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May 26, 2017

This Weekend: Flamethrower Suit

Our featured set of the week is on FIRE

Our featured set will show all your enemies that YOU are too hot to handle! Blast them with molten pain as you fire off round after round of fiery VICTORY! Find the set in your game news screen and Eremon's Gear shop in /pilgrimage!


The set contains the following items:

  • Flamethrower Suit
  • Flamethrower Gun
  • Flamethrower Open Helm
  • Flamethrower Faceguard
  • Flamethrower Visor
  • Super-charged Flamethrower Gun (spits fire on attack)
  • Flamethrower Tanks cape
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May 24, 2017

June 2017 Event Schedule

Don't miss the hottest releases of the year!

The Queen of Monsters' new saga, the Book of Monsters, heats up our June release schedule as we delve deep into the tale of Kolyaban the Reshaper! Her goal: to break our world down and rebuild it - better, stronger, darker, deadlier!

June 2

  • Book of Monsters: Element of Change
  • June Upgrade bonus gear from Nulgath
  • 15% Gold + XP boost 

June 9

  • Book of Monsters: Kill or Cure?
  • Molten Mayhelm Limited Quantity Set

June 16:

  • Book of Monsters: Blood and Monsters 
  • Event Rares + Father's Day shop

June 23

  • Quibble's Hunt through Time
  • Quibble's Elemental Rares Shop

June 30 

  • Part 1 of our 3-week Summer event... The Lost Princess!
  • 25% Gold, XP, CP, Rep boost
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May 20, 2017

XP Exploit Level Rollback

Heroes level 76 - 85 have been rolled back to 75

Last night's release was HUGELY popular for good reasons... and some not so good reasons. We released a new challenge farming map in /thevoid AND raised the level cap twenty levels, up to level 85. That is the AWESOME news.

The not-so-awesome news is that there were a handful of monsters (and one in particular) with super-high XP rewards (over 42000 in one battle). That made it very easy for some players on the PTR server to level much, much faster than we intended when they added in XP boost item stacking.

This was a situation that needed to get fixed as quickly as possible. Here are the steps we are taking to make things right:

  • Fix the monsters giving out super-high XP rewards DONE
  • Roll the 879 players above level 75 back to 75 DONE
  • Give everyone who logged in since yesterday 12 free one-hour XP boosts DONE
  • Put the 15% xp, cp, gold, rep boost back on DONE

That this exploit went live was on us, completely. When we make mistakes like that, we own up to it and strive to make it right.

The exploit and resolution

Last night, Yorumi and Arklen fixed that issue by making sure all those over-the-top monsters were reset to give reasonable XP rewards.

Based on our calculations, the most XP a player could get legitimately get with the best set-up in this time frame* puts them at around, or possibly a bit higher, than level 75.

As of this posting, we have 879 players who are over level 75. Now that the exploit has been fixed, we are rolling all players at level 76 or higher BACK to level 75.

If you are one of those 879 players, we are not banning your account. Having your level/XP reset is enough of a knockback.

But that's not FAIR! You might be saying. They should get banned!

I understand why you might feel that way. But at AE, in ALMOST ALL cases dealing with exploits that are left in the game, when we make a mistake we do not want to punish players for that oversight.*

I want to share a story from Artix that illustrates why this is:

We do not typically ban when the exploit is our fault. We just roll everyone back.
I remember in this one MMO I played way back in the day, they announced that they were dramatically increasing the price of crafting materials.

So me and a dozen other smart people bought gazzillions of them. Then after the price went up sold them and became rich. The game masters got very upset, taking all the items and gold off our characters.

I felt that was wrong of them and vowed I would never do things like that to our players.

In this situations, the exploit was available, and that was our fault. 

Free 1-Hour XP Boosts+ Server boosts

It is never fun to have an error like this go out to live servers - we never want to roll content live that upsets you guys. When we have problems like this, we work to make it right - striving to get the best, fairest resolution live as quickly as possible.

If you logged into your AQW account/s today or yesterday, we are giving you 12 free 1 hour XP boosts to help you battle! Thank you for your understanding and patience while we correct the balance and XP exploit issues with this weekend's release!

With the glitch fixed, the 15% XP, Rep, Class Points, and Gold boost is now back on!

* Without using any glitches or exploits
** That may not always be the case, but in almost all situations, that is our guiding principle.

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May 18, 2017

Void Challenge Monster Skills

Battle All-New Boss Monsters in The Void!

In addition to a selection of regular monsters in this week's "Void Challenge" map, we have 6 monsters for you that, on the new server,* have unique abilities and animations! If you’re up for a new type of challenge that will put your knowledge of classes and abilities to the test or, you want a challenge that demands coordinated team combat, then make sure to check out this week’s release on the new servers!


Flibbitigibbest (level 25)

Fast Auto Attack, 25% Haste buff that lasts 6 seconds and -40% all damage taken buff that lasts 6 seconds. 

