Design Notes

May 22, 2020

Welcome to Yulgar's Borgars

Battle to create Twig's Dream BÖRGAR

Grab your biggest burger-flipper and make your way Yulgar's Inn. Twig just won Yulgar's first ever Design-a-Burger Contest and they need YOU to help make the winning recipe: a Fishand Ice Cream BURGER?! O_O?! 

Complete Yulgar's Quests to unlock sweet rewards

Check out the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu to find the perma-rare EPIC and ULTRA Borgar Hats and color-customizable Colorful Chickencow-Mancer armor set.

The Spicy Town gear is available in Yulgar's AC shop in /borgars map.

Get up to 25% more ACs free!

Don't miss our current bonus offer! Top up your AdventureCoins for a limited time and get 25% more ACs free from any AC or membership pack.

Why a parody release... and why now?! 

Good questions! There are two answers: 

1) A Bob's Burger movie is slated to release this summer, and AQW artist Crulon had already begun his parody armor set. Many of our team members are giant fans of this universe, and couldn't wait to let the puns and fun begin.

2) Behind the scenes, the team has been working on a special guest event. (Just for AQWorlds this time around, not AQWorlds + AdventureQuest 3D). When we work with guest artists, sometimes things take a bit longer than expected (we are always understanding and accommodating when that happens; we know how crazy it can be trying to schedule creativity). 

Our plan for this week didn't start out as a parody event... but we're sure glad it ended that way! Huge thanks to Crulon, Nakana Rei, and Hikari for acting as your super-sweet sous artist-chefs and getting these crazy, creative items made in time for this weekend's event!

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