Design Notes during Apr 2009
Top secret behind the scenes information about AdventureQuest Worlds and our other web based games.

The Good King

Evil Empress

April 29th, 2009
Conflict Between Good & Evil
The shop stirs more contoversy between the Kingdoms
Gravlyn flew upon Fluffy (the Dracolich) to meet with King Alteon. The King seems strong and in command. However, those close to him know that the chaos attack that Drakath hit him with... has left a wound. Not only will the wound not heal, it may be getting worse.

King Alteon: Gravelyn, welcome to Swordhaven.
Gravelyn: ...
<A shadow voice that only Gravelyn hears>: Say it... or they will not respect you.
Gravelyn: King Alteon, I order you to move the Guardian/DragonLord/StarCaptain shop to my Fortress.
King Alteon: Gravelyn? This is no way to...
<A shadow voice that only Gravelyn hears>: See... they do not take your seriously. Call in your forces.
Gravelyn: But...
<A shadow voice that only Gravelyn hears>: Listen to me. Your Father ALWAYS listened to me.
Gravelyn: <Raises her hand and the sun becomes hidden behind a dozen heavily armed evil Heroes on Dragonback>
King Alteon: <Glances to the sky then turns his gaze on Gravelyn> Indeed. So you truely are Sepulchure's Daughter. I suspect there will be no compromise on this issue.
<A shadow voice that only Gravelyn hears>: HA HA HA HA... NO.. NO COMPROMISE WITH EVIL... NOT EVER.
Gravelyn: ...
King Alteon: There is one alternative. It was suggested by hunt70, SpecialFloss, Valnos,Darius, raenef1, and svinx that the shop be moved to the town of Battleon. This is a nuetral location half way between our Kingdoms.
<A shadow voice that only Gravelyn hears>: This is your moment Gravelyn! Laugh in his face. Show your real power! Get your way! Give him and his Knights a taste of your hidden secret power! HA HA HA HA!
Gravelyn: Agreed. We will move the shop to Battleon.
<A shadow voice that only Gravelyn hears>: What?
Gravelyn: <Mounts her Dracolich and flies off with her troops>
<A shadow voice that only Gravelyn hears>: WHAT!? What did you just do? Foolish girl... <into the distance> ... if you do not follow my words you will ALWAYS be weak. You will NEVER get your revenge on Drakath. You will never..... <gone over the horizon>
King Alteon: ...
Sir Render: My liege, what just happened there?
King Alteon: I suspect the future will be most unpredictable. One thing is for certain... <doubles over in pain holding his side>
Sir Render:My liege!

This Week: The Valley of Chaos
Valencia's daily rare item hunts have been a hit. The Guardian/DragonLord/StarCaptain shop (We need a better name for this, any ideas?) will be moved to the neutral location of Battleon. The quest chain leading up to the Tower of Relativity will be added to the Valley of Chaos... over 20 quests are currently planned (and workiing on cutscenes too) making this our first full zone! (Zone = multiple maps?) In completely unrelated news: Cysero asked me for the Clubhouse map.... I have no idea what for. Guess we will find out on Friday.

P.S. Gravelyn's battlecry in April 28th's post was corrected. We blame internet typo faries.


Anti- Pony- Defense- adin

April 28th, 2009
Konami Code Ponies
We have taken measures!
Yesterday, rumor spread that you could enter the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, B,A) on ESPN's homepage (this has been fixed) which caused a shower of ponies. We here at Artix Entertainment have taken precautions to make sure this NEVER, EVER, EVER happens to


Evil Empress

April 28th, 2009
Shop location sparks tension between Good and Evil
"King Alteon. How dare you? It's an outrage that you would place the Guardian/DragonLord/StarCaptain shop within your Castle's walls. The heroes of Evil will not stand for such selfish greed. I demand that in honor of the truce you move the shop, as is, immediately to a location here with in Shadowfall. Long UN-live the Shadowscythe!"


Negative Email Maths!