This guy hits fast with decent damage and can buff his speed up even more! Use classes that debuff his haste to take away his one offensive advantage. His defense buff is strong but only lasts 6 seconds. Make sure to wait until it’s gone before hitting him with your high damage abilities and this bugger won’t be tougher than a housefly

Drakonnas (level 40)

Fast Auto Attack, +50% damage buff and +50% crit chance buff both lasting 8 seconds.

Armor up or get your heals out cause Drakonnas is bringing the pain. His electrifying attacks hit hard and crit often so if you can stun him when he’s buffed or negate his crit chance with a debuff, he’ll be nothing more than a regular guy with a funny mask.

Dark Djinni (level 50)

Regular Auto Attack, AoE DoT and +50% Dodge and Damage buff that lasts 8 seconds.

Even against a team, the Dark Djinni won’t go down easy. He has a strong AoE DoT that can crit (like all DoTs and HoTs on the new server!) and his buffs will having you wishing for a nerf. Pick classes that aren’t affected much if their attacks are dodged or classes that have hit chance buffs so you’re not starved for mana.

Xyfrag (level 70)

Weak Auto Attack, +80% Damage Resist aura that lasts 10 seconds and, Regoovenation, a massive Heal Over Time that lasts 6 seconds.

First off, you’ll need a team of the best at Yulgar’s Inn for a chance to take out Xyfrag. He’s the first of the monsters this week that is designed not to be taken out solo. He has a massive heal over time via Regoovenation in addition to his maxed out +80% Damage Resist aura. There is a way to stop his healing though… with the right classes. Luckily, his attacks are weak in general so, with the right team, you should be able to slurp Xyfrag up.

Nightbane (level 80)

Strong Auto Attack, Leech Attack and an AoE debuff that increases your mana costs by 50% for 10 seconds!

So this guy heals and hits hard and locks out high mana cost abilities for up to 3 targets! You’ll need a special blend of classes to get around his mana cost debuff otherwise, you’ll be howling at the moon for mercy.

The Reaper (level 85)

Regular Auto Attack, Stacking DoT that lasts 18 seconds if not restacked and an AoE nuke.

The Reaper is our strongest and final monster for this week’s release. He demands a coordinated team to get around his slowly stacking, massive DoT. You’ll have to juggle aggro and wait for its 18 second duration to wear off or else face imminent demise. His huge AoE nuke keeps your teammates on their toes so no slacking Jimmy!


Arklen's Helpful Hint #1: Pay attention to their buff animations as they’re timed to wear off when the buff does!

Arklen's Helpful Hint #2: If you are not a high level yet, there are other, lower-level monsters in the Void to battle. But taking on these bosses with a group will give you a taste of what's to come!

* You can still play the release on the live servers, but the boss monsters will not have new skills.

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May 16, 2017

Friday: Void Guardian Limited Quantity Sets

Get your gear before the packages disappear!

Starting this Friday, May 19th, at 6:00 PM EST (that's server time, and you can find a server time clock in your in-game options menu) head to our Limited Quantity Sets page to grab some of the darkest gear the Void has ever spawned. Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore and on your character page! 

The LQS will feature the following new sets:

  • Galactic Imperator
  • Void Guardian
  • Amaranthine Void Gear (weapons and pet)

Plus a number of existing sets will return! These sets will be available until they sell out. After that, they'll never be available again! 

Galactic Imperator Set

Galactic Imperators are not always supervillains looking to control the galactic void, but when they ARE... they do all their conquering without leaving their thrones.

  • Galactic Imperator armor
  • Galactic Imperator cape
  • Galactic Imperator helm
  • Void Energy Orb: single + dual wield
  • Floating Micro Galaxy cape

Void Guardian Set

Deep in the heart of the Void live creatures that should NEVER enter our world! It's up to the Void Guardians to ensure our safety. 

  • Void Guardian armor
  • 4 Void Guardian helms
  • Heart of the Void Staff
  • Void's Lace Runestaff
  • Rune of the Void Cloak
  • Void Guardian's Claw: single + dual wield

Amaranthine Void Gear

The Void is its own element, but when combined with just the right amount of starstuff, Amaranthine Ore is formed. Each of the items in this set has been infused with the ore, which gives them their unearthly glow.

  • Amaranthine Void Blade
  • Amaranthine Tri-Spear
  • Void-Dweller Koofu pet

What is a Limited Quantity Set?

The Limited Quantity Sets are just what they sounds like... each set has a certain quantity and once that number has sold out then that's it. The total number of sets is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 items left on the web page, that's what we've got left in stock.

How Do Limited Quantity Sets Work?

  1. Log into a special LQS webpage on (not into the game!) 
  2. Purchase the set using either ACs or gold
  3. Log into AQW and find your set badge in the Book of Lore (no character page badge attached.)
  4. Get all the items in the badge shop for 0 ACs (yay free storage!)

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

Package quantities partially restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in.

Restock times:

  • 6:00 PM Friday, 5/19 First stock!
  • 9:00 AM Saturday, 5/20 (restock)
  • 12:00 PM Sunday, 5/21 (restock)
All times listed are for Eastern U.S. time zone.  That's the same as server time. You can find a timezone converter here so you know exactly when the restocks are in your part of the world!

