Shadows of War Saga Guide

The Shadows of War saga so far...

Several years ago, the Champion of Chaos freed the Queen of Monsters from her prison in the Plane of Chaos. Since then, we've battled her minions, her children, and the maniacal villains who've allied with her, with no way to anticipate her next move. We went on the attack to stop her once and for all... but found an army of shadow creatures had already moved in for the kill. 

Now Malgor, Leader of the ShadowFlame army, seeks to destroy our world completely... by corrupting the ley lines of Lore -- the veins of magic running through our world. If he succeeds, he will be unstoppable, and we will all be very, VERY dead.

The Shadows of War Saga:

  • The First Encounter: /join shadowwar
  • Teja the Pirate Queen: /join granitecove
  • Jinx the Cat Burglar: /join junkhoard
  • Attack on Arcangrove: /join shadowgrove
  • Mahou the Spirit Mage: /join aozorahills
  • Attack on Mythsong: /join shadowsong
  • Alliance of Evil: /join darkally
  • The Chaos Twins: /join chaosamulet
  • Chaos & Shadows: /join lagunabeach
  • Attack on the Mirror Realm: /join shadowoff
  • Shadows of Chaos: /join forestreach
  • ShadowFlame Onslaught: /join fireplanewar
  • Shadows of War Finale: /join ruinedcrown

Shadows of War: Queen of Monsters

Since Drakath, the Champion of Chaos, freed the Queen of Monsters from her prison in the Plane of Chaos, we've battled her minions, her children, and the maniacal villains who've allied with her... all with no way to anticipate her next move. The time has come to STOP predicting what she'll do next and ATTACK! But before we can reach the Queen of Monsters... we'll have to go through an army of never-before-seen shadow creatures standing in our way. More details

Shadow War: Team up to assault the Queen of Monsters’s castle and OMG YOU DID WHAT?! 
/join shadowwar

 Shadowlord Keep: Varga, the Goddess of War, arrives with an army. 
/join shadowlordkeep

Timestream: Use your Eternal Dragon of Time power to travel through space and time to gather allies. 
/join timestream


After the battles you've just survived... the Queen of Monsters is dead, but the War of Shadows is far from over.

Malgor, the leader of the ShadowFlame Army, brought an army to your world. He controls the Queen of Monsters' castle and says YOU were responsible for her death. It's clear he sees you as a threat.

As far as he is concerned, if you aren't fighting FOR him, he wants to make sure you'll NEVER fight again.

His army has invaded our world, and if you're going to stop him, you'll need two things, FAST: allies + to recover ALL of your power as the Eternal Dragon of Time. 

The First Ally: Teja the Pirate Queen 

After all of the chaos the Queen of Monsters wreaked, it is clear that you cannot sit back and deal with smaller threats to the world. That means we need to start gathering two things NOW: allies and power. Varga, a mysterious ally present when you escaped the Queen of Monster's castle, tasked you with a quest: to recruit Teja, the Pirate Queen of the southern seas as your first ally. More details

Granite Cove: Your goal: recruit Teja, the Pirate Queen, Malgor's newest ally. He won her allegiance after replacing her slain crewmates.
/join granitecove

Blacksea Keep: Discover why Malgor is REALLY interested in Teja... and the nature of the priceless treasure her ship carries.
/join blackseakeep

The Second Ally: Jinx the Cat Burglar 

As we fight to secure our alliance with the Pirate Queen Teja by recovering a priceless artifact stolen from her. But it won't be easy. The culprit is the Kittarian, Jinx, one of the most skilled cat burglars in the galaxy. To stop him, you'll need to follow him through space, time, and beyond! More details

Junk Hoard: Meet Jinx the Kittarian, famed Cat Burglar, and battle alongside him as you work with Robina and Ai no Miko to win Teja's loyalty!
/join junkhoard

 Junk Heap: Teleport to the future for a glimpse of what will happen if Malgor rules the world.
/join junkheap

World at War Interlude: Attack on Arcangrove 

The Shadowflame Army DESTROYED the defenders of Arcangrove with their legion of shadowy Dragonlords and their blackflame-breathing dragons! We must regain control of Arcangrove Tower's library before they secure the secrets of the ley lines. The ley lines are like arteries of mana... and if those are corrupted with shadow, Malgor will control the world's lifeblood AND have a stranglehold on Lore's magic users. More details

Shadow Grove: Malgor seeks the secret of the leylines to spread his shadows across Lore. Battle to defend Arcangrove from his ShadowFlame Dragon army!
/join shadowgrove

The Third Ally: Mahou the Spirit Mage 

After the ShadowLord Malgor’s defeat in Arcangrove, he is eager to find a new connection to the ley lines of Lore - and it looks like he’s set his sights on the nexus in Yokai. The nexus is guarded by ancestral spirits, and if you're going to communicate with them to help defend the ley lines, you'll need the help someone who knows how to get their attention.  More details

Aozora Hills: Seek out the help of the spirits and secure the Nexus in Yokai Island with the help of Mahou the Spirit Mage.
/join aozorahills

Ghost Nexus: Discover how Mahou lost his wife and nephew to Chaos and the Queen of Monsters, and earn his trust as you restore his hope for the future.
/join ghostnexus

World at War Interlude: Attack on Mythsong 

The Shadowflame Army has crashed onto the scene, wreaking havoc in the capital of Mythsong! His army of ShadowFlame Troll moshers smashing every crystal they come across as Malgor searching for a magical composition with the power to... CHANGE REALITY?! Your goal: find the song before Malgor's minions do and drive the invaders out of Mythsong, before the music stops... forever. More details

