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June 10, 2019

AQWorlds Patch Notes

Check the list of bug fixes to see what the team has addressed

Reens, Cemaros and the AQW Bug Hunter team are busy squashing the bugs you submit each week to the Bug Tracker at


Please do not send non-release bugs on Twitter.  They will get lost.  Make sure you send bug report forms!

Check back weekly to see if the bug you reported has been addressed.  Please remember that not all bugs are "easy fixes" so some reported and confirmed bugs from each week may not be on the fixed list as they will require more time or a different person to fix them.

If you would like to know how the reports go from you to fixed, check this page:

Bug Fixes:

  • Quest box for Legion Revenant fixed on Yorumi server.
  • Lowered the drop rate for Thanatos armor and helm.  After receiving a bug report on the drop rate, we searched through Design Notes archives and found that the original drop rate was 0.01%. That drop rate was a temporary gift for Dage the Evil's 2018 birthday. It will be raised to 10% for his next birthday event in 2020.



AC Items and Inventory Spaces 

We’ve been getting a fair number of reports from players stating that AC items are taking up space in their inventory.  This is not a bug!  This is a misunderstanding.  AC items do take up space in your inventory.  They do not take up space in your bank.  We cannot make free inventory storage for AC items due to how the game handles character loading.  If we did this, eventually, you would not be able to finish loading before you errored out. 

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