Throughout your journey, you may come across a dungeon. Not sure how they work? Well read on, because we have all the info you'll need to know!

What Are Dungeons?

Dungeons are special maps that consist of even more special monsters. These monsters will typically be stronger than the average monster and upon the completion of a dungeon, you will receive a reward.

What to Expect When There's a Dungeon

When a dungeon is present, it will be accompanied by a hub map. The hub map consists of the entrance to the dungeon, at least one NPC that contains info regarding the respective dungeon, and a merge shop for exclusive rewards.

While inside a dungeon, all monsters in the room you are currently in must be defeated in order to progress to the next room. Each dungeon will also be accompanied by a boss fight at the end. Upon the boss's defeat, you will receive a reward.

Dungeons are intended for mid to high level players, and each dungeon may have a different level of difficulty than the last.

Party Mechanics

Up to 4 players can enter a dungeon. However, you will not meet public players in a dungeon. Instead, you can only enter a dungeon with other players if you are partied with them when you join, and only the party leader can begin a dungeon.

If you are disconnected while within a dungeon, you can rejoin your party instance using the “Rejoin Your Party” button via an NPC on the hub map.

Monster Mechanics

Within dungeons, monsters will have skills and pose a considerable challenge. However, monsters will not respawn in rooms that have been cleared. If your party fails to clear a room and is defeated, only the monsters within that room will respawn, not prior rooms.

To get the reward of the dungeon, the dungeon boss must be defeated. Even if a player is dead when the boss is defeated, they will still obtain the reward!

Player Mechanics

There is no limit to how many times a dungeon can be entered and cleared, so you can complete a dungeon for its rewards as often as you would like. However, some dungeons may have daily or weekly quests associated with them for additional rewards.

Dungeons can only be entered through their respective hub maps. They cannot be accessed with the /join or /goto commands. Additionally, the /goto command is disabled while you are in a dungeon.

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