Design Notes during May 2009
Top secret behind the scenes information about AdventureQuest Worlds and our other web based games.
May 30th, 2009
This just in!

War Bug Fixes and stories
We hope you are enjoying the releases! Our first all-server mini-war victory was won last night against a Lich and his army of the undead. Only moments later, a Horc army prepared to attack the town of Battleon. Robina is calling in for reinforcements. One of the boss prizes, the Horc Warlord Armor, is pictured to the right. Please know that only one mini-war will run at a time. So while one is in progress, the NPC and warmeter in other rooms will dissapear. Mini-wars will be run often, so do not worry if you missed out on an item this time. You will get another chance soon! We would like to give a special thanks to everyone on Sir Ver (The Member's-only server) for helping test the war before we went live. Crashing the server with you is always a memorable experience! (...and oh boy did we crash it!)
May 29th, 2009
Battle Bar!

The AQWorlds Tool Bar
It has just been released. It is the ultimate AQWorld's tool featuring instant access to your friend's list, character page, gold, and using it to search can earn you AdventureCoins!
Get the AQworlds Tool Bar


LIVE Mini-Wars
They can happen at any time....
Our major battles are one of the greatest features of AQWorlds. Players from all over the world battle side-by-side against an unstoppable horde of monsters. There is a war meter which shows the total number of monsters that must be defeated in order to win and bring forth the final boss monster.

Defending town in my new 50K gold swimming trunks! Every time you defeat a monster in a war you get a defender's medal which you can turn in to increase the war meter. Your victories are added up along side the victories of every other player, in every other room, on every other server! It is a truely cooperative experience where we all work together to defeat the villain and their monsterous army. During the event there will be a Defender's Shop where you can earn awesome reward items. The shop will be the same for all mini-wars but new items will be added regularly.

Minions drop Battle Prizes... and Bosses drop Boss Prizes! The new LIVE Mini Wars can happen at any time. If you get a message that a war is starting, go to the town of Battleon. Twilly will tell you how to jump into the action! These special events can happen anywhere, at any time, and last from a few minutes to several days. We hope you are excited... this is going to be a lot of fun!  
Summer Break Items
Once again proving this is an ANYTHING GOES game!
A new shop has opened in Battleon to celebrate the yearly graduation ceremony of GEARS University... and other respectable institutions (Whether they train you in piloting armed-to-the-teeth mecha or not.) Get a matching Robe and Cap that magically changes color to match your hair and eyes. A lethal diploma (see, you really can get these on the internet) and even war-ready swim wear.

Summer Break Items! We hope you enjoy this weekend's release. Be on the look out for Live Mini-War events -- they are full of good items if you get a drop!


May 28th, 2009
Surprise Attacks!
This just in....
Whilst the heroes battle to force Chaos out of the valley... other villians are preparing sneak attacks. Be on guard... starting any time after tomorow's release there can be an attack which will trigger a live mini-war. The new Defender's shop will be available during any live war or mini-war.

Meanwhile, help build AQWorlds!
With the launch of the 1st Lord of Chaos battle we just finished our first major questing area! We are going to be building a lot more and were wondering... did you want to help? Maegwyn just created a Quest Area Suggestion thread. This is an official post where you can pitch ideas for themes, areas, villians (and their army of minions), quests, and adventures that you would like to see in game! We highly recommend using your characters (and your friend's characters) as NPCs. Remember, this is a creative thread -- be supportive of all ideas and above all else, have fun!
Official Quest Area Suggetion Post Tomorrow we will be releasing LIVE mini-wars, the Summer Break Shop (goofy but fun), the Battle Bar (approved!) and if possible updates to the Book of Lore as requested on the forums. Meanwhile we are coding Stats (75%), Achievements (95%), Housing and Guilds ($!%)....WOW! We sure are keeping busy. Battle On!
May 26th, 2009
Art Contest Winners!!!
As you know friendly AE Team attended the JACON convention last weekend. We hosted a panel about our games, during which, the audience voted for the winners of our latest Art Contest! We would like to thank everyone who drew art for the contest. You are used to thousands and thousands of people seeing your art on the forums... but there is something special about a small room looking at your art up on the projector, and really showing you how much we appriciate the amazing art you created....