Limited Quantity Package Badges

We haven't always offered character page badges with our limited quantity packages, but after the successes of the last several LQS's... we are going to offer badges with ALL of the packages listed above! That means if you bought one of the above packages originally, you already have the character page badge automatically!

Isn't this gear rare, though?

Good question! Limited Quantity Sets aren't considered "rare" until they've sold out. (These aren't limite time packages, they are limited quantity packages!) Once they do sell out, then they will never become available again!
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May 26, 2017

This Weekend: Rumors of a Goddess?!

This Friday, begin the 2nd Book of Monsters story

The first Book of Monsters was a hit! Heroes took on Extriki the Destroyer, the first of the Queen of Monsters’ children, after it emerged from a Rift in the Neverglades. Now, Aria has begun sensing a disturbance in Lore’s spirit as troubling (and exciting?!) rumors arise. This weekend, we begin the second Book of Monsters with the story of Kolyaban the Reshaper!

Darkblood Pilgrimage for Truth

Your journey begins with Aria as the two of you travel from the Neverglades Battlecamp to /pilgrimage. Meet Thedra, Eremon, and more , who have traveled to the area in search of Kolyaban, daugher of the Queen of Monsters, and the legendary First Darkblood! Rumors of her appearance filtered back to Thunderforge, and a contingent was sent to discover more information.

Twisted Creatures Sighted

But as with everything in the land around the Neverglades Battlecamp, NOTHING is quite what it seems... and you should never trust ANY of the creatures you meet. Especially not when they look SO strange!

This weekend, in the Darkblood Pilgrimage camp, find the:

  • Spiderwign
  • Ustrix
  • and the remnants of Extriki (?!?!?!)

Is this a hub town?

Good question, faceless EveryPlayer! Short answer: No. Longer answer: The Neverglades Battlecamp is the hub-town for the Book of Monsters. This has a few "function" NPCs like our hub-towns do, but this is a much more story-focused map. 

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May 11, 2017

April Custom Weapon Winner

Congratulations, DeleteQ! 

DeleteQ is the winner of our monthly Custom Weapon raffle! Each month, we will choose one winner from among all the accounts that have upgraded (bought membership or AdventureCoins) in the previous month and work with them to create a custom weapon. 

We'll reach out to DeleteQ via email and through a note in his inventory. If we do not hear back from him by next Friday, we'll choose a new winner for April! 

Will You Do This Again?

Good question! Short answer, yes... at least, we will next month! During the first week of June, we'll choose one person from among a list of people who upgrade in May to get their very own custom weapon (with the option of sharing it with up to 10 friends). Keep an eye on the Design Notes to see if this fun surprise will continue after that!

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May 11, 2017

Underglade and Toxic Scavenger Gear

Find this weekend's featured set in your Game Menu tomorrow!

Deep within the caves under Brightoak Grove lives a humanoid, semi-sentient creature that only comes to the surface during one of the Brightoak Druids quarterly Lunar renewal ceremonies - The Underglade Scavenger. During the latest rite, the poor beast fled in fear, sensing a disturbance in Lore's ley lines. Sadly, it ran into a pool of Extriki's toxin, and was irreparably tainted.

Starting this Friday, find the Underglade Scavenger in the Rift Gear shop for AdventureCoins or gold (for members). All heroes can battle Extriki the Destroyer to unlock the Toxic Scavenger set!

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May 15, 2017

This Friday: Enter the Void

Battleon's Void Challenge Battle Area arrives in AQWorlds!

Long-time fans of the original AdventureQuest will recognize this strange realm and the creatures in it. This Friday, May 19th, talk to Dewlok in Darkovia to enter the Void and take on challenge monsters from our world and beyond - like the Xyfrag, the Reaper, Nightbane, and more!

As long-time players of our games know - when you enter the Void, you never know exactly WHAT you'll be facing!* Talk to The Reaper, walk to the right, and you'll be instantly transported to a battle facing a creature anywhere from levels 15 - 85.*

We're also introducing some classic baddies straight from the original AdventureQuest, including:

  • Xyfrag
  • Nightbane
  • The Reaper
  • Carnax Left and Right arms (will the rest of the beast pierce the veils between worlds in the future? Only time will tell!)
  • Dark Djinn
  • Drakonnas
  • Flibbitigibbest

And if you battle through this week's release on the PTR servers, you'll fight versions of them with unique challenge monster skills! (They will appear as normal monsters on the regular servers.) Find a list of the boss monster skills in this Design Notes post.

All of the monsters in /thevoid drop the resources to craft the Void Knight armor set ,Dewlok the Koofu Rider pet, and the Reaper's Scythe. You'll also have a chance to get regular and high-level reward drops:

  • Void Slicer, Piercer, and Manipulation weapons (level 50+)
  • Edge of the Void blade
  • the Reaper's Crossbow
  • Xyfragment pet
  • Reaper's Void scythe and hourglass (merge these to make the complete Reaper's Scythe!)
  • Reaper's Time-Turner
  • Nightbane's Wings

* You cannot control your path through the Void... it is too random. BUT if you talk to the Reaper, he will send you straight to a battle... against HIM!

