Design Notes during Jun 2009
Top secret behind the scenes information about AdventureQuest Worlds and our other web based games.


June 30th, 2009
MechQuest Artbook!
They are on their way from the Printers....
Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo! Can you believe it? 4 months in the making, our first Art Book... we are OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED! They are really on their way! Do you know what this means*? The back cover pretty much sums it up! In one week this collector's item will go on sale... 120+ pages of full color insanity with a how to draw section**, behind the scenes secrets and a promo code on the inside cover which unlocks an exclusive armor in AQWorlds and the most brutal Mecha ever in MechQuest.
See the Official ArtBook Page for a sneak peek and video!

* Yes. It means after you sell zero of them you will have plenty of presents for this holiday season... and the next one... and the next one...
** Far better than Artix's "How to Spell" section.


June 29th, 2009
What should we do on the 4th?
You are invited to this weeks planning meeting
As you may already know we are on a weekly release schedule here at the Secret Underground Lab. Every week on Monday, we figure out what we are going to release... then, by nothing short of a miracle, release on Friday! Having done this for six years now you may think we are crazy... especially when you consider that we have been doing it for all four of our games. Just look at what we did last week... great job team! We have a lot to do this week with the full world map, the creation of GreenGuard Forest, Housing Interface updates, continue fixing stats and working on the test server, and adding the next round of Achievements... so we were wondering...

Could you help us with the
4th of July Release this week?

Here in the States, Independance Day is celebrated with fireworks, BBQ, movies about giant spaceships hovering over buildings and blowing them to smithereens*. So join in the release this week by coming up with ideas for Independance Day themed weapons, armor, pets, house items, maps, or special events! Remember, players from all over the world play AQWorlds -- so think of things this weekend fun for everyone!

FORUM QUESTION: 4th of July Release ideas?
HOUSING CONTEST: Enter the contest

* Spoiler: In the end we are all saved by he Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


June 28th, 2009 (Sunday)
Happy Birthday Daimyo
It is a Dog eat Dracolich world!
As you may know, Daimyo is my undead battling dog in game, as well as real life. It is his Birthday today (Puppy Picture)! He is a pomeranian and has been by my side since I started working on the original AdventureQuest. Legend says he was once the ruler of a feudal land to the far East who was cursed by an evil witch to remain in the form of a dog until he completes a difficult quest. I hope he brings you as much joy as he does me*.

* Now here is the leash! Walk him 5 times a day and bring LOTS of doggie bags because he has been eating a lot of bones after all those battles with the undead!

Milk Bones... Skeletal Warrior bones... *shrugs*

Bonus Story: "What's that Daimyo? Artix fell down a well?" Alright, you read the design notes so I am going to let you in on the insider story. A lot of people have been asking, "how did mighty warrior-type like you end up with such a little dog?" The answer, of course, involves a beautiful girl and what can only be called a complete failure of my reasoning capabilities. It is a fact that throughout history great men have done far more embarrassing things at the smile of a beautiful woman... erm, at least I really hope so!

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June 27th, 2009
Player Housing
Talking about Round #2
Thank you for all of the great feedback about housing! We hope you been enjoying the initial release. We have been reading your suggestions on the forums and you will be happy with the improvements we are going to make for you in Round #2. First, Minimal is building a new interface which you can drag around the screen to make placing your house items easier and more fun. There will be a toggle for "Edit Mode". While in edit mode you can move your furniture, when you are done you can walk around your house without accidentally moving your furniture. Also, you will be able to click and walk on floor items like rugs. Also, we will be adding controls allowing you to set who is allowed in your house: Allow everyone, friends, guildmates, or even lock your house so no one can enter!

Invite Friends over to your house, or go to theirs!

The House decorating contest will start Monday. If you have ideas for new house features and items -- let us know on the forums!

J6's house, second floor

A special note to Free Players
Hey guys! I am really sorry that there are so few free player items available in the housing release. This was not done to upset you, but because of the huge number of free player accounts (over 8.5 million) it was just too much storage space for all the houses, items, and room customization. We care about you and all of the other players which is why we have new great releases coming that will make everyone happy. Until then, we hope that you will choose to upgrade your account getting full access to housing and help support the growth of AQWorlds.

Daimyo's Birthday!
On Sunday, my real-life battle-puppy, Daimyo, is leveling up (Birthday!) You may have seen him in game with me. So, keep a bag space open -- he will be available on Sunday only for members.

