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March 06, 2015

Dage the Evil: The First Betrayal

Log in for the start of an all-new Dage Storyline!

Battle through Nulgath’s Shifting Planes cavern as Dage the Evil in the final tests to earn his Mark of Mastery and became one of Lore’s most feared Necromancers. /Join darkfortress to take down Nulgath’s most loyal minions to prove that you are worthy of leading the Undead Legion… but be wary, because Nulgath the ArchFiend is deadly, and he will exploit any angle in order to stop his apprentice from ascending! 

free rpg mmo darkness evil warriors

Play AS Dage the Evil and talk to Wilhelm, your long-time friend, to begin your quest for the Mark of Mastery that will end your time as Nulgath's apprentice. But beware: the Shifting Planes caverns are NOT for the unwary. You never know from one step to another where you'll end up. Oh.

There are only two rules in the Caverns:

  1. DON'T touch the skull with red glowing eyes.
  2. Sometimes, to survive, you have to break the rules.

free rpg mmo bonesaw cave battle

New Rare and Farming Gear Now Available

  • The rare Undead Weaponscrafter, with a quest for SIX exclusive weapons
  • The Legion-only Ultimate Lich King armor and helm 
  • 8 new house statues featuring the art of Dage the Evil and Nulgath the archfiend
  • And more!

Rare armors and accessories

All the rare items from Dage's birthday and this week's release will leave Friday, March 27th.

Permanently-available gear to farm for

The Ultimate Lich King armor set is only available to members of the Undead Legion. The armor costs 10000 Legion Tokens. Each helm costs 5000 Legion Tokens. It will NOT go rare, so you can take time and farm for the gear you want!

NEW House items in the shop and dropping from monsters

The Nulgath monster house statues drop from the miniboss in Nulgath's keep in the /darkfortress map. The other gear drops from the boss monster. Other boss drops include:

  • Dage Cake
  • Evil Pixel Cape
  • Cowl of Thanatos 
  • Wings of Thanatos
  • Chained Lich King Statue
  • Awakened Lich King Statue
  • Ultra Shifting Plane Gem

Undead Weaponsmith with quest for gear

The Undead Weaponsmith and Legion Weaponsmith are available for 1000 ACs and 1000 Legion Tokens respectively, and will go rare. Buying the house item unlocks a quest to get each of the items pictured. 

Note: Currently the Legion Weaponsmith quest is locked. This will be fixed tonight.

Happy Birthday, Day the Evil!

It's been a CRAZY week, but Dage has had a blast making all this gear for you! We hope you enjoy the start of the new Dage/Laken storyline, and will join us NEXT week for Laken's birthday shop! Also next week, the Friday the 13th/Lucky Day crossover with gear from Memet and Laken!

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March 05, 2015

Legion DoomKnight Class

Dages Birthday Class Skills Writeup

The power of the Legion DoomKnight is now available for you to wield. But before you do that here are a few things you may want to know about the class.

Legion Doomknight Info

There are THREE ways you can get the seasonal* Legion DoomKnight Class:

  1. Buy with 2000 ACs to get it immediately
  2. Farm for the Class if you have the Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor by completing the "Become a DoomKnight" quest from Dage in Battleon
  3. Farm for the Class if you are a member of the Undead Legion by killing Dark Sepulchure. Merge 13 "Sepulchure's Legion Badge" items with 2000 Legion Tokens to create the Class. 

* Only available during Dage's birthday!

Legion DoomKnight Breakdown

Zereldo, one of the main class designers for the Legion DoomKnight, has gone into deep detail to help you get the most out of the Legion DoomKnight Class.

Thematically Doomknights are strong powerful relentless and hard to kill. So rather than make a class that could do large bursts of damage I designed a class that is a relentless and continuous killer. This class is designed to keep fighting non stop and to survive whatever challenges it. The skill descriptions here are more detailed with more numbers than in the game.

Mana regen: Legion DoomKnights gain mana from all hits landed in combat,and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to *their own* HP total.

For Stats and Enhancements: Legion DoomKnights use both strength and intellect to fight their battles. Hybrid or Luck enhancements are a good start as they give a good balance of all stat type, but basically all stats help the class in some way so you mix and match to find out what works best each move and the class as a whole.

