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Candy Maker

October 31, 2014

Voltaire Takes Over Mogloween

It's Friday the 31st, and Voltaire's Here to Terrify!

Battle alongside Voltaire and Deady as you adventure through Lore's darkest and deadliest tales! Survive the haunted House of Crusher, defy treachery as you hunt for the Cask of Amoglinado, and discover the Wyvern's greatest fear - a mysterious villain lurking in the shadows, waiting to bind you inside this book of horrors... FOREVER!

The spookiest tales of terror await you this Friday!

Prepare to be scared... and make sure you bring your sharpest blades because once you enter the book... you may NEVER get out!

  • Talk to Voltaire in /poehub to begin the adventure, then battle through:
  • The tale of The House of Crusher in /crusher
  • The story of The Cask of Amoglinado in /cask
  • A poem-parody of The Raven - The Wyvern in /wyvern

With 4 maps, 10 cutscenes, 13 quests, an entire novel full of new monsters, four shops full of gear, a Class and the most macabre boss Poe's dark dreams could design... this is one of our biggest releases in a long time! And speaking of gear... 

4 New Shops FULL of Gear!

Each of the four new maps tonight has an exclusive shop! The gear in the Mogloween Event Rares shop from Voltaire will only be available for a short time, but the gear in /crusher, /cask, and /wyvern will return EVER YEAR! /cheer

Mogloween Event Shop:

  • SpiderWitch armor set/helms
  • Dark Raven Shifter armor set
  • Masque of the Red Death armor set
  • Lycan Class (AC and rep versions)

House of Crusher Shop:

  • MetalMog Armor and Helm
  • MoggyHands

Cask of Amoglinado Shop:

  • Costumed Dragon-Moglin pets
  • Monstersor Jester armor and helm

The Wyvern (aka The Raven);

  • Creepy Clown armor  and helm

Don't Miss the Dark DragonMaster AC Package!

Unlock our newest, most masterful dragon set yet when you buy either a 12,000 or 5,000 AdventureCoin package! This exclusive set, made by Memet, includes an armor, 2 helms, 2 capes, 2 weapons, a character page badge, and the Dark DragonMaster's pet! Find all the details on how to get it here!

Forsaken Warlock/Dark DragonMaster Combo

The Forsaken Warlock Tier package leaves on November 7th, but until then, if you buy the Dark DragonMaster set with a 5k or 12k AC package, you will ALSO get the Forsaken Warlock gear which comes with your purchase! 

Get more Class Points and EXP through Sunday!

It's no trick this week, only treats! Log in every day this week and all weekend long as we celebrate Mogloween with higher rewards from every battle and quest you complete on all servers! Every day, we'll add MORE to the boost amount!

Voltaire has a terrifying tale in store for you: The Wyvern!

Serverwide boost schedule

  • Tonight: 15% more Class Points, plus 15% more EXP on Legend servers!
  • Saturday: 20% more Class Points, plus 20% more EXP on Legend servers!
  • Sunday: 25% more Class Points, plus 25% more EXP on Legend servers!

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Post Maker for Aster

October 29, 2014

Lycan Class Skills Breakdown

Get Ready to Start Lycan Our Next Class!

Lycans. Interesting folk. Rather than living aristocratically the way Vampires often do, Lycans live off in caves and hovels. Lycans need no luxury. They hunt, they fight, they survive. They earn their respect. Not through bloodlines or wisdom and experience or even pitting their clans against one another.

Their leaders are decided through single combat. Those brave enough to challenge authority and strong enough to wrest power from their leaders are the most deserving. This isn’t always favorable. You never know when some lunatic is going to take charge. If your philosophy is similar, or if you just think becoming a fearsome hunter of the night is really really cool, you, too, may become a Lycan.

How to unlock Lycan Class:

  • Talk to Queen Solani in /mogloween OR Voltaire in /Poehub
  • If you have Rank 10 Lycan Rep, you can buy the class for 50,000 gold
  • OR you can pick it up for 2,000 AdventureCoins

Why Choose Lycan Class?

This furry powerhouse has STAYING power, and for those of you who like the challenge of taking down our toughest bosses, you know that a good heal-over-time can come in handy when you're just about to take a claw to the spine. Its unavoidable attacks make it survivable in the toughest arena, too.

For those of you who like farming, we've got you covered (in color-custom fur, no less)! Thrill of Battle and Savagery are multiple target, which means more slaughter, which means MORE REWARDS! When you spam them to grow your HoT and get your avoidabl 10% damage, pretty much all the beasts you face will FALL before your lycan might!

