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August 26, 2014

Friday: 13 Lords of Chaos Finale

The Queen of Monsters Rises!

Journey into the Realm of Chaos to confront the Queen of Monsters and face all 13 Lords of Chaos one last time… as the world begins to shatter around you! There is only one thing you can do to save your home and the people who depend on you: defeat Drakath and confine the Queen of Monsters to the Chaos Realm for another millenium! The fate of the world rests on the single, most important choice you will EVER make, Hero!

What will YOU Do When the Queen Rises?!

Friday: GryphonRider Limited Quantity Sets!

For the first time EVER in AQW's history, we're able to release 4-legged mount armors! Starting this Friday, August 29th, at 10:30 AM server time, head to our Limited Quantity Set page to grab one of these insur-MOUNT-ably awesome sets! Each set also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! Watch for more preview art of the weapons, helms, and female armors tomorrow (and maybe a movie showing the flying!)

Get all the details and the most up-to-date quantities and prices in this Design Notes!

DOUBLE Rep, Class Points, XP, and Gold This Weekend!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we want to make sure that since you're here for it, you get the MOST we can give you! So, beginning this Friday at 10:30 AM (same time as the LQS starts!), all servers will get double the rep, gold, XP, and Class Points... ALL WEEKEND!

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August 27, 2014

Limited Quantity Mount Sets

Rare Collectors... It's Time To FLY!

For the first time EVER in AQW's history, we're able to release 4-legged mount armors, and we're giving those who like collecting rare gear the first crack* at grabbing one of these one-of-kind shining trophies that only a select few will possess!

Starting this Friday, August 29th, at 10:30 AM server time, head to our Limited Quantity Set page to grab one of these insur-MOUNT-ably awesome sets! Each set also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! Watch for more preview art of the weapons, helms, and female armors tomorrow (and maybe a movie showing the flying!)

Introducing: The GryphonRiders!

This elite mounted legion of the Dragon Khan's army will reach our area this Friday, August 29th! You'll be able to find out more information on them in Battleon, as well as a link to the Limited Quantity Set website where you can purchase the set!

Walking and flying versions sold separately.

Shadowscythe Gryphon 

  • Price: 1,500 ACs
  • Quantity: 7,500 sets
  • Initial stock: 3,500 sets
  • Restock amount: 800 sets (per restock)
  • Includes 2 armors*, 2 helms, 1 weapon, 1 cape, which do 10% more damage against dragons and gives extra XP!
  • Set comes with 1 flying mount armor and 1 regular human armor.

Shadowscythe GryphonRider 

  • Price: 150,000 gold 
  • Quantity: 15,000 sets
  • Initial stock: 10,000 sets
  • Restock amount: 1,000 sets (per restock)
  • Includes 2 armors, 2 helms, 1 weapon, 1 cape which do 10% more damage against dragons and gives extra XP!
  • Set comes with 1 walking mount armor and 1 regular human armor.
  • If you have EVER purchased a membership for your AQW account, you will be able to unlock this shop for gold.

Walking and flying versions sold separately.

Dread Leopard Gryphon 

  • Price: 1,000 ACs
  • Quantity: 5,000 sets
  • Initial stock: 3,500 sets
  • Restock amount: 300 sets (per restock)
  • Includes 2 armors, 2 helms, 1 weapon, 1 cape which do 10% more damage against dragons and gives extra Rep!
  • Set comes with 1 flying mount armor and 1 regular human armor.

Dread Leopard GryphonRider 

  • Price: 150,000 gold 
  • Quantity: 15,000 sets
  • Initial stock: 10,000 sets
  • Restock amount: 1,000 sets (per restock)
  • Includes 2 armors, 2 helms, 1 weapon, 1 cape which do 10% more damage against dragons and gives extra Rep!
  • Set comes with 1 walking mount armor and 1 regular human armor.
  • If you have EVER purchased a membership for your AQW account, you will be able to unlock this shop for gold!

Bright Gryphon (Flying)

  • Price: 1,500 ACs
  • Quantity: 7,500 sets
  • Initial stock: 3,500 sets
  • Restock amount: 800 sets (per restock)
  • Includes 1 armor, 2 helms and 2 capes, which do 10% more damage against Undead monsters and gives extra Gold!
  • This gryphon is a flying mount.

Walking and flying versions sold separately.

Bright GryphonRider 

  • Price: 150,000 gold 
  • Quantity: 15,000 sets
  • Initial stock: 10,000 sets
  • Restock amount: 1,000 sets (per restock)
  • Includes 1 armor, 2 helms, and 2 capes, which do 10% more damage against Undead monsters and gives extra Gold!
  • This gryphon is a walking mount.
  • If you have EVER purchased a membership for your AQW account, you will be able to unlock this shop for gold!

GryphonRider Guards

  • Price: 150,000 gold 
  • Quantity: 30,000 sets
  • Initial stock: 15,000 sets
  • Restock amount: 3,000 sets (per restock)

  • Includes two armors and helms: Dread and Shadowscythe GryphonRiders, which do 10% more damage against Human monsters and give extra Class Points!
  • This set is available for EVERYONE to purchase!

Limited Quantity Set Restock Schedule

The Gryphon LQS opens at 10:30 AM this Friday, August 29th! (That is mid-morning, server time.) Not sure when that is in your part of the world? Here's a timezone converter to make setting your alarm easier!

  1. 10:30 AM Friday
  2. 8:30 PM Friday
  3. 6:30 AM Saturday
  4. 4:30 PM Saturday
  5. 2:30 AM Sunday
  6. 12:30 PM Sunday

How Do Limited Quantity Sets Work?

  1. Log into a special LQS webpage on AQ.com 
  2. Purchase the set using either ACs or gold (if you have EVER upgraded your account, you can purchase the Legend sets for gold!)
  3. Log into AQW and find your set badge in the Book of Lore (no character page badge attached.)