Primarily this class is meant to be good at soloing bosses and going it alone against monsters. It does have some support qualities built into it which will increase the damage adventurers around you do to your target.

Auto Attack

2 second cooldown.
A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.
You’ve seen this before on many classes. It needs no further explanation.

Rank 1: Touch Of Doom

15 mana, 4 second cooldown.

You leave a mark of Doom upon your opponents soul which slowly but surely cripples them. Applies Touch of Doom and Touch of Death to your opponent which stacks up to 5 times.

Each stack of Touch of Doom Increases your Opponents incoming damage by 5% and each stack of Touch of Death decreases their outgoing damage by 7%. This Also applies Touch of Demise to you, increasing your damage dealt to your opponent by 5% up to 5 times. All effects last 6 seconds.       

This move is designed to be the core of the class giving your immense power and endurance while still dealing physical damage. Thematically doomknights have immense strength and defence and can last long battles. The longer the battle the better off you are (until you reach the max stack of 5). This move also pays homage to the first move of the original Doom Knight, which also uses a stack effect.

This move may seem too powerful against standard enemies but you won’t reach a full stack till near the end of your battle if you are on your own, or likely not at all in a group. Not to mention, half of your bonus damage and all of your bonus resistance is lost when you chance target. This move will only be of full usefulness in long boss battles but will still provide a welcome power in normal battles. This move also increases the damage that any other players do to your target by up to 25%. This means that high damage classes, such as Legion Paladin, will benefit immensely from this.

Rank 2: Soul Siphon

25 mana, 6 second cooldown.

You assualt your opponent's soul directly, taking some of their power to strengthen yourself and their life force to heal yourself.

This is what gives you your endurance. A dependable heal that deals magic damage to your opponent and keeps you fighting for a long time. It may not seem too great, but once you have your incoming damage reduced from using Touch of Doom you’ll find this heal is more than enough for your needs.

Rank 3:  Legion Dark Blast

15 mana, 6 second cooldown.

Immerse yourself in the Darkness of the Legion and of Doom. You use the shadows to strike at your opponent unexpectedly doing moderate magic damage. Applies Torment for 4 seconds. Also reduces your opponent's haste and hit chance by 15% for 4 seconds.

This move deals magic damage and gives you a bit of breather when fighting because of the haste and hit debuff it applies to your opponent. The few seconds of respite it gives in combat can make or break a solo boss battle.

Rank 4: Dage’s Favour & Strength of the Legion

All attacks do 20% more damage.

10% to crit chance and 5% to hit chance.

Your relentless damage becomes even more powerful, and you gain a greater chance to land critical hits on your opponent while missing less often.

Rank 5: Imminent Doom

30 mana, 16 second cooldown.

Doom hastens and the Legion beckons. Does a strike for large damage and hastens your opponents doom dealing a 1260% DoT for 8 Seconds. Also adds Decay for 8 seconds preventing your opponent from healing. (use the Decay effect from Paladin Slayer’s “Dark Energy” move) and a 15% bonus to your hit chance for 8 seconds.

This functions as your nuke but not in the traditional sense. It is based off of your physical damage. Rather than having a single strike of massive damage it has one smaller hit, but a killer DoT which brings in relentless and continuous damage. Most of your damage from this more should come from the DoT unless you are lucky enough to critical hit with it.

Final Thoughts

It’s a great class with lots of power and great survivabilty and it fulfils its purpose of soloing incredibly well. This class can even solo all 13 Lords of Chaos if used correctly. It is not a class you want to miss out on.

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March 05, 2015

Artix Card Purchase Update

System Glitch Causes Delay, Fix in Progress

If you purchased an Artix Upgrade card recently, you may have seen a delay in your points being awarded. If so, this information is for you:

  • The 3rd party system that awards your Points has been down, so points could not be redeemed. A fix is in progress.
  • Until that is done, we are manually awarding Points to get them to you as fast as possible.
  • To get your points, please contact the Artix Help Team with the following information:
  1. Your Artix Account name 
  2. Upgrade Card Serial Number 
  3. PIN 
  4. The name of the store where you purchased the card 

Make sure the card information is correct and included in the email itself so the Help Team can get your points to you as fast as possible.

If you did not scratch the card to see the PIN yet, please go back to the store you purchased the card from with your receipt and get a refund instead. 