Shop Verification
Great release... and more coming
Hey Everyone! We're SO excited that you like the Guardian, DragonLord and StarCaptain shops! The response to the Verification shops has been overwhelming - both in-game and via the Help Desk emails!

Many (many, many, many) players have written in to have verifications switched. Please know that in doing so, access to the shops and all items obtained from those shops will be removed. So, one Guardian, DragonLord, or StarCaptain upgrade gives one AQworlds character access to the appropriate shop(s).

So remember - if you have a Guardian, Dragonlord or StarCaptain account, head over to King Alteon's Castle (at least for a little while longer...) and get your Special Items!



April 24th, 2009
Just Released
Valencia's Rare Hunt of the Day
Visit Valencia for the "Quest of the Day." There is one rare item hunter quest avaiable each day of the week.
Read the Design Notes for more!

Guardian, DragonLord & StarCaptain Shops
If you have upgraded in any of our previous 3 games, visit the new shop in the Castle of Swordhaven ( /join castle ). If you are verified (see the menu on theft) you will be able to get the Armor and Weapon from either DragonFable, MechQuest or the original AdventureQuest!

Other game shop
Can you guess who the NPCs are?
(Hint: They are creative staff from their respective games who do not have in-game NPCS... they ALL post on the forums.)

Make your friends Work to earn you gold and exp!
Would you like your friends and family to earn you some gold and exp while you are offline? We added the new Refer your Friends and Family system to MechQuest last week and it was a hit. So we just made it available for you here as well. The idea is pretty simple and I like it because it does not reward anyone for spamming. You will get a special link in the Manage Account area... and if someone uses that link to sign up, you will get bonus gold and experience based on the amount your friends earned each day. The best part is, if your friend becomes an upgraded member, you will get 250 AdventureCoins! Of course... your friend is going to expect some help defeating all the tough monsters in return!
Get your link from the Manage Account Area

Chaos Valley: Ruins Preview
Also, as a special treat for those of you who upgraded we are having a special preview of the upcoming Ruins zone.... it is incredible! I cannot wait until we add all of the quests and faction to the entire zone next week.

OMG! Is that a Moglin Tesselation on the wall?




April 23th, 2009
Other Game Shops!
Guardian / DragonLord / Star Captain
Coming tomorrow (76% chance), we are adding three new NPCs from our other games with one shop each. These will be accessable to get some items from our other games: DragonFable, MechQuest, AdventureQuest if you have upgraded in them, and verified. This is not a replacement for the import character data feature that is on our to-do list (although that feature is being enchanced into a MUCH bigger, better idea that will benefit all players and link all games... and take much longer to make. So we are putting these three shops in for you now!)

The Valley of Chaos: Ruins
This is something you will just have to see for yourself! How J6 outdoes himself each and every week is... just... he is amazing! With the storyline being revamped to use the new functionality we build behind the scenes, this may be released a preview.

Put your friends to work!
Would you like your friends to earn you some gold and exp while you are offline? We added the new Refer your Friends and Family system to MechQuest last week and it was a hit. So we are going to make it available for you here as well. The idea is pretty simple and I like it because it does not reward anyone for spamming. You will get a special link... and if someone uses that link to sign up, you will get bonus gold and experience based on the amount your friends earned each day. The best part is, if your friend becomes an upgraded member, you will get 250 AdventureCoins! Of course... your friend is going to expect some help defeating all the tough monsters in return!

Stats / Housing / Guilds / PvP
It all starts with stats! We have gone through literally every RPG method in the book coming up with the best way for you to power your character up through the adventures that are coming. This has pushed our development schedule back a bit, but I think we can all agree that a well balanced game is the most important thing we can do before raising the level cap and working on PvP. We are running lots of internal tests this week, and this is a topic we should talk about next week as we redefine how you upgrade your weapon damage and skills. Meanwhile, we have some ambitious plans for Housing and Guilds. We think players should own houses/towers/castle/etc, and guilds own entire towns made up of their members houses. Lets start small and work our way up...
What would you like to do with the inside of your house?

