Design Notes

August 02, 2011

"Coming Features" Progress!

Duel Invites option turned OFF!

Do you love battling your friends and foes, but only on your OWN terms? Do you want to prevent nasty cases of random "Shattered-Skull Syndrome" or inconvenient bouts of the "Battered-Bone Blues"?

Yes? Excellent! Then we have the solution for YOU! Just head into your options menu and uncheck the Duel Invites button!

Your Options screen if you DON'T want to duel.

This new option is LIVE! (Right now!) But that's not all Yorumi's made progress on...

Character Pages are getting a NEW look!

Have you ever wondered what AWESOME armor the enchanting new Mage in your party has equipped? Too shy to ask? Then you'll find our handy-dandy, new and improved Character Page feature that displays what your fellow players are wearing a huge help:

Yorumi worked hard ALL day! /Cheer him on!

This feature should go live this Friday! It's looking good in testing, so with luck, you'll have a shiny new, much more useful, character page this weekend!

Bits 'n' Bobs about other News

  • An update is coming to the Player Suggestion shop! Mennace, Skyline, and Dage will all contribute as they bring to life (bring to Flash? That doesn't sound as impressive somehow...) the ideas of players just like you! The next update could showcase YOUR creativity, but you have to show us what you've got, and you can do that here!
  • The Event Rare shop in the ArcAttack zone will go rare THIS Friday! So if you want to equip epic electrical-themed gear, get it now!
  • The weapon/item drops from the Shadowfall War will ALSO go rare this Friday! The Darkness Gems that drop which are used in the War Merge shop will NOT go rare, nor will the items in the Merge shop.

Have an excellent Tuesday night! We'll see you all tomorrow for another day of writin', gamin', and rockin' the Secret Underground Lab!

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