Message from Nythera, Head of Player Support:

I personally apologize to any players who were confused or inconvenienced regarding this issue. In the future, I recommend using an online payment like credit or debit cards, or a PayPal account. If you cannot use those, you can purchase cards from stores like Subway and CVS to se via OpenBucks, or you can redeem a store gift card with leftover money via PayGarden. These methods are fully functional and reliable.

Here are the AQWorlds help pages about OpenBucks and PayGarden for more information: http://www.aq.com/help/aw-payments-openbucks.asp and http://www.aq.com/help/aw-payments-paygarden.asp.

Thank you so much for playing and supporting AQWorlds! If you all have any questions about your account, a payment, or a technical issue you are having, you can always email the Artix HelpTeam via the Help Pages at www.AQ.com/help.


Head of Player Support

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Fire Maker

March 05, 2015

The Shadows are Burning...

Listen for the rattling of DragonBones in Shadowflame!

For thousands of years before Chaos took hold on Lore, there were Dragons. And in the earliest of times before the first Dragons hatched, Lore was a shifting maelstrom of Elements. Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Energy, Ice, Light... and Darkness.

free rpg mmo shadow dragon flame war

One Knight, captivated by the power of Darkness, rose to supremacy on Lore. With an army of undead, he conquered the entire world. Until Chaos appeared and shattered his soul, scattering its shards throughout the Void.

In the years since that Dark Knight was defeated, the pieces of his spirit have been drawn together, pooling like beads of mercury, until at last... enough of them have joined so that his voice can be heard once more.

From the Darkness, the whispers are rising. And his daughter is listening.

ShadowFlame Dragon War


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Danger Maker

March 04, 2015

Nulgath's Dark Fortress

Midnight Map Preview: Release in Progress

Late night release testing, battling through the /darkfortress, trying to find my way out of Nulgath'sShifting Planes Cavern maze. I am trapped; send help!

There is no map to show the way, the guide outside the cavern seems... suspiciously friendly, and the only other soul I've seen so far is a dude named "Snack" who keeps trying to eat the bars of his cell door.

(PS: Don't touch the glowing skull. Just... don't. Bad things will happen!)

This map releases Friday, the start of a new storyline: "Dage the Evil: The First Betrayal"! Along with the storyline release, the rest of Dage's birthday gear will arrive (including the Legion recruitment building in Battleontown, the Undead Weaponsmith house item, the reset of the Thanatos helms, and some sweet new gear from Laken you can ONLY get by farming!)

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March 04, 2015

AQWeekly Newsletter: March 6

Dage's New Class, Items, and New Storyline Release!

dage the evil birthday event adventure quest worlds mmo rpg

After crushing the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, complete the Champion's Gauntlet Daily Quests, score hot new loot by Dage & Laken, and then embark on Dage’s new storyline release!

read more button for new game newsletter adventure quest worlds mmo free to play

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March 02, 2015

Dage's Dark Birthday: 2015

MORE Birthday Gear from Dage the Evil is here!

Dage levels up in REAL LIFE! To celebrate, he's made a shop full of gear for AQW heroes of every level. Talk to Dage the Evil in Battleon tonight to unlock the Legion DoomKnight Class, the Thanatos Paragon pet, the Dark Caster armor, and more.

Legion DoomKnight Class: How to Get Yours

This is the big ticket item for Dage's birthday this year. He's been itching to recruit more DoomKnights into the Legion, and this year it's finally time! Don't be surprised if you see the character below appearing in-game later this year; Artix, Dage, and I are all eager to see the new NPC wreaking havoc and spreading Doom... because a Legion DoomKnight's gotta do what a Legion DoomKnight's gotta Do(om)!

There are THREE ways you can get the Legion DoomKnight armor:

  1. Buy with 2000 ACs to get it immediately
  2. Farm for the Class if you have the Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor by completing the "Become a DoomKnight" quest from Dage in Battleon
  3. Farm for the Class if you are a member of the Undead Legion by killing Dark Sepulchure. Merge 13 "Sepulchure's Legion Badge" items with 2000 Legion Tokens to create the Class. 

Note: The original Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor is not required to get the Legion DoomKnight Class. 

