a treasure chest!

We are aware of the game menu bug where it does not close when you switch to another map. We'll be fixing that AND adding the PvP shop to the Player vs Player tab later this week!

* Soon this button will open an Adventure Map, showing you your progress through the current main zone, and taking you RIGHT to where you need to be!


March 26, 2013

DarkBlood StormKing Class

Summon Storms to Destroy Your Enemies!

Command the skies as you hurl lightning and roar thunder! The StormKing Class releases THIS Friday in Falguard! You can purchase it once you have Rank 10 ThunderForge Reputation or for 2,000 Adventure Coins from the Class shop in your game menu! Watch the Design Notes later this week for Cysero's skill breakdown!


Summon the Storm as a StormKing!

Spring Seasonal Shop: ThunderBolt Striker Set!

Spring has sprung, so it's time for the Winter Seasonal Shop to head North for the year! This Friday, talk to Twilly to purchase a Storm Token and unlock the Spring Seasonal Shop! The Storm Token costs 1,000 Adventure Coins to unlock a shop full of 0 Adventure Coin items!

Fight the battle electric!

Inside the Spring Seasonal Shop, you'll find:

  • ThunderBolt Striker Armor (animated)
  • ThunderHorn Helm
  • Lightning Slasher Dagger
  • Dual Lightning Slashers
  • Electric Storm Cape! (animated)

Warp Necromancer Viral Backpack Item!

We are always trying new things in AQWorlds, and next week (hopefully!), we want to release the Warp Necromancer Viral Backpack item! The Warp Necromancer shop will be in-game for a few weeks so people can purchase the Warp Necromancer Cape. When the cape is equipped, YOU will get a bonus to battles, and anyone who clicks on the cape will open a shop containing the rest of the set!

The Warp Necromancer Shop will contain:

  • Warp Necromancer Cape (AC price to be determined)
  • Warp Necromancer Armor (0 ACs)
  • Warp Necromancer Helm (0 ACs)
  • Warp Necromancer weapons (0 ACs)

As long as YOU have the cape, you'll be able to access the shop at any time. But once the Warp Necromancer LTS leaves the game, the only way to get ahold of this gear will be to find someone with the cape equipped, then purchase your own cape, armor, helm, and weapon! It will be really interesting to see how far this item spreads throughout the game!

News to Know!

  • An Evil Undead Limited Time Shop launches next Monday! ("Evil Dead" is one of Artix's favorite movies!)
  • The King Fisher character page badge had to be removed because it was breaking on the character page. New accounts had the badge as soon as they made their accounts, and with how the badge is set up, there was no pretty way to fix it. It will return in the Book of Lore soon!
  • Lucky Day event AND Dage's Birthday Shop leave on Monday, April 1st!
  • Galanoth's Birthday shop in /lair WILL get an updated version of the classic Dragon Blade AND a Legion version, but it may not be tomorrow. Dage worked himself half-undead to finish the StormKing Class before leaving for vacation today. Wish him a good time!

March 25, 2013

ThunderForge Saga Finale

Take Down Chaos Lord Lionfang!

Face down Chaos Lord Lionfang this Friday in the epic conclusion to one of the darkest Chaos Saga's yet! Choose whether to save a life or take a life after battling King Alteon's one-time confidant and ally! As darkness falls, how brightly will the leader of the Golden Onslaught shine?

Lionfang waits; the battle is yours to win!

The Manticore Assassin Set Leaves in a few Hours!

Don't miss your chance to unleash the beast! Show Chaos Lionfang where you stand... and how hard he'll fall when you face him this week! The Manticore Assassin and Evil Zorbak Bank Pet are available until 11:59 PM server time!

Look for the shop and the countdown in your game menu to find:

  • Manticore Assassin
  • Manticore Assassin Guise
  • Manticore Assassin Wing
  • Manticore Assassin Wings
  • Manticore Slayer Blade
  • Evil Zorbak Bank Pet

What is a Bank Pet?

For all of you who have joined AQWorlds since we released our last Bank Pet, this is the first time many of you have come across this kind of item! Once you equip the Evil Zorbak Bank Pet (or any other bank pet), just click on it and you'll be able to access your bank from anywhere in the game! 

More News Coming Soon

Check back tomorrow for news on the following releases (coming this week and in the future):

  • Darkblood StormKing Class
  • Spring Seasonal Shop with Thunderbolt Striker Set
  • Warp Necromancer teaser
  • Evil Undead set
  • WHY the King Fisher character page badge had to be removed
  • and so much more!
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March 23, 2013

Limited Time Shop Ends Monday

Manticore Assassin and Evil Zorbak Bank Pet !

Unleash the Beast inside with our new Limited Time Shop, available until 11:59 PM Monday night! Take on the Chaos Manticore in the Venom Vaults this weekend, then display your victory with the limited-time Manticore Assassin set! Also available is the Evil Zorbak Bank Pet! Bring your bank with you wherever you go!

Are YOU ready to be a Manticore Assassin?

The shop includes:

  • Manticore Assassin
  • Manticore Assassin Guise
  • Manticore Assassin Wing
  • Manticore Assassin Wings
  • Evil Zorbak Bank Pet

What's a Bank Pet?

This is the first time many of you have seen us introduce a Bank Pet, and you might be wondering WHAT it is! All you have to do is click on your Evil Zorbak Bank Pet, and it will open your bank from anywhere in the game! This is a NON-Member pet, and will ONLY work for the owner of the pet! We know AQW Heroes collect a LOT of gear you quest through the game, so having a walking bank right by your side can be a really handy thing!


March 22, 2013

The Chaos Manticore

Chaos Lord Lionfang's Chaos Beast

Lionfang has set up his new base of operations in the area of Thunderforge known as the Venom Vaults. This mountain keep was once home to a mad prince who kept manticores as pets which is suicidally dangerous. Now the Chaonslaught soldiers prowl the halls while in the locked courtyard, Chaos Lord Lionfang has been training (and empowering) his Chaos Beast to ravage the face of Thunderforge attacking Darkblood and Gravelyn's soldiers from the skies. 

The Darkblood weapon against chaos is now yours to use but will you use it against Lionfang or to save king Alteon? Either way you will find yourself at the gates of the Venom Vaults with Sir Valence of Swordhaven's Pactogonal Knights who has been charged with keeping tabs in Lionfang in his new base. 

The Chaos Beast has a number of Member Only drops and Sir Valence has a shop with Dage's Manticore Assassin set inside...

But in a unique challenge, you will be given the opportunity to storm Lionfang's treasure vault where you will find chest after chest filled with NON-MEMBER armors, weapons, helms, cloaks and wings, all of which can be stored for free (they are all 0 ACs). The only catch is that you need the Treasure Vault KEY which Lionfang has placed on his pet... the Chaos manticore. Check the pictures below for some examples of what you'll find inside. 

Game Menu Button

To help keep up to date with the latest releases we have added the ability to open the game menu (normally in Battneon only) from anywhere in the game. All you need to do is press the small treasure chest button now found next to your backpack button on the game's interface frame. 