Note: Item quantities will restock throughout the weekend so that everyone gets a fair chance at the gear. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Will there be enough items for everyone? No, but with multiple restocks your changes of getting an item are pretty good... as long as you keep an eye on your clock and don't miss the restock!
  • Will item quantities update automatically? No, but once you purchase an item from the shop or revisit the page, you'll see an updated amount. 
  • If a set doesn't sell out right away, will the restock amount roll over? Yes. The next restock amount will always be added to the previous amount of gear. Gear not sold before a restock will remain in the shop.
  • Will the items be 0 ACs? All items sold in the LQSets will be 0 ACs, so you can keep them in your bank for free, forever!
  • Do I have to be a Legend to buy the Legend-only sets? You do not need to have an active upgrade to purchase the Legend sets, as long as you have upgraded your account at any time in the past!

Find examples of the web page's layout on our Limited Quantity Set FAQ page

*We WILL do more mount armors in the future, so do not worry if you miss out on these for some reason!
** Price and quantity adjustments were added at 10AM on August 26, 2014 

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Update Maker

August 23, 2014

Finale Release Part 1 Update

Chaos Takes Control, Part 2 This Coming Week

Last night, we released the first part of the Chaos Saga Finale... and Chaos has reigned since then!* This release was one of the biggest we had EVER worked on, with 17 cutscenes in 23 places over 6 maps (that is over a month's worth of normal release content)!

Though we worked on this for a full 2 weeks, and a number of you guys were able to finish the release, many more were not due to a quest complete timing issue.** This issue looked to be fixed in testing, but upon hitting the servers under load, we saw it reappear... and for that I apologize.

We have added in new code that should fix the issue. Testers are confirming that this weekend, and Monday we will add it to Sir Ver so that Legends can help us confirm it under heavier server load. If all goes well, we will add it to all other servers next.

Until then, this weekend, you can play through the first of four Chaos endings in the /dragonbattle map if:

  • You've chosen your Chaos Lord form in Mount DoomSkull
  • Watched the first cutscene in the /shadowattack map
  • You've watched the first cutscene when you /join confrontation

Those who did finish the release will be able to quest for Drakath's Armor later tonight, when we remove the Wheels of Doom and Destiny.

Drakath's Armor Quest

This is hands-down the HARDEST quest in-game, and word is starting to spread about what it requires! It will only take you 13 days to complete IF you already have some of the most valuable items in-game. This is absolutely end-game content, for those people who have finished all of the storylines and want a new, more challenging goal to complete.

Wheels of Doom and Destiny Leave Tonight

Shortly before midnight server time, the Wheels of Doom and Destiny will be removed from the game. The merge shops will remain, as previously announced.

* When we called this the Summer of Chaos, I did not think we were literally predicting it!
** This is the same type of problem that makes it difficult for some people to complete the Voltaire quests in the /saloon map, and can quickly become a complex one to fix.

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Rare Maker

August 22, 2014

Chaos Champion Prime Set

Live in the Finale Rares Shop Tonight!

Announcing the Chaos Champion Prime set! We want this to be one of the BIGGEST, BEST releases ever, and that means souvenirs that will make you really stand out as you conquer Mount Doomskull!

Tonight, grab the limited-time rare Prime Chaos Orb in the Rares shop for 5000 AdventureCoins to unlock a shop with:

  • Chaos Champion Prime Armor
  • Chaos Champion Prime Class (Chaos Slayer Skills with Chaos Prime art)
  • Chaos Champion Prime Wings 
  • Chaos Champion Prime Furled Wings
  • Chaos Champion Prime Blade
  • Chaos Champion Prime Helm 
  • Original Drakath Wings* 
  • Original Drakath Blade* 
  • Original Drakath Helm* 
  • All 4 (0 AC) 13th Lord of Chaos pets**

* These items will also be available from the boss fights as low item drops, or you can get them in the Chaos Champion Prime set.
** These items (with animations) will also be available from the Rares shop as Legend-only versions, or you can get the non-animated ones from the Chaos Champion Prime set.

Note: The Chaos Champion Prime Orb cannot be sold back until mid-September, when the other Chaos Finale Rares leave. Once the rares leave, it will turn into a floating, glowing Chaos Orb cape.

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Chaos Maker

August 21, 2014

Countdown to Chaos

Chaos Saga Pre-Finale Play-by-Play!

It's the morning we've been waiting for for over 5 years: the Final Battle against Drakath! We will be updating these Design Notes until the relese is live so you can live the hours leading up to the release alongside us. We are pushing to make sure that this release is as INSANELY AWESOME as we have been planning!

2:00 AM Release Update

This weekend, the finale hub and the first of four finale maps releases! Fight your way through /dragonbattle, taking on Drakath and his chaos minions! We will be reviewing the other three maps to see what is causing issues for people.

1:30 AM: Bug hunting continues after sleep.
There is a pretty big issue that we cannot reproduce on test or player accounts. The team is heading to bed. We will resume investigating the bug after some sleep. I will post Design Notes in the morning with more updates.

8:08 PM: MASSIVE Chaos Coming at you!
We are still running through the release and story order. With 6 maps and 17 cutscenes in 23 places, this is a pretty big puzzle, but Chaos will NOT triumph! We've got lists and google docs and determination... and you guys by our side!

7:16 PM: Cutscenes are DONE!
Ghost has done more in the last two weeks that in over 2 MONTHS of releases! He worked his ectoplassm off, and now he's ready to fade into the aether for a while to recharge his batteries! That means the designers are making sure everything's in order and testers are trying their hardest to break things (and succeeding!). We are making progress, but it may be a late one!

6:20 PM: Chaos Champion Prime Set is live!

While you wait for the finale to release, we've rolled out the Chaos Champion Prime set! Purchase the Chaos Prime Orb in the Chaos Rares shop to open the Chaos Champion Prime set in your game menu! 


3:48 PM - Chaos Conquers One More
Zoshi just messaged: "So, Flash had an unexpected exception error. My Chaos weapon's gone. And the temp file was saved over. So... Back to the BeastMaster Class armor?"
Drakath: I am calling you out! You will NOT get away with this!!! 

3:45 PM - Drakath Attacks Arklen HARDER!
There is ALWAYS some unplanned catastrophe when we do these big events... and this time, Chaos is having a ton of fun! Arklen just messaged: "Ok, maybe it wasn't the battery. Now the keyboard doesn't respond at all." Time for backup plans!

