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November 22, 2019

Survive the Harvest Of Nightmares

Our 2019 Harvest Fest Celebration Continues This Weekend

Every year for the Harvest Fest, Oishii the Troll Chef throws a HUGE feast. This year, Memet the Nightmare Moglin was contacted by an intergalactic race of adorably fuzzy creatures who wanted her help crafting a new type of meat. She'll be bringing her creation AND her new friends - the Furbles - to the Harvest Fest. In the spirit of friendship, they want to bring their own favorite dish to the feast, and they're going to need YOUR help to make it taste just right. This weekend, log in and battle through the Harvest of Nightmares, then return next week for Part 3, daily Black Friday monster drops, and an all-new Black Friday rare gear shop!

Harvest Fest 2019

  • Part 1: Memeat Lab (/join meatlab)
  • Part 2: Harvest of Nightmares  (/join furblefeast)
  • Part 3: Coming next week!

This weekend, log in and gear up to...

  • Battle Sneevils, Turkeys, and Turdrakens to help recover missing Furble tech
  • Take down the hungry Meat Zombies
  • Survive the Harvest of Nightmares!

MMMMMMmeaty rewards

Battle the monsters and boss in this weekend's event to unlock all-new reward items, including:

  • Borgrix Guardian armor 
  • 3 Borgrix helms
  • Borgrix Fuel Pack cape
  • 5 Borgrix weapons
  • Mecha Furble pet + house item
  • And more!

Testing New Map/Monster Mechanic

Reens the Alchemist loves trying new combinations in her lab... but she also likes updating and testing out new ways to make building releases better. This week, she's coded up a new monster pad, so that (when she uses it) the monster you see depends on what part of the story/quest you're at.

This special pad won't always be used, but when we do, it will make things like creating wars and special story events (like the August Battle Concert) much more enjoyable, since you won't need to be separated from your friends as you progress through the event.

If you like this, great! Let us know on Twitter. If you don't, we want to know that, too! Reens' Twitter, Alina's Twitter

Harvest Fest Returns: Are You Hungry for Adventure?!

Every year, the Harvest Fest is a time to relax and celebrate another year of prosperity with your loved ones. A time to forget about the horrors of Mogloween and look forward to another happy Frostval in the coming weeks as you digest the giant feast that Oishii the Troll Chef has prepared for you.

Sample the tastiest battles AQW has to offer when you /join Feast, and don't miss adventures in:

  • Harvest - Help Oishii, the Craziest Chef around!
  • Turdraken - Take on the Turdraken for a deadly AND delicious battle!
  • Float - Help Scott the Pilgrim save the Harvest Parade!
  • FoulFarm - Something's foul in the Farmlands! 

See all the Harvest events in our Lorepedia Guide!

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