Harvest Guide

Are You Hungry for Some Adventure?!

The leaves are turning colors, the birds are flying south and the sweet, sweet smell of pie is in the air. Harvest is coming! This year is going to be one of the biggest yet, but there is some trouble. Help Oishii, Twig and the gang save the Harvest feast from Turdrakens, evil veggies, Hungry Knights, Chaorrupted Grams and more!

Begin in Harvest!

Where to go: join /harvest
Who to talk to: Oishii
What to do: Save the Harvest Feast with the power of cooking!

Harvest Shops

Harvest NPCs

Oishii’s Quests:

  • Scout the Cornycopia: Find the Ingredients List.
  • Unboiling Water: Unboil some Water.
  • The Corn has Ears: Defeat Corn Stalkers for 8 Ears and cook in the Hard Bake Oven.
  • An Apple a Day: Defeat Bad Apples for 5 Worms and cook in the Hard Bake Oven.
  • Whine n’ Cheese: Defeat Grapes of Wrath for 8 whines and cook in the Hard Bake Oven.
  • Fruit of the Loot: Fight Bad Apples, Corn Stalkers and Grapes of Wrath for a Seed then find the Turrrr… Key
  • The Turdraken: Defeat the Turdraken!

Turdraken (Legend only)

Where to go: join /Turdraken
Who to talk to: Twig the Moglin
What to do: Get Twig some things from the Turdraken!

Turdraken Shops:

Turdraken NPCs:

Twig’s Quests:

  • Pain-Apple!: Collect 5 Applesauces from Bad Apples.
  • Squishy Squash!: Collect 5 Gourd Soups from Gourd Monsters.
  • Ice Cream!: Collect 5 Strawberry IceCreams from Mad Strawberries.
  • Ring of Pain!: Collect 5 Pineapple Rings from Pineapple Beasts.
  • Cholesterious: Defeat Cholesterious and get a PiePlate!
  • Cater To His Every Dish: Fight Horc Warriors in /orctown, Mosquitoes in /farm, Spiders in /greenguardeast, Green Rats in /sewer and /cellar and Rhino Beetles in /uppercity to get ingredients

Harvest Floats

Where to go: Join /Float
Who to talk to: Scott the Pilgrim
What to do: Help Scott fix his sabotaged parade (and get some awesome ballooney gear!)

Floats Shops

Floats NPCs

Scott’s Quests:

  • Cyser-no!: Pop 4 Cysero Balloons.
  • Pink Balloon of Doom: Pop 4 Beleen Balloons.
  • The Hundred Foot Tall Twilly: Pop one Twilly Balloon.

Scott’s Legend Quests:

  • Turtle Shells Pop Balloons: Fight 10 Red Turtles in /Pines.
  • Make Things Pop with a Sentry Bot: Fight 2 Sentry Bots in /Dwakel.
  • Web Browsing for Balloons: Fight Gressil in /Twilight.
  • Complete Airheads: Pop 4 Cysero and 4 Beleen Ballons
  • The Final Pilgrimage: Pop the Twilly Balloon


Foul Farm

Where to go: /join foulfarm
Who to talk to: Samba
What to do: Investigate the Foul Farm and help Samba save everyone!

Foul Farm Shops

Foul Farm NPCs

Foul Farm Quests:

  • Farm Frenzy: Find the Chicken Scratch Notes
  • Wish on a Dish: Defeat Foul Wishbones for 3 potato peelers, skins, and chips.
  • The Root of All Evil: Find 10 Chaos Potatoes and defeat 5 Foul Wishbones
  • Home for the Holidays: Free all 12 humans and crush 6 coops!
  • Human-equins: Fight monsters in /airstorm for 5 Breaths of Life, Scarecrows in /farm for 5 of their hats, Skeleton Warriors and Fighters in /castleundead for 5 Skeleton Frames Frames.
  • Defeat the Eat!: Defeat the Foul Fowl!
  • Fowl Play: Defeat the Foulest Fowl! legendsmall.png


Where to go: join /banquet
Who to talk to: King Alteon and Princesses Brittany, Tara, and Victoria
What to do: Save the kings Daughters from the rebellious Hungry Knights!

