Design Notes

June 01, 2015

Happy Birthday, Daimyo!

Log in to Battleon to get your own Daimyo Pet!

Wish happy birthday to everyone's favorite undead-slaying battle puppy*! Each year on his birthday(today!!!) Artix adds Daimyo into Battleon, so heroes can buy him as a pet. This started in the original AdventureQuest, and has become a yearly tradition. Log in through tomorrow to celebrate everyone's favorite "fearless undead slaying" battle puppy by getting your own to travel alongside you! 

* Wish him Happy Birthday on his official Daimyo FaceBook page!

Daimyo: Defender of the Secret Underground Lab

Though some of you might not know this, Daimyo often comes to the Lab with Artix.* Whenever he's here, we feel EXTRA safe from any potential undead army attacks... or student tour groups... or the lunch cart... or Herormart package delivery men...

Those are some of my favorite days at the Lab, because though Daimyo is FIERCE, he can also be pretty sweet. Especially when he wants a treat.

The Legend of Daimyo

Once upon a time there was a feudal lord from a great Eastern Kingdom. He battled an evil Witch, who cursed him into the form of an adorable puppy. While undertaking the perilous quest to return to normal, he befriended and became the faithful companion of the Paladin, Artix. No one knows Daimyo's secret or what quest is required to return to normal. Mostly because every time he tries to speak it comes out as cheerfully high pitched, "Arf!"


Daimyo has many fans, but especially rare pet collectors! So many of you get so excited when his birthday rolls around that we began giving him a new outfit every year (Vampire, Derp, DoomKnight, Dage's Legion and more). The goal is to collect as many as you can! After Daimyo leaves Battleon, you'll be able to quest through one of Artix's Summer releases to get the Astro Daimyo shown below. 

free online rpg mmo space puppy

Coming Later This Month: Space Daimyo!

The Daimyo pet themes usually hint at what's to come in the storyline. If you've been paying attention to Artix's Twitter, you might just be able to guess what's coming soon!


June 14, 2012

CVS Gamecard Item

Write a Prescription for DESTRUCTION!

We've been getting a lot of questions about how to get your Prescription for Destruction after you purchase an Artix Entertainment CVS gamecard, so we'd like to clear up the confusion.

Once you've purchased the Artix Entertainment gamecard from CVS, follow these steps to receive your axe:

  • Redeem your card here: Get your Artix Points and CVS Axe
  • Check your Artix master account email for easy instructions on how to get your Rx for Destruction axe in any AE game.
  • You will need to use the code on the card to get your Artix Points before the end of June, then you'll need to use it AGAIN to get the axe in AQWorlds.

Not sure what we're talking about?

Head to your local CVS Pharmacy because Artix Entertainment Game Cards are now in-stock at CVS locations across the United States! Purchasing an AE-branded CVS game card unlocks the Prescription for Destruction axe AND gets you Artix Points that can be used for any of our games.

Ridin' the Waves Like a J6!

You saw the Nulgath surfboard on last night's Design Notes. Today we've got the art for J6, Dage, and Daimyo's surfboards! The last one we need is the Samba surfboard, and Diozz is hard at work on it now. ALL of the surfboards will release in the Summer Shop TOMORROW, and they all cost 350 ACs. Get ready to /hang ten!

Preparing for Planet Banzai!

The next installment of the J6 Saga releases tomorrow! You'll be heading to Planet Banzai to face the L.O.S.E.R.S: the League of Super Evil Rangers, and they are preparing for DESTRUCTION! (That seems to be a theme this week.)

Have a great day, and as you fall asleep tonight, dream a dream of thwarting DOOM!


June 01, 2012

Us vs. Sepulchure!

The final showdown that no one will ever forget

Sepulchure. He is the most powerful and legendary DoomKnight. He unified all of the villains in our world. He slew the good King Alteon. He even slew DEATH itself! He started the zombie apolcoypse and wiped out every living person in he world... EXCEPT FOR US! ready  your weapons and spell books friends. Now begins the final battle. We are all that stands between Sepulchure and the Champion of Light. No matter what happens tonight... our world will NEVER be the same again. BATTLE ON!