This isn't a support class, but that's because Lycans are formidable on their own, especially with its multi-target skills and healing. That heal will take a bit longer to build up when you are fighting solo, but it's definitely reliable in battle and will get the job done RIGHT when you're at full power. 

The class also cuts critical hit chance; critical hits are a serious threat to your health and preventing your opponent from landing one means theres less of a chance they'll hurt you faster than you heal. That is a GOOD thing for any hero, at any time.

Auto Attack

Rank Needed: 0
Mana Cost: 0
Mana Cooldown: 2.0 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers

Some people with Lycanthropy contracted the disease by being bitten by a Lycan and surviving. There are other methods of becoming a Lycan, but in all cases this results in a powerful transformation. This is the standard Auto Attack, but it’s a little beefier because Lycan shares the same base stat spread as Berserker.

Pouncing Strike

Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 30
Mana Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: With your new legs you send a mighty leaping kick to the head of your enemy, causing them, at the very least, to become really dizzy.

When this attack lands, your opponent becomes Disoriented for 12 seconds. This cuts their Critical Strike chance by 25% for that time. Otherwise, this does 200% the damage your AA does.

Thrill of Battle

Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 20
Mana Cooldown: 6 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Diving into the fray suits you, and it gets your Lycanthropic blood pumping, kicking your regenerative abilities into action.

One incredible power that Lycans have is how they regenerate, and you will certainly be no exception. This attack can hit up to two targets at considerable range. For every successful hit, you gain a stack of Predation. Predation is a Heal-over-time that can have 6 stacks maximum and lasts 8 seconds if not refreshed.. It’s based on your Attack Power, and is not affected by the damage range of your weapon.


Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 15
Mana Cooldown: 4 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: With the strength and agility of a Lycan, a clumsy flail in an attempt to hit something becomes a nearly inescapable barrage.

This skill also hits up to two targets. What’s special here is that your flurry of blows is so rampant and random. You cannot land any crits with this, but it’s a cheap skill that strikes two targets at range and never misses!

Howl of Terror

Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 10
Mana Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: You let loose a blood-curdling call to the sky and your opponent, shaking them to their core. Hopefully.

The howl of a Lycan strikes fear into the heart of it’s prey.. Most of the time.. You can finally be the one to wield that fear. I mean, unless you aren’t scary. This skill does not deal damage but it also cannot miss and has quite the range. It has a random chance for one of four different lengths of stuns! You.. May also not stun your enemy at all. Can you imagine your voice cracking when you’re trying to be intimidating? Jump-scares don’t work every time.


Scent Tracking & Thick Fur: Hit chance increased by 10%, Damage taken reduced by 10%

Dogs have noses. Wolves have noses. You have a nose and it’s kind of good at what a nose does. You know how to make it better? Become a Lycan. These passives assist your mana regeneration. You regain mana the way a Warrior does: by landing hits and being hit. You want to strike, and when you are struck, you want to make sure it doesn’t outspeed your healing.

Note: The class is still being balanced. Mana Costs, Cooldowns, Skill Descriptions and even the effects of some skills could change before release. Keep an eye on Blade's Twitter for pictures of the coming Class art!

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Boost Maker

October 29, 2014

Mogloween Server Boosts

Get more Class Points and EXP until Monday!

It's no trick this week, only treats! Log in every day this week and all weekend long as we celebrate Mogloween with higher rewards from every battle and quest you complete on all servers!   

Voltaire and the Wyvern wait for you!

This Friday, talk to Voltaire to being a journey through some of the darkest, deadliest tales of horror ever written! Until then, this is the perfect time to rank up your classes and level up your hero, because last week the level cap increased to 65!

All-Server boost schedule

  • Wednesday: 5% more Class Points, plus 5% more EXP on Legend servers!
  • Thursday: 10% more Class Points, plus 10% more EXP on Legend servers!
  • Friday: 15% more Class Points, plus 15% more EXP on Legend servers!
  • Saturday: 20% more Class Points, plus 20% more EXP on Legend servers!
  • Sunday: 25% more Class Points, plus 25% more EXP on Legend servers!

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October 29, 2014

Blood and Blades Finale

The Ruler has been decided!!

The four contenders for the Vampire Throne were reduced to two: Lady Solani and Baron Luca! Many battles were fought, the rule of the Blood Run has been proven! The new ruler of Darkovia is.... Lady Solani!