Coming Week
Are you ready to see the real, full world map of Lore? The Second Lord(s) of Chaos are up to no good while we attempt to teleport the town of Battleon from it's... *gulps*... current location to GreenGuard Forest.

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June 26th, 2009
Release Day!
Unbelievable double release!
Two meteors were hurling towards the town of Battleon. To save it we defeated countless elemental monsters and gathered 1 million Elemental Flux (which broke all of the war records.) Then, Warlic placed teleportation circles all around town which we stood at, and for nearly an hour 28,000 of us combined our magic power to cast the biggest spell the world has ever seen. We levitated Battleon, ripping it out of the ground, and while it was in mid air teleported it to safety! Of course... our final destination was not where we intended! (To be continued.)

THEN... we released Round #1 of Player housing! Select from 4 models of houses including a Haunted House and customize it with over 120 house items.

Housing Release Recap
If you were online during the Friday release, thank you for battling through the technical problems with us. When nearly 30,000 players started buying and cutomizing houses at the exact same time the poor servers were crushed like Teenzor the world's most tiny pirate skeleton under the weight of Danzgroth, the worlds largest break dancing dancing gorillaphant!

LIVE - Play by Play!
Server restart -- fixing the last of the issues. If you bought a house, but it was not equipped, it is working. Type /house to goto your house. Way to go Zhoom!
8:30pm The house bugs are "mostly" fixed, cutscene #3 is now viewable by talking to Warlic, and the mini-war meter is now working.
7:00pm We are fixing the laggy issues with housing. Overall the reaction to player housing has been awesome! (Now *whip* make it work better)
6:40pm Player Housing Released!
6:00pm The largest spell in history was just cast. 28,000 magic users levitated the town of Battleon and Teleported it! There were two surprises. First, we did not use the elemental flux, but our own magic energy to transport it! Second.. our destination... was not as originally intended (Gravelyn looks MAD!)
5:20pm Everyone /Join BattleonSpell We are going to cast the largest spell every cast!
5:00pm .......WE GATHERED ALL the Elemental Flux! Unbelievable! ... wait, what is that in the back of the cave? (Whoops -- Looks like Lag Monsters, we are crashing! You know, it would not be a truely epic event if we did not crash the servers. )
4:42pm 91%.... we ALMOST have enough flux! Keep up the good work everyone!
4:37pm We are at 85%. At best guess the The Meteors are only an hour away... Warlic is almost done setting up the teleporation circles!
4:00pm The meteors have sped up.. AGAIN! It looks like one of them has changed course. We need to hurry!
3:45pm Warlic placing constructing teleportation circles around Battleon. This is where you will stand while casting the spell.... this is going to be so close!
3:45pm We have 40% of the Elemental Flux needed....
3:30pm We only have 30% of the Elemental Flux needed
3:30pm The Meteors have gained speed!
2:00pm Mercuria opened up a mage robe shop where everyone is collecting Elemental Flux in /join warelemental


Still pretty funny for an dead-un-dead guy!

Save Chuckles.... OMG!?!?
Alright... who gave Artix a camera?

We've done many /facepalm worthy things here at the Secret Underground Lab. However, we are going to need some sort of /facehammer for this one.

Hehehe, who is that girl you ask? None other than our very own Cinazool. I'm pretty sure she is going to kill Artix when she sees this. "Save Artix!" I really like how the video is all squished and, hehehehe, you can see whatever green-screen thing was supposed to be holding up my head, LOL! The remaining Chuckles T-shirts are still available at Jinx. We won't be printing any more!

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June 25th, 2009
73.92% chance we fail and the Meteor destroys town
Well, at least those are better odds than normal -- this is going to be a big weekend!

  • The Spell to Teleport Battleon
    This Friday at sundown... Thousands of magic using players will arrive in Battleon to cast the biggest spell we have ever seen. To levitate the town of Battleon, ripping it out of the ground, then teleporting it!

  • Housing!
    Be the first to own your very own AQWorlds home. The Centaur 21 Housing agent will appear in game on Friday. Customize your new home with over 120 new house items. We will be starting a House Decorating Contest with tons of categories and prizes!
    (Just in: Cysero decorates his AQWorlds house)

  • Daimyo's Birthday
    On Sunday, my faithful battle-puppy, Daimyo, is leveling up (Birthday!) You may have seen him in game with me. So, keep a bag space open -- he will be available on Sunday only for members.

