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Preview Maker

December 17, 2014

Cryomancer Class Preview

Legends: give us your feedback on the skill lineup!

Hey, Legends! Want to help us create the new Cryomancer Class? Now's your chance! Talk to Ragnar in Battleon and grab the CryoMancer Temp Class, then run around and battle your opponents brains out to see if you like the skills we've got on it!

If you do, fantastic! If you don't, let us know why, and what you'd like to see changed. Not balanced? Suggest buffs or nerfs! This is your chance to have a permanent impact on one of our classes in development.

You can grab the temp version of the class for 0 gold now*, or get your gloves on a permanent version for 2000 ACs. The Dark version of the Cryomancer gear is a Legend-only exclusive, too!

Cryomancer holiday class test in a free fantasy mmoAQWorlds hero Holiday and crew take Cryomancer Class for a test-battle


  • Wizard and warrior enhancements appear to be particularly useful.
  • Using the class properly, you're able to survive almost forever. The mana costs are high to compensate. It is incredibly survivable. If you alternate between the heal and haste debuff, you can last for a long, LONG time.
  • This class definitely requires strategic management of your mana, but you should be able to take out lower-end mobs pretty well.
  • We may be lowering the mana cost on shatter and flashfreeze or buffing damage.
  • Freeze and Frozen Tears will not be buffed. May need to be nerfed depending on feedback.
  • Update: we just buffed the damage of FrostFreeze when you use the special effect and reduced mana cost by 5.

*The temp class will turn into an exclusive Mini-Cryomancer pet once testing is over as our way of saying "thanks" for testing!

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Frostval Maker

December 16, 2014

The Queen of Monsters' Frostval

The World Breaks as the Ancients Return!

After the Champion of Chaos let the Queen of Monsters loose, refugees from across the world flee to a new continent as the land grows colder and winter storms rage. Fight alongside Syrrus the Astromancer at the shattered Tower of Winds. Build a planetary gate that will allow a mysterious warrior mage's army to journey across spacetime and add their blades to the battle!

The WorldBreaker Rises as twilight falls across the world.

Journey to a NEW continent to begin the introdution to our new storyline, "Ancient Evils," as the Queen of Monsters gathers strength and begins to build the army she'll use to conquer our world! With 35 quests to complete, new lands to explore, and 7 elemental starstones to locate, you've got more do than just save our winter holiday... 

Quibble Coinbiter returns Friday!

Past, present, and future Frostval items freeze the insides of Quibble Coinbiter's pack... and YOUR inventory! AQWorlds' very own time-traveling sales moglin arrives in Battleon this Friday, December 19th, with gear from across space AND time! But he won't be there long, so you'll want to dig through his chest of never-before-seen-slightly-used items and rares while you can!

FrostSpawn Warrior and AstroMancer armor!

Announcing the Coolest Class: CryoMancer!

Just in time for snowstorms, blizzards, and BIG boss battles, we've got the CryoMancer Class arriving this Friday! You can get your winter gloves on this supercool class for 2000 AdventureCoins or through farming for tokens from a Daily Quest. (Members will be able to earn tokens twice as fast!)

  • Cryomancer Class (Earned version, 84 Glacera Tokens)
  • Cryomancer Class (AC version, 2000 ACs)

Cryomancer Class Armor

Once the CryoMancer Class releases, speak to Syrrus Terminer in the Tower of Winds OR talk to Quibble in Battleon! Both will have daily quests that rewards you with Glacera Tokens when you complete them. Non-members can earn up to 14 a week but there is a special Member version of the quest that will reward Members with up to 21 Tokens per week.

MEMBERS: You will only be able to do ONE of the quests per day. MAKE SURE YOU DO THE MEMBER VERSION!

As always there will be an AC version of the class for those who don't have the time to invest in earning the class for free.

Frostval Limited Quantity Packages Next Tuesday!

Starting next Tuesday, December 23rd at 10:30 AM EST, our Frostval Limited Quantity Packages will go on sale! There are a limited number of packages, so if you want to snag these ice-cold collectibles to boost your rare collector rep, read on to see what's coming!

  • Dage's holiday armor set and quest (concept art pictured above) 
  • J6's Ice Fortress house (with daily quest treasure chest)
  • A holiday Nulgath-themed Battle Pet (available to anyone who has EVER purchased a membership)
  • and the IceMaster Yeti pet and quest (for all players)

Keep an eye on the Design Notes for more art previews, quantites, and a restock schedule!

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Gift Maker

December 19, 2014

12 Days of Frostval Gifts: Day 7

On the 7th Day of Frostval, Tinsel Gives to You...

... J6's Ice-Ten Blaster Gun! Log in every day from now until Christmas Eve and talk to Tinsel in Battleon to get a FREE GIFT! All you need to do is accept her daily quest, then turn it in to get a free boost, treasure chest key, or item!

Free christmas presents in a fantasy mmo rpg game

Today's gift is: J6's Ice-Ten Blaster Gun

Frostval Gift Calendar

Don't miss the AQW team's Frostval gift to you! The free present will change each day:

  • Friday, Dec 19: J6's IceTen Space Blaster
  • Saturday, Dec 20: Dual IceTen Space Blasters
  • Sunday, Dec 21: J6's IceTen Space Helmet
  • Monday, Dec 22: Levitating Space Helmet Pet
  • Tuesday, Dec 23: J6's IceTen Space Armor
  • Wednesday, Dec 24: 4 1 Hr Boosts: 1 XP, 1 Rep, 1 Gold, 1 CP

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December 12, 2014

Break Bones, Get Presents

Destroy the Frostval Fiend to Unlock Treasure

From Travelers leaving the Frozen Wastes come rumors of a vast treasure, waiting for those strong enough to take it. But, say the travelers, no one who has set out to claim it has ever returned… and no sign of them has been found. Is the treasure so grand, the luxury so rich, that they never wish to leave? Or is something darker, deadlier, lying in wait at the heart of the hoard?