3:22 PM - Drakath Attacks Arklen!
I just got a message from Arklen: "My keyboard battery just died. BRB. (Yay for mobile Skype!)
/Fistshake at Drakath! 

3:15 PM - Cutscene Progress Check!
Ghost and I just went over the last, BIGGEST cutscene of the release, seeing how much time all the animations would take. We changed some of the script, or it would have taken until Monday but... I think we just made it MORE awesome!

2:30 PM - New Art Arrives!
Blade turned in his contribution. The filename is "ChunkiesAndSmear." Reactions around the Lab are:
Cysero: Ew.
Geopetal: That. Is. AMAZING!  
Alina: There is no emoticon for the things I am feeling right now.
Galanoth: Oh no, LOL!  

1:30 PM - GIANT Bug-fixing!
We found a bug... time to go make a shrinking potion! And Blade is contributing to the release in his own, VERY special way!

1:00 PM - Testing the UltraDrakath Battle!
Gjappy, Tenzan, Asuka and I need more help! Good thing Stratos has been reading through the new tester applications! 

Your Chaorrupter Unlocked Blade is morphing... to target Drakath! It seeks the blood of the Chaos Champion!

12:15 PM - Ghost Rocking The Cutscenes!!
So the player (spoiler) while (spoiler) is probably the coolest scene I've animated.
Alina: You made the player do WHAT?!?!!

12:00 PM - Bugs... BE GONE!
Yorumi tagged in on the bug fixing while Arklen gets some more sleep. He's knocked out the biggest bugs and is working on cutscene and sound issues now!

Across the hall, I can see Artix imitating a fish while planking on his desk. I am not sure what is going on there. I do not think I want to know! This. Is. CHAOS!

11:00 AM - Artix Arrives!
And is immediately hauled off by Cysero, Zhoom, Rolith, and Yergen to give input on the secret project. From down the hall, we hear:
Artix: Drakath! I am coming for YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

10:30 AM
Memet, J6, Sora, Zoshi, Laken, Vokun, and Wonderp all signed on and checked in! (They are our offsite devs). 
J6: The time has come. 
We are ready to SLAY this bad boy! I'll be the last nightmare he ever sees!
Wonderpbread: I made you some toast to give energy... but I eated it. How do cookies sound?

10:20 AM
We are AWAKE, ALIVE, and WAY overcaffienated! That means it's time to get. This. STARTED! More and more members of the AQW team are starting to report in.
Alina: Let's DO THIS THING! /cheer
I am drawing a bath for my baby! I will be with you in spirit... until I am there in person to help!!! 
Yorumi: 'Mornin'. So... we live yet? No. Alright then. Time to rock this out!

8:00 AM
Reens checking in! 
Cappucino Overdrive... ENGAGED!

7:00 AM
Ghost is online and crossing the streams to get ALL the energy!
Got so much coffee in me everything is moving slow. I am pretty sure this is how Neo sees the matrix.
Check out the soundtrack Ghost made for you to play while we work today!

3:15 AM
The kiwibird burned down the bush. The otter's in the well. And I am off to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - Arklen 

(Those were probably supposed to be Z's. - Alina)

2:20 AM
The event hub map is 80% ready to go. The Final Battle map is go. Arklen's booking on the rest of the battle maps. (Gotta love templates!)

Chaos does not know the meaning of sleep!

Time to pass the baton over to Arklen and the testers and get some sleep before tomorrow! Those of us who work at the Lab need to be awake and back there again in OH NO SO LITTLE TIME to go to - ZZZZZZZ

2:00 AM
Arklen's resolved a bug with the Drakath boss health. I've entered a hyperaware map-building state where the bugs are betraying each other and fixing themselves. #CHAOSreigns

1:45 AM
Time to reveal the one of the 7 items you'll need to turn-in for the Drakath's Armor quest! (You will not find out all of them until you've completed the ENTIRE release!) The first item is... some number of Treasure Chests! These have a chance to drop when you kill ANY monster in-game! If you haven't been collecting them, now's the time to start!

1:30 AM 
Testers say that the first of 5 battle maps is READY TO GO! Arklen (the map coder) looked up and said "kiwipants" which I am interpretting as "Burning that night oil, gona be a doosy," or "GIVE ME MORE COFFEEEEEEEE!!!!"

Preview of the event menu

12:00 AM 
Testing of the /FinalBattle and /Confrontation maps is well underway. Current bug count: 1 (massive dracolich monsters)


Keep an eye on this post for more details about tonight's release! Right now, I've got to go help the testers!

Chaos Champion Prime Set!

Find out how to get all 12 items in this once-in-a-lifetime set tonight in Chaos Champion Prime Design Notes post below!

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Question Maker

August 20, 2014

Cast of Chaos Characters

Many will stand with you. More will stand against you!

This Friday, learn who your true allies are in the battle against chaos! And remember, what has been Chaorrupted is not always lost...

When you ressurect this weekend, the first thing you'll do is select the who your guide out of the Underworld will be.

And that choice will determine how the coming battles play out! Each of four endings is based on the choice you make at the very start of your adventure. AND determines who lives... and who dies. All the endings have pre-requisites, so make sure you have completed as much of the core (and side storylines, like Doomwood), as possible!

Also happening this weekend:

  • The Chaos Champion Prime armor set arrives in the Chaos Rares shop!
  • Nulgath's Rares and Diamond Merge shops get updated with the Time Lady/Gentleman set, the Dire Monk, and more!
  • The Wheels of Doom and Destiny leave THIS SATURDAY! This is your LAST CHANCE to use your Fortune Tickets to get item drops!

PS: The hunt for Gjappy's birthday weapons is ON! (Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter, then battle the DoomKitten and Frankenwerepyre for a chance to get his birthday gifts to you!)

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Speculation Maker

August 19, 2014

Days Before The Final Attack...

The World Waits to For Its Destruction... Or Salvation!

