Design Notes

May 24, 2012

Quibble's Zombie Shop

Zombie Quibble Comes to Battleon Tomorrow!

We thought moglins could not be zombified by Sepulchure's fog! Could it be Quibble's unusual nature which makes him susceptible to the toxic gas? We may never know... but we DO see that his shop is fully stocked and ready to open with tomorrow night's release!

Show your allegiance to the living by donning either the gleamingly gilded ZombieSlayer Armor set or manipulate the Darkness to take down hordes of undead in the member-only Shadow ZombieSlayer Armor set! Either way, you've got a wide selection of epic equips to choose from!

Investment Trinkets!

We're also trying something new with this Quibble shop! Investment Trinkets! An investment trinket is an AC item that has no other use than to be sold back for MORE Adventure Coins than you paid for it. There will be both a member-only and a non-member trinket. Each will cost 1,000 ACs. The member-only trinket will sell for more than the non-member trinket, but both will sell-back for over 1,000 ACs. You may only have one of these.

Member-only ZombieSlayer AC discount!

The ZombieSlayer Armor costs 3,000 ACs and is available for all players, but MEMBERS can purchase the member-only version of the ZombieSlayer Armor for only 1 AC!

  • ZombieSlayer Armor - 3,000 AC
  • Golden ZombieSlayer Sword - 200 AC
  • Radiant ZombieSlayer Helm - 85 AC
  • Radiant ZombieSlayer Cape - 75 AC

  • Heroic ZombieSlayer Armor - 1 AC member-only
  • Royal ZombieSlayer Helm - 75 AC
  • Blinding ZombieSlayer Spear - 200 AC
  • Golden ZombieSlayer Spear - 175 AC
  • Lethal ZombieSlayer Cape - 85 AC
  • Ascendant ZombieSlayer Helm - 85 AC

  • Shining ZombieSlayer Helm - 85 AC
  • Runic Blade of Cleaving - 175 AC
  • Dark Runic Claymore - 25,000 gold non-member

  • Lightwielder's Plate - 2,000 ACs
  • Lightwielder's Shield and Spear - 200 ACs
  • Lightwielder's Helm - 75 ACs

  • Shadow ZombieSlayer Armor - 45,000 gold member-only
  • Shadow ZombieSlayer Helm - 17,500 gold member-only
  • Shadow ZombieSlayer Wrap - 15,555 gold member-only
  • Shadow ZombieSlayer Blade - 27,500 gold member-only

Important Reminders!

  • Artix and Sepulchure Action Figures are now on sale in U.S. Toys "R" Us stores all over the country and at HeroMart.
  • Zhimaira‚Äôs "Artix vs Sepulchure" / "Zombies!" Art Contest ends next Thursday, May 31st! Make sure to post your entries here.
  • The Zombie Caesar armor limited time shop leaves next Wednesday!
  • The Nulgath Loyalty shop leaves TOMORROW with the new release!

And, most importantly, the ZOMBIES continue to flood out of Swordhaven! It will take the blades and brains of all of Lore's heroes to succeed. If they overrun the world, Sepulchure's army of undead will be unstoppable... and only the Champion of Light will be left to face him!

See you all tomorrow for release!

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