See the Art Contest Winners Everyone that submitted art to the contest is a winner in my book. (Except those two guys who submitted pictures that they found on the internet and were busted by the audience. Shame on you two!) By participating in this contest you were part of something special -- and we hope you are looking forward to the next one for another shot at the Grand Prize! JACON 2009 WOW! Thank you to everyone who attended the panel. I cannot believe that some of the attendees drove all the way from Miami (Roshuno), Georgia (Obishawn & Mishella) and Texas (Stella) just to be there with us. Not to mention our ultra fan (Thank you Afilova!) It was a memory we will always cherish. We hope you had a good time! If you were not able to attend, here is what you missed...

Real Balloon Dragon

Rawr! (Real Balloon Dragon) Beleen, our newest team member, also happens to be a master Balloon animal/weapon creator. So she made a giant balloon Dragon which was awarded to the winner of our live-action Punt Twilly contest. (Actually, it was more of a Golf Twilly contest as contestants used the life sized, foam, Cysero Hammer that Roshuno brought as a gift. He also made Galanoth's DragonSlayer sword, and my Battleaxe!) We showed the Artix vs Undead and MechQuest: Death From Above videos on the semi-sorta-not-really-but-it-still-counts-BIG screen projector! We had some trivia questions and threw candy prizes at the audience (it took them a while to realize that the real prize was the piece of paper taped to it... with a code on it!) For the record, yes... I got busted eating one of the Reeses Peanut Butter cups while sitting up there. As usual, the highlight of the panel was every time Cysero got the mic. His answers to even the simplist questions always makes me (and everyone else) laugh. One of the best running gags is that Cysero is the guy with your missing left sock. He said that sock pets were a DragonCon only thing... so instead he recreated Beleen's balloon Dragon in AQW and gave it to everyone who attended the panel. Cysero and Beleen Balloon Dragon
Balloon Dragon Also at the panel, for the first time ever, people got a sneak peak at the never-before-seen MechQuest Art Book. We had the final proof with us (You know, the version right before it goes to print) and we tore out pages, signed them, and gave them away. (Crazy right?) We are sure those ultra rare pages will one day go on eBay for like... almost 2 cents! Also, we believe that by dividing up the pages and scattering them around the globe, we are setting the stage for some epic quest. Uh oh... wait...

MechQuest Art Book
MechQuest Artbook
Featuring: 120+ pages of full color art, How to Draw section by Thyton and Oishii, the Scrap Yard, Behind the Scenes, first look at Transforming star ships, and there is a scratch-off on the inside cover that unlocks an exclusive mecha model in MechQuest and matching armor in AQWorlds!

Available this Summer!
Artix: Aisha, we do have another copy of those right?
Aisha: Why? I thought you didn't need them any more.
Artix: ! Alright.... so did we make a compelling reason to come see us if we are ever at a convention near you? To everyone who could not attend we really wished you were there. Of course we are going to get a chance to meet you in-game soon with some of the new events that are coming up. (Hint: We are coding our first Game Master run, live, mini-war that we can spring at any time for you.) Also, we would would like to thank the amazing JACON staff for inviting us and helping us through all the crazy stuff that happens. Including my blunder about how many team members would be attending. They really went above and beyond (Mega thanks to Ben, Lisa, and especially Kenneth for a great convention!) Finally, I would like to share a moment that meant a lot to us. Players of our games come from all parts of the world and are all ages. A Mother (who's daughter, Afilova, was cosplaying Thursday from DragonFable) had come up and personally told Cysero that we were, "nice, good natured fun loving guys and gals." She told us initially she was dubious at how much of a devoted fan her daughter was of our games... but after seeing us in person and seeing that we were as interested in our players well-being as she was in her daughter's that, she was happy to support her Daughter's continued interest in our games. (Was that a run-on? Her Mom is also a teacher so I am going to get busted for this one.) The next convention will be at is DragonCon in September. We have TWO panels scheduled. The first one will be about our games... the second one is going to be PURE CHAOS. Battle on!

