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September 28, 2018

TLaPD 2018: Curse of the Sea King WAR

Talk Like a Pirate 2018 Finale

Every September, Pirates around Lore ship out in search of one thing… TREASURE! Last week, Captain Rhubarb and his faithful trobble sought an ancient, powerful artifact. With your help, they found the Heart of the Sea… and a boatload of trouble! The Sea King doesn’t look kindly on those who steal his prizes, and now he’s declared war against you and your crew. This weekend, log in at and defend yourself from the wrath of the watery gods! Survive, and the prize is YOURS. Fail, and you’ll lose more than your loot.


  • Talk to Captain Rhubarb to accept war quests 
  • Slay the war mobs and turn in war quests to rainse the war meter
  • Unlock new quests (and the rewards they drop) at 20, 30, 50, 60, and 75%
  • Unlock the boss fight and reward drops at 100%

War quest rewards include:

  • Gilded Naval Commander Reavers and other accessories
  • Guncraft Commander helms and flintlocks
  • The Forgotten Cutlasses 
  • Gilded Hook Mace
  • The Arachnid Commander's Sword 
  • Bloodborne Naval Commander Top Hats and helms
  • Golden Monkey and Golden Parrot pets
  • and more!
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