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July 07, 2020

Bonus Item of Digital Awesomeness

The IoDA just got even MORE awesome!

Last month, we announced that changes were coming to the Wheel of Doom and its "Item of Digital Awesomeness," which you can redeem for almost any item in the game. Early feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and we've received a flood of requests and questions about the IoDA items since the change went live. Based on your feedback and ideas, we've finalized plans for the future of the Items of Digital Awesomeness and the free bonus version (the BIoDA).

Redeem IoDA tokens to get even MORE bonuses

For each of the first six eligible IoDA tokens you receive, you'll get a FREE Bonus IoDA. The eligible tokens are the Ultimate, Epic, Platinum, Wicked  and Golden tokens. After that, you'll get a free Bonus IoDA for every 3 eligible IoDA you redeem, with no maximum stack. So if you have that dream set of gear you want to create... now you'll be able to.

After you redeem your...

  • 1st IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 2nd IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 3rd IoDA, you'll unlock 1free bonus IoDA
  • 4th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 5th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 6th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA

Then, for every 3 IoDA you redeem, you'll unlock another free bonus IoDA.

After you redeem your...

  • 7th, 8th, and 9th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 10th, 11th, and 12th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA

And so on. The 3:1 bonus IoDA ratio starts after you get your first 6 free BIoDA, regardless of when you received them. *(Example: if you've redeemed a total of 21 IoDA tokens, you'll unlock 11 BIoDA total. The first 6 BIoDA at a 1:1 ratio, and then 5 more at the 3:1 ratio.)

Many of you have already gotten your first freebies. The team automatically gave them out last month. If you did not receive your free bonus IoDA yet, then you're in luck! Captain Rhubarb is working to award those this week.

* We're sorry, but you cannot get a Bonus for a Bonus. 

Other Changes? Automatic Prize Redemption!

That's right! With our new automatic prize redemption system in the Account Manager, you can log into your account manager and choose your prize from a list of options, then get it right away. No need to contact Player Support, no need to wait. 

Read more about that here.

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