Will YOU survive the hunt?

The Bonebreaker Adventure Badge is LIVE!

This week, we're introducing a new type of upgrade package: the BoneBreaker ADVENTURE package! I REALLY love this idea, because instead of just getting an armor set when you upgrade, you unlock an entire zone with a full map, quest chain, boss battles, merge shop, and monster drops! 

Bonebreaker Adventure Pack Expansion MMO RPG AQWorldsSee all the details in this post.

Starting tonight, find the upgrade package available on our website, portal site, and in-game! When you get the BoneBreaker package for $34.95 USD, immediately unlock: 

  • A full map zone in /bonebreak
  • A new boss, quest chain, and a daily farming quest
  • Boss Drops and a merge shop full of gear
  • 3 armor sets, weapons, and helms
  • 3 months of membership
  • And 2000 AdventureCoins!

Beleen's Birthday Gear is Here

Beleen's birthday is tomorrow, and we've created a bevy of bright rose and pink gifts! It's like Christmas came two weeks early! We let her unwrap her presents early… in front of YOU on YouTube... but YOU can log in now to get your very own!

subscribe to video game channel Artix Entertainment for Adventure Quest Worlds videos

Subscribe to the Artix Entertainment YouTube channel and then /equip all the new in-game items now in-game in Beleen’s Birthday Shop. 

Click here to read more!

SO MUCH MORE in AQWorlds this month!

The Tundra Stalker Limited Time Shop is ALSO in the game menu and is full of really cool (heh) free-player gear! NEXT week, the WorldBreaker Rising: Return of the Ancients event begins as we introduce the new main storyline!


PS: The FallenFire Raffle contest winners were chosen last week, and their giftbox rewards were added straight into their inventory. Congratulations, winners! Those giftboxes will open next week!

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December 12, 2014

Flame Dragon Warrior Class


Hi all! Asuka here (Usually you're reading posts from me, TODAY IT'S WRITING ONE) and today we'll be learning the brand new class for AQ:Dragon Founders, the Flame Dragon Warrior, the Class you can unlock when you become a Founder in our newest mobile game, AdventureQuest: Dragons! .

Founder comes with 200 Dragon Keys which you can use to unlock new dragon eggs to hatch and buy some upper tier powers, or even buy gems for your dragon to buy more upgrades and increase its power! (You can also earn keys by completing dragons and watching daily sponsored videos but that's much slower). 

BONUS: We are already planning an expansion to the game which will include leaderboards and a new dragon! 

What is the Flame Dragon Warrior Class?

The Flame Dragon Warrior is a VERY powerful class designed for people who become a founder at AE's new game, AQ:Dragons. The skillset is extremely useful for either boss fights (like taking down dragons), pvp (slaying DragonSlayers) or just everyday use farming (in the Dragon's Lair) .


You can unlock the Class when you get the founder package in AQ:Dragons. The Class comes with an armor, sword, spear, dragon help, epic cape, wings and a special character page badge.

Sit back, relax and lets have a good read.

Flame Dragon Warrior Class Skills

Auto Attack: Pretty basic. 2 second cooldown.
You need to be able to swing around your weapon somehow.

Fire Dragon's Roar: 10 Mana, 4 second cooldown
Blast 3 targets with flame to deal fire damage.
Builds stacks of Dragon's Roar which affects other abilities.

This is the ability you want to keep stacked. Stacking this ability will allow you other skills (Which we will go over) an extra kick to them

Burn Of Akriloth: 25 Mana, 15 second cooldown
Akriloth grants you the power to do a 400% DoT for 10 seconds, with a 25% chance to stun your opponents for 6 seconds with Smothering Smoke, Stacks of Dragon's Roar increase damage.

Yes, all those words and numbers are correct. You can get an extremely high DoT AND do a pretty nifty amount of damage too and even a good chance for stuns. This skill is really good for beating down something (or someone) really quick without hassle. 
Note: The DoT CAN be applied even without stacks of Dragon's Roar, BUT YOU WILL NEED THE STACKS if you wish to do damage as well.

Dragon Strength: 20 Mana, 12 second cooldown
A Moderate Damage Skill.  Applies Ablaze which increases Strength by 25% for 8 seconds. If stacks of Dragon's Roar are present, removes all stacks of Dragon's Roar and applies Extra Defense which reduces all damage taken by 40% for 15 seconds.

Feeling a tad too squishy? Want to buff yourself up like a (small) tank? With stacks of Dragon's Roar, your defense power grows AS WELL as your strength! It's a GREAT thing if you want to survive a few more hits and make sure you can take your opponant down. Goes great with a healer.

Fire Dragon's Scales & Dragon's BloodRank 4 Passives

The magic of dragon scales gives you 30% spell resistance.
The power of dragons blood gives you 30% endurance increase

Neat little passives. Helps you survive more. Not much to say about it.

Burning Rage: 30 Mana, 15 second cooldown

DESTROY with the power of your rage and damage! Also applies a 350% DoT over 8 seconds.
Double the DoTs, double the fun! The fun WILL be doubled with this skill! This is your boomshot, the skill you *wisely* use as you don't wanna waste your mana compltely (I'm bad with mana at times...) Anyways, as well as getting a decent strike off, you also get another DoT just to be more of a bother. Works quite nicely with Dragon's Strength. 

