Design Notes

June 13, 2012

The Summer Shop's On Fire

Dance in the flames with the Fire Dancer Set!

You'll be looking HOT HOT HOT! That is, if you /equip the Fire Dancer set that we just added to the Summer Shop! Along with the armor we have the Fire Dancer's Fan and the Dual Flaming Torches of Fury!

Coming to the Summer Shop on Friday: Dage, Nulgath, Daimyo, Samba, and J6 surfboards! Check out Diozz's AWESOME art for the Nulgath surfboard!

Investment Trinkets have Increased Sell-backs!

If you purchased a member-only or free player Investment Trinket from Zombie Quibble's shop, then you should SELL them now and you receive MORE than you spent when you bought it! The member trinket sells back for 1500 ACs. The non-member one sells back for 1250 ACs. The price WILL NOT go up any further.

Those of you who sold the trinkets back while the price was bugged can KEEP the extra ACs! Since it was our mistake, we won't punish you by taking them away. If you sold the trinkets AFTER Noon today and got a sell-back of 250 ACs, then we gave you the ACs to make up for it.

Voltaire Sale Going on Now!

Your favorite gypsy goth pirate musician is having a sale at his online store right NOW! Head to Voltaire's online shop to take advantage of a great deal: Sleezter Deady, Urkor Malravenus, Deady "Not Bootleg" toy, AND the "Deady Sings" CD are bundled into one package for $65 USD!

Songs on the "Deady Sings" CD include:

1)The Vampire Club


3)Graveyard Picnic

4)Dead Girls

5)The Headless Waltz

6)Ex Lover's Lover

7)When You're Evil

8)Goodnight Demonslayer

Supplies of the CD are very limited, so if you want to own your own set of Deady-themed swag, head to Voltaire's site now! And if you just can't get enough of Voltaire, you won't have to wait long for more. He, Deady, and all-new characters will star in July's Friday the 13th event! Are you ready to get down with Deady?

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