Head into the Eternalnight area to watch the cutscene and see how the final battle went down... then prepare to bow to your new Queen (or flee with your chosen ruler to plot takeovers)!

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Quoth the Maker

October 27, 2014

Voltaire's Mogloween

Voltaire takes over Mogloween for Friday the 31st

Voltaire titillates and terrifies with stories from the late, great Edgar Allan Poe, but you’ve got to find the tales before he can read them! Battle to GET the texts… then battle THROUGH these stories of treachery and supernatural dread! 

Join Voltaire on a journey through a Poe-m of Terror!

Battle your way through the House of Crusher and the Cask of Amoglinado, then discover what The Wyvern is warning you about once you step into a Gothic Mansion so dark and deadly the dragons fear to pass over its gates!   

Gazing deep into that darkened clearing, 
Long I stood there shaking, fearing, 
Unblinking, thinking thoughts no Hero dared to think before.
But the stillness was unbroken, and in silence, naught was spoken, 
And the only word outspoken was the whispered word... 
(spoilers removed)

Friday the 31st Mogloween Rewards

Log in this Friday to check out the rares shop with the Spider Witch, Dark Raven, Masque of the Dread Death sets and more!

Moggy Hands, Spider Witch and CLownO_O armor!

Complete each Chapter of this week's Mogloween event to unlock shops full of exclusive gear! 

Also coming this week in AQWorlds:

  • Wednesday: Learn the identity of Darkovia's next ruler!
  • Wednesday: Log in for a 48 hour Class Points boost!
  • Friday: Find the Lycan Class in the Mogloween Seasonal Shop (requires rank 10 Lycan or 2000 ACs)!
  • Friday: Talk to Vokun to begin farming for the Deep Ravager armor and helm!

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October 27, 2014

This Award's For All Of You

Don't Miss Our Thank You Gifts to You!

Thanks to your votes, Artix Entertainment, the AQW team, Beleen, and all of YOU won  in the DragonSlayer Awards hosted by Game Skinny! We released Beleen's Pink DragonSlayer and in-game versions of the trophy (and its sword) that WE got so all of YOU can place it in your houses.

Check out the video here!

If you haven't gotten your Pink DragonSlayer Armor, DragonSlayer Trophy, or the DragonSlayer Award Blade yet, log into AQWorlds and head to the following shops:

  • Beleen's Pink DragonSlayer armor is in her shop
  • The DragonSlayer Trophy house item is in the Throne Room House shop in /northpointe and now also the Floor Item house shop in /buyhouse

You all are the REAL winners! /cheer

As Artix said, "This is a HUGE honor for us! We are so grateful to be part of this fun gaming community full of amazing and loyal players. Truly, these award are all about you — you are the ones who won. Which is exactly why we are going to digitize this award and share it with you all inside the game." 

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Wish Maker

October 26, 2014

Birthday Server Bonus

Thank you all for playing AQWorlds!

At Artix Entertainment, we don't like to GET gifts on our birthdays, we like to GIVE them, and thanks to all the October birthdays, we have a blast doing just that!

Miko and I were born one year and one day apart!

We have a TON of team members with October birthdays:

  • Rolith and Cysero (Team Omni)
  • Ai No Miko (Empress of the web)
  • Kalanyr, IMR, and Kamui (Original AQ team)
  • Aster and Judge Acumen (AQW Class designer and In-game Mod)
  • Scakk, Therril, Kokujoe, Chisagen (Forum Mods)
  • Myself and so many of you 

Battle On for ALL the Birthday Boosts!

Usually our artists make weapons, armors or other gear and put them into shops for everyone.  Not being an artist, I wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate all our birthdays and the 7 years I've been working with AE.  

Since we just increased AQWorlds' level cap to 65, an XP bonus seems like the perfect way to celebrate! For those incredible heroes who have already reached the cap, there are Rep, Gold, and Class Point Bonuses active, too!

  • 15% Rep, Class Points, Gold, and EXP on all servers
  • 25% Rep, Class Points, Gold, and EXP on Legend servers

My wish for the coming year is... 365 days of battling alongside all of you on the MANY new adventures we've got planned! Thank you all so much for playing AQWorlds; without you, we would not be here! 


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October 25, 2014

Armor T-Shirt Pre-Orders Open

Pre-Order at HeroMart.com to guarantee yours

Hiya guys! We found a way to get these amazing wrap-around armor T-shirts created. The process to create them is complicated and pretty expensive so we cannot just order a bunch of them like we usually do.  So, if you want to get your hands on a 1st Edition Paladin or Legion  Armor T-Shirt, lock in your pre-order at HeroMart now!