What Else Is Going On?

We have a lot more going on in-game tonight. For details check out Alina's DNs Post from earlier today

  • The new Royal Commander set comes with a 1 Month AQW Membersip Upgrade!

  • The Treasure Map has been updates with a new clue which will unlock the Dragon Priest, Shadow Commander and Anonymous Drone gear!

  • Galanoth's Birthday Challenge continues with access to the new Prismatic Dragonslayer and Evolved Dragonslayer sets! Head to /lair and wish the big guy a Happy Birthday!


Next week: Chaos Lord Lionfang!

Have a great weekend!



March 22, 2013

A Hero's Got to Look Epic

So our Artists Work Hard to Make YOU Look GREAT!

Scroll down to see all of the amazing new gear the AQW artists have been crafting for you! These awesome armors, wicked weapons, and cool capes will let you look as heroic as you feel inside! Evil players, never fear! Dage is working on a dark and deadly new armor set that ANYONE can get! (Previews coming next week!)

1 Month Upgrade Unlocks the Royal Commander Set!

Lead the Royal Army to WAR when you purchase a 1 month upgrade! Look inside the payment window in-game (click the "Get Membership" or "Get ACs" button on your Battle Menu), then look for the Specials tab! You'll get:

Unlock Royal Commander with a 1 Month Upgrade!

  • Royal Commander Armor
  • Royal Commander's Cape
  • Golden Punisher Mace
  • Royal Crested Helm
  • Royal Battlecrest

Become a beast to Slay the Beast!

Unleash the Beast inside! Take on the Chaos Manticore in the Venom Vaults tonight, then choose from a TON of rewards, including the Manticore Assassin set or any of the 14 non-member items in the zone! Get ready, because after one of the hardest battles in the Thunderforge Saga, you'll face one of the toughest choices we've ever presented you!

Find the Manticore Assassin in the Venom Vaults!

  • Manticore Assassin
  • Manticore Assassin Guise
  • Manticore Assassin Wing
  • Manticore Assassin Wings

Decipher the Treasure Map's Clue to Find the Gear!

Talk to Cleric Joy in Battleon or Valencia in BattleonTown to buy the Treasure Map for a one-time cost of 2000 AventureCoins, then use the clue it gives in the item description to find a shop hidden in-game full of 0 AC gear only YOU can access! Get ALL the details for how the Treasure Maps work here!

Talk to Cleric Joy in Battleon to get your Treasure Map

  • Dragon Priest and Priestess Armors
  • Dragon Devotee Helms
  • Dragon's Flame Katana
  • Dual Dragon's Flame Katanas

  • Shadow Commander Armor
  • Hood of the Fallen
  • Nameless Warrior
  • Anonymous Drone Helm
  • Terror of the Undead Blade
  • Slasher of the Undead Mace

Check out tonight's Design Notes for FULL release details on the Manticore Chaos Beast Battle!

Soundbite from the Lab during release testing: "... I'm not poisoned enough. WHY am I not poisoned enough...?! Oh. I died."

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March 22, 2013

Membership Extra Coin Special

Super Secret Special Bonus

Along with all the great deals going on this month, I thought I would mention a small deal that expires soon:

Get 100 extra AC for every Month of Membership you Purchase. 

This deal is always added when you renew an existing membership before it expires, but for a limited time ALL membership purchases, for new members and old members, get the extra 100 coins per month purchased bonus.

Offer Expires March 31, 2013.


March 22, 2013

DragonSlayer Birthday

Galanoth's Birthday Event Continues in /Lair!

Gear up to DragOn! It's Galanoth the DragonSlayer's birthday today, so we released a special addition to the Lair map in his honor! Quest to slay monsters for all of the party resources he needs, then unlock Galanoth's new merge shop!

Find Evolved DragonSlayer in the Lair Merge Shop!

At AE, we know that YOU are the most important guest at any party, so when we celebrate our birthdays, we create items for you! To make Galanoth's birthday more massively-awesome than a titan dragon, the AQW team crafted the following treasures for you:

  • Evolved DragonSlayer Armor Set!
    Available for all players; use Dragon Talons in the Merge Shop to create the set!
  • NEW versions of the Classic DragonBlade!
    Golden (member-only), Emerald (non-member, gold), and Platinum (perma-rare!)
  • Battle-scarred DragonSlayer Armor!
    Upgrade to unlock this Member-only set in the Merge Shop! 
  • Prismatic DragonSlayer Armor Set!
    This gear will return each year on Galanoth's birthday!

NEXT Wednesday, Galanoth's birthday event will receive NEW gear! An updated version of the classic DragonBlade AND a Legion version of the DragonBlade!*

Galanoth levels up in real life!

* Let's get a headcount of all the DragonSlayers currently IN the Legion! Tweet me at @Alina_AE and let me know how many Dragons YOU would slay for the Legion and Galanoth!

A Hang-out with our Awesome SUATMR Winner!

Last night I got to hang out with the EPIC Apus, the winner of this month's Shut Up and Take My Rares contest! She got her chosen item, then we hung out with all friends talking about plans for AQWorlds, the future of PvP, and MUCH more!

Apus wishes you all good luck!

Defeat was NOT an option for our group!

Apus and all her friends /cheer for YOU!

If you want to get a rare item of your own from Cysero's inventory and choose a dev to hang out with, then check out our Shut Up and Take My Rares contest page!

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March 21, 2013

New Treasure Map Gear

Friday: Decipher the Clue to Find the Shop!

TreasureHunters, assemble! We've been including new ways for you to explore the game, hunts and wars to get you back to maps you have never seen, or haven't been to in a long time. Last month, we released a NEW way to do that: the Treasure Map Shop! This Friday, the shop receives its first set of NEW gear: the Dragon Priest and Priestess sets!

Wait... How Does This Work?

Talk to Cleric Joy in Battleon or Valencia in BattleonTown to buy the Treasure Map for a one-time cost of 2000 AventureCoins, then use the clue it gives in the item description to find a shop hidden in-game full of 0 AC gear only YOU can access!

Things to know:

  • You cannot open the Treasure Map Shop unless you have purchased the Treasure Map.
  • Purchasing the Treasure Map unlocks the shop forever (as long as you have it in your inventory) and the shop will be updated regularly!
  • The gear in the shop costs 0 AdventureCoins so you can take advantage of the free storage!
  • You only need to buy the map once AND keep it to access all future shop updates!
  • The clue will change each time the shop updates! (It wouldn't be a very good treasure hunt if it didn't!)

So... What will be in the Shop?

The NEW gear coming to the Treasure Map shop will be the Dragon Priest and Priestess sets! Returning gear will be the Shadow Commander and Nameless Warrior sets!

