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Get ready for nonstop action and adventure! AdventureQuest Worlds is the best MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) that is browser based. There are no downloads or software to install, and this 2D MMO fantasy RPG is free to play! Brandish your blade, conjure your spells, and heed the call of Battle On!


June 24, 2016

CryptKeeper Limited Quantity Gear

Get it starting this Friday, June 24th at 6PM EST

Starting tonight, Friday, June 24th, at 6:00 PM EST (server time), head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab the darkest, deadliest limited quantity sets off the year! 

Throne of Darkness Trailer

Only a few heroes in AQWorlds will ever be able to equip them, which means once the quantities run out, they become instant status symbols for you rare hunters. Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

Throne of Darkness: Black Hole Sun Invasion

When a black hole sun appears over Battleon, it’s a sign that things are about to get… TWISTED! And inverted. And very, very BAD… Gear up to take these creatures DOWN as we gear up to start the next chapter of the Throne of Darkness Saga!

Throne of Darkness Trailer


June 10, 2016

Enter the Death Arena

The Craziness of Artix's Throne of Darkness Saga Continues!

Pax the Warlord has a bone to pick with you… in fact, the gladiators in his arena will pick ALL your bones up, then hurl them down, and stomp on them until you’re dust. Who do you think you are, coming into his Arena like you OWN the place? The Death Arena Tournament is NOW open for Drakel challengers to battle for the title of High Warlord. But first... the entertainment, and that includes YOU! 

Throne of Darkness Trailer


New June Rares Shop!

Log in this weekend and check out the Roses and Gold Rares shop! We've had a ton of fans asking for a pink-themed version of our Black Friday rares shop (where we take your favorite gear and rework them in shades of black)... and this week, we are delivering!

Throne of Darkness Trailer


May 28, 2016

BaconCats vs LaserSharks

The Craziness of Artix's Throne of Darkness Saga Continues!

Heroes of the Bacon Cat Force… UNITE! The Laser Shark Brigade’s invasion of the flying Bacon Cat Fortress is about to begin, and Ziri needs every adventurer’s help to drive them out. 

Throne of Darkness Trailer

New June Upgrade Bonus Gear!

Buy any membership or adventurecoins package worth $9.95 USD or more to unlock the Galactic Defender set, and get the full Defender set plus the Galactic Commander gear when you get the 12000 adventurecoin or 12 month membership!

Throne of Darkness Trailer


Battle Through the Paradox Portal

Artix's Throne of Darkness Saga Continues!

Travel through time and space as we chase Xeven, the Time-Traveling Assassin through our past, future, and a very different alternate present before we take on the ultimate annihilator: Vorefax the Devourer!

Throne of Darkness Trailer

The Personal Buy Back Shop IS LIVE!

Log in to your account manager now to access the new Buy Back Shop functionality NOW! Get all the details about the shop and how it works in the Design Notes

Throne of Darkness Trailer


Skull Towers of Silver and Gold

Upgrade to unlock the member-only zone and class!

This weekend, AdventureQuest Worlds members unlock an exclusive zone AND can begin questing for (or buy) the DeathKnight Lord CLASS! 

Throne of Darkness Trailer

  • Discover the backstory of the Castle Of Bone's "The Butcher" mini-boss
  • Battle to create the Silver and Gold DeathKnight Lord armor sets
  • And unlock the DeathKnight Lord CLASS

Exclusive zones, classes, and other content are our way of thanking AdventureQuest Worlds members -- their support lets us keep AQW free to play for everyone!


Throne of Darkness Saga

New AdventureQuest Worlds Main Storyline begins Friday!

Greetings friends! Artix here. Be prepared...  Throne of Darkness starts this Friday. WHAT!? Yes, it is an entirely new main storyline for AdventureQuest Worlds which will open up a new area of the main continent. This story will be told in a unique way that we have never attempted… until now. 

Throne of Darkness Trailer

If you have been wanting us to focus on story, create new major characters, and to explore interesting and bizarre new places… then you are going to love this Saga. 

Throne of Darkness Trailer

Watch the Throne of Darkness trailer on YouTube


HeroMart: AE's Online Store

2016 Calendar Unlocks Infinity Knight Class at Heromart!

A brand-new year approaches, and that means a brand-new Calendar has arrived at HeroMart! This year we’re showcasing the incredible paintings of Dage the Evil (featuring his "Paladin of Glory!") Order your Calendar now at www.HeroMart.com!

free online rpg mmo chaos queen beleen

Includes exclusive Infinity Knight Class:

  • Infinity Knight Class
  • Infinity Knight Armor Set
  • Chrono Knight Pet
  • Character Page and Book of Lore badge!

    Last Chance for BattleGems Founder

    Unlocks the exclusive DragonKnight set inside AQWorlds!

    This is your very last chance to get Founder in BattleGems, our mobile RPG Puzzle Game. Considering that you had.. oh wow, nearly two years now, it is finally time to make BattleGems Founder go perma rare!

    battlegems mobile game android ios

    Rolith and his team have upgraded BattleGems to the newest version of Unity improving the game's speed and giving it 64 bit support. Along with this release, we will be removing the Founder package which basically gives you ulimited turns, unlimited keys, special in game armor set, special AQWorlds armor set, well... EVERYTHING for a single in-app purchase of $10. Founders will be pretty proud of that they got it, because after the new patch goes live, the armor will be perma rare and will have to pay double to get the upgrades and perks.

    So if you have been wanting the DragonKnight armor from BattleGems in AQWorlds and BattleGems... this is your final chance to get it on the Apple iOS or Android versions of the mobile game!


    Turn Fantasy into Reality

    Upgrade and Unlock the Legend-only BeastMaster Class!

    Unlock more power, exclusive storylines, and super-charged rewards when you upgrade your account! In our latest Legend-only release, unlock the BeastMaster Class when you talk to Faith, and begin learning how to control your animal companion in battle! Battle as a Legendary Hero and gain access to a ton of exciting extra Legend Perks when you upgrade your account!

    Upgrade in Online Roleplaying Game for Beast Master Class
    BeastMasters are free to play and battle with ANY pet in-game!


    RPG Strategy: Unlikely Alliances

    Good & Evil vs Chaos!

    Decide whether you will be Good or Evil! Choose quickly, because Chaos monsters have already invaded Lore! Ally with Good King Alteon or the Evil Empress Gravelyn, then join the battle to defeat Drakath and his 13 Lords of Chaos. Use your Book of Lore to begin the adventure with thousands of players as new chapters of the story unfold each week!

    Main story in Best MMORPG Adventure Quest Worlds To defeat Chaos, Good and Evil need to work together!

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