"Sepulchure" painting by Dage the Evil

DeathKnight Class & Zombie Quibble

You know... I did not think Moglins like Twilly, Zorbak and Quibble could be zombified. Guess we were wrong. I was wrong about a lot of things. For example, last night on Twitter a player tweeted me: "Hey Artix! Would you do if you came across a pink derp zombie?" To which I replied, "OMG!?!?!?!? WHAT!?!?! WHY! WHY!" (It may not have gone exactly like that... but the tweets already scrolled off my tweetdeck so this is how I remember it.) The rest of the team, seeing this, thought to themselves... "Wow! What a great way to thank Artix for giving us 5 cutscenes to do in only days!" and actually started making these nightmare inducing, therapy requiring, why... why.... oh why would you do this to me, pink derp zombie armors. I love the team, and will not begrduge them the joy of watching me cower under my desk, tweeting on my phone in fear of these pink abominations. But if you start sending me screenshots of pink derp zombie player hordes... I... I.... I am actually to horrified to think about this any more O_O

  • Ultimate Horror Armor (pink derp zombies!!!)
  • Pink Zombie Villager
  • Pepto Zombie Armor
  • Derp Zombie Armor
  • Zombie Quibble Bank Pet

The DeathKnight armor will be released tonight too! Check out two posts down for the full skill breakdown. Cyero's goal was to create a class which was damage-over-time over kill! It should be interesting, fun and very different from our existing classes to play.

Happy Birthday Daimyo!

Thank you to everyone who posted a caption on Daimyo's Facebook (Which now has over 2,000 likes!) Did you hit like yet? He loved ALL of your funny caption suggestions.  Great job everyone! to celebrate his birthday, you can get the Daimyo pet for only on da.... *what is that boy?* ... ARF! *Really? ... ARF! *OK, you are the birthday puppy.* .... you can get Daimyo this weekend. He will dissapear from shops for another year and the merge shops to armor him will return on Monday.

Caption inspired by Osman Oso Kaleziq.

Become a Member and Support the Game

If you have been enjoying AQWorlds and our weekly releases, please support the team by becoming a member.  Not only will you be paying for the servers and keeping our coffee machines powered, you will also get an ever increasing number of in-game features and perks as a  thanks for making it possible for the team to grow the game and make it better each week!

P.S. - In preparation for the release of Alchemy in 2 weeks, alchemy reagents have started dropping from boss monsters. Stock up on them!

UPDATE: Responses from the Grand Finale!

We give it our all every week. Not Friday gets a reaction like this... but one glance at the comments below shows why it is all worth it. Thank you!!!!!

@WonderpBread says, "AE Never fails to satisfy! Well worth the wait! :D BATTLEON!"
@Gjappy says,
"you guys did an exellent job with this release!!! *summons you a BIG cake*"
@cyromansor says,
"The cutscenes were amazing! *tear of joy runs down cheek* I loved the release to pieces!"
@J1KTheGamer says
, "im not one of those crazy fanboys that like everything but THIS RELEASE WAS AMAZING!"
@Cryoskylos says,
"1 word after finishing the release....mind blown o.o"
@rinreos says, "same here i luv it :) its so awesome i finished it too, i so liked it :)"
@JasonShadoesky says,
"Best...twists....ever...FREAKING AWESOOOME"
@_Neeko says, "clever Aerosmith reference in The Ultimate Horror's description xD"
@AngryAwesomeGuy says, "Release was epic."
@Brisingr says, "That was a short release, but the cutscenes @Samba_AE rocked them out hardcore! Loved it, definitely looking forward to more!"
@AlphaConduits says, "This release is soooo mother flipping awesome."
@Suskelani_AQW says, "That. Was. UN-MAZING!!! Un-mazing? Get it? *no response* Err, i'll stop now.. That was amazing! Good work to all!"
@DeitylinkAQW says, "THE MOST EPIC RELEASE OF MY LIFE! I can't wait til you can top it!"
@Fried_Ryce says, "Those cutscenes, one word, 4 letters, EPIC."
@Excavator_2 says, "OMG!!! Awsome!!! You have done it again, outnumbering your previously cutscenes! I don't think I will ever stop playing."
@QuantumInsannity says, "OMG!! Sooo many great cutscenes and bosses and everything. But... still don't know what champion the "hero" is! Love it!!!"
ShadowRavena says, "Okay then, thanks. And btw... best release in AQW history!"
@Slimjim1516 says, "OH MY GOSH!!!!! That release WITHOUT A DOUBT is one of the BEST releases EVER!!!!! Seriously, it was AMAZING."

