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August 23, 2013

Tonight: Spin for Doom

Swaggy, Moglin of Delight, and the Wheel of Doom!

Login tonight and /join Doom to talk to Swaggy, the Moglin of Delights! Spin his Wheel of Doom to get gold, potions, and a chance for exclusive gear... or a small chance to get the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness! 

MechaJouster in the Wheel of DoomThe MechaJouster Armor is an exclusive Doom drop!

Pull his level to spin the Wheel of Doom, or turn the Doom Tickets in to quests right inside your game menu!

Wheel of Doom: Vital Information

Visit Swaggy in the /Doom map or look in your Game Menu to buy Doom tickets, then spin the Wheel to get prizes!

How to spin the Wheel of Doom:

  • Doom Ticket: 200 AdventureCoins
  • Stack of 10 Doom Tickets: 1,500 AdventureCoins (25% discount)
  • Legends get 1 FREE spin every day their upgrade is active!*
  • ALL players get 1 FREE spin every month!
  • Doom Tickets CANNOT be sold back. This prevents losing them accidentally and potential exploits.

* Daily spins do not roll over. You must log in each day to use your free spin for the day.

Each time you spin, you will receive:

  • 10,000 gold
  • Doom Strength Draught
  • 1 hour XP Boost 

Wheel of Doom: Bonus Prize Drops

Every time you spin Swaggy's Wheel of Doom, you get gold, a potion, and an XP Boost. But you also have a chance to get one of the following bonus prizes! 

  • You will only be able to get each equippable item one time, no repeats!
  • Treasure Gear will be available in the Wheel of Doom for a few months, then will be rotated in and out to make room for other items. 
  • More items WILL be permanently added to the Wheel over time... so tell us what non-rare items you'd like to see in it!
  • Occasionally, new items exclusively created for the Wheel will be added for a limited time. (Drop rate of 20% or more.)

Ultimate Gear - .1% chance to drop

Swaggy says: "This... is... /DOOM!"

Generous heroes can donate their Rare items** to a pool of gear kept in Swaggy's Hidden Chest of Wonders. If you receive the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness drop from the Wheel of Doom, you'll find an email address to contact us. 

Once a month, we'll take all of the Ultimate Item winners and let them choose one of the rare items from the Chest of Wonders! The SUATMR donation prizes Cysero put together are the beginning of the list, but many heroes want to add items to it! Stay tuned for an updated list soon.

Want to donate one of your rare items? Email your username and the list of items you'd like to donate to: [email protected]! Once a month, we'll count how many players got the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness drop... and let them pick what they want from the list of donated items!

  • Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness
  • 1 million gold***

** This is the ONLY way Rare items will EVER return to the game.
*** The gold cap is ALSO being raised when the release goes live! 

Treasure Gear - 1% chance to drop

Swaggy says: "There's always room for DOOM!"

This gear will be almost impossible to get... unless you're very lucky! This gear will be available for a few months at a time, then will be rotated out to make room for other items. Each batch of items will return at a later date... but when that will be, only Swaggy knows!

Pirates LOVE doomY'arrrr! Pirates love doom-filled loot!

  • 500,000 gold
  • Doom Blade of Awe
  • Doom Star Slasher
  • Doom Soul Ripper
  • Doom Iced Foule-Bordeau
  • Doom Iced Jester
  • Doom Souleater Warrior
  • Doom ExoKatana Binsoku
  • Doom Celestial Sandknight Armor
  • Doom Celestial Sandknight Helm
  • Doom Celestial Sandsword
  • Doom Celestial Sandwings
  • Pirate Captain's Elegant Hat
  • Doom Toga
  • Doom Red Star Sword
  • Doom Pirate Captain
  • Doom Pirate Captain's Hat
  • Doom Pirate Captain's Elegant Hat
  • Doom Shiden Bardiche
  • Doom Rotting Naval Commander
  • Doom Rotting Captain's Hat
  • Doom Rotting Elegant Captain's Hat
  • Doom Chaos Symbiote
  • Doom Naval Commander
  • Doom Vampire Transformation
  • Doom Lycan Transformation
  • Doom Prismatic Composer

Epic Item Drops - Low chance to drop

Swaggy says: "May the odds AND the evens be ever in your favor!"