House model Sneak peak!
Haunted House, Villa, Cottage and Tutor


June 24rd, 2009
Meeting of ALL Mages!?
History is being made...
All of the great mages aligned with the Good/Evil Alliance are meeting in the town of Battleon NOW! ...and you have been invited. The Asteriods will hit the atmosphere on Friday turning into Meteors, then strike the town of Battleon by sundown in an unstoppable blastwave of mutilation. So whatever is going to happen.. FRIDAY is the day it will happen!

Meeting of the Mages
Hey! Artix is not a mage...

Things that make our games so special:

  • The world can actually change from a major event
  • Our town(s) WILL be destroyed if we fail
  • Your suggestions on the Forums are guiding what is about to happen... (We also really like the new Suggestion Forum section!)
  • We built today's cutscene last night... this is all happening in real time.
  • Whatever happens on Friday... you will have ultimate bragging rights and be able to say, "Yes, I was there... and that is why the world is... <to be determined>"

Forum Question: Now this... is getting interesting! What mages from AdventureQuest and DragonFable do you think will be attending? (Remember, only members of the Gravelyn/Alteon alliance will be there)

Also on Friday: Player HOUSING Round #1 Released!



June 23rd, 2009
Move Battleon!?
Two huge asteriods will hit Battleon Friday!
As you may already know from talking to Warlic (if not, check out the new cutscene!), two Asteriods are on a collision course with the town of Battleon. Yesterday, you wrote amazing suggestions on how to handle this impossible situation... Aryias had a huge list which included moving the town of Battleon (as well as altering time/space/reality, shrinking things and finding a very hungry planet sized Dragon.) Moving Battleon is an interesting solution. It might be possible... although risky! This is a desperate situation though... if ALL of you who wield magic gathered outside of Battleon on Friday -- we could levitate the entire town right out of the ground* and when it is suspended in sky, teleport it to a new, safe location. Someone mentioned Greenguard forest is centrally located between Swordhaven and Shadowfall. Maybe you should take this idea to Warlic tomorrow....

In other news, Centaur 21 Housing, in anticipation of a housing market crash (literally, a asteriod is going to hit their Battleon location) is sending a rep to sell houses to players this Friday. Houses will start at 1,000g**.

* If Luke Skywalker could almost levitate his X-wing out of the bog, 10,000 of us might just be able to pull off moving an entire town! (.. and surrounding area)
** Beware those tricky adjustable rate morgages! ...and try not to let Penny upsell you into one of those fancy Keeps!


June 22nd, 2009
One week until 2 huge asteriods hit Battleon
I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Drakath has moved two giant asteroids into a collision course with our world... and specifically our home town of Battleon. Drakath power is unbelievable... is he just toying with us? Will anyone be able to stop him? No force on our world, not even Warpforce Heavy Gunner Skystalker can stop them. We need a plan..... the good news is, you are here!

Forum Question: The town of Battleon will be destroyed by the asteriods in 1 week -- how can we save town?

P.S. Housing is scheduled to go live this Friday! (Phase 1 will include a few house models, and the first round of items to decorate your place with.) Also, we ordered two more servers (One will become the Member Test Server for Stats, the other is for... experimenting.)


Weekly update

June 19th, 2009
Friday Release!
2nd Lord of Chaos.....???
Have you every heard the story of The Twins? Legend says when a King, Queen or Hero is at a moral crossroads.. when they have an incredibly difficult situation to make... that they will be visited by the Twins. One is pure evil and suggests the wicked path. The other is pure good and always suggests the helpful and kind path. They are always in perfect balance and have helped create order in our world. In other news... something terrible is about to happen to town. Speak with Warlic in the Battleon Magic shop to learn a terrifying secret.

Drakath is about to do something... terrible...

BANK SPACE (20 More slots now available!)
Visit Valencia to increase your bag and bank space. You can now have up to 60 backpack slots and 40 bank slots.

Skystalker is visiting Town
Heavy Gunner Skystalker from the Warpforce is in town. He is offering a special selection of weapontry from the Warpforce arsenal:


  • Warpforce Heavy Gunner Armor
  • Warpforce War-shovel 20K
  • Warpforce Beam Sword
    (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black)
  • Warpforce Heavy Gunner Helm
  • Warpforce Heavygun

ACHIEVEMENTS: Book of Lore Update
Badges, badges, badges! Open your Book of Lore and see if you are caught up with the game. The story section keeps track of your progress through the storyline and the badges section keeps track of all of your in-game achievements. Tons more coming soon... who will be the first to get them all?