Note: We updated the map so it is easier to get the to the boss fight and replay the cutscenes. Once you have completed everything... there is now a simple menu that will let you replay all of the cutscenes and re-battle Dark Sepulchure. Battle On!


May 31, 2012


Tomorrow... we make our last stand.

Our once beautiful world has been devastated by Sepulchure's zombie apocolypse. We united and fought the zombie horde side by side. But one by one, each town has fallen. Well known friends including Rolith, Alina, Warlic, Valencia, Galanoth and Cysero haven fallen to the green zombifying mists... all hope seems lost. Now, the town of BattleOn is all that remains... three heroes brace themselves as the DoomKnight Sepulchure descends to lead the final assuault... personally. Tomorrow night is the absolute and ultimate finale of DoomWood II & ZOMBIES... remember, this is AQWorlds, anything can happen!

AQWorlds Zombies and DoomWood 2 Finale

4 weeks ago, the DoomWood II: Whispers of the Dark Lord saga began in AdventureQuest Worlds. The original DoomWood told the secret story of Artix and is regarded as one of the game's best storylines. This brand new adventure continues after the "final ending" but is focused on legendary DoomKnight Sepulchure -- and his fiery red-headed daughter, Gravelyn. In my opinion, Gravelyn is one of the most unique and interesting characters we have ever created. A beautiful girl, raised by the undead in a giant flying dragon skeleton castle. She is the daughter of the world's greatest darkness villain and inherhited his throne when he was destroyed at the beginning of the game. Yet... we have never seen her cast a darkness spell or fight. Many villains have claimed she was weak and unfit, and attempted to overthrow her. We might have gone all the way through the game without finding out why... but the unthinkable happened. The cutscene at the end of week 2 re-started the game in the most dangerous "WHAT IF" of all time. It started AdventureQuest Worlds: ZOMBIES! Now, it is all about to come to its unbelivable conclusion.

Zombie Samba Dance! (See the original video on YouTube)

Daimyo's Birthday!

As written in your AQWorlds Calendars, Friday is everyone's favorite  "fearless undead slaying" battle puppy's birthday. Only during his birthday tomorrow can you obtain an in-game pet version of him via a special Daimyo Birthday shop in town. Oh! There are quests in DoomWood Part 2 to put armor on Daimyo if you get him as a pet. These quests will not be available while his shop is open... but will return once the shop closes.

Daimyo's BirthdaySuggest a caption!
Visit the real Daimyo's FaceBook page and give him a LIKE!

About working on this saga!

I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting to hear your reactions from the BOSS battles and cutscenes tomorrow.   I would like to thank the team for their super hard work... J6 for all of the amazing background art (the elevator and doomcrawler were perfect!), Yorumi for adding the new "monster intro animations," and for helping redesign the war system that has been getting rave reviews, and especially Samba who has been animating all of the killer cutscenes for this release. I would also like to thank all of the players who have been playing through the releases and giving me honest and encouraging feedback. I doubt anyone knows how much your comments influenced what is about to happen. This week's final showdown was hard to write.... it is Gravelyn's story. Something that many of you have seen coming for a long time now, and for everyone else it is going to be jaw-droppingly shocking. She will never be the same "weak little" girl again. I hope you enjoy it. BATTLE ON!

P.S. Help us name the upcoming 3D game and read my other posts at

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