Rank 10 Passive: Dragon's Burn
Increases your DoTs by 30%

Do you like your DoTs? Of course you do. Do you want to make them even better? OF COURSE YOU DO! Similar to Dragon Shinobi's Rank 10 passive, Dragon's Burn will give your DoTs even BIGGER damage ranges! it's a PERMANENT increase!

Overall, you can survive pretty well with the class. Your power can be used for high damage and DoT or tank it out, taking hits from everything that decides to come your way. Do let us know what you think too! Anywho, Asuka out!

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December 11, 2014

It's Almost Beleen's Birthday

And Beleen's Birthday mean PINK PRESENTS!

I've known Beleen, AE's Senior Writer, for years, and she is one of the most genuinely positive and kind people I've ever met. If you've seen her tweet even ONCE, you know she LOVES the color pink, and I've come to learn that love isn't just a color, it's a frame of mind and lifestyle. It's <3. This weekend is her birthday; real lfe level up, DING! 

If you haven't seen Beleen open her in-game AQWorlds presents from the team, you can watch it here! But a few more just arrived, and she hasn't seen them yet (/cheer!), but we are going to show them to YOU now!

Hey Beleen... SURPRISE!!! 

In addition to the Pink Pomeranian Battle Pet, Chibi Beleen on your Back cape, and Beloon pet, we're alsoreleasing the Burning Love Class for 2000 ACs*, the Pink Eternal Flame of Love, and the Bright Pink Flame capes!

Buying the Class will ALSO unlock an armor version, which will be added to the game once Beleen's birthday shop goes rare for the year.

Make sure you wish AQW's pinkest dev a VERY happy birthday on her Twitter account!

PS: I made a desktop background version of the Pink Pomeranian IN SPACE!!! house painting because I <3 it so much. If you want it, too, head to this link and right-click to set as YOUR desktop background!

* The Burning Love Class is based on the Pyromancer Class, and will have the same skills with different names. 

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December 11, 2014

BoneBreaker Adventure Update

Unlocks the Zone, Gear, Membership, and ACs!

We're excited to introduce the BoneBreaker adventure package expansion tomorrow, December 11th! When you purchase the adventure package, you'll immediately unlock the BoneBreaker armor and 4 helms in your Book of Lore, plus the Bonebreaker Fortress Map item which will grant you access to the exclusive battle zone in DeadMaw Woods! 

Unlock the adventure and reap the rewards!

This is a new type of upgrade package available on our website, portal site, and in-game, and we are REALLY excited about it! Starting tomorrow, when you get the BoneBreaker package for $34.95 USD, you'll immediately and permanently unlock the exclusive:

  • The Bonebreaker Berserker armor 
  • BoneBreaker Torso and Locks Helm 
  • BoneBreaker Torso Helm
  • Maw of Heroine Mashing Helm  
  • Maw of Hero Mashing 
  • The BoneBreaker Fortress map
  • A character page badge

The BoneBreaker Fortress map gives you access to:

  • A full map zone in /bonebreakfortress
  • 6 new quests
  • An exclusive daily quest with guaranteed rewards once you complete the quest chain
  • A new boss monster, minion monsters, and their reward drops
  • A new Merge Shop 
  • 3 months of membership
  • And 2000 AdventureCoins!

Legends with active memberships can also access the zone, quests, merge shop, and monster drops, but will not unlock the exclusive shop, gear, or quests.

How to Unlock the BoneBreaker Package?

  1. Buy the BoneBreaker package in-game, on our website, or through the Portal site
  2. Get the “Bonebreaker Fortress Map” item in BoL Badge Shop
  3. /join Bonebreak (if you do not have the item in your inventory, you cannot join map)
  4. Talk to Shara Kinrunner in /bonebreak to begin the adventure!

Exclusive BoneBreaker Daily Quest

There is a TON of things for you to quest for in this release! If you buy the Bonebreaker Advenure Package and complete the storyline, you'll unlock the Break Into the Hoard daily quest, which comes with the following rewards:

100% chance to get:

  • Bonebreaker Medallion x3 (used in the merge shop)

25% chance to get:

  • 1 of 11 Potent Skill-enhancing potions

10% chance to get:

  • Dual ShatterBone Axes 
  • 1 Hour Class Points Boost
  • 1 Hour Rep Boost
  • 1 Hour Gold Boost
  • 1 Hour XP Boost

1% chance to get:

  • BoneBreaker Poleaxe +10 (Rep)

BoneBreaker Breaks AQW's Animator

You KNOW you're up against a bad villain when he can shatter the fourth wall AND blast through the internet to break the computer he is being built on... at least, that's the story Ghost is sticking to! We wanted to get this release out to everyone on Tuesday, but our lead animator, Ghost, has been battling one thing after another with his computer this week. (Looks like I know what HE needs for Frostval!)

He's just let me know it's about an inch away from being done; to give our testers time to run-through and catch any bugs, we'll release that tomorrow along with our Winter's Heart dungeon crawl and Tundra Hunter Limited Time Shop!

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Preview Maker

December 10, 2014

Building up to a Bright Frostval

Get a Sneak Peek at what's coming next week!

The Design Notes have been quieter than usual this week, because the entire team has been hard at work building the bones of the Frostval release designed to introduce us all to the new main storyline!

We've stolen Thyton to partner with Dage to build the Frostval monsters, and we've loaded up J6, Memet, Laken, Blade, Ghost, and Arklen with art and animation lists that will let you wreck the halls as you deck your opponents!

