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February 24, 2023

Shadows of War Finale: Master of Fate

This Weekend: the Shadows of War Saga Finale!

After years of conflict, battles, and revelations about yourself and our world... the Shadows of War Saga finale is finally here! This weekend, log in and battle through the final chapter of the Saga to face Malgor the ShadowLord and... the TRUE saga finale boss?! O_O. Be careful. Stay strong. You are our hope. You are the future.

The world as we know it has gone silent; Mana Affliction is spreading across Lore. Defeating Malgor once and for all is the only way to save all those who depend on you. Battle alongside Tara, the Champion of Mana, as you race to stop the ShadowLord from finally achieving his goal: the destruction of our world, our future, and the entire timeline.

This weekend, /join manacradle and prepare to:

  • Battle alongside Gravelyn as you race to stop Malgor from reaching the Avatar of Mana
  • Fight Dark Tainted Mana and Darkness Elementals
  • Battle Malgor the ShadowLord before you face... the FINAL BOSS?!?! O_O

Shadows of War Chapter Guide

  • Chapter 1: begin the adventure in /ruinedcrown
  • Chapter 2: hunt Malgor in /timekeep
  • Chapter 3: battle through the Timestream war in /streamwar
  • Chapter 4: discover the truth NOW in /deadlines
  • Chapter 5: meet the Champion of Mana... and learn about the Old World Order in /worldscore
  • Chapter 6: defeat Malgor the ShadowLord to save the world and master your fate in /manacradle

Shadowy Reward Gear

Terror and suffering flourish where conflict reigns. The Vanguard weaponizes fear of their might as an equalizer. Battle the monsters in /manacradle to collect the resources to craft the pieces of the ShadowFlame Vanguard armor set. 

6 Monster Drops in /manacradle:

  • ShadowFlame Armet Helm (male + female)
  • ShadowFlame Shroud
  • ShadowFlame Devastation
  • ShadowFlame Vanguard Spear
  • Mainyu’s Wings, Tail, and Rune capes
  • Shadow DragonMaster armor, helm, blade, cape
  • ShadowFlame Dragon Blade

Merge Shop:

  • ShadowFlame Vanguard Armor
  • Mana Overdrive Armet Helm (male + female)
  • Mana Overdrive Shroud
  • Mana Overdriven Devastation
  • Mana Overdriven Spear
  • Mana Surge Gauntlet (single + dual-wield)
  • 4 Mainyu capes

Plus, battle the Eternal Dragon in /deadlines for a chance to get the Primal Dragon Guard + Alert Primal Dragon Guard house items.

The Story so Far...

In your journey so far, you've discovered how the Queen of Monsters REALLY died and the truth about WHAT you really are. You've discovered the identity of the Champion of Mana, faced the Elemental Lords themselves, and uncovered the existence of ... something... called the Old World Order. O_O

In c Fate of the Champions, it was WAR! The Avatars were willingto help you hunt Malgor, but to do so, four Elemental Champions needed to serve as their shields. You won the war, but the price was high... maybe too high? It is too soon to tell.

The Shadows of War Saga

Malgor, Leader of the ShadowFlame army, seeks to destroy our world completely... by corrupting the ley lines of Lore -- the veins of magic running through our world. If he succeeds, he will be unstoppable, and we will all be very, VERY dead.

  • The First Encounter: /join shadowwar
  • Teja the Pirate Queen: /join granitecove
  • Jinx the Cat Burglar: /join junkhoard
  • Attack on Arcangrove: /join shadowgrove
  • Mahou the Spirit Mage: /join aozorahills
  • Attack on Mythsong: /join shadowsong
  • Alliance of Evil: /join darkally
  • The Chaos Twins: /join chaosamulet
  • Chaos & Shadows: /join lagunabeach
  • Attack on the Mirror Realm: /join shadowoff
  • Shadows of Chaos: /join forestreach
  • ShadowFlame Onslaught: /join fireplanewar
  • Shadows of War Finale: /join ruinedcrown

See the full Shadows of War Saga Guide here

Leaving Soon: mark your calendars

Don't miss out on your favorite limited time events, stories, and gear! 

Wednesday, March 1st: 

  • February Seasonal Set

Friday, March 3rd: 

  • Yokai New Year event maps

Friday, March 10th: 

  • Hero's Heart Day seasonal events + featured rare gear
  • seasonal Carnaval events

Friday, March 24th: 

Daily Gift Schedule

Log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase. Bookmark the Daily Gift page to keep up to date with all of daily gifts! And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

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