  • Dragon Priest and Priestess Armors
  • Dragon Devotee Helms
  • Dragon's Flame Katana
  • Dual Dragon's Flame Katanas

  • Shadow Commander Armor
  • Hood of the Fallen
  • Nameless Warrior
  • Anonymous Drone Helm
  • Terror of the Undead Blade
  • Slasher of the Undead Mace

March 21, 2013

MegaCon 2013 Review


Cosplay, Wrestling, and Craziness

First... yes, the rumors are true. I faced the evil Chairman Platinum in a "Stink Face" match at the MegaCon 2013 convention last weekend. What is a "Stink Face" match? Trust me... you do not want to know. But I get the feeling that is not going to stop you from watching the video that will be posted here later this week. I regrettably promise to post you a link here on as soon as it is live. But until then... it is STORY TIME!

Artix beckoning Chairman Platinum into the Ring
This weekend, we had a cross over event in AdventureQuest Worlds with the stars of the TV show Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling. While their wrestlers appeared in our game event, I participated in their LIVE Wrestling Show at the convention. Originally, I was just supposed to show up and say a few words. But during as I was throwing action figures into the crowd and addressing the audience, EbilCorps Chairman Platinum snuck into the ring behind me and broke a briefcase over my head. The result? We decided to end this once and for all. A special match was agreed upon... but instead of facing me himself, Chairman Platinum chose the dark and spooky MCW Wrestler "Blixx" as his champion!!! Realizing I was in an awkward situation, the MCW Wrestler "Meatball" offered to be my Champion. But there was a catch... this was to be a Stinkface match. Whomever's champion lost was to get a "Stinkface" from Meatball. I dare not utter  what this means, but there is a reason why we did not put Meatball's signature special move in the video game. The match took place at 4pm. Needless to say, Chairman Platinum started cheating and we both finally ended up in the ring. If you want to see the outcome... you need to wait for the video. Until then, You should check out the event in game!
Chairman Platinum could not get more BOO's if he lived in a haunted house

To the Hospital!

No good match ends without a trip to the Hospital. But this trip was not for any of us. When we heard via Twitter that an AQWorlds player was sick in the Orlando Hospital. So... the ENTIRE MCW Wrestling Crew and I went over to cheer him up :-) The nurses were surprisingly cool about an armored Knight and 13 midget wrestlers storming through their Hospital. The young patient was certainly happy to see us and we all had a blast. I am even more excited to let you know that as of today he has been released from the hospital and is recovering.

Basket Ball On!!!

Meanwhile, warriors wearing the Artix Entertainment Dragon are waging war on a very different type of Battlefield. (Backstory incoming...) A few weeks ago I got word that a highschool basketball team needed help getting funds to enter a tournament. We were honored to help. We created some shirts for them (Yergen designed it) and they sent us a picture back! Thank you guys and do your best!


AdventureQuest Worlds Improvements!

As you have surely noticed, we have been making a lot of ambitious improvements across AdventureQuest Worlds the past few weeks. The feedback from the new town, loading screen, and interface changes have been overwhelmingly positive. While we continue the main storyline, we are also going to fix the Book of Lore and also do a HUGE improvement to the world map. May the fates favor your battles during the Chaos Beast Fight this Friday!


March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Galanoth!

Celebrate the DragonSlayer's Birthday!

Gear up to DragOn! It's Galanoth the DragonSlayer's birthday today, so we released a special addition to the Lair map in his honor! 

Galanoth levels up in real life!

To celebrate, he'll need YOUR help to throw a party for every DragonSlayer on Lore. If there's one thing DragonSlayers do well (besides slaying dragons...) it's PARTY! He'll need you to go on quest to provide all the tastiest birthday treats: Dragon-Spice Cake, Wyrmfire Punch, Dragondoodle Cookies, and more!

Evolved DragonSlayer remains in-game forever!

He's gathered together a dragon-sized treasure trove of gifts to thank any Heroes who help him celebrate:

  • Evolved DragonSlayer Armor (permanent merge shop)
  • Battle-scarred Evolved DragonSlayer Armor (Member-only)
  • Seasonal color-custom DragonSlayer Armor (returns every year on his birthday)
  • Golden DragonBlade (member-only)
  • Platinum DragonBlade (AdventureCoins)
  • Emerald DragonBlade
  • Silver DragonSword (color-custom and non-CC)
  • A Member-only quest gives double merge item rewards (get EvoDragonSlayer faster!)
  • and more!

Battlescarred DragonSlayer and Silver DragonSword

Don't forget to /cheer your favorite DragonSlayer on all day!


March 19, 2013

Invade the Venom Vaults

ThunderForge battle against the Chaos Manticore!

Unleash the Beast! This Friday, your quest begins. Take on the Manticore in the latest installment of the Thunder-forge Saga! Chaos Lord Lionfang has done many things in his search to cure Chaorruption*, and every step he's taken led to this battle: his Manticore's venom versus your blade!

After one of the hardest battles in the Thunderforge Saga, you'll need to make one of the toughest decisions of your Hero's life. If you haven't played all of the releases in Lionfang's storyline, now's the time to catch up, because this Friday is a battle you won't want to miss!

Check the release shop for many massively-awesome manticore-themed items, like the armor set above!

* After stepping down as King Alteon's General, He became the leader of the Golden Onslaught, an army opposed to the Alliance of Good and Evil. He believes there is no way to cooperate with Evil, and refuses to accept King Alteon's command for peace.

Tomorrow: Galanoth's Birthday Event!

Lore's favorite DragonSlayer levels up in real life! To celebrate, we're updating the /lair map with NEW quests and NEW gear! Galanoth asked that we create Evolved DragonSlayer armor (not Class), and the non-color custom version will stay in-game permanently, found in the DragonSlayer Merge Shop! Break out your sharpest blade, because earning this gear will take a LOT of slain dragons!**

Also releasing for Galanoth's birthday:

  • Color-custom Evolved DragonSlayer (in the Birthday Seasonal Rares shop)
  • Golden DragonBlade (member-only)
  • Platinum DragonBlade
  • Emerald DragonBlade

** There will ALSO be a short-cut quest for Members to speed up the farming!

Friday: Royal Commander Set Arrives!

Last week, we introduced the DragonClaw Set, unlocked by purchasing 900 AdventureCoins or more. When we released that, the StormBringer Set left, and many of you wondered when the next offer for Members would come. This week, we've got a golden opportunity for you!  

The Royal Commander set will be available with the 1 Month Membership package beginning this Friday! When it arrives, the Silver Duelist will leave forever!

PS: The DragonClaw character page badge will come later today!

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March 18, 2013

Get your Dragon ON!

DragonClaw Set and Rep Boosts

Hey Spring Breakers! A weeklong Rep Boost starts TODAY! Spring into battle with a 15% boost on Sir Ver and Evil Sir Ver. All other servers have a 5% Rep Boost.

Want something MORE epic?!

Rep Boosts are pretty sweet, but how about an epic Armor Set that is only available for a limited time?

Check this bad boy out! Yeeaaaaah!