Read on to see concept art, in progress, and finished art for the coming weeks' releases:

Karok the Fallen concept

Several millennia ago Karok, the Hero of the Battle of IceSpire Peak, was broken after a bitter betrayal forced him to choose between death and dishonor. His spirit was so shattered that rumors say no shred of humanity remains in him. Looking at his FrostSpawn minions... this may well be true. 

Frostspawn Horde Warrior concept

Once a regular human warrior, members of the Frostspawn horde have been twisted into unrecognizably monstrous creatures by the magic of their planet due to the foul nature of their deeds.

Karok the Fallen, mage form, final art

Fueled by a need for vengeance, conquest, and rage, Karok has destroyed his world, and seeks a new world to pillage and plunder. The last whispers of the last seer to walk the ice floes of his homeland uttered a single word, though many have no idea what it could mean: "Kezeroth..."

The Horologium Gate after completion

Every 5,000 years, a planetary alignment is possible and, if the gate is properly constructed, a bridge may be formed which can bring us the aid we need to battle the WorldBreaker... but first the Horologium Gate must be built and the Elemental Runestones gathered!

Cryomancer Class concept art

The CryoMancer Class will be available in two weeks, and can be purchased for 2000 Adventure Coins or through farming for tokens from a Daily Quest. (Members will be able to earn tokens twice as fast!)

  • Cryomancer Class (Earned version, 84 Glacera Tokens)
  • Cryomancer Class (AC version, 2000 ACs)

Once the CryoMancer Class releases, speak to Syrrus Terminer in the Tower of Winds. He will have daily quests that will reward you with Glacera Tokens when you complete them. Non-members can earn up to 14 a week but there is a special Member version of the quest that will reward Members with up to 21 Tokens per week.

MEMBERS: You will only be able to do ONE of the quests per day. MAKE SURE YOU DO THE MEMBER VERSION!

As always there will be an AC version of the class in Syrrus and Quibble's Frostval shops for those who don't have the time to invest in earning the class for free.

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Merry Maker

December 05, 2014

Tis the Season To Be Slaying!

Frostval Begins as All Our Seasonal Events Return!

Journey to Frostvale to battle through AQW's coolest holiday events now as all of our previous years' Frostval events return! Save Frostvale, stop the Ice Symbiote infection, watch a young Empress Gravelyn experience her first Frostval, take down the ancient Questzal beast and get WAY TOO MANY presents! 

/Join Frostval to begin battling the most coldhearted villains in Lore! Quest through the following areas to save the Spirit of Frostval, moglins... and the WORLD! Battle through 14 maps, unlock 12 shops and, if you've upgraded your account, /join icerisepast to see what life in the Keep was like just before Kezeroth arose!

The Bonebreaker Adventure Badge is LIVE!

This week, we're introducing a new type of upgrade package: the BoneBreaker ADVENTURE package! I REALLY love this idea, because instead of just getting an armor set when you upgrade, you unlock an entire zone with a full map, quest chain, boss battles, merge shop, and monster drops! 

See all the details in this post.

Starting tonight, find the upgrade package available on our website, portal site, and in-game! When you get the BoneBreaker package for $34.95 USD, you'll immediately unlock:

  • The Bonebreaker Outcast armor 
  • The BoneBreaker Fortress map
  • A character page badge

Next week, you'll unlock:

  • A full map zone in /bonebreak
  • A new boss and minions
  • A quest chain to take Braddok BoneBreaker DOWN
  • Boss Drops and a merge shop
  • 2+ armor sets
  • A farming quest that will reward 1 of 15 potions or game boosts plus merge shop resources
  • 3 months of membership
  • And 2000 AdventureCoins!

In addition, ANYONE with an ACTIVE membership will be able to join you in the map (so if you've got friends who are Legends but don't get the package, you can still battle alongside them)! 

Frostval 2014 Release Lineup!

Don't miss ANYTHING, because we've got a month of holiday awesomeness to thrill and chill you!

  • 12/12: Winter’s Heart dungeon
  • 12/12: Tundra Hunter Limited Time Shop and Beleen's Birthday
  • 12/12: J6's birthday gear leaves!
  • 12/19: Part 1 of our NEW Frostval/Main storyline release
  • 12/19: Quibble Coinbiter returns with his holiday shop
  • 12/23: New Frostval release, Part 2 and Cryomancer Class!
  • 12/26: 72 hour Frostval rare drop + 2x ALL BOOSTS 
  • 12/30: Part 3 of our Frostval release/New Years' event
  • 1/2: 72 hour FNew Year's rare drop + 2x ALL BOOSTS 

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December 03, 2014

The LoreMasters Warn...

Heroes of Lore, Prepare! The Horde is Coming

Our wisest Loremasters have intercepted a message from beyond, and what they have learned will chill your bones and freeze your blood...

Far off, in the deepest reaches of space lies a dead planet, frozen beyond all recognition from the rich world it once was. And the creature (you might have called him a man, once) who rules there is a heartless, ruthless being. So vastly different from what he once was.

Karok the Fallen concept art

He wields a magic we have seen on this world only a few times, and rules with an iron fist and a blade forged from the weeping wounds of his enemies. He is Karok the Fallen, and his gaze has turned to our world.

We must learn more about who he is, what he wants, and what his plans are as soon as possible! If we do not prepare, we cannot combat the destruction he will bring! This Frostval...

The Horde. Is. Coming.