Coming this week!
... check back tomorrow for news on this week's completely unpredictable release. Originally we were going to do the world's most crazy Whodunn'it Mystery but it is such a big project (40 room map) that we are going to work on it an extra week. We do not have long before the next Lord of Chaos emerges, so I ask... what would you like for this week's release?

The staff is currently testing the new AQWorlds Battle Bar. First... yes, it is yet another one of these seemingly infinate toolbars that every other computer company on the planet wants you to install their version of. Google... Yahoo.... you name it. This one, of course, is specifically for AdventureQuest Worlds uber gamers. As you can see in the graphic below it tells you your Gold, AC, and clicking the Friends button will instantly bring up a friends list and tell you who is online.

The big benefit of this tool bar is the built in Yahoo! Search that will earn you AdventureCoins! Cysero, Warlic, Zhoom and I are using it now... if it passes inspection (by us and the rest of the team) we will release it on Friday.

May 25th, 2009
Memorial Day
Remembering the Fallen on the last Monday of May
Today is a special day in the U.S. where we commemorate the fallen soldiers who gave their lives in service of the country. I was unable to think of any appropriate items or art to honor this day with... so instead I ask that players from the States take a moment of silence during their adventures to pay respect. You can read more about Memorial Day and ways to observe it on this Wikipedia entry.
Forum Question: If you have ideas for a respectful and appropriate way to honor this day, please let us know on the forums so we can plan for next year!

May (22nd)*, 2009
1st Lord of Chaos Boss Fight!
Can you defeat Escherion?
It is the moment you have all been waiting for. Finally you shall enter the Tower and battle Chaos Lord Escherion to determine the fate of the valley!

The moment we have all be waiting for! This battle is unlike anything you have experienced so far. It will take a full group of 5 players and you will have to figure out how to hurt the extremely powerful Level 25 Chaos Lord. The sneaky tricks some adventurers used in the past will not work against this fierce opponent... there is no retreat, and surrender is not an option. There are two new cutscenes and many new items... including a 1% chance to get the CHAOS STAFF OF INVERSION! May the fates favor thy battle friend.... we are all counting on you! * Sorry, had to Time Travel Fairy proof that date.
New Items In this Release
In addition to two new cutscenes and tons of map updates here are the items that just went live!
New Armors and items!

Member only
  • Escherion's Helm
  • Staff of Inversion
  • Chaotic Conqueror's Skull
  • <Secret special Pet>
  • Mobius Victory Medal
    (Obtaiable at any time after you have victory. So no need to get it... just know where it is for when it becomes useful.)
  • 1st Lord of Chaos Staff
  • 1st Lord of Chaos Helm
  • Chaotic Warrior Mace
AC items:
  • Solaris Knight Armor
  • Lunaris Sentinel Armor
Full Screen Mode
Click on options and then hit "FULL SCREEN" for our favorite new feature! WOW does the art look amazing full screen. The way this works it is surprisingly fast too! (Note: We just learned all keyboard input does not work in this mode... however, you can still used can chat.)
May 21sh, 2009
Only ONE more day!
The battle we have all been waiting for....
Tomorrow we enter the Tower and face the dreaded Battlemage Escherion. He is the 1st Lord of Chaos and wields the extremely dangerous Staff of Inversion! The fate of everyone we have met during this adventure depends on the outcome of your battle.... take these last moments to train and prepare yourself for AQWorld's first major Boss Fight!
Character Pages
We improved the design of your character page yesterday. Hope you like it! We are going to format the text next, then we want to add some customizability to the pages. Any ideas of things you would like to customize? Background, stance, maybe even a speach bubble.. or an animation? Let us know on the forums. Example staff character pages:
Artix , J6 , Thyton , Cysero , and of course, the frequently changing, often unpredictable and sometimes brower destroying.... Miltonius
May 20th, 2009
Thank you!
Three cheers for the awesome players of AQWorlds!
Every day the team and I wake up and are grateful to you for giving us the chance to continue building this great game. With the 1st Lord of Chaos battle coming, and huge features like STATS, Houses/Castles, Guilds, and PvP on the way... I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making all of this possible.

