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April 22, 2014

Summer of Chaos

13 Lords of Chaos Saga Finale Begins June 6th!

When you first arrive in the Land of Lore, you're hit by lightning and fall down a mountain. This is a sign that YOU are no ordinary Hero! You're strong, can withstand things that would kill an ordinary person and, beyond that, have been chosen by Fate for an extraordinary journey! 

Artix has planned the end of the 13 Lords of Chaos storyline for YEARS... and the finale is about to begin! Over the coming weeks, the AQW team will be focusing on building the Chaos Saga finale, because once the sun sets on June 6th, CHAOS will erupt and the world as you know it... will be gone!

Prepare yourselves, heroes, because this summer you're not going to be fighting for your life... you'll be battling to save the world!

Summer of Chaos

June 6th: 13th Lord of Chaos Saga Finale BEGINS! Confront Drakath and discover the identity of the 13th Lord of Chaos. It's time to save the world, and it's all up to YOU!

June 13 - 27th: 13th Lord of Chaos attacks! How will YOU fight back? Live wars each day, story events every Friday!

July 3rd: Shadowfall Rises! EVERYONE on Lore needs to band together to battle Chaos... and Empress Gravelyn is NO exception! We are going to need everyone to work together if Shadowfall is going to fly again! (... Lore's Indepence day comes right before the USA's!)

July 11th: Drakath waits for you, Hero... Will you be ready?! The answer is YES!!!!!!

July 18 - 25th:

SPOILERS, Mortal! No one may know my plans! You will find out soon enough...
- Drakath, Champion of Chaos

"Calm" before the Summer of Chaos Storm

In the weeks leading up to the Summer of Chaos, we'll be focusing a LOT of our development time and energy on making this summer the BEST MOST CHAOTIC EVER! Check out what we've got planned for the month of May to keep your battle skills honed while we prepare!

May 2nd: Dragon's Rise

May 5th: Cinco de Mayo and Randor's Birthday Shop

May 9th: Dragon's Heart

May 11th: Mother's Day

May 16th: "The Fell Beast" Contest Winner's story and Dragon Emperor Tier Set

May 23rd: "The Chaorrupted Lab" Contest Winner's story and X-Treme Heroes shop
(I will be gone for a week again wrestling rattlesnakes and riding buffalo... WHAT is Memet going to DO?!!?!)

May 30th: "Calm Before the Storm" pre-Chaos AQW Cleanup!

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