Design Notes

March 27, 2013

More DragonSlayer Gifts

The DragonSlayer Birthday Event Continues!

Don't let the day DragOn, because Galanoth's Birthday Treasures shop in the /lair map has NEW gear! The Polished Dragon Blade is now in his shop, selling for 1,000 Adventure Coins. Next week, we'll add Evolved and Legion versions of the Dragon Blade and... ALL versions of the Dragon Blade will become more powerful when wielded against Dragons! 

Don't forget to check out the rest of the gear in the DragonSlayer merge shop, either!

  • Evolved DragonSlayer Armor Set!
    Available for all players; use Dragon Talons in the Merge Shop to create the set!
  • NEW versions of the Classic DragonBlade!
    Golden (member-only), Emerald (non-member, gold), and Platinum (perma-rare!)
  • Battle-scarred DragonSlayer Armor!
    Upgrade to unlock this Member-only set in the Merge Shop! 
  • Prismatic DragonSlayer Armor Set!
    This gear will return each year on Galanoth's birthday!

AQWorlds Continues to Evolve!

You guys have started calling 2013 the Year of Evolution in AQWorlds, and we've taken that to heart! Jemini and Memet have been working to bring our NPC art up to 2013's standards.

The Princesses' gear levels up!

Shading is improved and the rest of their appearances are getting buffed (both in terms of shine and quality)!

New Pricess Victoria and New Yulgar!

Aria's Spring Pet Egg Hunt Begins Sunday!

To kick-off Grenwog next week, we're starting the pre-event this Sunday! Talk to Aria to buy a member-only Golden Egg for 10,000 gold OR a Platinum Egg for 175 Adventure Coins! 

Then quest to gather the merge items you'll need to make the egg hatch into a pet! The merge items you use will determine WHAT pet you get! The final merge item you'll need to hatch your pets will release on Wednesday, but you can begin farming for all the rest starting Sunday!

Don't Forget!

  • An Evil Undead Limited Time Shop launches next Monday!("Evil Dead" is one of Artix's favorite movies!) AND we've convinced J6 to make some camoflaged versions of his J6 items in honor of the G.I. Joe movie. You'll be battlin' so fly like a GI J6!
  • The King Fisher character page badge had to be removed because it was breaking on the character page. New accounts had the badge as soon as they made their accounts, and with how the badge is set up, there was no pretty way to fix it. It will return in the Book of Lore soon!
  • Lucky Day event AND Dage's Birthday Shop leave on Monday, April 1st!
  • The server-wide Rep Boost has ended and NOW we are finishing off the month of Spring Break Battle Boosts with a server-wide XP boost! 5% more XP on all servers! Member servers get 10% more!
  • You can now sell 0 AC items, so if you want to clear out some of those items you've been keeping, now's the time!
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