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October 11, 2014

Weekend Update

Network Issues and Chaos Saga Finale Fixes

The Curse of the Phantom Pixel, our 12th anniversary/6th birthday all-game release... has gotten ahold of the very servers running our games! The coders have been and continue to work on resolving the network issues our games are experiencing this weekend. Thank you all for your patience as we battle the bugs and collect all the escaped server hamsters!

All-Game Event Guide

Not sure what to do to save Yurei from the Curse, collect all 13 cursed artifacts, and unlock the OmniKnight Blade? Check out THIS GUIDE or see the TL;DR (too long; did not read) version below:

  • AQWorlds: /join Northpointe and complete Artix's quests for 7 artifacts, then merge them to create the Omni Artifact
  • Epic Duel: Battle to find the shards of Titan's Coffee Mug, then assemble the pieces
  • AdventureQuest: Hunt through AQ using the "Random Battle" button until you come across a possessed Artix wielding the ShadowFire Axe of Curses and defeat him for the reward
  • DragonFable: Head to the Wastelands and quest for a scrap of the Mysterious Necromancer's Cloak
  • MechQuest: Talk to River in Soluna City to secure the Cursed Mod Tape before it's too late!
  • OverSoul: Battle until you find Thok and his Cursed Phoenix Blade
  • HeroSmash: Battle the monsters in the Hottest area until you get Hottica's Cursed Shield

Chaos Saga Finale: Live Testing

Over the last 3 weeks, Reens has rebuilt the ENTIRE Chaos Saga finale (8 weeks of releases!!!), fixing the issues and smoothing out the quest progression. Our testers have run through the new, permanent version many times... but YOU guys are the best testers we could ever have (because there are tens of thousands of you)! That is why this weekend, we are live-testing Reens' Chaos Saga fixes to see if there are places where you are unsure of what to do or where to go.

  1. If you have NOT been able to complete the Chaos Saga finale before now (either because you are just beginning or have had issues), /join MountDoomskull and battle (or Legend Skip) your way to the top of the Moutain. 
  2. Speak with Maya to complete the first quest of the NEW, permanent quest chain. Then defeat Drakath and watch the cutscene. You MUST choose a Chaos Lord form to continue on in the storyline.
  3. Once you have, speak to Maya again and she will send you to begin "World War Lore."
  4. Loremaster Maya will always be your guide through the Chaos Saga finale. If you're ever unsure of where to go, speak to her!

Tonight's network issues have caused some progress save errors; once things have settled, we will be adjusting Maya's dialogue and guide buttons based on the first round of player feedback from earlier today!

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