DragonClaw Set

The DragonClaw Set includes:

  • DragonClaw Guard Armor
  • DragonHorn Helm
  • DragonTooth Shield Cape
  • DragonFang Staff
  • and badges on your Character Page and the Book of Lore


Harness the power of the DragonClaw by buying any AdventureCoin bundle of $4.95 or more.  

What a deal! I spend more money on my morning coffee—and that only lasts an hour! But your DragonClaw Armor Set will last a LIFETIME of adventure!

Get your DragonClaw Set now!  


March 15, 2013

Dwarves Vs. Giants!

Stars of Hulk Hogan's MCW Come to AQW!

Professional wrestling is finally coming to the world of Lore with the stars of Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling! Johnny G, Sampson, Blixx, Huggy Cub, Meatball and Jersey Jess will be playing the Dwarven Champions Guild, one of Lore's toughest mercenary groups! 

They are facing off against their long time rivals, Munthor and his Micro-Giants. Unfortunately, one of the Dwarven Champions Guild has taken an arrow to the knee and you are called in as a last minute substitute! 

The MCW is here to stay! This event will be a permanent addition to AQW but you will find lots of rares in the Dwarves Vs. Giants Awesome Rares Shop!

Rares Include Memet's Color Custom Giant Dwarf Set and Micro-Giant Weapons

You can also find lots of drops on the fighters in the area as you battle your way to the top of the brackets and Members get 2 special level 50 Bonus Fights with Member Only drops and a Member Only Achievement Badge in your Book of Lore!

The Member Only Dwarlord Set Items Drop from the 2 Challenge Monsters! 

All this is going on while Artix and several other members of the AE team will be cheering for the wrestlers of the MCW at MEGACON in Orlando this Saturday. You might also spy Chairman Platinum trying to make a dark deal with some of the wrestlers.

We couldn't have a wrestling event without Memet's Color Custom Luchadwarves set!

You can learn more about this event and the MCW on our EVENT PAGE!

New Battleon Continues To Grow

The Museum will be open for business starting tonight! 

You will be able to collect statues of the Chaos Beasts by completing the quests to new museum defeat them. This is only the start of the new museum quests. Many more will be added as the museum keeps growing along with new Battleon. 

The best part of the new museum is that you can find buttons that will take you DIRECTLY to the chaos beasts* (unless you haven't gotten to that part of the quest chain. In which case it will take you to the start of the chain). 

* To go on the 1st Chaos Beast quest in /museum if you've already beaten that Beast, click the statue all the way to the left and it will take you straight there.

DragonClaw Set Special Offer 

Login for this weekend's release and you'll see our NEW special item set! Buy any AdentureCoin package worth 900 ACs or more (either through AQW or using Artix Points, sorry SMS AC packages don't go up to 900) to unlock the DragonClaw badge and item set!

Set comes with:

  • DragonClaw Guard Armor
  • DragonHorn Helm
  • DragonTooth Shield Cape
  • DragonFang Staff
  • and badges in the Character Page (coming next week) and Book of Lore!

What Else Is Going On?

  • Spring Break Red Dragon Challenge
  • Dage's Birthday Shop and SoulForge Rares!
  • Lucky Day Fair with Evolved Leprechaun Class
  • Suggestion Shop update!
  • Lucky 13 Contest! 
  • Dage Art Contest Winners Coming Early Next Week!
  • The server-wide Gold Boost ends Monday, but a week-long Rep Boost begins!

It has been a BIG week for us!


March 14, 2013

Biggest 2013 Release Yet

Giant Dwarves vs Dwarf Giants: Coliseum Clash!

The stars of Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling will be coming to AQWorlds this Friday in a special crossover event! They'll show you the ropes when it comes to wrestling if YOU show them what it takes to be a Hero in AQWorlds!

Half the size, twice the violence!

BIG battles deserve enormously-awesome rewards:

  • DWarlord Armor
  • Dwarven War Helm
  • Spiked Mauler
  • Mace Mace Mace!

Prismatic Dwarf Armor and Spiked Mauler!

  • The Giant Dwarf Armor
  • Prismatic Giant Dwarf Armor
  • Male and Female Bearded Helms

And this week's wrestling theme was the perfect time to pull out the title belt Rolith received from MCW during the bachelor party Artix threw for him!* Memet couldn't have asked for shinier inspiration!

That thing is shiny AND heavy.

* Read the insanity at

Last Chance to get This Exclusive Offer Set!

Call down the Lightning with the electrifying (and color-customizable) StormBringer set before this Friday, when it goes rare forever! Purchase any Membership or AdventureCoin bundle, look in your Book of Lore in the Achievement Badges section, and use the Stormbringer Badge to access these epic items.

Summon the Fury until tomorrow!

DragonClaw Set Arrives Friday!

Login for this weekend's release and you'll see our NEW special item set! Buy any AdentureCoin package worth $4.95 USD or more to unlock the DragonClaw badge and item set!


Set comes with:

  • DragonClaw Guard Armor
  • DragonHorn Helm
  • DragonTooth Shield Cape
  • DragonFang Staff
  • and badges in the Character Page and Book of Lore!

NEW Suggestion Shop Items are Live!

Head to Yulgar's Inn and talk to Battleon's Blacksmith to check out the newest Player Suggestion items from Zukai, coolboypai, Olorinus, and DevilMayCry! We love taking your ideas and putting them into the game for other players to use!

Soul Reaper Blade by DevilMayCry

Destroy the Red Dragon!

Take on the Red Dragon in our Spring Break Boss Challenge all week long to see if YOU receive the SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA hard-to-get Red Dragon Destroyer Armor set! Head to the /lair map until Monday night and face down the Red Dragon to collect our challenge boss rewards! Good luck, Dragon hunters and destroyers!

Destroy the Dragon!

The Week of Giant Releases!

MAN, we have been busy this week, and we've had a blast!

  • Monday: Red Dragon Destroyer Special Boss Challenge!
  • Tuesday: Preparing for Lucky Day and Friday's release!
  • Wednesday: Lucky Day's Shamrock Fair goes live! Lucky 13 contest begins!
  • Thursday: Suggestion Shop update!
  • Friday: MCW Invades AQWorlds in the Dwarves vs Giants Coliseum Battle!

We are 2.5 months into 2013, and we've had some incredible updates and upgrades! Thank you for working with us to make 2013 the Year of Evolution in AQWorlds!

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March 14, 2013

Sláinte for Lucky Day, Heroes

Guard Your Health in Battle with the Sláinte Gear!

Gear up and buff your LUK to make sure your HP stays high! In Gaelic*, Sláinte means "health," and friends use it to cheer each other on. We wish YOU all the good health an inventory full of HP potions can bring, and that's why Mog o' Rahilly's brought the Sláinte set this Lucky Day


The Sláinte Set Includes:

  • Guardian o' Sláinte Armor - 500 ACs
  • Hata o' Sláinte Helm - 100 ACs
  • Gruaige o' Sláinte Helm  - 100 ACs
  • Galánta Tuar Ceatha Polearm - 175 ACs

* a language spoken in Ireland

The Luckiest Class: Evolved Leprechaun!