A little over a year ago people said that it would be impossible for us to build an MMO in Flash. Since then, together, we have created the most special and unique web based MMO in the world and are preparing to take it to the next level! It makes my heart swell with pride knowing that even after all we have already done... we are just getting started. You are the reason this is all possible. I know that you know this. But I want you to know that I know that you know that I know this.... and most importantly that I will NEVER forget it! <Cheers for you> Battle on!

May 19th, 2009... 11:30pm EST
With only minutes to spare!
Secrets of Escherion
We know very little of the 1st Lord of Chaos. What we do know will barely help us in the coming battle. He is a Battlemage. His terrifying staff seems to have the power to invert anything he points it at. So be very careful entering his tower to do battle with him. He may just use the staff to invert you*! The staff is itself is really troubling. Have you seen it? It looks almost like it is looking around** when he holds it. Could it be alive? You better pay special attention to it if you choose to enter his chamber and face him one on one this Friday night! * You know, find out what a hero is really made of. Visually.
** Talking about looking at things... do not forget about the ART CONTEST!

May 18, 2009
Coming this Week!
TOP STORY: Showdown with the 1st Lord of Chaos
This Friday, we re-enter the Tower of Relativity and battle the 1st Lord of Chaos himself! (Check back here tomorrow for seeeeecrets)

Happy Birthday Zhoom!
Zhoom's BirthdayDing! Zhoom leveled up today. Feel free to wish him a happy birthday on the forum post.

JACON Convention
On Saturday at the JACON Convention, our friendly game designing team will be hosting a panel on AdventureQuest Worlds! It starts at noon. If you cannot attend but want to be a part of it.... good news! Submit a drawing in our newest Art Contest and your art can be seen and judged by the team and audience live at the convention!
Art Contest! (All AE Games)
Enter our new contest by drawing your favorite hero, moglin, villian, or moment from AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest or AQWorlds! Submit your entry by Friday because we will be displaying the top drawings on the big projector screen during our panel at JACON where winners will be voted on by the audience. Grand Prize winner will receive 1,000 AdventureCoins and 10 runner ups will get 500 AdventureCoins. As always, we will give additional prizes to those crazy individuals who go above and beyond!
Join in: Official Contest Thread

May 15, 2009
Behold the Hydra!
Just released for all players
ALL Chaos Valley zones are now available for all players.This incredible boss fight is all that stands in between us and the 1st Lord of Chaos. Those of you who have played DragonFable will find the way this Hydra is defeated to be... refreshing!

Three Headed Hydra
Three Headed Hydra Boss
The heads grow back every tme you chop
them off! Can it be defeated!?

We fixed the bug that popped up a "you must be upgraded" to solve the Runix cube. If you are still getting the message, close your browser. Clear cache.. and try now!
New Hydra Wallpaper!
Randor the Red used J6 and Miltonius' art to create you a special wallpaper featuring this weeks crazy boss! You can get yours at our wallpaper website:

New Game Engine: Version 0.71
It just keeps getting better. This new version has a lot of secret improvements
  • Shiny new login screen
  • Shift-click on names in the chat area to send tells
    (This allows you to click in the area to walk there)
  • Other things... I am sure of it!
Server Switch-aroooooo!
We have been running out of space on the Moglin Safe Servers, so we added the Twig server! (YAY TWIG!) Also, the Artix and Cysero servers have been converted to full chat enable servers just like Safiria, Nythera, Zhoom and Minimal!
The Dragon of Darkness Pet
Darkness DragonA new shipment has arrived at Aria's pet shop. Go there to see it for yourself. It is the rare and dangerous Darkness Dragon pet!
Good and Evil Items
Also this new good and evil items have been added to the shops in Swordhaven and Shadowfall:.
Good: Rune Sword, Crystal Claymore, Star Caster Staff, Angel Axe of Light, Chaos Mace

