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October 18, 2016

NEW at HeroMart

Find the Throne of Darkness Prints at HeroMart now!

Seven of the world’s deadliest villains were summoned to the Dark Throne to tell tales of their encounter with your hero... and now YOU can hang prints of them on your wall at home! (What better way to keep a close eye on these dark and deadly foes?)!

Throne of Darkness Trailer

  • The Villains of Darkness Print Bundle comes with all 7 prints for $19.95
  • You can also buy individual prints of your favorite villains for $4.95
  • The bundle comes with 4 HeroPoints 
  • Each individual print will come with 1 HeroPoint

Dage vs Nulgath Mousepad

Keep your DPI game strong with this post evil war relic, This amazing art collaboration between Dage the Evil and Diozz has received so many requests the we brought it back in the form of high quality cloth gaming mousepad, this supersized mouse pad is ideal for people using a low sensitivity or high resolution mouse but it's surface is suitable for all types of mouse sensors and sensitivity settings.

The mousepad comes with 3 HeroPoints to redeem inside Stryche's in-game merch shop!

NEW and returning shirts at HeroMart!

Just like heroes need armor, WE need to wear clothes (or you get tossed into a real-world dungeon). Since you do, you might as well wear an AWESOME one!

HeroMart has a collection of new and returning tees for you to /equip in real life!

  • AdventureQuest Time T-Shirt
  • Mogloween's Undead Twilly T-Shirt
  • Chibi Dragon Slayer T-Shirt
  • Pride of the Legion T-Shirt
  • BioBeasts Breakout T-Shirt
  • BioLab Official Employee T-Shirt
  • AdventureQuest 3D T-Shirt

Each T-Shirt comes with FOUR HeroPoints to spend inside Stryche's in-game merch shop inside AQWorlds!

Wait... What's a HeroPoint?

HeroPoints are a new way for you to get even more rewards when you get merchandise from HeroMart! Existing store items will keep the codes they currently use, but all the NEW merch (like the Throne of Darkness prints) come with a quantity of HeroPoints that you can spend in Stryche's in-game merge shop. The code to redeem your HeroPoints will arrive in the same package as your prints.

  • /join heromart
  • Talk to Stryche to learn all about HeroMart and its merch
  • Browse the store to see his big-ticket items and their in-game rewards
  • Click on items that interest you to get more information or go straight to HeroMart to buy them

Share Your Gear With Us!

Take pictures of your real-life swag and send them to Stryche! We design everything ourselves so it means a lot to us when we see people posting pictures of their favorite products... love the warm fuzzies! Our artists love what they do—and it shows with every product! We know that you too will love each and every product, and be sure to let us know your favorites on the HeroMart's Facebook or Twitter page!  Add  #HeroMart to your posts so we can see (and share) them.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you! Your support and motivation is what keeps the studio going. As you know, we are an indie video game studio, and we do not have any big corporations or investors lining our pockets. We are 100% funded by awesome players like YOU! Most people do not know we personally package and ship your boxes from right here in the game studio. You are as big a part of AE as Artix himself!

Shop smart. Shop HeroMart!

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