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November 22, 2013

Name Changes Are Live

Reinvent Yourself in AQWorlds With a New Name!

GREAT news, guys! We've been working behind the scenes to get a new feature working: in-game name changes... and it WORKS! Starting NOW, you will be able to purchase a new name for your hero through the account manager for 2,000 AdventureCoins. Read on for more details and how the process will work!

Name changes coming soon!

"Why 2000 ACs?" some of you are asking. We have a couple reasons for that. We don't want people to abuse the system by spamming name changes (which would hit the database pretty hard) or to deliberately confuse/harass other players.

We look at your game name as your hero's identity; it is a big decision, selecting a new name, because names are important. It's who you are; it's who will save the world!

How to Change Your Name in AQWorlds!

Starting next week (once testing is done), you'll be able to change your name using the following steps:

Go to the account manager on


Login to the account manager


Click on "Change Username"

Type in the new name you want. If it is available, you will be asked to confirm your choice, then charged 2,000 ACs. If the name is not available, you will not be charged.


Once you receive the success message, login to your account with the new username and your same password.

Though we regularly clean up old accounts, we will be doing another huge "inactive account" purge before this goes live to free up more names.

Things to Remember!

Don't forget this important information:

  • Once a name has been changed, the previous name CANNOT be taken for 30 days. This is to prevent accounts from being hacked to steal their name.
  • You must choose a name with at LEAST 4 characters (letters and/or numbers)
  • Choosing a name with only numbers may cause bugs in the game.
  • Even MORE old, inactive accounts are being purged tonight to free up more new names. If you do not wish your old accounts to be purged, log into them! (We NEVER delete accounts who have upgraded or bought ACs.)
  • If you have any issues with your changed name (or any other name-related account issues) please use THIS help page!
  • Currently there is a delay with your new name showing up in your Guild Chat. This problem will resolve itself on its own in a few hours to a day. (We are working on making that go faster.)
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