As the warriors of Chaos clash with the gathered army led by Empress Gravelyn, the rest of the world battles to stay alive as Chaos ravages their homelands. Mountains shake and seas begin to boil as the Chosen One prepares to return.

While miles above the pits of brimstone and fire surrounding your Hero, Empress Gravelyn's life hangs in the Balance. Literally!

YOU are the only person who can save her! This is a battle only you can win. EVERYTHING depends on the fights you survive and the choices you make. Drakath, the Champion of Chaos, has a message for you, Hero:

There is no end... ONLY CHAOS!

Will you prove him wrong?

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Ice Bucket Challenge Maker

August 19, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

AE takes the plunge for a good cause

If you have been on the internet lately, you've probably seen the explosion of Ice Bucket Challenge videos popping up. Maybe you've been challenged, too! A few days ago, Artix was was called out by Short Sleeve Sampson (from WWE and Micro-Championship Wrestling), as well as several of our friends and players on social media, to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But you know us... when ONE member of the AE team is challenged, we ALL are!

Cyser(OH NO!) challenges you!

So, in the name of an excellent cause, we joined the effort to raise awareness for ALS (aka Lou Gherig's disease) by gathering the bravest, most water-resistant team members to take the plunge. We are also making a donation at www.ALSA.org! AND to keep the word of mouth spreading, we challenged three MORE game companies... but to find out who, you'll need to watch the video!

What is Lou Gherig's Disease?

ALS is otherwise known as Lou Gherig’s Disease and this challenge is all about increasing awareness of this disease. You've seen this a lot online lately and some people are saying that it's just a viral publicity stunt and they are RIGHT!

Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, more people than ever before are aware of ALS and the ALS Association has blown fundraising goals out of the water...


But seriously. Go Google "ALS" or head to www.ALSA.org to find out more information or additional ways you can help.

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August 18, 2014

Friday: The Final Battle

Defeat the Champion of Chaos to Save the World!

This weekend, the Final Battle against Drakath BEGINS! The time has come to face Drakath… and END Chaos’ reign upon Lore once and for all. Face Drakath and his minions in a multi-stage boss fight which will leave your world scarred but, if you succeed, FREE from the Champion of Chaos and the Queen of Monsters!

The Champion of Chaos is waiting... for YOU!*

* Pictured above is the Chaos Champion Prime armor, available in the Rares shop.

Prepare to face Drakath: Make Sure You're Caught Up!

And the best way to do THAT is having played through this summer's Chaos finale (guide here)! If you don't have time for that this week, there are a couple things you MUST do before being allowed entry into the Confrontation map.

Spoilers ahead!!! 

  1. Battle to the top of Mount DoomSkull (or use the skip if you're a Legend)
  2. Select a Chaos Lord form 
  3. Face the Champion of Chaos when you /join Drakathfight
  4. Help Gravelyn raise Shadowfall when you /join shadowrise and 
  5. /Join Shadowattack and watch the opening cutscene 

Then, and ONLY then will you be ready to begin the final battle! And here's a sneak peek at what it entails:

  • Multi-stage boss fight against Drakath and his minions in a solo map
  • 5 maps to battle through, each with its own ending
  • 17 total cutscenes 
  • Long-unanswered questions and the fate of several Chaos Lords will be revealed
  • An ultra map against Drakath balanced for your whole guild or party
  • The HARDEST QUEST EVER... which will reward you with Drakath's armor (you will also be able to get the other Drakath gear, but not in THIS quest.)

NEXT week, you'll play through the conclusion to the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga... and THEN we will begin preparing for the NEXT main saga. But first you've got to take down the Champion of Chaos! /cheer

Reminder: AQWorlds is NOT ending after the 13 Lords of Chaos storyline! Geopetal has already written the first 4 weeks of the NEXT storyline which we are calling

NO SPOILERS! You're getting as bad as Artix! - geopetal

This is the Battle of a Lifetime!

The story of AQW's 13 Lords of Chaos finale is one Artix has written over and over in his head for the last SIX YEARS! The ideas for it have been in his head and in his heart since before the game began. This is the story of his lifetime, and ours, and hopefully... yours!

I still remember the day I was driving home, and he called to tell me the TRUE identity of the 13th Lord of Chaos. I was so excited to start building the finale that I almost turned right back around (and would have, if two semi-trucks did not have my little blue Fiesta blocked in).

Many of you know by now what that identity is, but some of you don't. I hope you are as excited as I was when you /join Drakathfight and learn who you have been, are, and will be in the world of Lore!Because what you've learned about your hero character - and what they have done during their lifetimes - is something that NONE of our other games have revealed.

The actions you take in this upcoming release will show that you are truly worthy of the powers you have come to wield. But just what those actions are... ah, now THAT is a reason to log in this Friday!

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Reminder Maker

August 18, 2014

Wheel of Doom Leaves Saturday

Wheels of Doom and Destiny Leave in 5 Days!

After a year of taking chances, daring fate, and risking DOOM... the Carnival of Fortune is closing its gates this Saturday, August 23rd! This is your last chance to use your Fortune Tickets to get drops from the Wheels of Doom and Destiny. 

Why are we closing them now, you ask? Good question. The Wheels were always controversial, but many of you guys enjoyed taking a chance to get exclusive items, and hunting for that elusive Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness. We thought that was a pretty cool idea, too! 

Dark ExoSuit Binsuko

Once the Wheels leave, we plan to have the new Daily Login system give mega-extra bonuses to Legends, but will also give free players a more reliable means of getting in-game rewards. 

Important Details

  • Once the Wheels leave, you will NOT be able to turn in your free Spin Tickets. Use them BEFORE the Wheels leave Saturday night.
  • If you receive the UIoDA before the Wheels leave, you WILL still get your item, even if it is awarded after Saturday.
  • The Doom and Destiny merge shops will remain in-game and available for those who still have Fortune Potions to spend in them. 
  • Fortune Potions (under that name or a new one) will be availble in the near future so people can get gear from the merge shops.
  • The Dark ExoSuit Binsuko leave Saturday. The Infernal Warrior gear will leave when the Infernal Caladbolg does, next month.