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Adventure Maker

December 03, 2014

BoneBreaker Adventure Pack

Unlocks the Zone, Gear, Membership, and ACs!

We're excited to introduce the BoneBreaker adventure package upgrade starting tomorrow, December 5th, at 3 PM EST! Immediately unlock the BoneBreaker Outcast armor in your Book of Lore, then next week, you'll begin the adventure to take down Braddok BoneBreaker deep in the heart of the DeadMaw Woods! 

Unlock the adventure and reap the rewards!

This is a new type of upgrade package available on our website, portal site, and in-game, and we are REALLY excited about it! When you get the BoneBreaker package for $34.95 USD, you'll immediately unlock:

  • The Bonebreaker Outcast armor 
  • The BoneBreaker Fortress map
  • A character page badge

Next week, you'll be able to access:

  • A full map zone in /bonebreakfortress
  • A new boss by Dage the Evil and his minion monsters
  • A quest chain to get Braddok BoneBreaker DOWN
  • 2 armor sets (the BoneBreaker and Minion armors)
  • Boss Drops and a merge shop
  • A farming quest that will reward 1 of 15 potions or game boosts plus merge shop resources
  • 3 months of membership*
  • And 2000 AdventureCoins!

*Plus all the usual member perks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why an expansion package instead of a normal upgrade set?

We had a ton of players excited for Dage's new Bonebreaker Berserker set, and so were we! But rather than just attach the armor set to a 3 month membership package, we wanted to do more with the character and give you more value for the money you'd be spending.

Can I access this if I have an active membership but don't buy the package?

YES! To access the /bonebreak map, you'll need to buy the package OR have an active membership. The achievement badge is exclusive to those who buy the package. (If you buy the package, you can access the map at any time, even if you do not have an active membership.)

Will this be part of the main story?

The quest chain and boss battles are all optional side content and will not feature in the main story, but you'll get to battle a massive boss (seriously, this guy's beefy!) and reap the rewards of your victory! If you defeat him, you'll unlock a quest to plunder his hoard to unlock additional prizes!

How long will the package be available?

The Bonebreaker expansion package, unlike our other upgrade sets, is not planned as a limited time offer.  

How to Unlock the BoneBreaker Package?

  1. Buy the BoneBreaker package in-game, on our website, or through the Portal site
  2. Get the “Bonebreaker Fortress Map” item in BoL Badge Shop
  3. /join Bonebreak (if you do not have the item in your inventory, you cannot join map)
  4. Talk to Shara Kinrunner in /bonebreak to begin the adventure!

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December 03, 2014

Frostval is BACK for 2014

Wreck the Halls and Ring the SLAY Bells!

Get ready for the return of AQW's coolest gear (literally!) this Friday as we bring back all of our previous years' Frostval events! Save Frostvale, stop the Ice Symbiote infection, watch a young Empress Gravelyn experience her first Frostval, and get SO MANY presents! 

Last year, one of our Twitter followers, VendettaSoul, sent us this very well-worded (and ominous!) message, and it still applies for this week:

Christmas time is here... Queztal makes you run in fear. Kezeroth, World chaorrupts, my favorite time of year. Lol  

This Friday, battle through all our existing Frostval zones:

  • Alpine Factory
  • Ice Cave
  • Snow Globe
  • Snow Path
  • Factory
  • Battlefield
  • Ice Cave
  • Ice Rise Keep
  • Ice Volcano
  • Snowy Vale

Legends can access the "Fall of IceRise Keep" storyline by talking to Moraine in /icerisepast to see the effects of Kezeroth's rise shortly before he woke from his ancient slumber!

So cold even the Ice Wolves fled!

New Frostval Event Begins in TWO WEEKS!

Normally, we have a Frostval event which ends in warmth, happiness, and fuzzy hugs. But NOT THIS YEAR! We've gotten a lot of questions about when the new story will begin, what the Last Stone of Battleon will do, etc. Well this month, we've got answers!

The Scythe of Dreams awaits.

We're using the time normally reserved for Frostval to set the stage for 2015 by introducing one of the next main villains. And to face him, you're going to need to travel to the NEW continent! Friday, December 19th, prepare yourself for:

Frostfall Invasion: Rise of the WorldBreaker!

Also coming this week

  • The Frostval Giftboxes arrive next Wednesday!
  • The BoneBreaker expansion package goes on sale Friday! 
  • The alternate Legion Vampire armor set arrives Friday!

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December 01, 2014

Cyber Monday is LIVE

Tech the Halls in AQWorlds!

Log in now and talk to Zorbak to tech the halls and wreck the matrix! Get your gauntlets on our Techtronic Bike and Cyberg Rider gear, CyberFiend and Digital Dragonfire of Nulgath items! 

Additional gear includes:

  • Digital Drakinator pet
  • DuckStick2000* 
  • Trollinator Helm
  • LEDDragonblade of Nulgath
  • Techtronic bike and Cyberg Rider armor sets
  • Dragon's Blood Energy Blade
  • and more!

* A 100% drop from "The Assistant" and "Supplies for the Wheel of Chance" quests
** The Cyber Chaos Mage and Green Techtronic Bike will not release as scheduled. 

The Nulgath Generation Lives On

As an homage to the earliest Nulgath fans, you'll be able to purchase the Cyber Fiend for 1500 ACs (or 50,000 gold for Legends) to unlock a quest for the helm, cape, and Cyber Talons!

This is a callback to the quests Nulgath the ArchFiend sent his followers on if they wished to be worthy of his rewards, and introduces an entirely NEW generation of AQW Heroes to the Nulgath Nation!

