Design Notes

October 26, 2014

Birthday Server Bonus

Thank you all for playing AQWorlds!

At Artix Entertainment, we don't like to GET gifts on our birthdays, we like to GIVE them, and thanks to all the October birthdays, we have a blast doing just that!

Miko and I were born one year and one day apart!

We have a TON of team members with October birthdays:

  • Rolith and Cysero (Team Omni)
  • Ai No Miko (Empress of the web)
  • Kalanyr, IMR, and Kamui (Original AQ team)
  • Aster and Judge Acumen (AQW Class designer and In-game Mod)
  • Scakk, Therril, Kokujoe, Chisagen (Forum Mods)
  • Myself and so many of you 

Battle On for ALL the Birthday Boosts!

Usually our artists make weapons, armors or other gear and put them into shops for everyone.  Not being an artist, I wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate all our birthdays and the 7 years I've been working with AE.  

Since we just increased AQWorlds' level cap to 65, an XP bonus seems like the perfect way to celebrate! For those incredible heroes who have already reached the cap, there are Rep, Gold, and Class Point Bonuses active, too!

  • 15% Rep, Class Points, Gold, and EXP on all servers
  • 25% Rep, Class Points, Gold, and EXP on Legend servers

My wish for the coming year is... 365 days of battling alongside all of you on the MANY new adventures we've got planned! Thank you all so much for playing AQWorlds; without you, we would not be here! 


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