Yulgar's Inn: Player Suggestion Shop & DARTS!
Visit Yulgar's inn where you can see a brand new shop featuring player-inspired items. Miltonius has been using that new item suggestion of the forums and had just begun creating some of them for you. We hop you like them! ALSO -- we added the first test of an interactive dart board to the 2nd room of the Inn! Challenge your friends to some serious dart hurling.

  • Gravity Overlord Armor
  • Gravity Cloak
  • Big Daddy Sword

Father's Day Shop
It is Father's Day Weekend and J6 created some special outfits to get you in the spirit. BBQ Dragon Cookout anyone?

  • BBQ Spatula
  • Meat on the Stick
  • BBQ Apron
  • Gold Bag
  • Club
  • Suit (No Dresses this week!)

New Canned Chat Options!
Check out all of the newly added options to canned chat! If you are playing on the Moglin Safe Servers you now have the ability to say all emotes and a ton of useful expressions. A special thanks to Reens for working on this list.

Weekly Game Update
See what is happening in all FOUR of our online games this weekend... WEEKLY UPDATE Do not forget, NEXT week housing is coming to AQWorlds.

New Portal Site
This week we also created the BattleOn! Games website (I think our web design skill leveled up!) Check it out... this is going to play an important role in linking all of your game accounts together (and importaint character data) in the future! See the new BattleOn Games! Site

Victory in Battleon!
Congratulations everyone, you did it!
In what was one of the most amazing come backs in the history of Battleon, 2 Million Sneevils were defeated in less than 24 hours by the combined adventurers of our world.

WE DID IT!!!!!!! Now.. who is going to clean up?
(Hope no Necromancers show up.. *shivers*)

Meanwhile.. The Sample Artbook Arrived!
This morning our samples of the MechQuest ArtBook arrived. OMG it is beautiful! I never dreamed the colors would come out looking this amazing. It looks so... professional! J6, Thyton, Warlic and myself were looking at it in awe and had one of those... "Oprah moments." Seeing something you made in print... being able to hold it... it just... it just feels so real. This is our first ever artbook! We went all out on it... and it shows. 120+ pages of full color art, a how to draw section by Thyton & Oishii, Behind the scenes secrets and... it unlocks a special Mecha armor here in AQWorlds and a chassis in MechQuest. Yes, I wrote most of the things you will read in the book.... my favorite section is "Sector 7: Tales from the Secret Underground lab" where my incredibly terrible mecha drawings from 7 years ago are pasted for you to make fun of. Because it is our first Artbook, this is going to be the ultimate collectors item. It will be going on sale via Jinx in the 1st week of July!

Artbook Q&A
Here are a few answers to questions I see on the Forums and Twitter.

  • Yup, the Book will be available for sale online so you can get it if you are overseas.
  • Yes, you can use the single code that comes with the book to unlock the prizes in BOTH AQW and MQ.
  • Once you have unlocked an item you can get it at any time thanks to a new feature in the Book of Lore (coming tonight!) So you do not have to us a precious inventory space on it unless you want to equip it. Hmm, maybe Zhoom can code something so you can just equip it straight out of your book to show it off.

June 18th, 2009
The Battle for Battleon
Nobody knows how this one will end.
As you read this, your fellow adventurers are battling the Sneevils at the entrance of town. I must be honest with you… things are looking bad. Over 2 million sneevils are left and we have less than 24 hours to defeat them! Battleon has withstood attacks from Dragons, Horks, and the Undead... this may be the most monsters we have ever battled... but I believe in us. We can defeat them and save the town! So if you need me today... I will be on the battlefield holding them sneevils off beside you!

Forum Question Statement: BATTLE ON!

Happy Birthday Safiria!
PRESENT: Three Headed Hades Poodle
The Vampire Queen has just leveled up! With a fanged pout she scowls at the Sneevils invasion. Her blood red and black decorated birthday party castle is empty.... all of the adventurers have gone to war. So instead of accepting your presents she sends you a special one instead! Beware her Three Headed Hades Poodle: Phaedra*! Available now at the NEW SHOP for 3,500g.

* Yup, Phaedra is a recreation of the real-life Safiria's "standard" poodle. Made especially for her birthday by Randor the Red and Miltonius. Fact: It is as big and scary here at the Lab as it is in game!

