Design Notes

May 10, 2019

Tonight: A Game of Groans

Arena Battles are Coming...

This weekend, we celebrate Mother's Day... and the next episode of Game of Thrones. The Mother of Dragons (Danaerys) is about to unleash a reign of fire on an icy world. We're doing our part to combat the cold by bringing you a host of cool farming items, parody gear, and new battles to keep your blade (and wits) sharp.

This weekend, log in and head to /snowmore, a region deep in the Northlands. Find Wher'ya Dark, an Assassin of the Silent Sisterhood. She waits for you with more information about the BlightStalkers, a race of magical, icy creatures that can twist any warm-blooded animal (or human) into a mindless fright. Battle captive 'stalkers and their frights inside the arena to earn faction house banners, pets, and other icy gear.

Faction House Banners

In the Northlands (like much of the rest of Lore), everyone belongs to a family, a clan, a house, or a guild, and shows their allegiance with house banners. It pays to surround yourself with people you can trust. If you’d like to represent your faction, slay the monsters in the arena, and Wher'ya will help you craft your own.

New: Crypto Creator Farming Set

What happens when you combine the efforts of a wicked-talented artist (Noire) and Artix's crazy-creative video editor (Zarat)? We get a super-charged, futurist armor set available in /thespan for a limited time only! Starting tonight, find Zarat the Crypto Commander and complete his quests to unlock the Crypto Creator armor set.

Featured Gear Shop: BlightSlayer + Mother's Day

The BlightSlayer armor set will keep you warm in the winter, safe in battle, and looking way cooler than the hero next to you as you chill in Yulgar's Inn swapping victory stories. Find all the set pieces in your Featured Gear Shop until May 31st.

Also available in the Featured Gear Shop -- our seasonal Mother's Day items return! Show your mom how much you love her by doing something nice for her in real life (then giving her a few minutes of peace by logging into AQWorlds and checking out the gear shop).

Tier 2 Dark Caster Class: Member-only Test

Back in March, we announced a Tier 2 version of the Dark Caster Class. Since then, Pisces and the class balancec team have been hard at work crafting a class worthy of the Undead Legion (among all of their other balance, testing, and planning contributions). The Legion Revenant Class is dark, powerful, and fit for the Legion's most loyal and mighty warriors. 

If you have an upgraded account, you can try out the skills RIGHT NOW and let Pisces (our lead class designer) know what you think! The skills may change based on player feedback... so if you want to have a hand in fine-tuning our newest class, now's your chance!

Find the class in the Featured Gear Shop!

Get all the class details in the Design Notes here: Class Skills Post then log in and find a Double Class Points boost all weekend long! This boost will be available for everyone, but will help all you members rank up the class faster.

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