Most people find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we found the Evolved Leprechaun Class, and we can't think of a better Hero to /equip it than YOU

LUK o' the Sneevish to ya, Hero!

You can get the Evolved Leprechaun Class in 2 ways:

  • Buy the Evolved Leprechaun Class with 2,000 AdventureCoins
  • Turn in12 Lucky Clovers, 20 Rainbow Shards, and 2,000 Golden Tickets to the Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop, run by Mog O’RahillyThe Shamrock Fair is Happening NOW!

Get your Gold on in the Shamrock Fair! (Sham)Rock out Mog o' Rahilly's 7 minigames to win Golden Tickets to get great, green, gear in our Shamrock Merge Shop:

  • Smack a Sneevil
  • Jackpot o’ Gold
  • Rainbow Run!
  • Ring Toss
  • Hedge Maze
  • Clover Fields
  • Shamrock Smash!

Make your friends GREEN with envy as you battle through a Lucky Day filled with LUK, leprechauns, and LOTS of loot!


March 13, 2013

What the LUCK!

Lucky Day launches early this year!

Someone’s LUK just got buffed! The Shamrock Fair starts today on 3-13-2013! 

Shamrock Fair 2013

ShamRock ‘n Roll in the Shamrock Fair and win Golden Tickets in minigames:

  • Smack a Sneevil
  • Jackpot o’ Gold
  • Rainbow Run!
  • Ring Toss
  • Hedge Maze
  • Clover Fields
  • Shamrock Smash!

Use Golden Tickets to buy Lucky Day Seasonal Rares from Mog O’Rahilly’s Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop (now THAT’s a mouthful)! Additionally, a brand-new RARE Armor Set can be found in this shop that will never be offered again: 

Lucky Rare armor set

Guardian o' Sláinte Armor, Hata o' Sláinte Helm, Gruaige o' Sláinte Helm, and Galánta Tuar Ceatha Polearm

And because we love you so much, the Evolved Leprechaun Class has returned as well! YAAY! You can get the Evolved Leprechaun Class in 2 ways:

  • Turn in12 Lucky Clovers, 20 Rainbow Shards, and 2,000 Golden Tickets to the Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop, run by Mog O’Rahilly
  • Buy the Evolved Leprechaun Class with 2,000 AdventureCoins

 Evo leppy class

Make your friends GREEN with envy! I hope you have a fun-filled Lucky Day full of LUK, leprechauns, and LOTS of loot!

Lucky on as you play now!


March 12, 2013

Friday: MCW Invades AQW

Mega Micro Showdown in the Sound Studio!

Duck and cover, because when the micro wrestlers of MCW invade AQWorlds this Friday, you're going to want to get out of the way... or get bodyslammed! The stars of Hulk Hogan's Micro Wrestling Championship took over the Lab today so we could record their lines for this Friday's Mega Micro Showdown in the Battle Coliseum!

The Bigger they are... the harder they fall!

There was a lot of laughter, a TON of screaming (wrestling yells and battlecries sound REALLY similar), and a lot of barking (Miko's dog did not expect an army of wrestlers this morning)!

Dwarven Warrior armors are sized for human heroes!

In addition to the TWO member-only, level 50 challenge fights (WITH exclusive animations and drops!), we'll have some of the biggest monsters dropping some of the most awesome rewards! Like these armors by Solrac and Memet: 

Lucky Day Returns Tomorrow!

Do ya feel LUK-y, Hero? Gold, games, and green gear galore! Lucky Day MUST be coming soon, and that means the Shamrock Fair is back in town! Join Mog O'Rahilly, Ringo, and all the other Fair-folk TOMORROW in-game for all the LUK, leprechauns, and loot you can handle!


Once the Fair opens tomorrow, you'll be able to play any of our 7 minigames and earn loads of lucky seasonal items AND rare rewards! Talk to Mog O'Rahilly in the /luck map and he'll tell you what to do to unlock them all! 

The Guardian o' Sláinte set will go perma-rare!

Coming tomorrow:

  • Evolved Leprechaun Class returns!
  • Guardian o' Sláinte Armor set (Rare!)
  • Galánta Tuar Ceatha Polearm (Rare!)
  • And so much more!

Things to Remember!

Through Friday, buy ANY Upgrade or AdventureCoin package to unlock the StormBringer set! This Friday, the DragonClaw set releases! Unlock by purchasing 900 ACs or more!


Also good to know:

  • Next week: the Lionfang Saga returns with... the Chaos Beast Battle!
  • The Lionfang Saga Class releases THIS MONTH!
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March 11, 2013

StormBringer Set Leaves Friday

Last Chance to get This Exclusive Offer Set!

Call down the Lightning with the electrifying (and color-customizable) StormBringer set before this Friday, when it goes rare forever! Purchase any Membership or AdventureCoin bundle, look in your Book of Lore in the Achievement Badges section, and use the Stormbringer Badge to access these epic items.

If you prefer to command mythical beasts over elemental powers, then read on!

DragonClaw Set Arrives Friday!

Login for this weekend's release and you'll see our NEW special item set! Buy any AdentureCoin package worth $4.95 USD or more to unlock the DragonClaw badge and item set! 


Set comes with:

  • DragonClaw Guard Armor
  • DragonHorn Helm
  • DragonTooth Shield Cape
  • DragonFang Staff
  • and badges in the Character Page and Book of Lore!

AQW Ambassador Applications Closing!

Last week, we aopened applications for the AQW Ambassadors, a new group of mods/players who will help each other in-game! See the Design Notes about this new group for more details, and if you're interested, apply before Wednesday at 6PM server time (EST)!

Special Spring Break Boss Challenge!

Take on the Red Dragon all week long to see if YOU receive the SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA Rare Red Dragon Destroyer Armor set! Each piece of the gear has an incredibly low drop rate! Good luck, Dragon hunters and destroyers!

Head to the /lair map all this week and face down the Red Dragon to collect our challenge boss rewards!

  • Red Dragon Destroyer
  • Red Dragon Faceplate
  • Red Dragonscale Cape


March 11, 2013

MCW comes to AQW

This Friday It's Dwarves Vs. Giants

The stars of Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling will be coming to AQWorlds this Friday in a special crossover event!

Sampson, Jersey Jess, Blixx, Meatball, Huggy Cub and Johnny "G" Greene will star in a special event as the dwarven mercenary group the Dwarven Champions Guild who are finally going to settle a long-standing rivalry with a group of giants in the new Battleon Battle Coliseum!

We first met the "Superstars of Midget Wrestling" when they put on a command performance for Rolith's bachelor party as detailed by Artix. Not only did they put on the show of a lifetime but they were kind enough to invite us into the ring and gave a few pointers on how to take a bump and make it look pro. 