LoreMaster House Shop

Talk to LoreMaster Maya in Battleontown to begin crafting your new library! ALL loremasters need a place to store their tomes and scrolls, and the best, most skilled hero-librarians are able to fill a university!

Level up your Loremaster rep to unlock new houses, then battle the monsters in Greenguard to get the resources you'll need to build them. In addition to building materials, each house will require the following:

  • LoreMaster Tent House: rank 1 + 50,000 gold
  • LoreMaster Hutch House: rank 3 + 100,000 gold + LoreMaster Tent House 
  • LoreMaster Cottage House: rank 5 + 250,000 gold + LoreMaster Hutch House 
  • LoreMaster Library House: rank 7 + 500,000 gold + LoreMaster Cottage House
  • LoreMaster University House: rank 10 + 1,000,000 gold + LoreMaster Library House

Level Cap Raises to 85: 20 more levels

Now that we're able to give you guys some battles to sink your teeth into with the unique challenge monster skills... it's time to raise the level cap! It's been about 2 years since the last multi-level cap raise, so it we're adding 20 more levels, taking the cap from level 65 to 85!

This weekend, find enhancements for levels 66 - 85 in the level 50+ enhancement shops in your game menu! Then, in the very near future, we will add in the Awe enhancements and update both the Honor Hall battle arena and /shadowrealmb to give you even more places to farm!


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May 04, 2017

May the 4th Be With You

... And also with you, MechQuest Fans!

Head into AQWorlds and celebrate May the 4th with holiday gear imported all the way from the MechQuest universe! Find the items in the Featured May Gear shop in your game menu. 

MogWars comes to Lore lwith a pet based on my favorite monster from MechQuest -- Master Twang! Plus, we've got some deadly energy weapons we overclocked to help all you heroes defend yourself with against any monsters in the galaxy!

May the 4th holiday... wait, what?

Well... it's not, really. Unless you're a particular breed of nerd. As the Intergalactic Space Wiki (run by wookies, of course) tells us:

"May 4 is considered a holiday by Star Wars fans to celebrate the franchise's films series, books, and culture as well as strict religious rituals.[3] The date was chosen for the easy pun on the catchphrase "May the Force be with you" — "May the fourth be with you". Even though the holiday was not actually created or declared by Lucasfilm many Star Wars fans across the world choose to celebrate the holiday."

MechQuest: Mecha RPG in a fantasy world

Our May the 4th gear was imported from MechQuest, our *deep breath* single-player, browser-based, fantasy giant destructive war machine battle game. *exhale* WHOOOOSH that's a mouthful. Heavily inspired by the art from every mecha & giant robot series ever created, if you like battling in giant mechs, it's out of this world!

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April 30, 2017

10 Years at Artix Entertainment

So Many Puns, Amazing Players, and Potions

Back in 2006, I found the original AdventureQuest, a crazy-weird-punny-fun lunchbreak game and quickly got hooked. Ten years ago, in 2007, while working on my graduate degree and running a literary magazine, I was invited to join the team as a forum moderator and to help run their online e-zine, The Zardian.

Two years later, I traded battling stacks of poetry and prose submissions for an enchanted sword and a stack of potion bottles... moving across the country and work out of the Secret Underground Lab. Fast forward a bit and I found a husband (much love to Rolith, currently a coder on AQ3D), 3 cats, 3 ferrets, and an ever-changing number of fish.

Thank you all for the incredible laughter, puns, dedication, and support -- I wanted a life filled with stories, and thanks to you and the other members of our Artix Entertainment community -- I've gotten just that!

Gifts for you: Deca Blade and DOUBLE server boost

To show my appreciation, please enjoy the free, 0 AC Deca Blade, with art that hearkens back to the styles of an earlier era* - it's got a chance to do the Golden Coin Showers animation and can be found in the Featured April Gear shop in your game menu. ** The server boost has been DOUBLED, and will now last through Tuesday.
* Thanks to Bido for crafting the blade!
** After this Friday, the blade will move to Alina's shop in Battleontown.
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April 27, 2017

This weekend: Void Paladin

Calling all members of the ArchFiend Army!

If you vowed allegiance to Nulgath the ArchFiend, get ready to BATTLE because we've got a dark and deadly new reward for you! Created in honor of the ArchFiend by renowned armorcrafter, Bido, the Void Paladin set arrives this weekend and is only available for those who've been stockpiling their crafting resources.

So get your Diamonds and Unidentified 13s ready (and find the full merge requirement list in tomorrow's Design Notes post) because this is going to be one set you'll need to WORK for!*

The permanent farming set includes:

  • Void Paladin Armor
  • Void Paladin's Helmet
  • Void Paladin's Horns
  • Void Katana and Dual Void Katanas
  • Void Katana Cape
  • Void Paladin's Cape
  • Void Light of Destiny*
  • Ascended Void Light of Destiny**

* Oh, and if you want to create that wicked-sweet Void Light of Destiny... be prepared to give up your Blinding Light of Destiny. We expect only the most loyal and dedicated Nation members to craft this!