Just for Kicks
I taught Kickboxing class last Tuesday and am teaching again tonight. Thyton, Zhoom, Galanoth and Geo will be there. I came up with some SPECIAL training excersises tonight. Apologies in advance if tonight's "impact", impacts tomorrows releases! <chuckles>


J6 - Earth Day

April 22th, 2009
Happy Earth Day!
Today is the day to spread awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. J6 crafted you a special set of recycled armor to get you in the spirit.

Earth Day Items
Available in the shop in battleon for a short time only!

  • Recycled Armour
  • Bucket Head
  • Cardboard Sword
  • Recycle Bin Turtle
    Well... the Turtle is being a little slow to arrive.

Kamui says, "Have you tried lettuce? I hear turtles like lettuce."

Action you can take right now to help the environment

  1. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth
  2. Recycle! (Re-use where possible*)
  3. Use Compact Flourescent light (CFL) Lightbulbs
  4. Carpool w/friends & family**
  5. Buy Eco-friendly products (not EbilCorp products!)
  6. Use less Heat and Air Conditioning (save energy)
  7. Turn down your water heater (save energy)
  8. Unplug electronics that you do not use (especially the ones that have a tiny light on, because they are secretly leaching energy)
  9. Plant some flowers or a Tree! (A great way to spend some time outside with the family.)
  10. Tell your friends***!

* This is why Arrows are so much more eco friendly than Bullets.
**Carpooling - Example: by taking a friend's HERO Class Starship in MechQuest, you will save ~10 tons of fuel!
*** or else.



April 21st, 2009
MechQuest ArtBook

Getting ready for final review!
It is 120+ tons pages of full color Mecha madness. Featuring beautiful art, a how to draw section by Thyton & Oishii, a section of never before seen sketches, "Doom to come!" including the first peak at Transforming Starships and the MechQuest comic.... ALSO, it comes with a code which will unlock the Skullcrusher Mecha Model and a special Skullcrusher armor here in AQworlds! <takes a second to breathe> As you probably guessed I wrote a lot of the things in there... I wonder how many typos will sneak into print. It is fun finally being this close. We have worked ####### this for months. And by "We" I mean Aisha... who has recieved countless non-stop edits and revisions from all of us.... every time we look at it.

Pretty Close Renactment of Artbook design process
Aisha: Yay! The MechQuest Artbook is done!

Artix: Wait... <points> Move that 3 pixels to the left.
Aisha: OK
Warlic: Can you change the color of that squiggle line to 1 shade more blue?
Aisha: Ok
Thyton: Oh, can you switch these two pages?
Aisha: ok
Warlic: Hmmm.. lets move those pages back the way there were.
Aisha: ok......
Artix: You know... on second thought... maybe we should move that a pixel to the right.
Aisha: !!!

<moments later>

Safiria: Hey did you guys hear someone scream? Wow is that the MechQuest Art Book? It looks amazing! Oh... <looks at a random page> Maybe you should move this a few pixels to the right and make it less blue.
Aisha: .................................................................



April 20th, 2009

Getting ready to embarrass ourselves at JACON!
The AQWorlds team will be running a running a panel at the JACON Convention in Orlando, FL! Meet the team as we babble incessantly about unrelated things while showing pictures and inevitably provoke the audience into kicking Moglins for prizes based on distance and accuracy!

AQWorlds Panel at the JACON Convention

What:   AQWorlds Panel
When:   Saturday May 23rd
12:00pm Noon
For 2 EXTREMELY long Hours
Where : JACON
Who:   Artix
Ai No Miko
Galanoth (82.45% spawn chance)

Our very own Jemini drew and colored the badges at JACON this year. Some of the art can be seen on our JACON page.

Earth Day
Do not forget, Wednesday is Earth Day! Time to recycle some armor....