We were totally blown away by the amount of energy and heart these men and women displayed in the ring and how fun and friendly they were outside of it. After the show, while we helped them break down the ring, we began making plans to join forces.

THIS FRIDAY in AQW you will get to fight beside these warriors of the wrestling world while they attend MegaCon in Orlando this weekend and put on daily shows for crowds of thousands attending the convention. If you happen to be going to the convention you might also run into Artix, Galanoth, Alina,  Memet, Rolith, Nythera, Diozz, Syra, Stryche and Roam! The much despised Chairman Platinum of EbilCorp should also be attending and causing trouble. 

This event will feature a rare shop full of theme items but the event will be a permanent addition to the Battle Coliseum! 

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March 08, 2013

Explore New Battleon

Battleon's Grand Reopening is Live!

Explore the newly-redesigned hometown of Battleon! With over 30 quests in the new Pet Shop, your endless adventures have only just begun. Speaking of endless adventures… Dage the Evil has released even more Undead Legion birthday gifts. 

Welcome to Battleon!

2013: Year of Evolution Continues!

We've been making a lot of little changes, but THIS week we went all out! There is NEW map art in Battleon, Battleontown, and more! Run around town to see all the new NPCs who've moved in... and check back next week to see what quests they'll have for you!

Cleric Joy from 2008 to 2013

New Buildings in Battleon Tonight:

  • Aria's Pet Shop
    30 NEW quests, 9 NEW pets, FUTURE: Pet Tamer Class!
  • Yulgar's Inn
    Meet Serenity and Hans
  • Cysero's Forge and Bakery
    WHY is his ceiling like that?!
  • Apothecary
    Alina and the Healer Trainer welcome you!
  • Librarium 
    Maya wants to read YOUR writing someday!
  • Barbershop
    Get ALL your hairs cut!

Where did the Trainers Go?

Battleon's Warrior, Mage, Healer, and Rogue trainers spread throughout the town this week to encounter more Heroes! Next week they will move into the Coliseum, where all good Heroes go to train!

Find them all to train your Enhancements!

New Gear in Battleon!

Go on Aria's Pet Quests to make ALL the pets appear throughout her shop, then take them along with you on your adventures! 

Complete Aria's quests to make pets appear!

New items in Battleon tonight: 

  • Gladiator of Consequence set
  • Gladiator of Circumstance set
  • Slime
  • Green Rat
  • Mini Skeleton
  • Red Shell Turtle
  • Chaos Wolf
  • Gargoyle
  • Albino Wolf
  • Zard
  • Fairy
  • Dark Bloodtear

NEW Dage Gear In-Game and at HeroMart!

Dage continues his birthday celebration with a new poster at HeroMart AND all new items in-game! With the massive influx of souls to fuel Dage The Evil's SoulForge, he has forged several impressive new weapons, and after your feedback on his birthday items, we've released a limited-edition Legion Poster!

What Comes Next?!

We wanted to open the Museum tonight, as well, but there was just not enough time to do it right! Next week, we'll have more quests in Battleon and the trainers will move to their new permanent home.

And don't miss the main event in next week's Coliseum update! With half the size and twice the violence, the Dwarves vs Giant event will be one of the biggest micro-battles you've ever fought!


March 08, 2013

Dage Item Update

New Weapons From The Master Of The Legion

Dage continues his birthday celebration with all new items! With the massive influx of souls to fuel Dage The Evil's SoulForge, he has forged several impressive new weapons. 

You can find the Unholy Scythe Of Despair amd the Legion Soul Vessel staff in Dage's Birthday Rares shop. As the name suggests, these will be going rare with the rest of the shop when it leaves. Three new weapons have also been added to the SoulForge itself for members of the Undead Legion. 

While the Legion Spine Shanks and the Legion Horrid Cleaver are permanent additions to the SoulForge, the Legion Skull Collector battle-axe will be going rare. 

All of these items have been released early, but stick around for the full release of NEW BATTLEON: PHASE 1 with new quests, new NPCs and a LOT of new stuff to do and see!

Undead Legion Signed Print

HeroMart has also unleashed a limited-time Dage The Evil poster which come with the Caladbolg Sword Bank Pet and Legion Poster Character Page Achievement Badge. 

The poster sized print comes either unsigned or hand-signed by Dage The Evil himself! prove your worth, legionnaire. 


March 07, 2013

Soul Forge Explosion!

OMG even MORE Undead Legion items?!?

What happens when thousands of Undead Legion followers flood the Soul Forge with millions of Solidified Souls, Obsidian Rocks, and Legion Tokens?

An explosion of brand-new Undead Legion items!

Dage more items

Dage never expected ANYTHING like this. His Soul Forge has generated so much power… so much darkness… so much EVIL… and now the Dark Lord surges with overwhelming strength to create even more Undead Legion items!

On this Friday evening, March 8 2013, Dage will allow you to harness his newest Undead Legion creations. No one knows for certain if these items will found within the Soul Forge or in Dage’s Rare Birthday Shop. We shall find out Friday night, then…

Don’t forget that the Dage Fan Art Contest ends tomorrow night, March 8 at 11:59pm EST on the Forums!

Dage Fan Art Contest

WOWZA! There are over 600 entries so far—and the numbers keep growing! Dage the Evil is incredibly impressed by your hard work and devotion to the Undead Legion. The Grand Prize winner will receive a custom-made Weapon by Dage, and runners-ups get a specially crafted Cape. 

Read the Dage the Evil Fan Art Contest rules, and then submit your entry here!

Long live the Undead Legion!  


March 06, 2013

Calling all Helpful Heroes

AQWorlds Needs a Few Good Ambassadors!

Last week, we announced the formation of a new group within the AQWorlds player community: the AQWorlds Ambassador Guild. These heroes will help other players who have questions on how to play the game, where to get items, or need help beating bosses.

We have been overwhelmed by how many of you want to help your fellow heroes! You guys truly are the BEST gamers on the internet! So... how do you become an AQWorlds Ambassador? You apply!  

Requirements to Apply

If you can say "hey, that describes me!" to the list below, send an email to!

  • Be helpful
  • Be friendly
  • Be an experienced AQW player (to answer questions)
  • Have a clean AQWorlds account
  • Be 15 years old or older

We need to Know Your:

1. AQW Game account name and email
2. Artix Entertainment Master Account name and email (AE Portal Site
3. Forum account name and email (not required to have one)
4. Languages you speak
5. A cover letter describing yourself, what your favorite thing about AQW is and what you think is required of an AQW Ambassador.

One application per person. Lothalis, the Head Ambassador, will read all the applications. If you are chosen to go through a further interview, we will contact you. Unfortunately, he cannot reply to everyone.

Want to Know More About Being an Ambassador? Read the FAQ!

Battle On!


March 05, 2013

Dage Birthday Shop Update

Forging Dark Soul-Weapons This Friday!

Battle your way to the SoulForge, where Dage the Evil waits! Last Friday, we celebrated his birthday with the release of a new map, many quests, and a ton of the darkest, most impressive gear yet!