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August 15, 2014

Defeat Dreadmaw the Defiler

Dragon Combat, Nulgath Rares Shop and Quests!

Galanoth the DragonSlayer has created a training ground inside the Coliseum stocked with draconic constructs - perfect for honing your skills in battle and gaining the glory all heroes seek! Take on Lore's most famous dragons and pit your strength against the ferocious Dreadmaw the Defiler!

Victory waits for you in the Coliseum!

Gather DragonSlayer Treasures to unlock the gear in Dreadmaw's Merge shop! You'll find items like the:

  • Draconic Warlock set
  • Dark and Dragon Samurai sets
  • Stalagbite Battle Pet
  • Pink Undead Dracolich Battle Pet
  • Green Dragon Battle Pet
  • and the Potato Dragon (O_O?!?!!)

Draconic Warlock gear

NEW Nulgath Rares Shop and Quests are Here!

Holy VOID BALLS! We have over 50 new Nulgath items in tonight's release, so if you are a member of the Nulgath Nation, this is YOUR weekend to get in there and get your gear on! Talk to Nulgath in Battleon to browser all his new Void rares, then /join Tercessuinotlim and talk to him to begin "The Perfect Pet" and "Kiss the Void" quests! You have a chance to get the Legend-only Shadow Mazumi pet and 1 of 7 Betrayal Blades of Nulgath!

Void ArchMage set

Void Warlord of Nulgath

Legend-only Beastmaster of Nulgath

Crystallis Weapons of Revontheus

Note: the Time Lord of 2014 armor set and a number of Nulgath's other creations are NOT releasing tonight... but they WILL release next Friday. 50+ items were more than enough to pack into one weekend!

Note the 2nd: I am grabbing some grub with the team, then will add in gear to the Nulgath Merge shop in Battleon. (Requires Diamonds, Gems, and more)

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August 15, 2014

IT'S A BOY! ...erm... GAMER!

Artix is officially a Father-adin O_O 

Introducing the newest member of our video gaming community... Ash! ...Aidan! ...maybe Valen? We have not officially chosen his name yet. He was born in the bathroom tub of Castle Krieger at 5:39am on August 14, 2014. (For those of you doing the math- exactly 9 months and 2 weeks after the wedding.) The cute little undead slayer weighs in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and has WAY awesome hair. So. Much. Hair. He is healthy so we suspect all crying is due to his confusion over why he has been in this world several hours but not played any video games yet. I had the honor of catching the baby. Bringing it above water and watching him immediately take his first breath and spring into full life was a moment none of my words can explain. The midwife was amazing and the entire home birth went off without a hitch. Trinni and I are both anxious for the day you get to battle the evil undead alongside this little guy! --and grateful that he is going to be raised with you in his world.



  • Warlic & Rika knitted the little guy a Artix Entertainment Logo blanket
  • Drew Drechsel sent a text message: "Let the ninja training begin! <3" (READY!)
  • Stryche reported that lightning struck exploding a power box down the street at roughly the time the child was born.
  • Cysero sent me this photo of a rainbow that he took with his phone - it was over Castle Krieger after the storm had ended and the baby was born.
  • Rorath drew baby fan art! OMG! ADORABLE!!!
  • Zazul says, "Now this release is live and kicking! ...and a real scream."
  • Castle Krieger (what everyone jokingly call my home because it is full of armor and swords and has a moat) is now full of baby things.
  • Daimyo now sits outside the baby's room, vigilantly standing guard.

P.S. I was shocked to find out that whole Stork thing was a lie... the baby was actually in Trinni's belly the whole time! ...and here I thought it was just all that ice cream she had been eating during the 9 months since the battle wedding.
P.P.S. Thank you for allowing me to share the most important moment in my life with you.

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Preview Maker

August 14, 2014

Coming Soon Class Lineup

So much planned for the rest of 2014!

The battles and events won't stop once the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga ends... we'll be moving onto the next major saga and preparing for all-new releases and classes! Here's a first look at our "Coming Soon Class Lineup" - Legend-only BeastMaster, seasonal rare Naval Commander, and Evolved DragonSlayer!

Coming soon to AQWorlds!

More details:

  • The Legend-only BeastMaster class will be a battle-pet Class
  • The Naval Commander Class will be a seasonal rare, and will return each year with art that matches that year's NC themes
  • The DragonSlayer General Class will require rank 10 DragonSlayer Class

What else would YOU like to see us add to the "coming soon" classes list? We've got votes for Evo DragonLord, Lycan Class, ArchFiend class, and many more!

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Preview Maker

August 13, 2014

Friday: NEW Nulgath Gear

Coming this Friday to Nulgath's Shop and Zone!

The first look at some of the newest gear coming to Nulgath's Rares shop and to the quests and merge shops in his Tercessuinotlim zone are here! More details about what gear will be available in each shop and quest will be announced tomorrow, along with more previews!

Void Warlord of Nulgath

Void Beastmaster of Nulgath

Crystallis Weapons of Revontheus

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Excerpt Maker

August 13, 2014

Idle Games and Dragons

Newest Game Announced on Artix.com!

If you aren't following the newest AE news over on Artix.com, you are missing the coolest, craziest posts from the Paladin himself... filled with spoilers, previews, and ALL the insanity we can pack into one website! Below is an excerpt from Artix's post.

AQ:Dragons Coming Soon!

I woke up so excited to write this post for you that I was literally singing about it in the car. Out of tune.... and an awkward attempt at a high note resulted in the spilling of my coffee. It is ok, I was parked. Never sing about idle games and drive-- it is the law! BEHOLD.... A MONOCHROME TEASER POSTER ANNOUNCING WHAT WE ARE BUILDING WITH CRAZY AWESOME WEIRD COOKIE CLICKER RELATED BACKSTORY! Read More Here O_O


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August 13, 2014

DragonCon 2014

Artix Panel Date & Time

WHEN: Saturday, Aug 30th @ 2:30 PM 
WHERE: DragonCon : Grand Salon D (Hilton)
WHO: Cysero, Miko, Diozz, Zazul, Stryche... possibly Brutalcorn.

dragon con pannel pic test.png

Artix Entertainment Panel & Poster Release

It is that time of the year again. It's time for DragonCon, the largest multi-media, pop culture, science fiction & fantasy convention on the East Coast. This will be our 9th year at DragonCon! Well, it will be for some of us... due to circumstances out of our control several members of the team, including myself, will not be able to attend. We have really good reasons... promise! What do you mean, "How could anything be more important than DragonCon!?" This is not some sort of "My dog ate my homework excuse". This one is legit! Huh? You REALLY need to know why I am unable to go... right now? This very second? For the record, this is not the right place for this. I was planning on making a seperate post. But, alright... well, it has officially been about 9 Months since Trinni and I were married.


