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November 20, 2020

Harvest of Nightmares, Part 2

Our 3 Part Event Continues with Memet's Birthday Screams

Last week... you, Aurelio Voltaire, and Memet were trapped inside Aurelio Voltaire's nightmare in the first part of our three-week Harvest of Nightmares holiday event. This week, log in and battle Memet's creepy dreams as you fight to escape and return home in time for the Harvest Fest. But beware, hero! Friday the 13th may be over, but the Nightmare Realm is a dark and twisted land. You never know WHAT you'll meet... or what might decide to follow you home.

This weekend, /join memetsnightmare to begin your adventure:

  • Talk to Aurelio Voltaire to begin your quest to escape Memet's nightmare
  • Battle Eye Worms, Burning Embers, and Cyclones
  • Collect Nightmare Kibble and slay... CANNIBAL MERMAIDS?!
  • Battle your way home to return in time for the Harvest Feast, releasing next Wednesday

And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Memet's Nightmare Rewards

We've got a host of dark and creepy rewards for all heroes coming your way this weekend! Battle monsters in /memetsnightmare to get the merge shop resources to create the Terrifier the Clown armor set and Spooky Skelly suit! 

Who is Memet?

Memet the Nightmare Moglin is the staff persona for Memet, AQWorlds' lead writer. She is the one who writes and designs the weekly releases you battle through. She is a huge fan of dark, offbeat, Lovecraftian/Geiger style art and fantasy... which is why her in-game NPC is a baku/nightmare creature. She’s crafted this nightmarish new event for you to battle through while she concentrates on celebrating leveling up during 2020. Wish her luck or happy birthday on Twitter!

New Featured Gear: Ghostly Wedding Set

They say love is eternal... and with our ghostly wedding gear, it CAN be! Find this hauntingly beautiful armor set in your Featured Gear Shop until November 30th. Then they'll leave be gone... FORVER!

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