Also -- you can celebrate Safiria's Birthday with the new wallpaper! (It is the last one on the page.)

Note: Phaedra is only available today, on Safiria's Brithday. It is in the New Shop. Also, win or lose... Quibble will be leaving (or taken) today too!


June 16th, 2009
Housing/Castles Update
100 House Items Created So Far!
We have a lot of things being worked on at the same time, but I would like to give you special insider information on the new house/castle system that is coming very soon. You will be able to buy your own house in game. The first one will likely cost 1,000g and be available for both Free Players and Members. Upgrading your House to a Mansion, Castle, Underground Lair, Flying Fortress (and whatever other crazy things we add) will require Membership. You can customize your house with tons of interesting items which you can buy with gold, find on quests, create with the upcoming craftsman class. Invite over your friends! You control who is allowed to visit your house/castle (Allow only Friends or Guildmates or even No one at all*!) You will have complete control of your own house in-game. Some items will give you bizzare and mod-like powers allowing you to run your own shop, throw parties, run contests, set traps and play pranks on guests... the opportunities are endless**! We are aiming for a test release not this Friday, but the next. Meanwhile, we are cooking a SPECIAL surprise for you this week***....

* No girls allowed! Eeeeew cooties!
** Limited only by the speed that our hands can draw and code.
*** ??????????

Forum Question: What type of house do you want? ... and what do you want to put in it?

ALSO: New Save Chuckle's Wallpaper available on our Official Wallpaper Site by Randor the Red.

June 15th, 2009
It is happening!
A chuckle's skull spotted on one of the servers
The very first Chuckle's Skull has been spotted on one of the servers*. The skull unlocks for those who got the save chuckles t-shirt. Click on it and it does it's maniacal laugh... it also will give you a quest to visit Death** and do the very first step of the forum-spawned save Chuckle's quest chain.

* We know this because someone got their shirt in the mail before we put the version of the skull with the quest on the live servers, lol! We just got the bug report and were like... OH NOOOO!!! We did fix it in 3 minutes though <wipes brow... whew!>
** Who would have thought a cutscene that awesome was secretly hidden in there?

June 12th, 2009
The SleuthHound Inn
A whodunnit mystery of mysterious proportions! Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test? Come to the grant opening of the SleuthHound Inn... a great mystery is afoot! (Erm... might be a hand too.) This new release features tons of new costumes, weapons, deadly furniture, and NPCs.

Sleuthhound Inn
This release is getting rave reviews!

Also, watch out! Sneevils are breaking through and entering the town of Battleon. Are we really going to lose the war... to Sneevils? Finally, the Book of Lore has been updated! This was only round one. More updates are coming next week.

All Game Releases!
Check out what has just been released in all four of our online web based games this weekend. Beleen wrote you a forum news update! It is really amazing how much stuff we do each week *boggles* Also, Galanoth is running a special live event at on Saturday!


Empress of the ShadowScythe
June 12th, 2009 at 2:19pm EST
Save Chuckles T-Shirt
One of the weirdest things ever...
It always seems to start with someone making a random comment on our forums. The next thing you know it becomes a major movement where players band together and brainstorm to force Death's hand and bring back the funniest Skeleton who ever existed from the.. um... un-dead-dead? Then comes the T-shirt...

Save Chuckles T-Shirt
We did not have very many made...
Get Yours at Jinx!

BONUS PET: Comes with promo code which unlocks special pet, "The Head of Chuckles!" It cackles maniacally when anyone clicks on it and opens a strange quest that will send you and your friends to see... DEATH!

Unlocks Chuckle's pet and quest


June 10th 11th, 2009
These just came in...
This is getting out of control.
It always seems to start with someone making an off the wall comment on the forums. The next thing you know it becomes a major movement where players band together and brainstorm to force Death's hand and bring back the undead from the.. um... un-dead-dead? Then comes the T-shirt...

Yup! The T-Shirt was created. The few we had produced will be available tomorrow... and if you get one, it will unlock the in-game "Skull of Chuckles". Yes, it does the laugh whenever anyone clicks on it, "Eeeehheheheheheeeeeeee" and it also starts a quest which will take you and your friends to... DEATH.

Game Engine Upgrade!
Zhoom just released a new version of the game engine. While there are many cool updates in there, my favorite is now...

Space bar makes you jump!
Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop!

The Book of Lore
Cysero is a HUGE fan of Achievements & Badges. Right now he is helping re-structure the Book of Lore to show and display achievements for you. We could use some help coming up with achievements... want to help?

