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February 08, 2019

Save the Honorable Boar Spirit

Our Yokai New Year Celebration continues this weekend!

Join Empress Miko this weekend as our Yokai New Year celebration continues! But before the celebration can begin, the people of Akiba need your help. Zhū the Honorable Boar is trapped, caught in a mysterious sleep enchantment. Enter his dreams and battle to free him, then get ready to /party!

Join akibacny and fight to save the party!

  • Quest to enter Zhū's dream
  • Fight through Zhū's memories to discover what happened to him
  • Battle the creature who sought to keep him trapped... forever

Yokai New Year Rewards

Our featured event farming set was crafted by the super-dedicated, Yokai New Year-loving AQW community guest artist, Nakana Rei! Fight this weekend's event boss to collect the pieces of the Zhū Ronin armor set!

In AQW it has become tradition that we sell a Non-Member AC pet to go with the theme of the Chinese New year. This year it's the Lucky Coin Pig pet to honor the year of the pig! Find that pet and the Boaruto's Father cape in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu.

We are adding a few awesome-but-rare items that you will never see again (sad face if you miss out)

  • Floating Pigs cape
  • 3 Little Pigs pet
  • Lucky Coin Pig pet

You will also find a ton member and non-member Seasonal Items returning to earn while the Yokai New Year event lasts! Happy New Year!

Class Buffs: Chunin + Artifact Hunter

This week, we wrapped up our February birthday class buffs with Chunin and Artifact Hunter. 

Chunin Changes: To increase its viability, we wanted to address two things that you all wanted to see change: its heal (or lack thereof) and the self-stun on Chi Blast. 

  • New Auto Attack default Auto Attack is now a unique auto attack called Chi Strike (has a chance to apply a small heal over time effect + attacks two monsters) 
  • Chi Blast Changes removed the self-stun effect and increased Chi Blast’s damage
  • Monster Target Changes all of Chunin’s skills now target only two monsters (to prevent drawing more aggro than you can manage)

When coupled with its already impressive damage mitigation, the Chi Strike auto attack gives Chunin the sustainability it needs to farm without taking rest breaks or relying on a healer. And by targeting two close range monsters, you further increase the amount of damage you can deal to both targets.

Because most Chunin users would almost never trade Chi Blast's high damage for its self-stun, we removed the self-stun effect, and to ensure it’s on par with newer classes, its damage was buffed.

Artifact Hunter Changes: To address its mana issues, we adjusted damage numbers for its second skill, then buffed it so that the skill will always result in a critical hit.

Last Chance for Nulgath Birthday Gear

We celebrated Nulgath the ArchFiend’s birthday celebration last month, and it's almost time for his birthday shop to leave for the year. Find the Void Rebirth and Void Awakening sets in your game menu until next Friday, February 15th. 

And don't miss your chance to get the color-custom version. Once the shop leaves, it will NEVER be available again!

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