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Can I change my AQWorlds username?

Yes! You can purchase a name change via the Account Manager for 2000 AdventureCoins.

How to Change Your Name
After logging into the Account Manager, choose Change Username to the left and then you can pick a new username. You will be charged 2000 AdventureCoins. If you need to purchase AdventureCoins, you can purchase them via the AQWorlds Payment Page or in-game. The name you choose has to be one that is currently available. There is a 4 letter minimum for names.

How to get a Name that is Not Available
If there is a name you want for an account that was deleted, you will have to wait for it to be purged from our system which could take up to 30 days after it was deleted. If you want a name for an account that seems inactive, it will only be available if the account has been inactive for a very long time but there are no guarantees.

Names are first come first serve and you cannot request us to give you a particular name or to purge an account so you can have a name.

Name Issues
If someone is harassing you in-game about your name, please report and ignore them in game with /report playername and /ignore playername. If you create an account or change your username to an inappropriate username, your account may be banned, disabled or deleted. Your name may also be changed back to what it was before and you will not be refunded your 2000 AdventureCoins.

More information can be found in the Design Notes post: Name Changes are Live!

If you have an issue with changing your name, please email us.

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