** Same goes for the Ascended Void Light of Destiny.

Update: Farming Difficulty and Changes

Our original plan was to include the above items in the Diamond of Nulgath merge shop. After reviewing that plan and getting some feedback from our hardcore players, we are changing the plan slightly.

There will be 3 different quests from the Oblivion NPC in /tercessuinotlim:

  • Void Paladin Armor quest
  • Void Light of Destiny quest (for either the VLoD or Ascended VLoD)
  • A quest for the other accessories (choose one each time)

Those quests will be at or near the level of the Juggernaut of Nulgath / Demanding Items of Nulgath / Totems of Nuglath quests, which is to say... if you are already a loyal member of the Nulgath Nation, getting these items should feel almost *easy* -- this is a reward for you guys, for that loyalty and hours of previous farming.

If you are NOT a member of the Nulgath Nation, and have not put in the hours and effort to get those merge resources, then you have some work ahead of you. But fear not... ask any loyal member of the Nulgath Nation and they'll tell you that it CAN be done. IF you are dedicated enough.

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April 17, 2017

AQWorlds Server Rewrite Update

Yorumi's multi-year project coming to an end soon

Hello all! Over the last few weeks, we've had a number of people asking about the progress on the server rewrite. Not sure what that is? Skip to the middle of this post. For those of you who have been with us for a while, here's where things stand.

  • Yorumi's "to fix" list is down to the Final Five Bugs
  • We have not had any new bugs reported in quite a while. (This is good news! Thanks to everyone who's helped test)
  • Class skill and monster rebalancing will continue once the new server and client go live so we can better, more easily respond to your feedback.

What's a Server Rewrite, and why are you doing it?

Goood question! We have a good deal of control over the game, but currently we are using server software whose base we did not build ourselves (though we created all of our server-based game functionality)... and that means there are some things we cannot change.

This is one of the main causes of the random bugs some of you are reporting. It's also one of the reasons some bugs (like desynced friends/guild lists) have not been fixed and why some features (like the better botting detection, all-new class skills, and finished Guild cities) have not been released.

If you want to get a sneak preview of what's coming in the server rewrite or help us test on the PTR server, you can help support AQW's continuing development by upgrading your account. We make our games for and with you, which is why you should also tell us what you'd like to see next in our Suggestions board!

So... When will it release?

As soon as it's ready! We've given several estimates for the final "release date" as the project's gone on, and each time we do, some crazy, insane, "should not be possible" bug rears is ugly head. So I'm not going to do that this time!

Yorumi's down to the final five bugs:

  1. Mod tool issue with kicking
  2. Mod tool issue with ban/mutes
  3. Randomly logging players out (we have not seen this reported in over a week so... possibly fixed? Let us know if you are still experiencing this issue on the Bug Tracker, please!)
  4. Applying Enhancements not persisting properly
  5. Quest progression in two specific quests (weird!)

Keep an eye on the Design Notes for future progress updates, and keep an eye out for more updates here in the near future. 


May 12, 2017

This Friday: ShadowFall Strikes Back

Book of Monsters Saga, Chapter 1 Finale

First, the rift into the Plane of Monsters opened. Then Extriki the Destroyer entered our world, and we learned just how strong a Monster spawned by the Queen can really be! Now, we hold the key to defeating Extriki - we need to weaponize the world itself!

No one is more versed in the nature of... well... Nature than Ravinos in in Brightoak Grove. The fate of our world is at stake, and it is the planet itself that will help us save it! But you need to hurry, Hero -- Lord Brentan has spotted Extriki and he is only a few miles away from the Battleon Guardian tower!

Finale Rewards

This week's story finale release has 3 cutscenes, a miniboss AND finale boss, with 13 boss drop rewards (including the Toxic Scavenger set), 5 regular monster reward drops, plus a new battlepet in the Rift Gear shop! 

Tweet your favorite screenshots from the release to @Alina_AE so I can retweet you and spread the news of your awesomeness!

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May 05, 2017

May Upgrade Bonus

Unlock the LightStrike Commander set when you upgrade in May!

Unlock the LightStrike Commander set when you buy any membership or AdventureCoin package worth $10 USD or more starting this Friday, May 5th, at 6 PM EST. Upgrade with a 12000 AdventureCoin or 12 month membership to get the ShadowForce Commander set, too! This upgrade bonus leaves June 2nd, 2017.

Tier 1: LightStrike Commander

Fight for what is right... fight with the light. Keep your goal in sight and the Queen of Monsters will never be able to rule our world!

Get the Gear with a

  • 3 month membership 
  • 6 month membership 
  • 2000 AC pack
  • 5000 AC pack

Unlock the rewards

  • LightStrike Commander
  • LightStrike Helmet
  • LightStrike Banner Cape
  • Aerodynamic Strike Wings
  • LightStrike Aura Energy Blade/s
  • 5 Rep, XP, Gold, and Class Points boosts
  • Character page badge

Tier 2: ShadowForce Commander

The power of darkness will ensure our victory. With it, the Queen of Monsters cannot take over our world!

