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June 05, 2015

Battle through the Tournament of Heroes

Fight for Glory against our Gauntlet of Champions!

Can YOU defeat 15 of Lore’s fiercest fighters? Take on the Gauntlet of Champions in the Tournament of Heroes when you /join herotournament! Discover their stories, marvel at their accomplishments, then challenge them to head-to-head combat - if you survive all 15 rounds, your portrait will be placed alongside theirs in the Hall of Victors!

Talk to BattleMaster Vitric to take on the Tournament Champions, but beware, some of these heroes have maxed out their levels, so be prepared to FIGHT!

  • Ash Dragonblade (hey, how'd he sneak onto the list?!?!)
  • Shadic Shasaya  
  • Sun Guardian 
  • Ultamate Aether 
  • Yorohime 
  • Stealthycupcake 
  • Matthew The Dark 
  • Toaudro 
  • Wretch 
  • Sivur Anagram 
  • Fayt Ascylla  
  • Yokai Steel 
  • Chaos Crow
  • Phantix 
  • Luminitos 
  • Admiral Vermillion 
  • Terrmis 

Accept his quest to collect Champion Tokens, and you can unlock the heroic items below! If you aren't quite ready to challenge the higher-leveled heroes, you can always face off against the Training Horc next to Gjappy. He may reward you with a Rising Star Token if you fought especially well! 


Legends of Lore Chronicles: Discover More Champion Stories

Another 15 winners will have their stories features in the Legends of Lore Chronicles, and you'll be able to read their histories in-game when you talk to Gjappy, the Chronicle Keeper!

  • Surge the Stealthy 
  • Leng1david 
  • Dajacky 
  • Ser Nikica 
  • Luke PH 
  • Sudden_deathz
  • Orochi63 
  • Darkhgjg56 
  • strone  
  • Rhyftry 
  • King of the Night 
  • Strawhat Luffy1 
  • avatar_henry 
  • Cap_kiruru 
  • Chessnl 

The judges have chosen 35 MORE Champions, who will be added into the Chronicles once our team of Battle Copyeditors resharpen their Scribe Quills and quest for ink bottle refills (that is to say, next week). 


Next Friday: Dage's Fortress Invasion

Next Friday - face down Grrrberus, the 3-headed Guardian of the Underworld after one of Dage's greatest enemies invades his fortress and corrupts his minions!

 This release will tie 2012's Fotia storyline (which tells the tale of Dage's oldest enemy, Scorn) to our current storyline featuring darkness, betrayal, Dage, and Laken! Read more about next week's release here, and find out everything you need to know about the Fotia storyline in this guide!

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