Evil: Dark Rune Sword, Dark Crystal Claymore, Black Star Caster Staff, Dark Angel Axe of Shadow, Chaos Mace.
The story... continued!
The brave warrior knew he could not slay the Hydra with his blade. For the heads grew back and made the beast even more powerful. So he dared using forbidden rune magic. The story is too horrible to tell... but know this... he imprisoned the Hydra under the lake with the magic. They key to locking the Hydra in place was the rune covered Runix Cube. To ensure the Hydra would never be released from its watery prison below the lake, he split the Runix cube into three pieces. These pieces were scattered hoping that we would be safe from the unstoppable beast for eternity....if ever it were to escape, it would grow in power until it destroyed the whole world!
May 14, 2009
Legend of the Hydra
Creatures of Myth and Legend #1: The Hydra
It is said that long ago a terrible lizard creature arose from the lake and unleashed destruction across the land. It was called: the Hydra. A great warrior came to face the beast and lopped off his head! <Swoosh-Kachop-ploppyplop!>* But to his amazement, two heads grew back in its place! So the great warrior lopped off the two new heads with a most advanced attack <Hwaaaaaa-SWOOSH-Kachopslash-PLOP-dramatic-pause-PLOP!> But in their place THREE heads grew back! Realizing he could not slay this beast with the blade of his ancient weapon alone, he used forbidden rune magic. He caused a diversion** and placed three magic runes around the lake. He knew if the next part of his plan was a success he could imprison the Hydra at the bottom of the lake for the rest of eternity.... (To be continued)

* Sound FX Brought to you by EbilCorp. A name you can trust.
** Beware Rune Warriors skilled in puppet shows.

Facts and Rumors!

A lot of weird rumors have been popping up lately. LOL. While fun, I think you would like it if I dispelled them. First there is a fake video floating around showing me giving a player tons of gold. The rules prevent me from giving any players gold :-( You can tell the video is a fake because 1.) Battleon-1 is never empty. and 2.) The Artix looking character in the video said, "Can't". If you have not noticed. I have never used a contraction outside of quoting another character as long as you have known me. ^_^. (Tons of people are pouring throught the design notes looking for contractions now) See, I told you this would was fun! Second, it is saddly true that I am an only child. Which means I have no Brothers nor Sisters. Hence <nudge> <nudge> no Nephews. (Those of you on FaceBook know where this one is coming from. Poor guy.) Also, I have never been married and have not yet had any childen. (Been a while since we have seen people claiming to be my son, but just thought I would add it while we are on the topic, LOL) Please know that in AdventureQuest Worlds, Staff and Moderators always have golden names above their heads. Anyone who claims to be staff without the gold tab is trying to trick you. Also, I have not been able to get the name Artix on any other game for years now :-( Which means if you play another game and meet someone named Artix <another frown> it is not me. Online and in real life you will find that I am kind, do not use bad words (Well, if I do slip up I have to immediately do 100 push ups) and never purposely do anything to make anyone feel bad. So if you ever see anyone, anywhere named Artix acting poorly -- it is an imposter. It is crazy that I had to make this post, but there was definately a trend starting.... Today Ai No Miko comes and and says, "Artix... do you have a Nephew?" Thirty minutes later Cysero shows up and says, "Dude. You don't have a Nephew do you?" I laughed really hard. Then said nothing as I started writing this post to you. <Still laughing... sort of!> Forum Question: The 1st Lord of Chaos Battle is almost here -- are you excited!?
Release-adin Artix
Did-all-the-work-a-mage Reens
I just draw!
May 8, 2009
Release Day!
The Tower of Relativity
How do you break into a inverted tower that is hovering in the middle of a lake? Find out today and prepare for a face-to-face meeting with Escherion, the 1st Lord of Chaos. The complete Ruins zone will open for all players as the cutscene-heavy tower infiltration will be available for Members.