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Sauce Maker

November 28, 2014

Battle the AbominEATER!

Time to Clean Up After the Feast!

After Dage's Legion attacked Battleon and destroyed the Harvest Feast, YOU have to save what's left(overs)! Take on Goredon Rampage and the AbominEATER and serve up some just desserts!

This feast was to DIE for!

Because the Legion had the higher war meter as of release time, they win their war objective! A permanent recruiting station will be placed in Battleon to bring new Heroes to the Legion and give existing members new quests to do and gear to get!

AQW Hero Vadurr says: NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Boss drops for dessert:

  • Legion Airstrike Pet
  • Legion Cannon Pet
  • Dual Abomineator Axes
  • Double-Headed Abomineator Poleaxe
  • Dual Rampage Katanas
  • Rampage Morph
  • Rampage Morph Locks

Black Friday 2014 Shop Leaves December 8th

Talk to Zorbak in Battleon for the Black Friday 2014 shop FULL of dark and half-off gear, including the Evolved Legion Vampire, Dark Dreadhaven General, and more! The shop leaves December 8th!

Shadow Drakath is always right behind you!

Weekend Updates

  • The Countdown to Black Friday and Fallenfire shops will be added back to Zorbak in Battleon.
  • The Ultra Shadow Vampire Scythe quest will be added back early next week.
  • Cyber Monday begins THIS Monday, December 1st!
  • The FallenFire AND the Black Friday Prize Rush winners will be chosen early next week.

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Thanks Maker

November 27, 2014

Double Boost Power Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving from the AQWorlds Team!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful to have you battling alongside us; without you, we could not make AQWorlds! Have a happy and safe holiday, everyone!  (Or a wonderful regular Thursday, if you aren't in the US.)

As our way of saying thanks and wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday, the DOUBLE REP, CLASS POINTS, GOLD and EXP BOOST for for our Snowy Thanksgiving Power Weekend has been activated!

Feast of Souls War Update!

Zorbak just sent out a message to all servers... and it sounds like HE is having a happy ThanksTAKING!

Zorbak: Mehehehe! Since I stole a huge chunk of your armies for MY undead legion to feast on, I give you DOUBLE XP and REP! Mehehe

Black Friday Begins Tomorrow!

Log in tomorrow morning for the Black Friday shop, and tomorrow night for the Feast of Souls War Boss battles!

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Prize Maker

November 26, 2014

Black Friday 2014 Prize Rush

Log In to AQWorlds on Black Friday to Win!

You like to play AQWorlds, and we like to reward you for playing it! Because Black Friday is a day to have fun running around hunting for extra-special deals, we wanted to do something crazy, too!

So if you log in at ANY point during Black Friday, you'll be entered into the Black Friday prize pool for a chance to win 1 of 100 copies of the exclusive Shadow-themed weapon! The ONLY way to get that gear is to login to AQW. That's all you've got to do!*

Grab your friends and get to battling!

We will hold this same drawing on Cyber Monday, but with a different prize going to 100 different people! Prizes will be awarded next week!

* You only need to log in once to enter, and each account can only be entered once. 

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Slash Maker

November 28, 2014

AQWorlds Black Friday 2014

First Look at the Darkest Gear of the Year!

Head to Battleon today and talk to Zorbak to access the Black Friday shop (or find it in your game menu)! Then celebrate the Harvest Fest by saving your friends and family AND Battleon in our Feast of Souls event! We've got a bankload of items headed your way; before you head off to celebrate, check these beautifully black blades, armors, and accessories out!

Shadow Legion Vampire

The color-customizable Shadow Legion Vampire Armor, helm, and weapons will all be available for AdventureCoins in the Black Friday shop!

If you're a member of the Undead Legion, buy the armor to unlock a shop in your game menu with the Legion exclusive Shadow Legion Vampire (non-color custom)* for a small amount of Legion Tokens!** PLUS on Monday we'll add a daily quest for the ULTRA scythe and its crazy-awesome bonuses!  

  • Shadow SoulWeaver armor
  • Dark Judgement Scythe
  • Dark Dreadhaven General armor set
  • Dark Phoenix Plate
  • Dark Bones armor
  • Dark Blood of Nulgath armor

  • Dark Drakath Pet 
  • Black BattleCorn Pet
  • Dark Derp Dage Pet 
  • Shadow Indian Twig Pet 
  • Shadow Airstrike Pet
  • Dark Sprites Pet
  • The Dark Creature

  • Shadow DragonHead Blade 
  • Dark Dual Arachnotanas 
  • Dark Arachnotana 
  • ShadowFang's Blade
  • Obsidian Blade of Nulgath
  • Shadow Phoenix Blade

Also available for a limited time: the Dark Dual Taro Manslayers from Nulgath's "Combat Style: Taro Manslayers" quest and the Dark Undead Assassin armor and helm in Dage's Undead Legion merge shop!

* For you heroes who LOVE black and blue, this is the way to go if you want to stick with this specific color palette.
** The Evolved Legion Vampire armor cannot be sold until December 9th (24 hours after the Black Friday shop leaves on December 8th). 

New Half-Off Gear for 2014!

EVERYbody loves it when stores take half-off their inventory, so this year we've got a whole host of new we've chopped down! 

Aren't you glad we kept the parts WITH handles?

  • Half-Off Bright Dragon Blade 
  • Prime Blade of Half-Off 
  • Half-Off Light of Destiny
  • Half-Off Chaos Mask 
  • Half-Off Chainsaw Hand

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News Maker

November 26, 2014

Dage Wants YOU

To Join the Undead Legion this Year!