Legion-TSHIRT-reallife.jpgReal-life Undead Legion armor

You have until production starts (We are estimating around November 25th-ish, Thanksgiving) to place your order and guarantee that you will get your shirt. We are going to produce all of the pre-orders at once and then ship in December.  

Includes exclusive items for AQWorlds!

Each shirt comes with an awesome weapon and half of the "Legion Paladin" class. Combine both halves to create the full class in AdventureQuest Worlds! Themed after the shirts... we merged Artix's Paladin armor and Dage's Paragon armor together into a horrifying and powerful new class. 

Get both shirts to unlock the Class!

  • Get the Legion Light of Destiny when you buy the Legion Armor T-Shirt
  • Get the Purified Caladbolg Sword when you buy the Paladin Armor T-Shirt
  • Get the Legion Paladin CLASS when you buy both T-shirts

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Throne Maker

October 24, 2014

Blood and Blades Finale

Who Will Rule Darkovia's Vampires?!

The four contenders for the Vampire Throne have been reduced to two: Lady Solani and Baron Luca! This weekend, YOU and the rest of Lore's heroes will decide which of them takes the throne as the next ruler of Darkovia's Vampires! This is a trial by combat to determine which side is stronger, who can hold the throne and rule their race!

Take on Ensis, Lady Solani's Champion, or face off against Rekshar, Baron's Luca's fiercest defender! The goal is to see which Champion can withstand the most battles*... help prove that the ruler YOU want to see has the stronger warrior! On Monday, we will see how many each has survived and announce who the next ruler is!

* If you want Lady Solani to win, battle Ensis. If you want Baron Luca to win, battle Rekshar. You're not battling to the death, but to prove endurance.

New Gear in the Rares and Monthly Member Shops!

Battle Ensis or Rekshar for a chance to get dark and deadly house drops (Boss drop SPOILERS!!!), and check out the Mortis Champion gear in the Rares shop!

If you're a Legend (or want to be someday), then you'll want to talk to Ragnar in Battleon! He's get a whole new set to prepare for next week's Mogloween event with Voltaire: the Corvus Corvax mystic raven gear! 

Dark DragonMaster AC Package

This weekend, unlock our newest, most masterful dragon set yet when you buy either a 12000 or 5000 AdventureCoin package! This exclusive set, made byMemet, includes an armor, 2 helms, 2 capes, 2 weapons, a character page badge, and the Dark DragonMaster's pet!

How to Unlock Dark DragonMaster

  1. Purchase either a 5000 or 12000 AdventureCoin pacakge in-game, through the portal, or on our website
  2. Log into your AQWorlds account and head to your Book of Lore
  3. Look under the "Other Achievements" tab to find the Dark DragonMaster badge 
  4. Click the badge to open your shop and get access to ALL the 0 AC gear (/cheer for free storage)

Forsaken Warlock/Dark DragonMaster Combo

The Forsaken Warlock Tier package leaves on November 7th, but until then, if you buy the Dark DragonMaster set with a 5k or 12k AC package, you will ALSO get the Forsaken Warlock gear which comes with your purchase! 


Level Cap Raises to 65!

You have all been asking for it—and finally here it is, our 3rd birthday month gift!

  • The best Adventure MMORPG just got better with the Level Cap Raised to 65
  • Show off your newfound powers and strength
  • No beast is foolish enough to stand in you way!
  • Will you be the 1st Hero in all of Lore to reach level 65?

Well that sounds like a challenge to me. So brandish your blade, conjure your spells, and witness the massive power that Level 65 brings! Level 61 throuh 65 Enhancements will arrive starting Monday!

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Announcement Maker

October 24, 2014

Vampire War Votes are In

Tonight's Finalists for the Vampire Throne Are...

Lady Solani and Baron Luca! Solani, Luca, and Gravefang have been almost neck-and-neck for the last few days... but the Nyx Aeterna allies have just barely pulled ahead!*

The Cor Mortis will face off against the Nyx Aeterna TONIGHT as you battle each of their Champions to prove which side is stronger!

Final votes are as follows:

  • Lady Solani: 14280
  • Baron Luca: 13791
  • Gravefang: 13638
  • Rapaxi: 6747

* What that will mean for the Abyssal Horde's future is unclear. But one thing is certain... Neither Gravefang or Rapaxi are going to disappear!

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