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September 21, 2018

Talk Like a Pirate Day LOOT

Quibble Coinbiter + the Sea King's Collection Chest

Talk Like a Pirate Day is one of the most popular holidays in AQWorlds. Every year, Quibble Coinbiter returns with new pirate-themed gear from the past, present, and future for heroes who don't ask too many questions about where their loot originated. 

This year, the AQWorlds team has been featuring a selection of different community artists. To showcase their talent, the 2018 Talk Like a Pirate Day theme is "Artist's Choice" and man, have they really pulled out all the stops! 

All of this year's Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day rare items will be available individually from his shop in Battleon until the event leaves on Monday, October 8th, or you can unlock all 60+ items from the Sea King's Collection Chest.

  • 2018 TLaPD Quibble Bank Pet
  • Crulon's Arachnid Naval Commander set 
  • Ghostly and Forgotten Naval Commander sets
  • QuickDraw Naval Commander set
  • Golden and Antique Naval Commander set
  • Vampiric Naval Commander set
  • Sea King Pirate Captain set
  • Shipwrecked Pirate Captain set
  • Tricorn helms and Captain's Hats
  • Golden and Undead Parrot + and Vampire Bat capes
  • Pirate King's Skull pet
  • Cutlasses
  • Rapiers
  • Anchor maces
  • Animated Revolving Revolvers
  • and more!

Sea King's Collection Chest

Rare collectors, take note! The Sea King's Collection Chest will be available for 10,000 ACs and contains ALL of Quibble Coinbiter's 2018 Talk Like a Pirate Day rare items (over 20,000 ACs worth of gear). This magic chest comes from the very depths of the dark sea, and has over 60+ items from all 8 of Quibble's Naval Commander and Pirate Captain sets.

Sea King Treasure Chest pet: 10,000 ACs

  • 7 Naval Commander armors
  • 2 Pirate Captain armors
  • 50+ accessories and weapons 
  • 2 Bank pets: Ghostly Quibble Bank Pet + Prince of the Sea far0 bank pet
  • Sea King's Skull Pet w/ quest for exclusive character page badge

This is a BOATLOAD of loot, but for you collectors (and would-be rulers of the sea) out there, the Neptune's fabled treasure chests will overflow!

Note: In order to prevent shop abuse, the Sea King's Collection Chest and Skull Pet cannot be sold.

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