Dage Recruitment War Scrolls are NOW AVAILABLE at Heromart! Dage the Evil wants YOU for the Undead Legion Army! The world is at war and Dage the Evil needs more minions to join him on the frontlines. Enlist today and recruit your friends and followers! Join today and receive the Legion Sergeant Armor set; terrify your enemies as you rack up ruthless victories across the battlefield! 

Dage Legion War Print HeromartProve your loyalty to Legion! 

The Dage Recruitment War Scroll comes with:
  • Legion Sergeant Armor
  • Undead Slasher Axe
  • Undead Legion Banner Cape
  • Legion Recruiter Helm

Hand-siged editions of the war scroll are ALSO available until supplies run out!

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Feast Maker

November 26, 2014

Survive the Feast of souls

Save Battleon from the Undead Legion Attack!

The Harvest Fest has come, and all across Lore, heroes are gathering together. In the Underworld, Dage the Evil is preparing a celebration, too - a Feast of Souls! He's sending some VERY special guests to the Battleon feast, because this is the PERFECT time to gather the ingredients for HIS feast: NEW SOULS!

This feast is to DIE for!

Talk to Dage in Battleon to go to the /feastofsouls map and begin the war to save Battleon! His recruiter is ready to reap the darkest harvest, but if you survive, the rewards will be to die for!

War Objectives!

Dage's motives are VERY simple, and so are yours! After you watch the opening cutscene (and decide whether to taste the appetizer) in /feastofsouls, talk to Twilly to go to your battle map.

AQW Hero Rock lea says: TASTE MY BLADE!

In /harvestslayer:

  • Battle with your fellow heroes to save Battleon, the Harvest Fest, and your soul.
  • Turn in Slayer Medals to raise your war meter

In /harvestzombie:

  • Battle for the Legion to gather new souls for Dage AND add a permanent recruitment outpost in Battleon!
  • Turn in Rage Medals to raise your war meter

The side with the highest war meter by Friday evening will win!

War Rare Gear!

Dage's minions are out in FORCE this weekend, and you're getting a glimpse of some never-before-seen legion warriors! Take a look in the Feast of Souls Rares shop and you'll find...

So. Many. KATANAS!

  • the Abomineator set
  • the Rampage Blademaster set
  • the Legion Bank Guard Bank pet
  • and more!

Once the boss battles unlock this Friday, you'll get access to even MORE gear as you farm for the reward drops!

Update: Zorbak leaned on the "WAR OFF" button to be a little stinker. We've slightly reduced the war total, and turned the war button to ON, and given both sides 5000 waves so they start out on the same footing.

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Dimension Maker

November 25, 2014

AQW3D Tech Demo is LIVE

Legends can log in and chat in 3D NOW!

SURPRISE! The Pre-Thanksgiving tech demo of AQW3D is LIVE at http://www.aq.com/TechDemo for Legends RIGHT NOW! This is a VERY EARLY preview of our first-ever 3D game, and you should check out Cysero's explanation of just what you're looking at in this video!

Three. Dimensions. Of. AQWorlds!

Important Details for our Tech Demo!

Read on, and remember:

  • You must have an active membership to participate in the Tech Demo
  • In this first preview, you can log in, chat, run around, and dance
  • We will leave the demo up for a while unless it breaks horribly* 
  • If you have bugs, please report them on Twitter

* And it might, but that just means you get to experience life as a game tester!)

Come hang out with us!


If you are using Chrome, you need to unblock the Unity3D plugin for it to work.

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Time Maker

November 21, 2014

2015 Dragons Calendar

Unlocks Chrono DragonKnight Class at Heromart!

A brand-new year approaches, and that means a brand-new Calendar has arrived at HeroMart. Last year we created a “poster calendar hybrid” featuring a battle scene of Artix vs the Undead, but this year we’ve returned to the classic “flip calendar” model to showcase even more breathtaking art. In addition to providing A LOT more writing room for each day of the month, every page depicts a different Dragon type, ranging from Slime Dragons to Faerie Dragons to even the 3-Headed Trigoras Dragon.

2015 Dragon CalendarOrder your Calendar now at www.HeroMart.com!

Includes exclusive Chrono DragonKnight Class:

  • Chrono DragonKnight Class
  • Chrono DragonKnight Armor Set
  • Chrono DragonKnight battlepet (Legend-only)
  • Character Page and Book of Lore badges

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    November 21, 2014

    Dragon's Dawn is Live

    Let the Hunt for the First Chosen One Begin!

    It has been foretold: 12 VERY SPECIAL eggs are about to hatch, and one day, the descendants of those dragons will be the most powerful of their kind... but many dangers may befall young creatures in the world of Lore. To the west of the Dragon's Lair lies a cave... and deep inside it lies the hoard of Ektorax the Slime Dragon! 

    The hunt begins tonight!

    We do not know if he is friend or foe, but DragonMaster StoneScythe is sure of ONE thing - no one can tame and raise this dragon better than Lore's most-skilled Hero: YOU! This weekend, battle through /ectocave to find the first egg; save it now so that one day its hatchling and his children may work to create a new realm! 

    Dragon's Hoard of Rewards!

    When you're a DragonMaster, you need to look AND battle the part! That's why once you defeat Ektorax, you can begin a farming for the resources to create the full DragonMaster set... along with all the gear in the merge shop! 