250 AdventureCoins
To everyone getting the 250 AdventureCoins -- we are running the database query now which should.... <looks at Zhoom> ... has been completed! You should see them if you re-log in. Thank you so much -- Battle on!



April 17th, 2009
In this Weekend's Release

A HUGE reward for winning the War
Normally, a war boss who drop cool rewards would be an awesome release. But this week.. you will win the war and get TWO bosses. Better yet.. you will unlock a ENTIRE brand new zone: the Forest of Three Worlds! The storyline quests will be added to the zone next week.... but it is chop full of chainsaw wielding sneevils and at least one surprise!

ALSO! There is a special this Weekend-only chainsaw sale happening on in-game. Craziest thing I ever' saw! (Note: These are new chainsaws. The rare Mogloween chainsaws have been given a special graphical boost with this release.)

Giant Evil Spider with special ability

1st Special Boss
Be careful! This Mini-Boss is unlike anything you have encountered in the game yet... beware when it starts spinning its web!

An Enchanted Forest
Welcome to the Forest of the Three Worlds. Our once peaceful wood has been twisted and malformed by Chaos, and horrible monsters have appeared. Sneevils have moved in with chainsaws to take our trees trunks! (*groan*) Inspired by the art of MC Escher it is our most beautiful zone yet.

Giant evil Cyclops boss

More... More... More....
It all unlocks once you defeat the war. We are making this zone preview available to all players this weekend because you all earned it for winning our first ever full all-player war!

I want to give a huge round of applause to the team for all of their hard work this week. Minimal did the crazy coding to build the system the Spider Mini-boss is using. It is the gateway to even more incredible monster enounters in the future. The art of J6 and Miltonius is unbelievable! Reens, Llusion, Zhoom and Ai No Miko, really went above and beyond this week. Great job to everyone and thank you so much!

Next week, a visitor will start the story quests and our first reputation quests through the the Chaos Valley (Actually named Chiral Valley but the forces battling have been joking calling it Chaos Valley and it caught on) Do not forget that all upgraded members are getting 250 AC on Monday at Noon Est. This includes anyone who upgrades during this weekend. Finally, the "Save Chuckles" Movement is gaining serious momentium (just see the forums). For those who do not know who Chuckles the world's funniest undead skeleton's history is... can you make a story, screenshot compilation, or youtube video to show them? Someone recommended that we use /join theater to have Chuckles host his own comedy show if we can bring him back. Of course being that he was already undead when he was destroyed... the only way he can be returned would be through... <big gulp> a favor from DEATH. See you on the forums and in game!



April 16th, 2009

The good, the bad, and the AWESOME!
If you did not already know, Sneevils are evil, box-obsessed goblins. They live to collect containers.. in fact their entire culture and ranking system is based around it. If they find a treasure box filled with priceless artifacts... they will dump it empty and joyfully scurry off with the box. Even their diet consists solely of containers.... orange peels, walnut shells, and they pour out drinks and attempt... poorly.... to chomp down the glass. These devious creatures are so bizzare and interesting that we could not help but to ask ONE question.... what would happen if we gave them Chainsaws?

... find out in the new zone this week in AQWorlds! How can anyone not love this game?

Save Chuckles Movement
We have not seen something like this since the great Cysero Rebellion!

Sure, there is a War raging on against the 1st Lord of Chaos and the next zone will open up when you defeat his minions.... likely our most beautiful and interesting zone yet.... featuring a crazy specially coded boss fight.... and amazing MC Escher inspired art.... and a really cute time travel Fairy NPC.... BUT the "Save Chuckles" Movement will not be deined! Sure, he was Sepulchure's right-hand skeleton and Gravelyn's only childhood friend... and sure... Drakath one shotted him with what was basically a stern stare... but WE know Chuckles will get the last laugh!

Do not let the laugher die... AGAIN!

Tristar Nexus: Chuckles is the backbone of undead humour in the game...

Necromander: Wait, resurrecting an Undead? to quote King Julian: "How is that even possible!?

