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November 10, 2023

Survive Grimskull's Dungeon... AGAIN

Welcome to the Gaol of Eternal Torment and Misery

*GULP* According to the brochure in his gift shop, Grimskull is *ahem* "The master of the world's most evil, vile, death trap filled dungeons. His first "adventure" for you in DoomVault was barely survivable. And now, his high-level dungeon, the GAOL OF ETERNAL TORMENT AND MISERY! is OPEN! Plus, new rewards for all heroes in Doomvault, new Featured Rare sets, and more!

New game release

  • New Dungeon: Grimskull’s Gaol of Eternal Torment & Misery
  • Grim rare sets in the Featured Gear Shop
  • New monster drops in /doomvault, /doomvaultb, /memento, and /fearfeast
  • Evolved Crimson Fiend seasonal set in Aranx's Artist Showcase in /artistalley

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double Class Points
  • Resource Boost: Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Saturday: Kigurumi pets from monsters in /eventhub
  • Sunday: J6’s Birthday Shotguns from Space Raptor in /j6moon

Dungeon Details of DOOM

The Gaol of Eternal Torment of Misery is not for the faint of heart. In order to enter it, you'll need to have met the following requirements:

  • Must have completed /doomvaultb
  • Be at least level 80
  • Have the Level 60 Smite enhancement from the /forge map in your inventory (Buy & Hold)
  • Have the Scythe of Azalith from /infernalarena in your possession

Finish the story quests to unlock four repeatable quests; complete them to earn Grimskull Trolling Rep:

  • Gaol Rerun: 500 rep
  • Legend only Gaol Rerun: 1,000 rep
  • Daily Gaol Rerun: 1,000 rep
  • Weekly, super secret challenge boss fight (level 100): 5,000 rep and an exclusive weapon

If you aren't familiar with dungeons, you can read about them here. However, there are some key differences with Grimskull's newest dungeon:

  • This is a ONE PLAYER dungeon, so you will have to escape it yourself!
  • This is a high level, high difficulty dungeon that's comparable to the final fights of the /infernalarena map.
  • The dungeon will be filled with Grimskull's shenanigans, though this time they're more so focused on monster mechanics, rather than the trap filled rooms found in his Doom Vault.

New Dungeon Rewards

There'll be rewards all right. When you complete the dungeon, you'll earn Grimskull Trolling rep (yep, you can finally get it) which can be used to obtain some wicked gear. 

  • Rank 5: Guardian of Grimskull
    Gives 40% more Class Points and EXP when equipped
  • Rank 6: Raxgore's Skull Crushing Axe
    Does 40% more damage to all monsters when equipped
  • Rank 7: The Hearty Helmet Enhancement
    Raises END by a large amount, but reduces STR, DEX, INT, WIS, LUK, and reduces outgoing damage and incoming healing by 15%
  • Rank 8: ArchLich's Crown
    Does 40% more damage to humans when equipped
  • Rank 9: REDACTED Pet
    Does 30% more damage to all tagged monsters when equipped
  • Rank 10: Binky's Man Eating Unihorn
    Does 75% more damage to humans when equipped and has a chance to play a special animation when auto attacking.

And even more gear, including the:

  • Grimstone weapon series
  • Grimskull's Price weapon series
  • Knight of Grimskull set

New Monster Drops

3 New House items in /Grimgaol drop from:

  • Grimskull?
  • Empress Angler
  • Emperor Angler

New weapon with world animation in /Grimchallenge drops from:


Even more rewards in /doomvault & /doomvaultb:

  • Grim Skull Pet from Highbiscus + Lowtus
  • Grim Rose from the Princess Angler (single + dual-wield)
  • Grim Roses Bouquet (single + dual-wield)
  • GrimSkull's Throne and Ghostly Obelisk Blade from Ghostly King Angler
  • Binky Pet and Battle-pet (member-only) from Binky
  • Raxgore's Axe from Undead Raxgore and Ultra Undead Raxgore

Dark  Rewards in /memento and /fearfeast:

  • Ragged Nightmare wings from Malevolent Wraith
  • Rotten Grip Gauntlet from Zombie
  • Rotten Grasp Mace + Dagger from Crypt Zombie
  • 5 new weapons from Catrina
  • Haggard Beard + Shaded Haggard Beard Morph helms from Spiced Knight
  • Brimmed Hat Skull +  Undead Blood Tinted Glasses helms from Spiced Zombie
  • Moonridge Villager armor, 3 hair helms, Moonridge Sally helm from Spiced Villager

And still to come: 

  • 15th Birthday Badge
  • Grimskull Dungeon Badge 
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