Some of these awesome items CAN be found elsewhere in-game, but are CRAZY-HARD to get as monster drops. Now your chances of getting them are doubled (or tripled!)! Other items, like the MechaJouster, are going to be low drop rates, but will be VERY worth it if you can get your hands on them!

Phoenix Blade RisingThe Phoenix Blade rises from ashes of DOOM!

  • 250,000 gold
  • MechaJouster Armor****
  • Phoenix Blade
  • Runes Found!

**** Class to come soon in the Wheel of Doom! If you have the MechaJouster armor, you can quest to get the Class for free!

Tier 1 - Better chance to drop

Swaggy says: "Cheaters never prosper, and a winner never quits!"


  • Zealith Doom Reaver
  • Zealith Doom Reavers
  • Blood Cloak
  • Black Rook Great Helm
  • Black Rook Helm
  • Trislayer Blade of Doom +5
  • Desoloth's Bane
  • Titan's Doom Crusher
  • Doom Phoenix Blade +5
  • Doom Wyrm Wings +5
  • MechaJouster Helm

Doom Zealith Reavers and SwaggyDoom has WAY too many sharp edges!


  • Potent Life Potion
  • Potent Vigor Potion
  • Potent Heart Potion
  • Potent Soul Potion
  • Potent Resolve Potion
  • Potent Essence Potion
  • Potent Malice Potion
  • Potent Barrier Potion
  • Potent Shield Potion
  • Potent Protection Potion
  • Potent Guard Potion
  • Potent Destruction Potion


  • 100,000 gold

Tier 2 - Good chance to drop

Swaggy says: "Good luck, Hero!"


  • Twilly Bank Pet
  • Zorbak Bank Pet
  • Courage Moglin
  • Spider Legs
  • Shadowscythe Mecha Suit
  • Horned Trislayer Helm
  • Trislayer Armor
  • Doom Tibicenas Face
  • Doom Tibicenas
  • Doom Wolfwing Mask
  • Doom Wolfwing Wings
  • Doom Wolfwing Armor
  • Escherion's Doom Helm
  • Escherion's Doom Robe
  • Phoenix Plate
  • Doom Wings of the Abyss
  • Tentacles of the Doom Overlord

Doom and pets mix wellSwaggy knows you'll make bank!


  • 1 hour Rep Boost
  • 1 hour Gold Boost
  • 1 hour Class Points Boost


  • Life Potion
  • Vigor Potion
  • Heart Potion
  • Soul Potion
  • Resolve Potion
  • Essence Potion
  • Malice Potion
  • Honor Potion
  • Barrier Potion
  • Shield Potion
  • Guard Potion


  • 50,000 gold

Tier 3- Excellent chance to drop

Swaggy says: "This is gonna be EASY!"


  • Realm Guardian Helm
  • Realm Guardian Armor
  • Karma Army
  • Ninja Warrior Armor
  • Doom Rocket Pack
  • Doom Wings of Ishtar

Doom and Gold... shinyWho said Doom couldn't glitter?


  • Health Potion
  • Mana Potion
  • Potion of Speed
  • Potion of Evasion
  • Potion of Inscrutable Mutation
  • Undead Potion of Hate
  • Basic Barrier Potion
  • Unstable Barrier Potion
  • Unstable Shield Potion
  • Unstable Protection Potion
  • Unstable Guard Potion


  • 25,000 gold

August 20, 2013

Spin the Wheel of Doom

Test your luck to get DOOM-filled rewards!

Deep in the forests near Doomwood, there sits a VERY ominous Wheel and an undead moglin in a top hat. This Friday, you'll find Swaggy, Moglin of Delight, and his Wheel of Doom standing in the shadows when you /join doom!

Wheel of doom

How do I spin?

Talk to Swaggy to buy a Doom Ticket for 200 AdventureCoins or a Stack of 10 Doom Tickets for 1500 AdventureCoins to spin the wheel. If you're a Legend, you can access the Legendary Wheel of Doom quest, which gives you one FREE spin every day your account upgrade is active! You can earn free AdventureCoins by watching ads from Ballyhoo or completing AExtras offers, too.