Forum Question: Your mission, if you choose to accept it... come up with achievements that you and your players can do in the game as it is now! Official Forum Post

June 10th, 2009
Happy Birthday DragonFable!
A special week for DragonLords
THREE* fire elementals blaze upon sticks mounted on the eternal Dragon shaped cake. Before we unleash the wind elemental to blow them out to celebrate this amazing day...I would like to shine a light elemental's spotlight on the incredible DragonFable team: Cysero, Geopetal, Rolith, Ghost, Alac, and Tomix. Their hard work, humor & crazy creativity have made DF the huge milk-shooting-out-of-nose success that we all love. It has a VERY special place in my heart. (...and not just because ArchKnight has been rebuilt and is being completed in DF -- if you are not up to date, the blonde girl has been fixed but is now shoots fire balls out of her mouth when she tries to speak, lol.)

* Bad time travel faeries, bad!

Most important of all, this is a special day for the DF players. Through their ideas, support and monster-slaying they have helped created a game so awesome and unique that is heavy competition even for the AQWorlds MMO! Congratulations and happy Birthday DragonFable!

<Wooooooosh.... wind elemental gust.... the candles become blown out and then the room falls to complete darkness.>

<Whispering> Cysero and Geo slipped me the secret that the DragonLords are in for a treat as their Baby Dragons are about to grow in size.

<That was like the sound the dark thing from Lost makes>

Hey, did someone let a Darkness Elemental out again? AHHHHHHHHH!

Cell Phone / SMS Payments
Just added: E.T. Phone home... for A.C.?
It is now possible to get AdventureCoins or a 1 Month upgrade using your cell phone. We know a lot of players have been asking for this for a long time -- thanks to Captain Rhubarb for getting it to work yesterday! You can use your cell phone to pay as one of the options when you go through the upgrade process.

Sneevils Winning?
The unexpected is about to happen....
The town of Battleon has been attacked by Dragons, the Undead, armies of Horks**. We have beaten them back effortlessly. So... how is it possible the Sneevils are about to take our town!?

** Contrary to popular belief, and in-game cannon, the correct spelling is indeed Hork. Half orc, half pork! The other.. other... white meat.

AQW Art Suggestion Forum
Miltonius wants you!
Check out our new official forums made especially for your creative side. It is being headed up by Moderator Cubal (He is awesome). Miltonius put in a special request for this forum area to be built for you -- so expect to see him there!

J6's Sculpture Present
What do you say to a gift like this?
J6 flew in late last night. When I met him and his girlfriend for dinner last night they handed me a box covered with rainbow ponies. They chuckled as I inquisitively started unwrapping it and found a shoe box. I said, "Knowing you, this is not a pair of shoes... is it?" His girlfriend started smiling big as J6 remained stoic (as he always is.) I opened the box....


Artix Statue
J6's Gift Sculpture of Artix from AdventureQuest
My ego is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO huge now!
No worries.. here comes Cysero with a pin. (POP!)

When did J6 have the time to make this? I do not know how to express how shocked and honored I was when seeing this. I was literally... stunned. What makes this even more fascinating is what he spent 30 hours carving it with... If you guessed, D.) A Lobster pick, you are correct! (Yes, a lobster pick... which is, um, normally used for eating a lobster.) The photo does not do it justice. The detail and quality is unbelievable. J6 is an incredible artist and an amazing friend. I have no idea how to ever thank him for this...

This week in AQWorlds
How are your sleuthing skills? Calling all gum shoes! This weekend we have the ultimate whodunnit mystery challenge for you.... it will take place in the biggest map we have ever made! Meanwhile Zhoom updated the database yesterday to support Daily Quests and more customizability. (Sorry we broke the game for 30 minutes -- all better now though!) Minimal is still working hard on stats and the new combat flow. While J6 is here at the lab, we want to focus on Housing/Castles and the world map. Finally, as you know, the Save Chuckles movement has been growing in power. With so many players and staff behind it is only a matter of time before we can convince Death to break the rules of the universe and bring Chuckles back... from the undead dead!

Save Chuckles

Then there are the rumors Quibble was spreading about the 2nd Lord of Chaos this weekend... were they true?

June 5th, 2009
Release Day!
Quibble Coinbiter Returns
... and 6 MILLION sneevils followed him wanting that shiny Treasure Box of his. In addition to new, never-before-seen used items, there is also a giant war! (Just want until you see the unbelievable boss creation)

Some of the new armors released!

