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July 18, 2019

This Weekend: Attack on Arcangrove

Malgor's ShadowFlame DragonLords are attacking Arcangrove!

The Shadowflame Army has DESTROYED the defenders of Arcangrove with their legion of shadowy Dragonlords and their blackflame-breathing dragons! We must regain control of Arcangrove Tower's library before they secure the secrets of the ley lines. The ley lines are like arteries of mana... and if those are corrupted with shadow, Malgor will control the world's lifeblood AND have a stranglehold on Lore's magic users.

Prepare to face...

  • Shadow Dragons and Wyverns
  • Shadow DragonMasters
  • ShadowFlame Mutants

ShadowFlame War Rare and Permenant Rewards

Battle to raise the war meter in /shadowgrove. Each time you turn in war medals, you'll have a chancec to get one of the pieces of the Shadow DragonMaster or ManaShaper Mage armor sets.

A number of the quest drops will go rare... so make sure to collect them all!

ShadowFlame War Rares: DragonLord becomes DragonSLAYER

Check out the deadliest ShadowFlame War set - the ShadowFlame DragonLord! From a loyal dragon ally to the cause of their dragon's dark demise, ShadowFlame DragonLords have embraced Malgor's shadowy power... and taken their dragons down with them. Find the ShadowFlame DragonLord armor set, Shadow Dragon miniion cape, and the ShadowFlame DragonLord Class skin* in the War Rares Shop all month long!

  • ShadowFlame DragonLord Class
  • ShadowFlame DragonLord armor
  • ShadowFlame Dragon minion cape
  • 2 sets of Wings, Shadow Dragon Tail, Wrap
  • ShadowFlame Dragon weapons
  • ShadowFlame Dragon helms

    * The ShadowFlame DragonLord uses the animation and skills of DragonSlayer General with the ShadowFlame DragonLord's art.

    Battle hard, heroes. The fate of Arcangrove depends on you!

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