Design Notes

March 11, 2013

StormBringer Set Leaves Friday

Last Chance to get This Exclusive Offer Set!

Call down the Lightning with the electrifying (and color-customizable) StormBringer set before this Friday, when it goes rare forever! Purchase any Membership or AdventureCoin bundle, look in your Book of Lore in the Achievement Badges section, and use the Stormbringer Badge to access these epic items.

If you prefer to command mythical beasts over elemental powers, then read on!

DragonClaw Set Arrives Friday!

Login for this weekend's release and you'll see our NEW special item set! Buy any AdentureCoin package worth $4.95 USD or more to unlock the DragonClaw badge and item set! 


Set comes with:

  • DragonClaw Guard Armor
  • DragonHorn Helm
  • DragonTooth Shield Cape
  • DragonFang Staff
  • and badges in the Character Page and Book of Lore!

AQW Ambassador Applications Closing!

Last week, we aopened applications for the AQW Ambassadors, a new group of mods/players who will help each other in-game! See the Design Notes about this new group for more details, and if you're interested, apply before Wednesday at 6PM server time (EST)!

Special Spring Break Boss Challenge!

Take on the Red Dragon all week long to see if YOU receive the SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA Rare Red Dragon Destroyer Armor set! Each piece of the gear has an incredibly low drop rate! Good luck, Dragon hunters and destroyers!

Head to the /lair map all this week and face down the Red Dragon to collect our challenge boss rewards!

  • Red Dragon Destroyer
  • Red Dragon Faceplate
  • Red Dragonscale Cape

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