Escherion, the 1st Lord of Chaos

Wow.... now THAT is a cutscene.
Miltonius's cutscenes are simply amazing. Your first encounter with Escherion will be one to remember. If you watch carefully, the part with Drakath gives a clue to his master plan....note: this weeks release ends on a major cliff hanger. Prepare yourself for next week!

Mother's Day is SUNDAY!
We made cards for you to give. Also, to get us in the spirit a special Mother's Day shop has opened to get us in the spirit. It will be open this weekend only. It features a Fairy God Mother pet, Bouquet of Flowers, and... hehe... the fabled Golden Rolling Pin! ALSO... we made character customizable Mother's Day Cards!

Animated Mother's Day Card
Animated Mother's Day Card

Animated Mothers Day Card

Your character replaces the one here! The animated cards are cool, because they use your actual character. (See mine for example.) But if you want to send a more generic one... you know, just in case your giant evil spikey skull of doom and destruction armor might not be appropriate, try these friendly cards instead:
Axe and ye shall receive....
Valencia's quest of the day for Friday has been fixed! You can now find and turn in the "Rare Unidentified Axe" for an amazing prize by talking to her in town. She is located in the middle of Battleon.

Empress of the ShadowScythe
May 6, 2009
Save Chuckles!
Don't let the laughter die... again.
Who was Chuckles? He was the funniest man who ever lived. He had one dream... to tell the funniest joke ever. He did. It was a killer joke! He LOL'd himself right into the grave.. but it did not stop there. The joke was so funny that even death could not stop him from laughing!

Drakath destorys chuckles

As the worlds most hysterical skeleton he soon found work as the Sepulchure the DoomKnight's Jester... and occasionally baby-sat for him on the weekends. Hey... 5 gold and hour is 5 gold an hour! He was Gravelyn's one and only child-hood friend (Wow, that explains a lot.) It was all laughs and giggles until that one fateful day when Sepulchure and King Alteon clashed swords to determine the fate of our world. Drakath appeared out of know where and unleashed the power of Chaos. Chuckles laughed... we are not exactly sure why That is just sorta what he does. Drakath destroyed him on the spot with little more than a glance. (Dooom... Dooom Dooom!)

Save Chuckles

There is dead. Then there is dead, dead. It is said when you kill an undead... it is dead, dead, dead. Like... really dead. There is just no coming back from that. But we must find a way. We must.... SAVE CHUCKLES! (Sponsored by EbilCorp, a name you can trust.)
is dancing!
May 5, 2009
It's Cinco de Mayo
Everybody dance!
Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! The shop has opened in Battleon, bringing maracas, mariachi armour, sombreros and a totally awesome pinata pet. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

MMO Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Happy Birthday... Randor the Red!
The maker of our wallpapers and many of the AQWorlds designs leveled up today! Would it be mean to ask him to make a wallpaper for us all? Maybe we should make HIM one! See you on the forums. P.S. If he was born tomorrow would be be Randor the Green? Also is unrelated news, Randor's Father was born on 4-4, himself on 5-5, and his brother on 6-6. Wierd! Also today...
The Easter items have left the shops. Cabdury has gone again, possibly until next year! Voltaire's shop has also been removed from his zone.
May 4th, 2009
Best Buy Special Offer
10% off Pre-Paid Cards for two weeks only!
First... it is the coolest thing in the world that we actually have cards on the shelves at Best Buy. You knew that right? Every time I go to Best Buy I slide our AdventureQuest cards out a little so they are easier to see. I am really proud.... on several occasions I dragged Best Buy employees over to the card rack and pointed at the card saying incredibly dumb things like, "No, no... seriously... that is my character!" Despite popular belief, it was not an incredibly effective way to impress pretty girls. So, if upgrading online is not an option for you, and you live near a Best Buy... this is your chance!