*dramatic pause* 9 months... *coughs* We are, um, expecting an epic loot drop. It will be level one, and it is up the server roll to determine if it is a boy or a girl. But one thing is for certain... if the little fella is born during DragonCon, he/she is being named Dragon. O_O. Now THAT is a good excuse :-) So, Cysero, the funniest AE staff member will be running the panel to talk to you about new and existing video game projects!

(Cysero's note: What's this, now? What am I doing when?)

(Alina note: you can reply to this same post on Artix.com! /cheer for Artix and Trini!) 

13 Lords of Chaos Poster Launch!

We are commemorating the epic finale of the "current" AdventureQuest Worlds storyline with this freaking incredible 13 Lords of Chaos Poster. Drawn and painted by the collaboration of Diozz and Dage the Evil. It features all 13 Lords of Chaos AND they will be available for sale during our panel in the back of the room for $12.


The entire team will sign these posters here at the lab before they are taken to DragonCon. This is means that anyone attending our panel at DragonCon will be able to buy these posters before ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD! 


If you (like myself) are not able to attend, then rejoice! The posters will officially go on sale at www.HeroMart.com on Tuesday, September 2nd; the same day the team returns home. All posters include codes for in-game items for AQworlds and some of the other games are adding items too.

Poster includes code for in-game items

If you are unable to afford the posters we are putting together two desktop wallpapers you can download for free. They do not include codes, but they will make your desktop look freaking awesome.Item_AQW_AllSeeingSpiritStaff.jpg

  • AdventureQuest Worlds
    • All-Seeing Spirit Staff
    • In-Djinn-ious Blade
    • Chaorrupted Dragonlord's Sword
    • Escherion's End
    • One Eyed Claw
    • Wolfwing's Last Paws
    • Fallen King's Scythe
    • Manabranch Staff
    • Temporal Triune Axe
    • Kitsune Kitsune Katana
    • Lion's Fang Blade
    • Tentacular Whip
    • BONUS: Quest to create power-ed up versions of each
  • EpicDuel
    • Chaos Dragonslayer Sword P
    • Chaos Dragonslayer Sword E
  • MechQuest
    • Chaosawa Mecha (Spoof of the Kurosawa mecha)

Other merch available at our DragonCon Panel

The team will also be bringing a small selection of items from the HeroMart chamber which you can buy during the panel including: The Card Game, Glow in the Dark T-Shirt, Artix figures and whatever other things Stryche manages to fit in his luggage. These items are available now through our official online shop, www.HeroMart.com but it's more fun to get them from us in person.



I expect this to be our best panel ever. For the past several years, our panels have been the loudest, craziest, and most laugher filled (and sometimes dangerous-- thank you Brutalcorn) panels on the DragonCon gaming track. Perhaps it is because the other game studios do not show campy home movies or flood the room with ninjas... or sword wielding half-unicorns to fight random members of the audience. From Voltaire showing up and playing songs to George Lowe narrating live-action Twilly punting.... well, we have 3rd party testimony that our panels are "The Funnest!" And Cysero accidentally hit that particular kid in the head with a curve ball candy bar. Did I mention that we throw candy? Lots of candy. Candy Shotgun.


So... I am not going to be there this time, and I am counting on those of you who are to do whatever it takes to make this the most memorable one yet. If Cysero randomly asks you to start playing musical chairs in the middle of the panel... or to sing along to the Japanese version of Frozen... go for it. And send me a video! So I can be jealous of not being there. Then little Dragon will not be the only one crying :-)


P.S. I saw this on Cysero's screen... O_o


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August 08, 2014

Dark and Deadly Gear is Here

Find out where to get this week's newest gear!

As I write this, Ghost is pushing his animation skills to the MAX to add in all of the extra insanity this week's cutscenes need - because when Empress Gravelyn attacks Drakath on Mount DoomSkull, the explosions will be felt across the world!

Flying Dracolich Fortress OF DOOOOOOM!

But while we wait, let's get you all geared up for the big fight! Death and destruction await you tonight, in that order!

Tonight: Infernally-awesome Gear!

We've got several shop updates tonight, so make sure you know where to go to get the gear you really want!

Shadowfall Rares Shop in your Game Menu

  • ShadowScythe's Light Armor set
  • Infernal Caladbolg Blade
  • Dual Shadow Katanas
  • Shadowscythe Reaver Armor and Helm

Wheel of Doom Merge Shop (/join Doom)

  • Infernal Warrior Armor
  • Infernal War Horns Helm
  • Inferno Stalker Armor set*
  • Shadowscythe Reaver Armor and Helm

Wheel of Doom Drops (/join Doom)

  • Incarnation of Madness Armor
  • Faceplate of Madness Helm
  • Incarnation of Madness Hood

* The file for this is on my computer at home, so I will add this into the shop once I get home.

Blockbuster Battle Shop and Gear Hunt!

If you missed it earlier this week, you can battle your way through Yokai to get all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-inspired gear... OR take on the Dragonoid in MQLesson to get drops honoring the EPIC INSANITY of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie launch!

You'll find more galactically-great gear in the Blockbuster battle shop in your game menu, too!

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August 07, 2014

New Nulgath Gear Coming Soon

Nulgath Returns with a Rares Shop and New Quests!

Later this month, the ArchFiend will return in full force with all-new gear for a Rares shop PLUS a ton of his OverSoul-based gear will be added to quests and the merge shops in the Tercess map! Here's a sneak peek at one of the newest sets, the Void Warlord of Nulgath! 