But so MANY souls have been pouring into the UnderWorld to ally with him, that Dage's power has increased. And this Friday, he will craft deadly new RARE weapons using the SoulForge and offer them... to YOU!

Join the Legion and know victory!

The new Paragon Pet had TWO Legion Token quests added to it earlier today, but you MUST have the Undead Warrior Armor AND the Ascended Paragon Pet in order complete them!

As Dage's birthday gift to you, the Coliseum Combatants quest has a 100% chance to drop 30 Legion Tokens! The Beginning the Final quest has a 100% chance to drop 50 Legion Tokens! 

StormBringer Set Still Available!

Upgrade with any membership or purchase any AdventureCoins for a limited-time to unlock the color-custom StormBringer Set! We're celebrating the release of our new in-game payment system by making this incredible set by Tyronius available to any Hero who supports AQWorlds! 

If you haven't checked out the new in-game payment feature, it's just a button-click away! It took a large chunk of the AQW team a number of weeks to get this functionality live, but we think it's worth it! (A lot of you are saying it's a much easier, cleaner interface to use, and making that was our goal!)

The "Just For You!" tab appears if you're eligible for a special upgrade offer!

Click any "Get Membership or "Get ACs" button to open this window straight from the game. You'll be auto-logged into the payment site and, if your account is linked and you have Artix Points, you'll automatically be able to use them to pay! 

Coming Tomorrow!

  • We send out the email to the "Shut Up and Take My Rares" contest winner!
  • Applications to become an AQW Ambassador open!
    (Due to an AWESOME meeting with next week's guest event, the Design Notes were delayed. More news on the guest tomorrow, too!) 

March 04, 2013

Friday: New Battleon Town

Grand Opening of the Rebuilt Hometown!

Grab a hammer this Friday, because you'll need to beat down the stray monsters lurking near (and loose nails popping up in) our newly-redesigned hometown! 50+ quests in the new Pet Shop, Museum, Apothecary, Armory, and more mean your battles have only just begun! And don't miss the new Suggestion Shop update: we turn your ideas into in-game items!

The new hometown is almost ready!

New Art Preview!

J6 has outdone himself supervising the construction moglins in rebuilding Battleon! New art, a new layout, new NPCs, quests, and shops mean that the home you knew will NEVER be the same! Besides removing /battleontown, Phase 2 of the Battleon redesign (not this week) will include a path to the right which will use travel cutscenes to take you through the Chaos storyline in order! (Who wants to ride the Dracolich Express to Doomwood?!)

Yulgar is readying the Daily Adventures Board!

Zhoom leaves for the Sandsea, but a NEW (and familiar) helper for Yulgar will soon arrive! The Daily Adventures Board will show you all the tasks you should be doing each day, and we'll be shifting some of Yulgar's stock to the new buildings in town.

Many new buildings to the left and right!

From the right: Yulgar's Inn and Valencia's Museum (TreasureHunters assemble!) From the left: Pet Shop, Forgery, Armory, Magic Shop, Librarium, Apothecary.

Quest for potion ingredients and
to learn the secrets of Alchemy!

There's going to be so much to do in the new Battleon, I'm not sure we'll get it all done this week... but that's what Phase 2 and 3 are planned! 

Also Coming This Week!

  • Suggestion Shop update in Yulgar's Inn!
  • The Shut Up and Take My Rares Contest winner drawn tomorrow! 
  • Paragon Pet gets Legion Token quests added!
  • The Birthday Gold Boost continues through Friday!
  • Applications to be an AQW Ambassador open tomorrow!

March 03, 2013

Protect Your Account

A Letter from Nythera, Head of Player Support

Dear AQWorlds players,

Nythera here. As many of you know, not only am I an awesome half-dragon Void Mage, I am also Head of Player Support for Artix Entertainment! That means I'm one of the people helping to protect YOU from scam/phishing sites. I work on getting all the harmful webpages taken down that hurt our game and threaten YOUR account! 

Not sure what I'm talking about? Read on!

How to Keep Your Account Safe

NEVER give your username or password to anyone! Not even to us. We won't ask for it because WE don't need it to help you!How to Keep Your Account Safe

  • Never share your account with anyone!
  • Use a secure password!
  • Confirm your email address with us! 
  • DO NOT trust any other sites or emails except official AE sites/emails. 

For more information on how to keep your account secure, see our Account Safety Help Page

What sites are NOT safe, and Why?

Any site not owned by AE which asks you to enter your account information. We do not own them and we will never use them. Examples of popular scam sites are: (yolasite),,,,,,, etc. 

The ONLY sites you should enter your account information on are:

What Should You Do If You Find a Site Like This?

Email us using this email form, please!. We will do our best to get them taken down, but it's impossible to find all of them, so we need YOU to help!

Army of internet account protectors!

Beware of Scams from Email/FaceBook/Twitter

We will never contact you from a or email address. The ONLY official email addreses we use are or addresses. 

AE staff will never ask for your passwords! 

Scammers use FaceBook or Twitter to steal accounts, too. Check our official AQW and AE team FaceBook/Twitter accounts to see who is talking to you. 

What Sites are Dangerous?

Sites that promise FREE STUFF to steal your account information! Scam sites say they'll give you free AdventuresCoins, upgrades, or items IF you give them your game or email login information.

Private Servers, Bots, and Trainers are Illegal!

Private servers are versions of AQW made with stolen art/code. Bot/Trainer programs are created by people looking to cheat. Both have ways to steal your account information. Never download bot/trainer programs or login to a private server using your AQWorlds account information!

Botting or creating private servers
can get your account banned. 

Thank You For Your Support!

I would like to thank all of you who play and support our games legitimately. Remember: you can always email us if you have a question about anyone contacting you! And by not scamming, hacking, phishing, or trying to steal from other players, it makes YOU one of the greatest Heroes on Lore! 


March 02, 2013

Birthday Gold Boost

Dark Birthday Celebration Continues!

We're suprising Dage the Evil with a birthday gift... for you!
A Gold Boost has been added to all servers (with a higher Boost on Member servers)! Legion farmers: now's the time to get the gold you need to buy the gear you want! 

Remember: check out Beleen's Design Notes for a breakdown of all the birthday gear he's crafted for you! Plus: The Paragon Pet in Dage's Dark Deathday shop will get NEW quests next week! Those quests will drop Legion tokens to help you grow within the ranks of the Undead Legion!

Dage BirthdayHappy birthday, Dage!

Legion Legend: Dark Birthday Prophecy

Screams ring out as light floods the once-dark room. Candles extinguished hours ago burn brightly, making shadows dance across the cold chamber walls. The DreamWeaver shudders and clutches her amulet tightly. 

Her assistant grabs a quill and scroll, hurrying to record the prophecy the crone gasps out:

Time and fate, the warrior's bane, when eternal glory is the ultimate prize.

New soldiers flood into the shadows surrounding the SoulForge, vowing loyalty to Dage the Evil, ruler of the Underworld. He knows a weapon is only as deadly as its creator... and the metal used to forge it.