Great Guardian and others: "DUCT TAPE but we will need alot of it..."

Voltron, Heneha and others: Maybe we could have a new quest at Shadowfall to find the bone parts of Chuckles.

Message to Charik from Artix: "Giggles... acknowleged!"

Forum Question: Slogans and sigs for the save chuckles movement.... any suggestions?



Still pretty funny for a... undead pile of bone-chips... any way can we bring him back?

April 15th, 2009
Death and Taxes!

Yay for BAD Tax Day Release Ideas...
It is Tax day here in the States. LOL, but for some reason, this holiday just does not have the same spirit of giving as the other ones. As you read this, the team is working hard at... filling out our returns and getting to the post office in time! Here are some TERRIBLE AQworlds Tax Day Release ideas for you!

  • BAD: All characters pay 20% of their gold in taxes!
  • BAD: Stat roll for a % chance to get audited*!
  • BAD: New Shield Warrior ability: HR Block
  • BAD: New Rogue abilities - Tax Evasion & Tax Cut!
  • BAD: New house design: Tax shelter**
  • GOOD: We are not doing any of these.... this year.

* The larger your stats, the higher % to get audited!
Warning: if the shelter's defenses are penetrated... it turns into the "poor house" or teleports you to the "big house"

This picture has nothing to do with Tax day....
AQworld's Death just look REALLY cool!
/join Death

QUESTION: How many other massively multiplayer online role playing games get into the spirit of tax day***? On second thought, do not answer that. So forum question -- HOW CAN WE BRING BACK CHUCKLES?

*** OMG, we need to make a Tax Return MMO where you play the role of a secret undercover auditor infiltrating EvilCorp and balancing the books while battling the evil forces of the undead. "Cooking the books" means something completely different when you are talking about the Necronomicon!



April 13th, 2009
A Tribute to M.C. Escher

The art filled secret of the upcoming zone
First, I would like to congratulate Bhlewos on his well researched forum post. It is more fun when you and your fellow players figure it out for yourselves. The entire zone of Chiral Valley and its upcoming areas, (The Town of Mobius, The Forest, The Ruins, and the Tower of Relativity) is our huge tribute in honor of our favorite famous artist, M.C. Escher (1898 to 1972)!

"Everything is cooler when it has a special meaning..."

Sneak peak of the waterfall... coming in the next zone
Reference Waterfall, 1961

Growing up, J6, Miltonius, Cysero, Minimal, Oishii and so many more of us were fascinated with Escher's impossible works. We remember seeing it for the first time in our elementary school art classes.... and for me personally, it was what caused me to love art. Escher's art just oozes with chaos! See for yourself... (Off site links: Art Gallery, Wikipedia Entry) So we have set out to make the most beautiful and inspired zone ever put into an MMO! Here is a sneak peak of the amazing things that are coming...

The secret of Escherion's name
When Drakath choose this Battlemage to become his 1st Lord of Chaos, he gave him a new name based on his chaotic powers. Drakath called him.... Escherion.

Have you ever heard of M.C. Escher or seen any of his works before this? What is your favorite piece of art by him? See you on the forums!



Slightly Crazy Egg Hunting Rabbit.. Moglin... erm... thing?

April 10th, 2009
Special Event

Game Wide Egg Hunt for Seasonal Rares!
Are you a rare item hunter? If so, this weekend's special release is egg-xactly what you were hoping for. It is the most extreme rare item hunt we have ever put into our games.

Rare Egg Hunt
15 little hidden eggs in Battleon starts it all....

New in this Release
As you may have already noticed, some great new features were added in this special web egg hunt event.