Get the gear for both tiers with a

  • 12 month membership
  • 12000 AC pack




Unlock the rewards

  • LightStriken and ShadowForce Commander Armors
  • 3 Helms
  • 5 Capes
  • 4 Weapons
  • 7 Rep, XP, Gold, and Class Point boosts
  • Character page badge
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April 24, 2017

May Calendar of Events

Take on the Destroyer, the Reshaper, and the Void!

May is supposed to be a gentle season, filled with flowers and sunshine. But not THIS year, not here! As we battle to end Extriki the Destroyer, a lone child senses a new threat from the Queen on the horizon... With the new month, we've got plans for new releases, adventures, rewards... and a small dose of nostalgia for our long-time heroes. 

  • Friday, May 5th: Book of Monsters: the Toxic Test + May upgrade bonus
  • May 12 - 14th: 15% Rep + XP Boost
  • Friday, May 12th:  Book of Monsters: ShadowFall's Attack + Mother's Day
  • Friday, May 19th: Enter the Void + Guardian Limited Quantity Sets
  • May 19 - 21: 15% Class Points + Gold Boost
  • Friday, May 26th: Book of Monsters: The Reshaper

On June 2nd, say goodbye to...

  • May Upgrade Bonus 
  • May rare gear 
  • Guardians LQS sets (available until their quantities run out)

Thank you for battling alongside us as we continue our adventures, and prepare... to Battle ON!

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May 05, 2017

The Toxic Test is LIVE

The Book of Monsters: Destroyer Saga continues!

To defeat Extriki the Destroyer, Empress Gravelyn seeks information... and she needs YOU to get it for her. 

But take care in the questioning, Hero -- if the creature doesn't survive, we will never get the answers we need! It may be easier to win his trust and get him to cooperate. As the grannies say, "you catch more monsters with honey than you do with stabbing." /join charredpath to continue your adventure!

Calling all LoreMasters!

Loremaster Maya in Battleon and Loremaster Emily in the Neverglades Battlecamp need your help to collect information about the creatures of Lore. Starting Friday, May 5th, some creatures may drop scrolls which you can turn in to get more information about them.

Find the LoreMaster and Dark LoreKeeper armors in the LoreMaster rep shop! Then, later this month, you'll be able to unlock and "level up" your LoreMaster House:

  • LoreMaster Tent
  • LoreMaster Hutch 
  • LoreMaster Cottage
  • LoreMaster Library
  • LoreMaster University

Cinco de Mayo Returns!

Mad Cinco de Mayo celebrations will get underway on Friday, May 5th! To join in the fun, we're bringing back a shop full of crazy-awesome accoutrements for you to equip. Then rock out for Randor the Red's birthday as we celebrate our favorite wolf-loving wallpaper-maker! Find the Cinco de Mayo and Randor's birthday gear in the May Featured Shop.

cinco de mayo may the fifth randor the red free rpg mmo


AEXtras is still a great way to get FREE ADVENTURECOINS and even FREE ARTIX POINTS so you don't miss out on these limited-time rare items! Just CLICK HERE to get started!

Or, You can jump onto your Master Account and start earning free Artix Points using AExtras and use those Points to get stuff in ANY of our games!

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April 28, 2017

Break the Rift, Take the Rift

The RiftBreaker sets arrive tonight!

Heroes like you never give up -- that’s why our warcry is “BATTLE ON!” This weekend, fight to save our world and drive back the Queen's creatures in our featured gear: the Nightborn RiftBreaker set!

This armor set is the darker companion to the RightBreaker gear (available by fighting for Artix in /greenguardeast once you complete tonight's release).

You'll find the Nightborn Riftbreaker items in the Rift Gear shop for AdventureCoins starting tonight:

  • Nightborn Riftbreaker armor
  • Nightborn Riftbreaker Helmet, Horns, and Rage face morph
  • Nightborn Riftbreaker wings and cape
  • Nightborn Riftbreaker sword, cutlass, and dual-wield weapons
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April 28, 2017

Tonight: Answer Gravelyn's Call

The Book of Monsters: Destroyer continues this weekend!

Extriki the Destroyer is the most toxic thing Lore has ever known, but we will NOT admit defeat. This weekend, continue your battle against the creatures pouring out of the Rift and FIGHT -- your might, wit, and will to survive will keep our world safe!

If you are just joining us, you're in luck! The Book of Monsters saga started last week. Find the adventure map in your game menu and begin the battle in /TheRift, at the Neverglades battle camp. Then you'll be ready for this week's update!

Your goal this week is to bring Empress Gravelyn a prisoner that will give us information on the Rift, the creatures pouring out of it, and the toxic behemoth - Extriki the Destroyer. Though is is slightly smaller than last week's release, the team is already working on next week's release and the bigger confrontation after it.

Last week, we met the enemy.
This week, we prepare.
Next week, we plan.
And on May 12th... we MOVE.

Help Artix Defend Battleon!

Once the Empress is satisfied, aid Artix in defending the town of Battleon - it takes a lot of work to keep a barricade manned and drive invaders back. (And these are just their leading forces... not even the full invading army yet!) 

RiftBreaker Armor Set

Once you've helped Gravelyn, Artix the Paladin needs your strength and skill! Help him defend the barricades in /greenguardeast. As you fight, you'll earn Rift Defender Tokens which unlock the Riftbreaker set.