What is dead may never die, and he will see the Legion rise.

Looking over the masses of men and women sharpening blades and polishing armors, he sees a new future taking shape. The souls before him will make great warriors IF their edges are sharp enough.

Behind the SoulForge, a hallway lies.

Many battles lay ahead if they are to fully conquer the UnderWorld. Even now, the creatures within it resist, but they are no match for Legion soldiers. No army in history has been stronger, more controlled, or gathered for a greater purpose.

Look through the mirrors to new skies.

The past is dead, he knows, and the dead gone to a realm he cannot touch. Dage looks to the future, to the blades he he will craft, the warriors who will wield them, and the wars they will wage. The Undead Legion are strong, but he will make them stronger. And as their power grows, so does his own.

Where all will fear their battlecries.

Victory waits. Will YOU join the Undead Legion?


March 01, 2013

Death Pits / Dage's Birthday!

The Death Pits Await You!

Chaos Lord Lionfang is still searching for the one item that might serve as a weapon against Chaos and he's letting nothing stand in his way. He has discovered that the Darkblood relic called the Tears Of The Mother has been hidden at the bottom of the Darkblood Death Pits and now it's a race to reach the relic. 

Since the beginning of history the various Darkblood tribes of Thunderforge waged war with each other for the precious Rotstone mines which became known as the Death Pits. They would toss their captives down into the poisonous mines and work them to death. 

Once the tribes came together and built Falguard, uniting all the Darkblood under one Primarch, they continued the practice sending out slavers to capture humans, horcs and other creatures to do their mining for them. 

Now the Death Pits are haunted by the memories of a thousand, thousand lost souls. The walls and floors are littered with the bones of the dead (and undead). This dark, bleak hole in the earth is where the Primarch has hidden the Tears of the Mother and sent Logash to protect them. 

If you survive the journey to the bottm of the Death Pits, great treasures await you un the form of an unlockable shop and several monster drops for Members and non-members alike. 

Happy Birthday Dage!

Tomorrow is Dage The Evil's birthday and he has sent a shadow of himself to Battleon with enticing birthday rares to lure fresh souls into his Soul Forge, where there are a number of new Dage items for Legion members to earn!

His Birthday Shop contains 12 AC Rare items, including the DarkCaster Arcanist Ring, the Ascended Paragon Pet with 2 farming quests that provide items for the SoulForge and the new Ascended DarkCaster set. You can also use your gold to purchase Essence Of The Undead Legend which Dage has assured us will return on his Birthday every year (and possibly a few other special events). 

Meanwhile, Dage has finally left Shadowfall to set up his new base of power in his SoulForge, where he uses the souls of his Legion to forge new, increasingly diabolical weapons armors and more. 

Dage's birthday doesn't last forever so don't miss out. 

Happy Deathday Dage!

Stormbringer Set

For a Limited time we are offering EVERYONE who buys ANYTHING from us, the Stormbringer Set!

I mean anything. Any Membership package and any AC bundle. Buy something, relog and look in your Book of Lore in the Achievement Badges section and use the Stormbringer Badge to access the items!

No, You Can't Be A Mod. 

The No, You Can't Be A Mod shirt in Heromart is now on sale in Green and Black. It comes with a character page achievement badge, a non-member pet, a tasty muffin AND the NOT A MOD Class! 

To read the Skills Breakdown for the class, just click here

That's all I got. have a great weekend!



You guys are submitting great pics to the Dage the Evil contest, but we've got to keep all comments on the pictures clean. (Family friendly and all, right?) If you're going to submit your pictures on Twitter, please post them there directly, not on Twitpic. Or use any free online photo gallery.

Our volunteer forum moderators thank you.


March 01, 2013

Special Gift for AQW Heroes

Heed the Call of Battle!

Lore needs Heroes, or Chaos will win! Great Heroes deserve mighty rewards, so tonight we're beginning a new special offer! If your Membership has expired, there's a chance you'll receive an email* with our "Return to Battle" Upgrade offer inside:

Upgrade again through March 15th, for every month you renew your upgrade, you'll receive 100 bonus AdventureCoins!** 

Head back to the battlefield!

What about current Members?

You already qualify! Whenever your Upgrade expires, you have a week AFTER the last day of Membership to renew and get the offer above. Tonight we're opening that offer back up to Members who did not take advantage of it.'

* If your Membership expired before February 1st and you don't see the email, check your spam box, as well!

** If you renew with a 6 month upgrade, you'll get 600 bonus AdventureCoins. A 12 month upgrade gets you 1200 extra ACs!

PS: Emails you receive should come from Any email that is not from or a email is fake.


March 01, 2013

Dage the Evil’s Loot Lowdown

Birthday Rares and Soul Forge Items

OMG it’s Dage the Evil’s birthday! It’s the moment EVERYONE has been waiting for!

Dage Birthday 

But with so many awesomely epic Dage-approved items, I wanted to give you the lowdown on all new Undead Legion loot arriving in tonight’s birthday release.

Dage’s Birthday Rare Shop

These items are RARE and will not be retuning next year, so stock up before Dage takes them all away—forever! And yeah, you’ll definitely need AdventureCoins. They don’t call him Dage the EVIL for nothin’!


  • Ascended DarkCaster Armor
  • Ascended Paragon Pet with 2 quests
  • DarkCaster Evolution Armor
  • Evolved DarkCaster FauxHawk
  • Effeminate DarkCaster Hairdo
  • Legion DarkBlood Eviscerater Armor
  • Ascended DarkCaster Fem Horns
  • Ascended DarkCaster Fem Hair
  • Aura of the Ascended Cape
  • Ascended DarkCaster FauxHawk

Soul Forge Merge Shop

The Soul Forge is a permanent addition to Dage’s Underworld. You must complete Dage’s new quests in order to get the required items to use within the Soul Forge. Some of these items are going Rare while others can be obtained permanently...well, if you're lucky!

Dage Birthday forge

  • Legion SkullSeeker Armor (RARE!)
  • Legion Flying Skull V2 pet (RARE!)
  • Ceremonial Legion Blade (RARE!)
  • Hades Scream! helm (RARE!)
  • Death Bane of the Legion sword
  • Classy SkullSeeker Cane
  • Legion Beast Within helm
  • Classy SkullSeeker helm
  • SkullSeeker Cane
  • Pride of the Legion polearm

If knowledge is power… then apply what you’ve learned to your Undead Legion items and rule the world of Lore! Teheheh… erm, I mean, BWAHAHHA!


March 01, 2013

While Dage Slumbers…

Sneak Peek at more Undead Legion goodies!

I snuck into the Secret Underground Lab early this morning to snag these spoiler screenshots just for you!

Dage Spoiler

 Dage Spoiler

Dage’s birthday release launches tonight! You should probably stock up on some AdventureCoins if you hope to obtain legendary Legion loot—and MUCH more to come!

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