  • Special Holiday Weekend Event/NPC
  • Clickable Pets and Items
  • Transforming Weapons and Helms
  • Battleon Egg Hunt
    Collect 15 eggs for two special prizes
  • 4 Ultra Rare Eggs
    Uses the Vorpal Bunny to get the quests and the Egg Backpack to find out where the rare drops are
  • News Items
    • Vorpal Bunny (quest giving pet)
    • Backpack of Eggs (clickable item!)
    • Bunny Berzerker Helm (Transforms if clicked)
    • Bunny Berzerker Armor
    • Bunny Berzerker Spear (Transforms if clicked)
    • Bunny on your Back
    • Egg-streme Egg Beater (AC Item)
    • Unhatched Egg Pet (AC Item)
  • Secret Map and item yet to be seen...

Ultimate Rare Item Hunter's Challenge
Do you see the sweet, cuddly Vorpal Bunny (possibly the most vicious and destructive creature our world has ever known) pictured below? He is the first quest giving pet... and any player on the screen can access him if you have your equipped! Combined with the egg hunter's backpack you are ready for the ultimate rare item hunters challenge!

Click on the Backpack and Bunny in game to use them!
(You may need to enable "Show Pets" in the options menu)

Bunny Berzerker Set available for all players!
The entire rare Bunny Berzerker set is available to all players. You can access the bunny's quests as long as at least one player on the screen has the Vorpal Bunny equipped. (That is so cool!)

MEMBERS! Special Quest
The other players need YOUR HELP to complete the new quests! Equip your Vorpal Bunny and visit different servers to help players get the items. This is a great way to make new friends and make a lot of people really happy!

Web Egg Hunt


To Members...
Thank you for making game possible for all of us
We really hope you enjoy the new releases! We are very grateful that you made all of the great things we are doing possible. That is why on Monday, April 20th at 12:00pm EST, I am going to give every upgraded member 250 AdventureCoins to buy a special item, backpack/bank slot, or anything you would like. Not a member yet? Upgrade before that Monday and you will receive the 250 AdventureCoins too!



April 9th, 2009
Call to War!
But first... a sneak peak at tomorrow's holiday uber set
A well kept secret of rare item hunters is taking a look at Miltonius's character page. Of course you never know if the things he is wearing will ever be in game or not.

Breaking news
Defender's Medals are now dropping at 100%! Two new free players quests have been added to the war. Also, quests have been changed to require on "War Prize!" instead of 100 Defender's medals. The War Prize is a rare drop that can drop off of any of the monsters in the war. Also, scouts report that Escherion's new commander, which unlocks with the full war meter, contains never before seen items for free and upgraded players! (As always, we have been listening carefully to the forums and worked to make these changes as fast as possible for you. I would like to thank all of the staff who are working so quickly on this, it really shows they care a lot!)


New Engine
We rolled a game engine live at 1:15pm EST. Minimal and Zhoom did a lot more than is listed here, but the feature you will notice include....

  • Randomized monster respawn (In action in the war!)
  • Options menu
    • Show/Hide other player's pets
    • Turn friend invites on/off
    • Turn Party invites on/off
  • War bugs fixed


April 8th, 2009
Calling all players, this is our first ALL-PLAYER war!
A huge army of chaos minions are assaulting the town of Mobius! The new commander of this force is not underestimating us, so prepare yourself for a fight!

Who is this Chaos Lord?
Still, many questions are unsanwered for you and your fellow heros. WHO is the first Lord of Chaos? ... and what is he doing in Chiral Valley? His minions seem to be fast moving scout types and he certianly turned the town upside down and inside out... so, perhaps he is in search of something? Who is his new war General? Wil it be another imp like Slugfit? Or something... far more dangerous?

What do you think? See you on the forums.



April 6/7th, 2009
Coming this week!
Special Midnight Design Notes Post
After several weeks of non-stop double releases including special holiday events... *big smile* we are going all out this week! Starting off with our first all-player war which, if you win, will reveal the 1st Lord of Chaos and start a new story! Then, join us for a bizzare special weekend holiday event. It is egg-xactly what you rare item hunters were hoping for... and on top of that we are throwing in a strange new type of quest that will pair Free Players and Members together in a world-wide adventure to obtain our first 3-part armor set. We are designing these events to be great for all players -- and really hope you like it!