Thanatos Paragon Pet

The newest Paragon Pet is here, and THIS year, it comes with a full armor set: the Evolved Thanatos armor and gear! Quest for the Thanatos gear by slaying any "Death" monster.* 

The Thanatos Paragon pet has 2 other quests, as well. One awards gold and experience and the third - if you're a member of the Undead Legion - awards 50 Legion Tokens every time, PLUS a chance for an extra 10 or 20 Legion Tokens. 

Update: The Soul of a Dracolich quest is changing. One of the plusses about developing AQWorlds weekly is that we can change quests as we see your feedback coming in. Early responsses about the Legion Token farming quest have prompted a change. We are testing those changes now, and it will update later tonight.

* You'll find him in /undervoid, /underrealm, and /shadowattack. 

The Final Dark Caster Armor

The time has finally come: this is the final Dark Caster armor, and it's calling back to a number of previous Dark Casters. Ah, the dark, sweet memories! We've had a good run with many amazing sets, but after this year, Dage is eager to work on NEW designs and establish new traditions.

So if you're looking for a rare armor set to commemorate Dage's Birthday this year, you'll want to pick up the Shadow Dark Caster. So that future Legion members and AQW heroes can enjoy Dage's Dark Caster design, the Ultimate Dark Caster armor will return each year on his birthday. 

There are two ways to get THIS gear, as well:

  • Buy it for ACs in the Dark Birthday shop from Dage in Battleon
  • Merge 1000 Legion tokens for each in the Undead Legion Merge shop

More Birthday Gear on Friday!

Like we said last week, we're spreading out the birthday gear over the course of this week. Everything that didn't release today will arrive on Friday with the storyline release - "Dage the Evil: The First Betrayal." 

  • the Undead Weaponscrafter house item (with quests for exclusive weapon rewards)
  • MORE house items
  • Gear from Laken
  • and more

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March 01, 2015

Dage's Birthday Week Begins!

Defeat the Undead Horsemen to Unlock Dage's Gear!

Today, your adventure in the Underworld's Void begins as we celebrate Dage the Evil's birthday! Dage has summoned four of his champions, all based on the legendary horsemen of the apocalypse, to test your strength, valor, determination, and skill! Later on today and over the course of this week, we'll release the NEW Dage Birthday 2015 rares, including the Legion DoomKnight CLASS, the Thanatos Paragon pet, and a brand-new version of the Dark Caster armor!

Death waits for you in the Undervoid!

Battle monsters in the underworld to warm-up before the battles, then power through each of the horsemen to unlock the reward shops AND learn one of Dage's most closely-guarded, darkest secrets!

Undead Apocalypse Event Breakdown

Dage's champions fight clean but hit HARD. No fancy moves, no tricks or chicanery, just a straight battle to the death... or to victory!

Can YOU conquer Conquest?

After completing the event, you can access the rewards shop AND additional quests:

  • Two Legion-exclusive exp and Token farming quests 
  • One Legend-only farming rep/exp quest 
  • and a Merge Shop Resource farming quest! (The merge shop resources will drop from ALL monsters, but completing the quest will give you more at once.)

Champion's Gauntlet Daily Quests

Once you've beaten all four horsemen once, you will unlock the Champion's Gauntlet Daily Quests! Defeat each horseman 7 times to earn an item which completes their corresponding badge quest to unlock a character page badge!

Can you withstand War's wrath?

You must unlock each badge in order:

  • Defeat Conquest 7 times to unlock the "Humiliation of Conquest" character page badge!
  • Defeat War 7 times to unlock the "Slaughter of War" character page badge!
  • Defeat Famine 7 times to unlock the "Feast of Famine" character page badge!
  • Defeat Death 7 times to unlock the "Master of Death" character page badge!

This event will be available until April 30th to give everyone a chance to unlock these character page badges!

The Reward Gear You're Here For

There will be rewards and drops for EVERYONE in today's event, plus more birthday gear later today PLUS more Dage AND Laken gear this Friday with the new storyline release - "Dage the Evil: the First Betrayal"!

Feast on Dage's birthday rewards!