Coming this week!
Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo, and a special shop will open for you. Any more ideas for items? Later this week, the Chaos Valley zone reaches the point of no return.... we will enter the Tower of Relativity and confront the Chaos Lord, Escherion! Assuming we survive, Sunday is Mother's Day.... we are giving you a helping hand by making a special card for you to use (incoming cute moglins.. brace yourself!) and some ideas of special things you can do for the greatest woman in the whole world. In unrelated news, Minimal and I are working on stats for the rest of the day... Wish us luck!

May 1st, 2009
Goodness Incoming!
Fixing fixes for justice...
Zhoom, Cysero and I just restarted the servers to correct bugs and release a few fixes. Please note that these changes had no noticable impact on my hair.
  • Chaos Valley Monsters now attackable
    Monsters in the Chaos Valley were bugged and not attacking. We believe this was due to a radiation leak from the mutant hampster testing room. It has been fixed (the bug, not the hamster room... for that we need to call in a specialist... again.) and the monsters are now able to be attacked. The story zone contains 16 new quests. Get is far as you can before next week's release!
  • Enhancement Refund & Price Reduction
    The level 13, 15 & 17 enhancements were originally priced INSANELY HIGH. Yulgar has reduced his prices by 90%. Anyone who purchased an enhancement got a refund for the difference! (YAY!)
  • Sitting no longer dislocates your ankle
    Several animation issues have been corrected including the one where you foo disattached and flys around when you attempt to sit. It was not a bug, but rather an extremely high level yoga technique which you must be at least level 30 to attempt.
I would like to thank Cysero for all of his hard work this week.

Save Chuckle's Knuckles!

Forum Feedback
The Legendary Hero, "Thank you for listening staff and Cysero. I can deal with 30k more then I can 300k. :)"

Sacchi, "We needed a /facepalm command so badly! Thanks a lot!"
Ok guys, the new Chaos Valley is LIVE!
I need to point out a few things....
  1. Artix's haircut is just fine and he should stop worrying about it.

  2. There are 16 new quests this week, starting in Mobius. I miscounted when I told Artix 22. My bad.

  3. You will notice that the Ruins are STILL member only. They are also now the home of some really great item drops. My personal favorite is the Ruins Golem Skin.

  4. If you're a free player you will still be able to play most of the new quests up to the end of the Faerie Forest (Including the cutscene quest where we get to see Escherion for the first time)! Members will be able to get all the way to the end of the Ruins section of the chain.

  5. We've got some hot new Enhancements that you can find in the shop on Battleon's main screen. Some new Memner Only enhancements for levels 13,15 and 17.
Talk to Renn and Zio at the gates of Mobius to start this new quest chain that will eventually lead you face to face with Escherion, the first Lord of Chaos! This was my first week running an AQW release so be gentle. Have fun... Or Else!

Shave Knuckles!

May 1st, 2009
Chaos Lord Mixer... social event?
Show up, mingle, get inverted by the staff of Chaos....
Wow! What a week. First, we have tonights release in AQWorlds. It features over 22 new quests in the Chaos Valley. The story is completely with new items and a cutscene which will be our first opportunity to see the Chaos Lord! Since I have been helping with ArchKnight in DragonFable, Cysero helped write all of the quests in this zone. Hope you enjoy them!

MechQuest Art Book
The final version is sitting next to me. In just a few hours one lucky member of the team here in the secret lab will hop on a plane to LA to take it to the printers personally. The book contains 120+ pages of beautiful full color art, a how to draw section by Thyton and Oishii, a "Making of" section, first preview of Transforming Starships... and it will come with a code that unlocks a special Mecha Model and a special armor here in AQworlds. I think we have been working on this for 3 months, so seeing the book sitting here <spills coffee on it> .... OH NO!

Save Chuckles!


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