Banquet NPCs

Banquet Quests:

King Alteon's Quests:

  • Subdue the Squadrons: Knock out 10 Hungry Knights
  • Pactagonal Aid Required: Find Help!
  • Contain the Chaos: Spray 7 Arrows with sleep mist
  • Chaorrupted Captain Encounter: Subdue the Hungry Knight Captain

Princess Brittany's Quest:

  • Makeup Should Sparkle!: Defeat Chaos Vampire Knights and Lycan Knights in /lycan until you get Violet Vampire Sparkles and Powdered Claws.

Princess Tara's Quest:

  • I want the Perfect Pet: Tame the Tiger Leech in /mudluk.

Princess Victoria's Quest:

  • The Princess is NOT Amused: Get a reply from a Hungry Knight


Where to go: join /Grams
Who to talk to: Aria and Yulgar
What to do: Find Grams!

Grams NPCs

Grams Quests:

Aria’s Quest:

  • Animal Army for Aria: Capture Spiders and Wolves in /greenguardeast and Wereboars in /greenguardwest.

Yulgar's Quests:

  • Bandits are Bad News: Find the Bandit Leader.
  • Creatures Serving Chaos: Capture Spiders and Wolves in /greenguardeast and Wereboars in /greenguardwest.
  • Bandit Battles: Disable 13 Bandits.
  • Can You Regain Grams?: Defeat Grump Granny!

Artix’s Home (Legend-Only)

Where to go: join /artixhome
Who to talk to: Farmer Zeek and Mr. and Mrs Krieger
What to do: Ahhhhh! ZOMBEHS! Must I tell you?!

Artix’s Home NPCs:

Artix's Home Quests:

Farmer Zeek’s Quests:

  • Chaos Critters in the Crops: Squash 7 Mosquitoes and Pluck 6 Chaorrupted Poultrygiests.
  • Zombehs Aren’t so Smart: Lay 10 traps and protect three holes from the Zombehs.
  • It’s the Anti-Mall: Kill 12 Treeants and find 5 Branches.
  • 28 Battles Later: Knock out 13 Zombehs.

Mr. Krieger’s Quest:

  • Spice it Up!: Collect 5 Fiery Wasabies from Fire Elementals in /Gilead.

Mrs. Krieger’s Quest:

  • Mother’s Best Sushi Recipe: Get 7 Merdraconian Scales and 7 pieces of Raw Anglerfish meat from /natatorium.

Killer Kitchen

Where to go: join /killerkitchen
Who to talk to: Oishii
What to do: Fight a bunch of killer fruits and vegetables and kill whatever is inside the kitchen

Killer Kitchen NPCs

Killer Kitchen Shops:

Oishii’s Quests:

  • Oishii’s Special Blend: Get Oishii her Special Blend.
  • Cornstalkerbread Stuffing: Kill Corn Stalkers and get 10 of each Yellow and White Kernels in /harvest.
  • Super Special Chutney: Get 6 of each Good Apple chunks from Bad Apples and Grapey Wraths from Grapes of Wrath in /harvest.
  • Oishii’s Secret Ingredient: Find 12 Sneevilbarks from Harvest Sneevils.
  • Taking out the Turdracolich: Defeat the Turdracolich and get his wishbone.
  • Defeat Ultra Turdracolich: Defeat the Ultra Turdracolich and get his wishbone.

Pre-Black Friday Quests:

  • Cut in Line: Get 5 Shadows from Shadow Imps in /necrocavern, 5 Coals from Earth Elementals in /gilead, And a Doorbuster Mace from Horc Spell-swords in /sandport
  • VIP: Cut in Line: Get 5 Shadows from Shadow Imps in /necrocavern, 5 Coals from Earth Elementals in /gilead, And a Doorbuster Mace from Horc Spell-swords in /sandport



Guide written by Optional Geek.  Thanks to Shadow for the banners and the AQWWiki for the links!

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