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April 21, 2017

This Weekend: Chromatic X-Terminator Set

Find the Color-Custom Armor set in the April Featured Shop!

The famous bard Brytnii Spearhead once sang, "Heroes like you should wear a warning!" and she's right. This weekend, the color-customizable Chromatic X-Terminator set will let you show all the Queen’s creatures that YOU are the toxic one!

This Friday, find the color customizable Chromatic X-Terminator set in the Featured April Shop in your game menu and in Loremaster Emily's Rift Gear shop. The Toxic X-terminator set (non-color custom) is available from Warlic's Rift Reputation shop if you've unlocked Rank 7. 

Brytnii Spearhead's Critical Hit: "Toxic Rift"

Hero, can't you see I'm calling?
Heroes like you should wear a warning!
It's dangerous, I'm falling. 
There's no escape, I can't wait. 
I need a crit. Hero give me it. 
These mob are dangerous, and we're losing it. 

The Rift's toxic, Lore's slippin' under... 
With the fumes of a poison paradise  
Fighting hard to survive, 
don't you know that it's toxic?

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April 13, 2017

This Weekend: The Rift Opens!

Return to the Darkness, to Fear, and to Chaos

This weekend, the darker, deadlier Queen of Monsters Saga begins as a mysterious rift appears. The Queen’s Gambit is in play… and woe to those who fall for its trap!

Hurry to the NeverGlades BattleCamp

Join Prince-Lord Brentan in the Neverglades Battlecamp. Fight to learn more about the mysterious Rift and the creatures pouring into our world!

Quest for each of the Camp's NPCs to learn about who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose in the Camp is:

  • Warlic the ArchMage: your main hub NPC
  • Lord Brentan: Disputed Ruler of Swordhaven, Lord of the NeverGlades, and Militia NPC
  • Loremaster Emily: Shadowfall's Monster Lore Specialist and Gear Shop NPC
  • Khargyn: BeastMaster Monster Hunter and Pet Shop Vendor (also future Monster Hunter Class NPC)
  • Torque: Heavy Metal Bard and Potions Vendor

BattleCamp Rewards

Our hub towns always have a number of NPCs with different quests to complete. This week, talk to Warlic to see all the gear in the Monster Hunter Faction shop. This week, you can begin earning Monster Hunter Rep and unlock the BeastMaster MonsterHunter armor set. Coming soon: BeastMaster Monster Hunter CLASS!

The Monster Hunter Faction will carry us through the next 4 weeks of releases (the Book of Monsters: The Destroyer storyline), so do not worry about having to rep up the entire faction this weekend!

If you talk to Lord Brentan, you'll see a shop filled with new and classic Good-aligned gear! For Good-aligned Heroes level 45 and up: if you take on the Plague Spreader monsters, you'll have a chance to get the Slimed Sigil, which can be used to create the Ascended Paladin armor and weapons!

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April 21, 2017

The Book of Monsters I: The Destroyer

Extriki the Destroyer Arrives at The Rift!

This Friday, the Queen of Monsters Saga continues with the first chapter of a new storyline -- Book of Monsters: The Destroyer! A rift into the Plane of Monsters has ripped the Neverglades almost in half, and we have no way to close it. YET. As poisonous fumes spread across the land, an eerie silence falls. 

As the famous bard Brytnii Spearhead once sang, "It's toxic, Lore's slippin' under... With the fumes of a poison paradise / We'll strike back at you, don't you know that you're toxic?"

This weekend, fight to survive as Extriki the Destroyer -- first of the Queen’s Elder Monsters -- arrives to poison our world into submission!

Khargyn's Pet Shop Update

Head back to /therift and talk to Khargyn the BeastMaster to find four new pets! These poor beasts used to be ordinary creatures found on Lore, but were found fused... altered... their very natures changed radically. We do not know WHAT is doing this -- rift energy, a child of the Queen's... it is unknown. O_O

  • Spidroglin (Spider + Moglin)
  • Fleabird (Flea + Freebird + Dragon)
  • Globster (Goblin + Rock Lobster)
  • Rrrabog (Frog + Rabbit + Wolf)

Aria Goes Green

If you haven't had a chance to visit Aria's Pet Shop recently, today's a GREAT day to ask her about her recent interest in plants. (There are no new items, just some new information about Aria.)

Celebrate Earth Day on Lore!

Be a hero, join the clean-up crew to save the world from the evils of pollution! Captain Lore is back and he needs your help again! /Join pollution to help Captain Lore battle General Pollution, the foulest villain around, free his eco-friendly energy platform from the chaotic clutches of General Pollution! Reduce, reuse, and recycle as many elementals as you can to unlock Captain Lore's shop and gain access to the greenest gear in the game! 

free rpg mmo earth day

He also needs your help fighting on the side of nature to keep a smog-spewing factory closed for good. Once the largest source of pollution in Lore, the long-abandoned Totengeld Factory has been consumed by nature and has become a habitat to many forms of life. 

free rpg mmo earth day 2015

But now, the CEO of Totengeld Industries has been released from jail and intends to reopen the factory’s doors. It’s up to you to stop him before he destroys Lore with his toxic waste - and dominates it with his mind-controlling energy drinks! Tonight, /join totengeld to start the battle!