Forum Question: Any requests for holiday items this weekend? We have the rabbit/egg basics covered -- time to get creative!



April 5th, 2009
War Victory!
Our first War Mini-Boss
The Chaos Lord said to the giant imp, Slugfit, "If the heroes defeat your minions, I expect you to deal with them.. PERSONALLY!" As you read this Slugfit is waiting for you! He drops, what is likely to be called, the coolest looking staff in the game..

1st War Boss - Slugfit
Slugfit, our first War Mini-Boss

This is only the beginning. Chiral Valley is a large area with a Faerie Forest, a complex system of Caves, and an ancient Ruins. As we celebrate our victory, the 1st Lord of Chaos sits grimly in his tower preparing his next move.... and that includes... a MUCH larger army. We must call upon the help of ALL players for the giant battle that is coming...!

A Special Thanks for Testing!
I would like to thank all of the Members who participated in this test war! We crashed the servers HARD at the end! Actually, we had a number of wierd issues, but it was a test after all. We now have a pretty decent sized list of bug fixes and suggestions to do ASAP. Additionally we learned a lot. I am really going to finding a way for war points to be added automatically. Believe it or not, originally you needed to turn in Defender's Medals the old fashioned way.... click NPC... click Quest.... click Accept.... BATTLE.... click Turn in.... *gulps* it was only 30 minutes before release that Zhoom, J6 and I hacked those "Turn in" buttons into the top. Another thing we noticed is that in wars everyone really liked fighting on the same screen. So in the future we should design wars that keep everyone together and visually progress as the meter goes up (like a multiplayer version of the Frostvale war from AQW). Push the enemy forces back!!!! The NPCs talking live during the event was sorta neat too. Overall it was a really fun event, thank you for being a part of it! It is going to be even more fun when EVERYONE can battle side by side.... part 2 starts sometime this week!

Note: The member-only testing is complete. The next war will be for all players and start this week after we finish making all of the corrections.



April 4th, 2009
... and other reasons to laugh at us.
As I write this the test war is at 80% and we have fixed a lot of serious issues. We have been playing alongside you and listening to feedback. We learned a lot! We will be making changes and a big engine fix before the full release where all players will finally be able to battle side by side! So until then, here is one neat bug you can cause... which I like to call "Giganto-pets!"

How to do the bug: Equip a pet and go to the Tower in the war map. Then, equip a different pet. That Dracolich is so big it looks like you can ride it!


Champion of CHAOS.

April 3rd, 2009
Happening now... WAR!
Member-only testing of our first war event...
The town of Mobius is under attack! Drakath's 1st Lord of Chaos... still unknown to us... has besieged the mining town of Mobius with monsters. The trees were flipped, houses were twisted and inverted with furniture and stairs on the outside... even the flowers are growing backwards! Worse yet, it seems the 1st Lord of Chaos inverted the Guardian tower there and is now using it as his base!

Inverted houses with the furniture on the outside...
Water flows up the well to the bucket...
Even the plants grow backwards!

... is this truely Chaos!?

Drakath's Message
Tell your King it is time to play!
Drakath bellows, "Behold the town of Mobius and know your fate... my 1st Lord of Chaos has been unleashed."

Inverted Guardian Tower is now known as...
The Tower of Relativity

It's almost Saturday!

April 3rd, 2009
Bugs...why does it have to be bugs...
But not server bugs!
Just a little message to let you know that the drops have started to appear in the ChaosMarsh. The number of chaos-infected Fireflies has risen.... and you can take them with you - if you find them. There are 2 helms waiting to be rolled and cleared - think Chaos spider eyes in goggles if you will. Those are for all players. The ChaosFly pet is Member only, as it is a pet. Miltonius is also working on some more drops and they will be added later this weekend or Monday. Battle on!



War Release & More!
Release notes and Behind the Scenes
Wow! This was our most complicated release yet. More coming shortly...