Wheel of Doom prize tiers

EVERY time you spin, you get at least THREE prizes - 20,000 gold, a 1 hour XP Boost, and a Doom Strength Potion - plus a chance for VERY special EXTRA prizes!

100% chance to get:

  • 10,000 gold
  • 1 hour XP Boost
  • Doom Strength Potion

10-90% chance to get:

  • Armors
  • Helms
  • Weapons
  • Accessories
  • Pets
  • Gear available for limited time

1% chance to get:

  • Class (give us suggestions of what classes you'd like the wheel to have!)
  • Past Quibble items ("Unknown" rarity only. Items marked "RARE" are perma rare and no more of them can ever be added to the game.)

.1% chance to get:

  • Ultimate Donation Item of EPICNESS!

From time to time, new gear made JUST for Swaggy will be added to the Wheel of DOOM that you can ONLY get when you spin. Gear like that will have a 20-50% chance to drop.

Wait!!! Quibble gear is returning?!!?

Yes... but only SOME of Quibble's gear will be added to the Wheel of Doom, and not in the exact same way:

  • No Quibble items tagged as Rare will EVER be added to the Wheel of Doom unless donated by another player. 
  • Any item from a Quibble shop will have "Doom" added onto its name. We know our rare-hunters value their exclusive gear, and this will let you prove that YOU got the gear from the original shop!
  • There is only a 1% chance to get each Quibble item from spinning the Wheel of Doom.

Little-known fact: when we first introduced Quibble Coinbiter's items a few years ago, they were all supposed to return at a later date, in future zones. But so many of you loved your rares that you BEGGED Artix to keep them from returning. So we didn't add any of those items into the zones Quibble preceded.

We have always said that SOME of Quibble's gear could return in the future... so a select list of the gear with "unknown" or "unassigned" rarity tags will be added to the Wheel of Doom.

Quibble's Gear Available from the Wheel of Doom:

  • Doom Chaos Symbiote Armor
  • Doom Naval Commander set
  • Doom Prismatic Composer Armor
  • Doom Celestial Sandknight
  • Doom Rotting Naval Commander set
  • Doom Shiden Bardiche
  • Doom Pirate Captain set
  • Doom Red Star Sword
  • Doom Toga
  • Doom Pirate Captain's Elegant Hat
  • Doom Open Celestia Sandwings
  • Doom Celestial Sandsword
  • Doom ExoKatana Binsoku
  • Doom Souleater Warrior
  • Doom Iced Jester
  • Doom Iced Foule-Bordeau Helm
  • Doom Soul Ripper
  • Doom Star Slasher
  • Doom Lycan Transformation
  • Doom Vampire Transformation
  • Doom Celestial Sandknight Helm

Donating rare items to the Wheel of Doom

In the near future, we'll make it so that YOU can donate some of your RARE gear (like Alpha Pirate) to the Wheel of Doom!* When we began the Shut Up and Take My Rares contest, we had an INCREDIBLE amount of people offering to donate their rare gear.

So once we add this feature, instead of giving people prizes from Cysero's inventory, once a month we'll take a rare item one of your fellow heroes gives us, remove it from THEIR inventory, and add it to the Wheel of Doom. When that happens, we'll announce who the generous donor is and write a short history of their time in AQWorlds in our Design Notes... then add their name to a plaque in the Hall of Heroes!

Of course, this does mean the end of the SHUT UP AND TAKE MY RARES monthly contest but don't worry, all the gear will be in the Wheel of Doom meaning that you don't have to wait a month to play and there will be a LOT more than one winner per month! 

Let us know what you think!

We always want to make as many of you as happy as we can, so let us know what you think about the Wheel of Doom!** Tell me on Twitter, the forum, and Facebook

* Heromart items cannot be donated, as people can just re-buy their gear from the shop.
** Or if we accidentally included any rare gear in the list.

Changes incoming!

Look for a detailed post later today for new information and more explanations about the Wheel of Doom system. Remember:

  • NOTHING tagged as rare will ever be re-created in the game.
  • We'll define what the different item rarities mean ("rare" vs "unassigned")
  • Tell you how to find rarities for your items
  • Gold cap being increased
  • Cycling Doom Quibble gear in and out of the Wheel of Doom's rewards
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