  • Golden Centurion Armor
  • Golden Centurion ShieldedArmor
  • Golden Centurion Sword
  • Golden Centurion Helm
  • Golden Centurion Commander Helm
  • Chaos Symbiote Armor
  • Red and Gold Centurion Cape
  • Toga
Cysero took over the Member's Club House!
We are pretty sure his mistook the "C" of clubhouse to mean Cysero! That is right... the Mad Weaponsmith has taken control of the Member's Club House... <gulps> ... and here is what he has done!

The Riddle Room

  • A magical moglinberry explosion room
    (aka the Yogurt room: Unexpected things happen non-stop in here)
  • The Riddle Room
    Answer questions from the Riddlelord Statue and if you get it right you will fight the Riddlelord's Golem with a small percent chance of dropping the Cysero Defender's weapons! (An Early Celebration of the founders of Cysero's defenders! -- which is actually on the 22nd)
  • Alchemy Potion Fight Room
    you are free to use as many potions as you would like. Have fun.. make your friends different colors.
  • Portal Room
    A portal that takes you the dark and scary place inhabited by dread spiders with crazy drops
  • The SEEEECRET PASSAGE! (Awesome)
    It is located... somewhere... in the house.... if you can find it it goes to a secret room where there is a circle of summoning stones from which random monsters are being pulled from all over Lore and dropped into the room.

Riddle Lord's Golem

Potion fight room.... note the button.

New AC Items for Battle Bar Users
Miltonius created some specially priced (10 to 25 AC) items to reward all of the Battle Bar users. These include items like the Fox tail and color customizable capes! You can find them in the "NEW SHOP" along side a selection of other new items including...

At the very kind request of Ai No Miko and Beleen, a selection of girl-only dresses have been created. Do not worry guys -- we have some killer threads coming our way next week. We will be adding them permanently to the Tailor shops that are scheduled for Swordhaven and Shadowfall.


Book of Lore Update

Check your Book of Lore! It has been updated to include all of the quests form the Intro, Swordhaven, Shadowfall and Chiral Valley chains.

Color Customization
Brand new functionality! In room 42 at the top of Yulgar's inn, you can customize your hair style and hair/skin/eye color. Now you can customize your armor, trim and accessory color on select items as well! Only items specifically designed to use this feature will change colors. This includes some of the new capes released today and... oh yes... Guardian Armor! I was just informed by Miltonius that he will add the feature to DragonLord and Star Captain for next week.

Other Things & Next Week!
J6 is flying to the secret underground lab on Monday. This is a really exciting time because we have an outline for the the next year and half of zones, quests, classes and features. While he is here we will be finishing the who-dunnit quest originally scheduled for this week, working on the new map, and player housing! (Zhoom says he is just about ready.) Also Minimal has been hard at work on Stats. We are getting closer every day to opening up a test server to let you test the new stats system. Once stats are done we will begin building full new classes again! Time is an exciting time.. thank you for being a part of of it -- BATTLE ON!

Story Time
Story Time: Trini vs Galanoth in a Dare
Galanoth, Rolith, Trini and myself were at a Japanese Hibachi place recently. We sat at the huge C shaped table around a super hot giant metal grill. While we were waiting for the chef to come out and dangerously flip around knives and food to entertain us, Galanoth jokingly tried to get Trini to grill a piece of her sushi. It would be absurd because sushi is supposed to be raw so grilling it defeats the whole point! Sure enough the joke escalated into a dare to ask the chef to grill her sushi with a straight face. Then it turned into a high stakes wager. If Trini could act completely dead-pan serious and convince the Hibachi chef to grill her sushi, Galanoth promised to make her an NPC in his new spin-off game, Warp Force. But if she so much as cracked a smile she would lose... dunn, dunn dunn....

Introducing Trini's Warp Force NPC! She is an expert fishergirl who fishes for creatures that fly around the rings of the gas giant Saturn-like planet. (Who wants grilled Saturn Alien Sushi?)

P.S. She made Galanoth eat the grilled Sushi and the chef had a good laugh. We all had a great time.
June 4rth-ist, 2009
Quibble Coinbiter
The Traveling Sales Moglin Returns
Now that I think of it... the last time we saw Quibble was right before the 1st Chaos Lord appeared. He knew a little too much about what was going to happen. Then after a weekend of peddling his NEVER BEFORE SEEN used weapons*. I wonder if he will know anything about the next Lord of Chaos? Villagers have spotted Quibble Coinbiter walking towards the town of Battleon dragging a huge chest. What weapons and items could be in there? He should arrive tomorrow!