Shadowsong: Defend Mythsong from the dreaded Oh’Garr, Malgor to acquire the Song of Fate.
/join shadowsong

Dark Allies: Alliance of Evil:

 After the ShadowLord Malgor’s plot to control the ley lines failed, he retreated. Or so we thought, until Dage the Evil received a message... and an offer of alliance. But Dage was not deceived by Malgor's empty promises, and now he needs your help to defend his realm. Because if Dage won't willingly add his Underworld minions to the ShadowFlame army, then Malgor intends to TAKE them.  More details

Dark Ally: Defeat the Undead who've gone over to Malgor's ShadowFlame army + cleanse those who can still serve Dage the Evil. 
/join darkally

Dark Alliance: After Nulgath invades, aided by Malgor's forces, you'll need to retrieve the Underflame to cleanse the Underworld of Malgor's corruption.
/join darkalliance

Inner Shadows: Journey with Dage and Nulgath to secure Empress Gravelyn's aid and defend ShadowFall from Malgor's taint!
/join innershadows

Shadows of Chaos

The dark despair Drakath, former Champion of Chaos, suffered under is gone now that his Mirror Twins are back at his side and ready to help him conquer Lore. There's just one problem... without the Chaos Amulet YOU destroyed, Drakath HAS no power. Until Malgor the ShadowLord comes with an Amulet. And an offer of alliance. But Drakath is no one's pawn, not anymore. And now the entire city of Crownsreach will pay for his refusal. More details

Dual Plane: Battle through a corner of the Realm of Monsters as you seek out his most loyal Generals, the Chaos Twins!
/join dualplane

Chaos Amulet: Malgor makes Drakath an offer he can't refuse... OR CAN HE?!
/join chaosamulet

Shadows of Chaos x Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirate Queen Teja rejoins the cast with her crew as we set sail to hunt for Drakath's Chaos Amulet and battle against a new breed of General... one fused with Shadows and Chaos! More details

Laguna Beach: Battle across the living island is created by Captain Laguna, a pirate captain infused with the combined powers of Shadow AND Chaos! 
/join lagunabeach

Laguna: Fight to recover the stolen Chaos Amulet from Captain Laguna!
/join laguna

Shadows of Chaos: Attack on the Mirror Realm

Only the power of the Eternal Dragon of Time can end the attacks by Malgor the ShadowLord and his army of darkness! Battle to find the long-dead Lords of Order as we fight to save the entire Mirror Realm in our Shadows of Chaos saga finale.

Shadowoff: Malgor has invaded the Mirror Realm! Battle to keep him from securing the Order Amulet, Mirror Drakath's source of power. 
/join shadowoff

Brightshadow: Battle alongside your Mirror Realm allies, including Gravelyn the Good, as you seek to protect the Order Amulet.
/join brightshadow

Bright Chaos: Malgor invades the Mirror Realm as you battle Blight, an uncontrollable monster.
/join brightchaos

Bright Forest: Use your Eternal Dragon of Time powers and rally the Lords of Order BEFORE they were slain to help defend the Mirror Realm from Malgor's Shadow power.
/join brightforest

Shadows of Chaos: The Queen's Past

Loremaster Anka has discovered something strange… in Crownsreach. Something that may be connected to the Plane of Monsters. Battle Chaos once again as you uncover more about the Queen of Monsters' past, her birth, and her realm.

Forest Reach: Capture tainted creatures for LoreMaster Anka's investigation and search for the Fabled Tome of Monsters.
/join forestreach

Deep Forest: Fight to locate the Plane of Monsters and an artifact LoreMaster Anka claims will reveal the truth about what happened to the Queen of Monsters!
/join deepforest

Transformation: Discover the secret of how the Queen of Monsters was born as you fight deeper under Crownsreach.
/join transformation

ShadowFlame Onslaught: World on Fire

Malgor will stop at NOTHING to conquer our world... even if it means he needs to conquer the Elemental Plane of Fire to do it! He's joined forces with one of the Queen of Monsters' former Generals, Tyndarius, to boost his firepower... literally!

Fire Plane War: Fiamme, the Avatar of Fire, has summoned you and Galanoth the DragonSlayer to help defend her realm, the Elemental Plane of Fire, from a new threat. More details
/join fireplanewar

ShadowFire Plane: Battle alongside Galanoth as you fight to survive the ShadowFlame Onslaught and keep the Avatar of Fire safe. More details

Fire Invasion: Battle alongside elemental minions sent by the Avatars to help you, Galanoth, Artix and more defend Lore from the ShadowFlame army! More details 

War Training: Travel to Justitica Per Belli, Varga the Warfury’s training ground as you prepare to face Tyndarius and his combined Shadow + Fire powers! More details
/join wartraining

Fire Avatar: Battle alongside Galanoth as you race to stop Malgor's chosen Avatar of Fire from burning the entire planet, and save the Elemental Plane of Fire from his shadowy influence! More details
/join fireavatar

Shadows of War: Alliance of Crowns

Malgor has corrupted the Mana Core with Shadowflame, and his influence is beginning to spread to all of the living beings in Lore. The final battle is almost at hand! Gather your allies and race to save the world as Malgor launches his final attempt to conquer EVERYTHING... and destroy our world in a tidal wave of despair, darkness, and shadow.

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