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September 18, 2014

Quibble's Pirate Preview

Quibble Coinbiter Returns This Weekend!

Tomorrow night, log in for the 2014 Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble shop! We've got a LOT in store, so let's get right down to the news you're waiting for: WHAT will the shop include?!

Four Piratical Sets!

Some of the most popular gear in AQW, the Naval Commander armors will let you look your best while beating the worst bosses we can throw at you... perfect for scoring the greatest loot and the best booty in-game! And this year we've got something completely NEW - the Naval Commander CLASS!

  • Naval Commander Class
  • Dual Explorer Pistols
  • Explorer's Boomstick
  • Bearded Captain's Tricorn
  • Explorer Lass' Tricorn

  • DoomKnight Naval Commander 
  • DoomKnight Tricorn
  • DoomKnight Locks
  • ShadowKnight Tricorn 
  • ShadowKnight Locks
  • DoomKnight Naval Cape 
  • DoomKnight NavalCapeSwords
  • DoomKnight Naval Sword 

  • Brilliant Naval Commander
  • Dual Brilliant Cutlasses
  • Brilliant Cutlass 
  • Brilliant Backblades
  • Brilliant Shoulder Parrot Cape
  • Goldbones Parrot Cape
  • Golden Parrot Cape
  • Brilliant Parrot Pet
  • Brilliant Parrot Pet
  • Brilliant Eyepatch
  • Brilliant Tricorn Locks
  • Brilliant Windswept Tricorn
  • Brilliant Naval Tricorn 
  • Brilliant Captain's Hat 
  • Brilliant Captain's Locks

  • Void Pirate Captain 
  • Void Naval Commander
  • Fiery VoidPirate Plait
  • Icy VoidPirate Plait 
  • Fiery VoidPirate Helm 
  • Icy VoidPirate Helm 
  • VoidPirate Captain Cutlass
  • VoidPirate Captain Armaments
  • VoidPirate Captain Gun
  • Crossed Void Cutlasses Cape
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