    In the Merge Shop, you'll find: 

    • Slimed Dragon Rogue Armor set
    • Ektorax Pet 
    • Slimed DragonMaster Scythe 
    • Slime Gear (cape, sword, slime helms) 

    You got SLIMED! (Said no hero ever)

    Ektorax drops:

    • Dragon Rogue Armor set 
    • Ichorus Egg (required to merge for the Ektorax Pet)
    • Ichorus Egg Nest house item
    • Ektorakx Slime Pet

    Back to the Dragon's Lair

    The Dragon's Dawn: Hunt for the Chosen Ones release takes us back to one of AQWorlds' most well-known and popular maps: the dragon-themed dungeon crawl in /lair... and our release aims to capture that dragonbattle-ready spirit once more! 

    You can use this area as a farming zone or, if you're more interested in the story, you can accept DragonMaster StoneScythes quests to hunt for the Egg of Ichorus.

    Talk to DragonMaster StoneScythe in /ectocave

    Many of you who've played our single-player RPG, DragonFable, know about DragonLords - heroes who have a deep, psychic bond with their dragon companion thanks to the Dragon Amulet. DragonMasters are KIND OF like that, but without the psychic bond (or amulet). Many of them revere or respect dragonkind. They are not a group just out to abuse and exploit them. (*Cough* DragonMaster FROSTSCYTHE) 

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    Countdown Maker

    November 26, 2014

    Countdown to Black Friday

    Our Thanksgiving Week Item Hunt STARTS NOW!

    Log in every day for a chance to get all-new gear in our Countdown to Black Friday rare bonus weapon hunt! And later today, if you don't have time to farm for the gear, you can talk to Zorbak in Battleon to get regular versions of the items!

    These 0 AC, 1% drop items* will be available in-game as drops and from Zorbak's shop until the Black Friday shop leaves in early December!

    Countdown to Black Friday schedule:

    * Except for the ShadowBlast Flames, which are a 20% drop.

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    Raffle Maker

    November 24, 2014

    Fallen Fire Raffle Shop

    Unlock the Set AND a chance to win Exclusive Gear!

    Starting later today, buy a FallenFire Ticket for 500 AdventureCoins to unlock a shop with the 0 AC FallenFire armor set AND get a chance to win 1 of 350 exclusive prizes from Dage the Evil!

    The raffle winners drawing will be held on Monday, December 1st, 2014, and prizes will be awarded later that week!

    • 50 heroes
      win an exclusive sword by Dage the Evil and 10 million gold each
    • 100 heroes
      win a dual-wield version of the sword and 5 million gold each
    • 200 heroes will win an exclusive cape of the sword and 1 million gold each 

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    Dragon Maker

    November 21, 2014

    Limited Quantity Package Sets

    Our Dragon Limited Quantity Gear is Almost Here!

    Starting today at 9:30 AM server time, head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab one of these draconically-awesome sets! Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

    Sheng Long Guardian

    Price: 1000 ACs 
    Total Quantity: 5000 (Initial stock: 2000, 600 per restock)

    • Sheng Long Guardian
    • Sheng Long's Fang
    • Sheng Long Slasher
    • Sheng Long Mask 
    • Sheng Long Helm
    • Sheng Long Backblades

    Sheng Chi Guardian

    Price: 75,000 gold 
    Total Quantity: 7,500 (Initial stock: 4000, 700 per restock)
    Available for gold to anyone who has ever purchased a membership (even if your upgrade has expired)!

    • Sheng Chi Guardian
    • Sheng Chi's Fang
    • Sheng Chi Slasher
    • Sheng Chi Mask 
    • Sheng Chi Horns 
    • Sheng Chi Backblades

    Dage's Underworld House

    Price: 1500 ACs 
    Total Quantity: 3000 (Initial stock: 1000, 400 per restock)

    See all four rooms here.

    • Dage's Underworld House
    • Dage NPC which teleports you straight to the SoulForge 
    • Dage's Infernal Desolation Blade wall item

    Dragon's Lair House

    Price: 100,000 gold
    Total Quantity: 7,500 (Initial stock: 4000, 700 per restock)
    Available for gold to anyone who has ever purchased a membership (even if your upgrade has expired)! 

    See all five rooms here.

    • Dragon's Lair House
    • Galanoth NPC which teleports you straight to the Red Dragon's Lair
    • Dragon Blade Plaque wall item

    Draconis Pets

    Price: 50,000 gold
    Total Quantity: 30,000 (Initial stock: 15000, 3,000 per restock)

    • Solaria Raptor
    • Shadow Draconis 

    * Available for ALL players!

    What are Limited Quantity Packages?

    A Limited Quantity Package* is a group of items sold together which has a set quantity. Once the gear has sold out, that's it. The total number of packages is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 packages left on the web page counter, that's what we've got left in stock. These items are non-refundable, so once you click the "confirm purchase" button, that set is yours to keep!

    How Do They Work?

    Excellent question! Starting this Friday, November 21st, at 9L30 AM server time, the intial stock of our Limited Quantity Packages will be released. Once they are, you'll need to:

    1. Head to the Limited Quantity Package page** 
    2. Select the package you want to buy
    3. Confirm your purchase
    4. Log into your AQWorlds account
    5. Open your Book of Lore and go to the Other Achievements tab
    6. Find the Package Badge and open the shop to get your gear!

    Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

    Package quantities restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in. Restock times for the Dragon LQP are:

    1. 9:30 AM Friday (initial stock)
    2. 7:30 PM Friday
    3. 5:30 AM Saturday
    4. 3:30 PM Saturday
    5. 1:30 AM Sunday
    6. 11:30 AM Sunday

    ** Link coming soon!

    PS: the housing inventory spaces have been increased to 40!

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