Are you loyal to the ArchFiend? His Warlords are!

Also coming in that shop, the ArchMage of Nulgath, BeastMaster of Nulgath, and more! AND if you manage to get the Legend-only Toxic Fiend of Nulgath armor from the Toxic Fiend monsters in the Shadowrise and ShadowAttack maps, you'll unlock the "Headless Fiend" quest to get the helm!

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Inferno Maker

August 06, 2014

Wheel of Doom Leaving Soon

17 Days Left To Get Drops from the Wheels!

The Wheels of Doom and Destiny leave AQW forever on August 23rd, so if you have that last hard-to-get item you're shooting for, you've only get 2.5 weeks left! We've got new gear coming to the Wheels' merge shop AND a couple new drops (for those of you with a few leftover tickets to spin).

Merge Shop: Infernal Warrior Armor!

Starting this Friday, you'll find the Infernal Warrior Armor and Helm in the Carnival of Fortune merge shop: you can get the armor for 20 Fortune Potions and the helm for 10 Fortune Potions. This armor will ONLY be available until the middle of September, when it goes rare permanently!

Infernal Caladbolg is in the Living Shadows Shop!

MORE Doom-tastic Gear!

Other gear coming to the Wheels of Doom and and Destiny this week include the Incarnation of Madness (drops from the Wheels) and Inferno Stalker of Vokun (in the merge shop) armor sets!

Blockbuster Battle Gear!

MANY of you have been waiting for our Blockbuster Battle and Toxic Fiend gear, featuring Galaxy of the Guardians and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-inspired items... and you'll find the first of those dropping from monsters tonight! 

Head into Yokai to find the TNMT gear from the following monsters:

  • Kage Nopperabo
  • Samurai Nopperabo
  • Dai Tengu
  • Nekoyasha
  • Skello Kitty
  • Tanuki
  • Nure Onna

/Join MQLesson and take on the Asteroids and the Dragonoid for the Strikeforce Nova armor and helms! All of the other Blockbuster Battle gear will arrive in the shop tomorrow!

UPDATE: The Legend-only Toxic Fiend armor now drops off the Toxic Fiend in the Shadowrise map!

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Garden Maker

August 08, 2014

Redeem retail gift cards for ACs

PayGarden Lets You Redeem Other Store Gift Cards!

GREAT news - we've partnered with PayGarden to let you trade major brand gift cards (like Walmart, Macy's, Home Depot, and 100+ more) for AdventureCoins!

If you've got a gift card you'll never use, or that has at least $10 USD left on it, you can redeem them on our website and get ACs in return.

Important Information

  • No credit cards required
  • Gift card must have at least $10 USD left on it
  • Works with US stores only

Need help with PayGarden? See the PayGarden Help Page here.

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Attack Maker

August 04, 2014

Friday: Empress Strikes Back

Gravelyn Leads the Attack on Mount DoomSkull!

Chaos rages high above the DoomSkull plains, as the Dracolich Castle and the Skyguard's ships fill the sky. The time has come for Empress Gravelyn and the Shadowscythe to attack Drakath in the heart of his realm! Meanwhile, in the Underworld, YOU face the battle of your life... against Death himself!

This time, it's personal.

Prepare for the next stage of your dungeon crawl through Death's realm* while miles above you, Empress Gravelyn and combined forces of the Shadowscythe and shattered Alliance converge on Mount DoomSkull!

Also releasing this week:

  • Join us Wednesday for the Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed shop and gear hunts!
  • The Toxic Fiend will be added to the Toxic Fiend monster in /shadowrise
  • Friday: the Wheel of Doom receives new gear in the merge shop! (The Wheel leaves for good August 23rd!)

* We have a fix ready so you will not have to see first cutscene each time you join the map. That goes live tomorrow. You will have to play through the dungeon each time (this was added so Legends who use the membership skip could play the release). That issue has been corrected for this coming week's release.

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Shadow Maker

August 01, 2014

Shadowfall Rises Tonight

Battle through Death's Realm to Help Gravelyn!

Two weeks ago, the 13th Lord of Chaos faced Drakath in a battle of Champions, and tonight, you will see what happens AFTER the fight!* But while the 13th Lord of Chaos has been battling Drakath, Empress Gravelyn has pulled together the remnants of the shattered Alliance and is preparing her assult on Mount DoomSkull. But before that can happen...


/join Shadowrise to see the Empress marshalling her forces as you battle through Death's Realm*! The question you should be asking is: HOW do you reach her if there is no escaping Death? You've got a life and death battle through a deadly dungeon crawl ahead of you!** You'll find out tonight!

You've just got to get past THESE guys

* If you have not battled to the top of Mount DoomSkull and chosen a Chaos Lord form, you cannot begin tonight's release. /Join MountDoomSkull and fight your way up, then /join DrakathFight to see the events leading up to tonight's story!
** Good thing the Toxic Fiends drop the full Infernal Grim Stalker armor set for ALL players! Next week, Toxic Fiend Tokens will be added as a rare drop to create the armor, too! Collecting the gear will give you something to take your mind off the dire fate that awaits you.

Living Shadows and Infernal Caladbolg!

Talk to Death's Dealer in /Shadowrise OR find the Living Shadows AC Rares shop in your game menu! Filled with gear collected from the unhallowed souls passing by him year after unending year, the Dealer will sell you what you want... for a price. 

Shadows will dance on the edge of your blade

Inside his shop, you'll find:

  • Living Shadow Assassin armor set***
  • Shadowscythe assassin armor set
  • Living Shadow Katana Blade +3 
  • Infernal Caladbolg Blade

Will you master the blade... or will it control you?

The Infernal Caldbolg Blade costs 3000 AdventureCoins, and comes with the following bonuses:

  • Shadow Animation
  • 15% Class Points Boost (3x the normal amount)
  • 15% Rep Boost (3x the normal amount)
  • Quest for the Dual Infernal Daggers
  • A Legion-only quest to earn 50 Legion Token

Our testers say this weapon is on par with the Holiday Paragon Pet, so if you missed out on that last Frostval, this is a good chance to get something to help you farm Legion tokens!

