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September 19, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate This Weekend

Naval Commander vs Pirates Deep Terror War!

Yarrrr! Deep Terror is rising across the world of Lore as Naval Commanders prepare to clash in a seabattle against the Pirates... and they aren’t content to keep the battle abovewater! Defeat the Dread Fleet, or face death from below! And the town of Lolosia is the prize!

  • Quibble arrives with all new loot!
  • Choose to fight for or against the Dread Pirate Fleet in the Deep Terror War!
  • Explore Lolosia and the lands beyond as you search for hidden treasure!
  • 2015 Naval Commander Original Design contest begins Friday! (One winner's design will be created for next year's Talk Like a Pirate Day event!)

Quibble Arrrrrives with Pirate Gear!

As Beleen says, "Pirates be lovin’ some booty! And ye too can plunder yer loot from Quibble’s Treasure Chest now that he's made landfall in Battleon. Quibble Coinbiter, our time-traveling sales-moglin, has brought piratal loot from the past, present, and future to sell to you... for a price!

Some o’ thee best booty in all the seven seas includes:

  • Naval Commander Class
  • DoomKnight Naval Commander Armor set
  • Brilliant Naval Commander Armor sets
  • Void Naval Commander
  • Void Pirate Captain 
  • And more

2014 Naval Commander Class

When you're sailing the high seas with a crew of rough-and-ready sailors, you need to command RESPECT... and we've got just what you need to do that: an entirely new class, the Naval Commander!With skills designed by Zereldo and art by Laken, this Class will return each year in our Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble shop! Everyone can get the Class for 2000 ACs, or Legends can buy a version with gold!

Originally intended for release as a Naval Commander armor in 2015, with so much excitement building over the art, and to make the NC Class stand out on its own, Laken's High Seas Explorer has become the new Naval Commander Class! /cheer

Treasure Hunt in Lolosia

If you have Dage's Deep Terror Blade, talk to Lucia in Lolosia (/join pirates)to begin a daily quest to its five exclusive prizes! The quest will be around forever... but you can only complete it once a day!*

  • Platinum Trobble Pet 
  • Color Custom Ultra Cutlass 
  • BrutalCorn Pirate Helm
  • Purified Deep Terror Blade (coming Monday!)
  • Dual Deep Terror Blades

DoomKnight Naval Commander

* Originally planned to award one prize per day, this changed to having the quest permanently available so that you could farm for all the gear whenever you have time! There is a chance for any of the 5 rewards to drop each time you complete the quest.

Other activities and shops available in Lolosia:

  • Complete Captain Rhubarb’s quiz to prove you are not a spy (Beware: if you answer incorrectly, you’ll be tossed overboard into battle!) 
  • Preen's Piratical Pets, where Legends can find a stable full of pets to choose from. 
  • Barnacle's Bandana Shop, where next week, all wanderers can find headgear themed on our most popular piratical armors of yesteryear... if you've got the dubloons to grab'em! 

2015 Naval Commander Design Contest

The Naval Commander armor that arrives each year with Talk Like a Pirate Day is one of our most popular designs. 

  • A free version of your winning Naval Commander armor next year
  • An exclusive, 0 AC Trobble pet themed on your design THIS year
  • 1000 AdventureCoins

As with all contests, we reserve the right to award those who go above and beyond! Stay tuned for more details early this week.

Brilliant Naval Commander

Talk Like a Pirate Week... Part 2 Next Week!

As we prepare for a HUGE release full of gear for all players (details coming Monday), we are also getting ready for the end of the Naval Commander vs Pirates war, exclusive boss drops, and more accessories coming to Quibble's shop!

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