  • The AC versions (upgrade not required) of the full sets are available in Dage's Undervoid shop
  • Battle the bosses to earn the Legend-only armors and some of the accessories
  • Some Legend-only and free-player accessories, as well as the free-player gold Obsidian Guardian armor, will only be available from the Dark Gifts Merge Shop (Legion Tokens NOT required)

Altar of Caladbolg

Last year, Dage announced on Twitter that he wants to make the Altar of Caladbolg available while his birthday is here. (During the month of his birthday, he becomes Dage the Mostly-Good!) The Altar is ALWAYS available as a drop from the Treasure Chest, but now you don't have to rely on Luck to get it.

Unlock the Altar of Caladbolg's quest!

To make that fair for all the players who have worked hard (And spent many ACs) trying to get the drop from the Treasure Chest, the Altar's birthday price will be 5000 AdventureCoins, but the quest from the Altar of Caladbolg will also get dagger versions added to its quest this week.

So if you already have the altar, you get more gear for free! If you're contemplating getting the altar now, you'll still have to pay for it, but you're going to get more than you were yesterday!

After his birthday ends, the Altar will still be available from the Treasure Chest. If you do not want to pay 5000 ACs for the Altar but DO still want it, you can keep trying to get it as a drop from the Treasure Chest. (If you are upgraded, you get two free keys a month.)

* These rewards will only be available during Dage's birthday each year.

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February 27, 2015

Dage's Birthday Shop is Live!

Begin the darkest celebration of the year with Dage

Dage's birthday isn't until Monday, but we've decided to start celebrating early, and that means plenty of evil gear for heroes of every alignment! Log into Battleon this weekend and MORE to come next week! Talk to Dage to open his Birthday Shop. 

This weekend, you'll find:

  • Legion DoomKnight Armor
  • Legion DoomKnight Helm
  • Legion DoomKnight Blade

These are NOT rare items, but will return each year for his birthday. There are two ways to get the gear this weekend: for ACs or, if you're a members of the Undead Legion, you can buy them with Legion Tokens. 

Dage's Birthday House Shop

The truly dark of heart will want to make their homes among the lost souls in the underworld, and now they can! The Legion Fortress was designed and created entirely by Dage for this birthday celebration!

Available right now:

  • Legion Fortress house 
  • Sitting Skeleton guards
  • Legion Wall hanging
  • Dage's Guards 

More Birthday Gear NEXT Week!

You've got the whole weekend to enjoy what's already released and to let the excitement build, because on Monday and next Friday, we've got even MORE of Dage's birthday gear heading your way!

  • Legion DoomKnight Class
  • Thanatos Paragon Pet (with quests for LTs and Thanatos armor set)
  • the Undead Weaponscrafter house item (with quests for exclusive weapon rewards)
  • MORE house items!

On Monday, the Legion DoomKnight CLASS will release for ACs, for Legion Tokens (plus some special merge items), and if you have the original Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor, you'll be able to quest for the 0 AC set, too! 

Next Friday, the storyline release will take us back in time to when Dage was still Nulgath's apprentice. Battle through Nulgath's Underworld in "Dage the Evil: The First Betrayal!" 

And next week we'll also have a RARE armor that many of you have been waiting for these last 12 months. Let the excitement build as you battle through AQW this weekend!!

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Defense Maker

February 27, 2015

Pyrewatch Peak Invasion

The Watchtower has gone silent...

With the Firestorm Onslaught swarming into the area around Embersea, your blade and skill are needed for an escort mission to Pyrewatch Peak this Friday. When all communication with the tower guards is lost, ArchPyromancer Pyralis must investigate the disappearance of Embersea's latest shipment of medicine, and discover why they've gone silent!

defend peak free rpg mmo

  • Battle the VERY aggressive Firestorm Invaders as they swarm over Pyrewatch Peak. 
  • Fight your way into the heart of the watchtowre to bring aid to the sick.
  • Discover WHY the Firestorm have attacked, and where they plan to strike next!

free rpg mmo heat of battle

After you finish the storyline release, talk to Captain Asher to begin 2 farming quests and the Pyrewatch Peak Defender quest. Defeat 100 invaders in one sitting to unlock the Pyrewatch Defender Book of Lore achievement!

free rpg mmo fire battle

The Pyrewatch Armory is also open for you - all players can get the Pyrewatch Guard set, and Legends can bring home the Auric Leonine Archer gear. 8 weapons also drop from the monsters in Pyrewatch, so get in there and Battle On!

free rpg mmo gear

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