Need help battling through the Earth Day seasonal event? Check out the event guide in the Lorepedia!

Happy Birthday, Tendou!

Tendou no Mazo, one of our team contributors, does a LOT. If you are a fan of Nulgath the ArchFiend's quests, you've encountered his designs before. To celebrate his birthday (which was on April 19th), he's updated his Tendurrr pet* with new quests which drop Nulgath merge resources and a few fun item rewards.

Its new name is Tendurrr the Assistant, and has a 1% chance to drop from the level 25 Dark Makai monster in Tercessuinotlim.

* Art originally by non-artist/best-punner/former pinkmancer Beleen!

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April 12, 2017

This Weekend: Quibble Returns

Check out Quibble's Rare Items... IF YOU DARE!

Quibble Coinbiter, our time-traveling rare items dealer, returns this weekend with his most monstrous shop update ever! 

Even though he LOOKS monstrous, never fear - though most of his items will cost AdventureCoins, we will include gear for both members and non-members, too! 

The shop includes:

  • Nightborn Drac Armor set
  • Ravenous Reaver Armor set
  • Monstrous Quibble Bank Pet
  • Toxic Rift weapons
  • Monster Quibble's Chest Bank (house item, not pet)

Wait... Who (or what?) is Quibble Coinbiter?

Not exactly sure who Quibble Coinbiter is, or how he gets all that gear? Neither are we!

But here's what he said last time I asked:

How do I get never-before-seen used items? Well, that's a trade secret. But just between us, I have a deal with a time travel fairy who brings me these things… even though they have not been built yet! They might show up later in the game or might be Rares that are never seen again!

This gear and more will come when Quibble's shop arrives on Friday in your game menu! Most of this terrifying gear won't be around for long, though.* Quibble's rare gear leaves on Friday, May 5th. 

* BUT a handful of the items will re-appear in a future release, so check the item rarities carefully!

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April 12, 2017

Queen of Monsters Saga: The Rift

Return to the Darkness, to Fear, and to Chaos

On Friday, April 14th, we return to a darker, deadlier Queen of Monsters Saga! A mysterious rift appears as the Queen’s Gambit begins… and woe to those who fall for its trap!


May 23, 2017

6 Reasons Not to Share Your Account

Sharing leads to swearing... when your account is stolen

Your AQWorlds account is your online alter-ego -- the hero you want to be while inside the world of Lore. Playing alongside your friends is a huge part of the fun. But it’s better to have them battling alongside you… not AS you. Sharing your account is a risky business, and you stand to lose a lot when you do it.


1. You may lose your account. Permanently. 

When you upgrade your account, you invest real money into it. But if you share your account with others, they may upgrade it, too. Accounts that are shared among many people, and which have payments made by many accounts, can be disabled for payment fraud. 

Even if you are the original owner, you may lose access to your account.
Your friend may lose access to theirs, too, if they make payments on accounts they don't own.

2. They may not give your account back.

If you tell someone else your account and email address passwords, and they change it, they become - in effect - the new owner of your account. Then all the time and effort you put into it will be gone… until you start the process of recovering it. (But jump back up to #1 for a reminder about payment fraud.)

Give away your password and you give away your control.

3. Other people can sell your items/spend your ACs.

Anyone with access to your account can spend your AdventureCoins or sell your items (including rares)... and you can't get it back. 

If someone sells one of your rare gold items, it will be gone forever.

4. Your friends can share your account with others.

Just like it’s a bad idea to use someone else’s toothbrush (because you don’t know where it’s been. EW.)... when other people are able to access your account, they can share it with other people. Who can share it with other people… until people you do not even know have as much control over your account as you do.

Sharing your AQW account is like sharing a toothbrush.
It can get gross and messy REAL fast.

5. The account you use can be taken from you.

If you are playing on an account you did not create, the original creator can take it back without your permission by recovering their account or contacting the Help Team.

If you did not make the account originally, you do not "own" the account.

6. You may get punished for what your friends do.

If you share your account with a friend, and that person uses it to bot, scam other players, or attack the server, you (the account owner) are responsible for their actions. 

You may never use a bot, but if someone bots on your account, it may be banned. Then YOU lose out.


Remember: one account, one person.

That means: each account should only be used by one person. :)

Why Write This Listicle? (A mini bonus listicle!)

  1. Many people put years into building their ultimate AQWorlds account. We want don't want to see you lose it... for any reason! 
  2. We hear a lot of you saying "But I didn't know it was against the rules. You can't ban me for not knowing!
  3. We've gotten a lot of player feedback about losing accounts, and trying to get them back. The best way to prevent losing your account is not to give it away/share it in the first place!


Check out a full list of the rules here:

But because inside the game is the BEST place to list our rules, an in-game TL;DR version of the 5 most important rules can be found in Battleontown. Talk to Nythera to unlock a quest, reward, and character page badge.

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