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October 23, 2014

Vampire Clan Lore

Learn more about the Vampire Factions

The scrolls of the Vampire Elders seeking to claim the Vampire Throne have been revealed! Learn of each factions' philosophy, what drives its leader, and what each seeks in new recruits. Tomorrow, you will find them in the /eternalnight map. But tonight, you can read them below:

The Umbral Legion

Led by Rapaxi, Elder

Out of the shadows we came, and to the shadows we return. It is there that the Umbral Legion draws its strength. There our power is shaped and grows. We ARE the Children of the Shadows. Warriors of the Shade. From the earliest times, the other Vampires have sought to match our skill as warriors… and failed.

The legends of my people? PAH. That is the way of weakness. Softness. We do not place much store on stories and legends; through embracing silence, one cannot betray their Clan's strategy. That is the way of OUR dark path: in the heat of the battle, we forge the blades of a new Vampire Nation.

The Abyssal Horde

Led by Kurok Gravefang, Leader

*GRRRROWL* You wish to know where the Abyssal Horde comes from? ME! They are mine. Bone, body, and blood. They see my strength, hear my plans, and smell victory. I do not HAVE a history… I will MAKE a history.

No one sees the power that dwells inside the outcasts, the lost, the hated. THEY are the Abyssal Horde. They know that beauty can hide a dark heart, and that claims of skill can be false promises. I make no claims to a pure bloodline or power over mortals or skill in battle. I SHOW my bloodline and my power and my skill… and so does my Horde.

YOU do not join US. WE come to YOU.

The Cor Mortis

Led by Lady Solani, the First Fang

When the Ancient Gods still walked Lore, the legends say, war raged even fiercer than it does now. The very elements struggled for control. And in that chaos, one a new race rose. Vampires. Over the millennia, we grew stronger, and our scattered peoples formed families, and clans.

The Cor Mortis is one such, an ancient Clan, formed from the shadows cast by our earliest ancestors. We are the rulers, the shapers of tradition and definers of history. Those who battle alongside us, rise. Those who oppose us, learn to serve. And someday, should their strength and courage prove them worthy, they join… US.

From my earliest memories, once I was reborn, I learned the ways of my Clan: How to recognize power. How to rule. When to choose mercy, and when to demand obedience. How to let our people choose for themselves while still remaining ONE people following the TRUE path.

The Nyx Aeterna

Led by Baron Luca, Clan Head

The Nyx Aeterna were ancient when the first cities rose up. We watched as the mortals we stalked learned how to harness their own strength and intellect to make their world a better place. We watched, and we poached. We are the hunters, the predators, the monsters your mother used to frighten you as a babe.

Those fierce enough, brave enough, to unleash the Beast within themselves master fear... and hone its edge into a weapon. It is not enough to be STRONG. It is not enough to be SKILLED. It is not enough to be FEARED. The Nyx Aeterna seek those who will LAST. Who will STAY. We are as old as the night. As deep and dark as the shadows that shroud its heart. Those who cannot join us, heart and body and soul... will never truly belong.

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