* Yes, you read that right. Thanks to a slightly corrupt Time Travel Fairy, Quibble sells used items that had been released waaaaay in the future. It hurts our brains just thinking about it. Some bounty hunters are chasing Quibble for just this reason.

P.S. Save Chuckles!

Sneak peak from various parts of the release! Woah........

June 3rd, 2008 2009 (Silly Time Travel Faeries) Twitter
Oh no.... what am I doing?
Help! Found... Twitter. Cannot... stop.... writing.... about every little, insignificant, secret or embarrasing thing I am working on.... it is like... high... speed... design notes... productivity.... failing.......

Rolith: "Oh no! Not Twitter."
Reens: "Quick and easy DNs that I don't proofread :D"
Cysero: Cysero is now Following Artix... as usual.

OMG! 55,000 Battle Bars!?
Thank you, thank you and a special reward
We got an excited message from FreeCause saying that 25 of the AQWorlds Toolbars had been installed. As you can imagine, we were confused and very disspointed. Why would they be happy about 25 toolbars? That means after all the hard work, no one was using it. Then we got a message that 55 toolbars had been installed over the weekend. And our response was, "...oh." They said, "Wait, you are NOT excited about 55 THOUSAND toolbars being installed by your elite players?" <blink> <blink> THOUSAND!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

To thank you for using the AQWorlds Battle Bar we:

  1. Increased the amount of AdventureCoins you can get per day
  2. We are going to release some special 15 to 20 AdventureCoin items in this shop this week. per day!
  3. Fixed the bugs you found!
    If you were having a problem with the toolbar it should be working now. There was an issue with players who had spaces in their names that is now fixed.

Forum Question: What new items can we make for you that would fit in the 15 to 25ac range be?

Book of Lore & Stats Update
Also: Dresses, Murder Mysteries, and ~52 zones
Lussion is almost done with the changes to the Book of Lore. I would like to release it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, J6 & Beleen are working on this weeks very "CLUE" inspired release which will feature AQworlds largest map. This release is being pushed back another week because we keep making it even cooler (and more complex). Instead, Cysero is working a surprise release.

Whodunnit!? A mystery of mysterious proportions!

The team members here in the secret underground lab without a Y-chromosome (Pssst. That is the girls) have begged Miltonius to create a selection of dresses to wear. I just saw them.. WOW! So a tailor shop will be opening (or... we will make tailor class which opens a shop to sell them. Like the bunny.) You are getting a tripple long post today because yesterday Cysero, Safiria, Zazul, Beleen, Ai no Miko, everyone who contributed to the world panning forum post, and myself mapped out the next ~52 zones in AdventureQuest worlds. Our future holds dragon filled mountains, haunted forests, deserts plagued with an ancient curse... dungeons, labyrinths, battle areas, treasure filled islands in the middle of cyborg werewolf pirate infested waters... (I know, this just keeps gettting better.)... crypts, towers of high sorcery, fiery volcanos, an ice palace, the depths of the underworld, and much, much more. The best part is... this is just an outline. We can fill in the details and build it side by side as we go to each new monster and quest filled area. I hope you are as excited as I am. Battle on!

June 1st, 2009
Rolith goes to E3
The Electronic Entertainment Expo
Our very own code berserker, Rolith, is currently attending E3. It has always been a dream of Rolith's to go, so we are really happy to send him... so, as you read this he is wandering aimlessly and drooling over all the new goodies that are coming out. He promised to take lots of pictures for us -- more on this later!

Happy Anniversy to Alpha Testers!
Many games might not celebrate the anniversary of their Alpha launch. But it was a special* time for us with so many great memories. There is something about the Alpha/Beta experience that just cannot be duplicated**. That is, unless we do something new... and we will.... in fact, after Stats & Housing are live***, we will start preparing the AQWorlds PvP Alpha! That is something we are all looking forward too! Meanwhile, this week's release is going to be our largest map in AQWorlds featuring a very different quest chain that we know you will enjoy!

* Special = Crashes, Servers catching on Fire, the name, "Captain Rhubarb"
** Because the files got corrupted and could not be copied.
*** We are closer than you think; and further than we think!

P.S. Save Chuckles!


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