  • Let loose the Dogs (or bugs) of War!
    • War Meter
    • Defender Medal Turn-ins
    • Boss Fight
    • Randomized Monsters This broke BAD
    • Server Syncronization
    • First Mini-Boss at 100%!
  • New Game /Toggles
    Use these toggles to turn on or off the ability for people to send you friend invites, party invites or private messages. We are working on adding some buttonsin the game for it next.
    • /friendon & /friendoff
    • /partyon & /partyoff
    • /pmon & /pmoff
  • # of Players in Room now displayed
    • Look at the bottom right to see number of players in the room updated in real time. You can hit the arrow to see a full list! (very handy)
      5 player in Battleon-1
  • Party Bug Fixed
    • ... finally!
  • Pet Bug Fixed
    • No more random black sillohet on load failure
  • Town of Mobius
    • First part of first full major area
    • New monsters: Fire Imp, Cyclops, and the Chaos Spy-eye
    • Several rare item drops from each monster. (VERY rare drops)
  • BONUS: I.O.U Note From Zorbak
    Zorbak traded in your I.O.U. Note for a very special present. That Mystic Pencil of Endless scribbles that he used to prank us all on April Fools? He took his I.O.U. note back and gave the pencil... to you!


April 2nd, 2009
April Fool's!
LOL, that was a lot of fun
I hope you enjoyed our April Fool's joke. This was our first April 1st together in AQworlds so we wanted to do something really special. The day before there was a live dialogue between Warlic and Zorbak. Zorbak was trying to “borrow” a Mystic Pencil of Endless Scribbles and the players voted in order to force Warlic to give it to him. They had no idea what it was all about though!

On April 1st the Players logged to a message informing them that “to save bandwidth costs, we have SLIGHTLY reduced the amount of lines and color in our art. We ARE SURE you won’t even notice!” Then they clicked ok and saw.....

Things like this really make the game... "special"

Exploring town revealed that Zorbak was running around redrawing things with his pencil... including little scribble monsters.

Meanwhile, Cysero and Aisha pranked me good! Aisha switched my powerful and inspirational desktop background to a pretty, pretty pink unicorn flying through magial happy land. (The worst part is I did not even notice for hours!) Cysero got me worse... he photoshopped fake numbers in to the daily reports showing an error of $43,364! I nearly had a heart attack!! I am soooooo going to get you next year Cysero..... LOL. All four of our games ran incredible pranks. The favorite was the 5 minute explode every game cutscene in MechQuest. It is a MUST see. Overall -- best April Fools ever!

In Tomorrow's exciting release
We are fiercly working on tomorrow's release.... which unlike April 1st, will be no joke. Things are deadly serious for a town North of Battleon.... we believe the 1st Lord of Chaos is on the move. OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE BUILDINGS!?

Also, at long last we are rolling out fixes for the party/goup bugs, the pet bugs (including strange shadow figure bug), making the number of players in the current room visible, and several other new engine features. If Zhoom finishes what he is working on by release time tomorrow... we will all be about to experience a never before done first together!

See you on the forums and tomorrow for the big release!



April 1st, 2009
Special Release

We JUST released the most profound graphics update ever*! To celebrate, we have a special shop with event-rare items that will be available today only**.

* We are very... very.... brave.
** Well, maybe. Um, has anyone seen Miltonious?

Events in ALL 4 Games!
Please note that special events just went live in ALL four of our games: MechQuest, DragonFable, AdventureQuest, and here in AQWorlds. You should check them all out!

Quibble Coinbiter
He packed up and moved on to wherever never-before-seen used item sales-moglins go next. We wish him well and hope to see him again one day soon! He did leave us with one bone chilling comment.... "beware the 1st Lord of Chaos's Staff". What could he mean by that? In other news rumors are spreading that a nearby town is having trouble with some sort of Battlemage! I will see what I can find out and let you know tomorrow... (Things are about to get interesting.)

Best Event
Forum Question: Which game has the best event today? See you on the forums!


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