***Each item in the Living Shadow set has the Shadow attack animation

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Test Maker

July 31, 2014

Game Testers Wanted!

Do You Have What It Takes To Break AQWorlds?

We release new content EVERY WEEK! (Sometimes, multiple times a week!) If you are an experienced, friendly, and helpful AQWorlds player, know the game inside out, upside down, and right-side 'round, and are willing to spend countless hours playing the game to test, break, and help FIX it... then we want YOU!

AQW Team Searching for New Testers!

We are posting this on the Design Notes first because we ALWAYS want to get people from our community. You all know the game as well (and sometimes better O_O) than we do, so it makes sense to bring new help onto the team from our player community! Real life has stolen some of our testers away over the last few months, (shakes fist at real life), so it's time to buff our team count!


Here is what we are looking for. Someone who is:

  • Experienced (this does NOT mean you have to be level 50+)
  • Knowledgeable (you should know how all the various parts of the game play)
  • A good communicator (if you cannot explain the bug you've experienced, we cannot fix it)
  • Easy to work with (our testers work hard and have fun. Since this is a volunteer position, we want everyone to enjoy what they do and who they work with)

We will be looking at your AQW account history, social networking and forum accounts if you have them, and arranging an in-game interview to talk one-on-one with potential candidates.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. 1. Send an e-mail to AQWapplications@aq.com with the subject line AQW TESTER APPLICATION
    If your e-mails subject line says anything except AQW TESTER APPLICATION then the filters will automatically delete it. Reading comprehension is good.
  2. Include your real name, age (18+ only)
  3. Include your country of residence.
  4. Include your AQW Game account name and email address
  5. Include your Master Account name and email address tied to the master account.
  6. Include your Forum account name and email address if you have a forum account.
  7. Include all Languages you speak/read.
  8. Include the days and times you're available to help out! We really need some people who can help during Friday's release testing, but if you can't, don't worry - some types of testers can do their work at any hour.
  9. Include a Resume (C.V.)  *please note we'd like the resume in English.

You must be 18+ to be considered for these position(s).

One application per person. We will read and consider all applications, but cannot reply to them all.  If you are chosen to go through a further interview, we will contact you by e-mail. If we do not respond, we want to thank you for being awesome enough to volunteer!

Position Details

Please note that this is an unpaid, volunteer position but does come with in-game Tester status, free AE game memberships, AdventureCoins, the chance to test game content as we develop it before release and invaluable experience with a honest-to-goodness gaming company which will look good on ANY future resumes.

Thanks, good luck and Battle On!

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July 30, 2014

Mark Your Calendars

Chaos Paragon Limited Quantity Set Leaves Thursday!

Dage's Paragon gear is some of the most popular in game, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a Chaos-themed version. but it's almost time for it to go. The set goes rare PERMANENTLY on August 1st, no matter how many sets are still left!

If you want to conquer the world as a Chaos Paragon:

  1. Go to our Limited Quantity Set webpage
  2. Purchase the set for 2000 AdventureCoins
  3. Head into AQWorlds and find the Chaos Paragon Set badge in your Book of Lore!

August 6th: Lore's Galaxy Guardians Shop Arrives

If you've been on the internet recently, you may have heard about the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Memet is a HUGE fan, so we definitely have! She got early-release tickets to the Gaurdians of the Galaxy movie and came back RAVING about how awesome the movie is.

She's been drinking out of this for the last 2 months

When I asked her to make GotG-inspired gear for a shop/item hunt, she almost dropped her GotG coffee mug! There were so many great ideas for the gear, we pulled Laken and Blade in to help, too!

Next Wednesday, break out your biggest blasters and prepare to hunt for the Galactic Guardians gear:

  • By talking to the Star Lord in Battleon
  • In the Carnival of Fortune, dropping from the Wheel of Doom
  • Wandering the Galaxy in /MQLesson

August 6th: Teenage Mutant Yokai Kappa Hunt 

Next Wednesday, begin the hunt for our gear celebrating the launch of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie! Many of our artists are lifelong Turtle fans... they've been Find the Kappa-tastic gear dropping from many of the monsters in the Yokai zone! 

August 23rd: Wheel of Doom Leaves 

After a year of taking chances, daring fate, and risking DOOM... the Carnival of Fortune is closing its gates on August 23rd! This is your last chance to use your Fortune Tickets to get drops from the Wheels of Doom and Destiny.

The Doom and Destiny merge shops will remain in-game and available for those who still have Fortune Potions to spend in them, or may be obtained in the coming Daily Login System revamp. 

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Shadow Maker

July 29, 2014

The Shadows Are Rising

Life or Death Battles Ahead!

As Dage, Nulgath, and ALL of the forces of evil gather to assist Empress Gravelyn, the undead trapped in Death's Realm grow uneasy... the urge to join their masters has sent them into a frenzy! If you are going to battle your way out of Death's Realm to help Empress Gravelyn, you will need to defeat MANY monsters, including the Infernal Warrior and Toxic Fiend, both of whom were lost to Death's domain centuries ago.

Death waits for all heroes... even you!

Infernal Caldbolg Blade and Quest!

In addition to the other gear in the Living Shadows Rares shop this Friday, the Infernal Caladbolg Blade will also be available for 3000 AdventureCoins! 

Will you master the blade... or will it control you?

The blade will unlock an exclusive quest to gain the Dual Infernal Caladbolgs, along with a Shadow animation, Rep and Class points bonus!

Next Month: Nulgath Gear Arrives!

As the shadows spread over Lore, Nulgath the Archfiend reappears! You'll find him in this Friday's release aiding Empress Gravelyn in the best way he can, but he will need YOUR help to do that. Beware: should you fail him... the consequences will NOT be pretty! (I would a-VOID doing that, believe me!)

Do not disappoint the ArchFiend.

Nulgath has been working on a new Void Beastmaster set for an upcoming project, but will ALSO have a Rares Shop in a few weeks along with many of the Oversoul-themed items as permanent quest and drops in the Tercessuinotlim zone!

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