Design Notes

July 08, 2013

Kanataka Warrior Leaves Friday

Command the Skies with a 1 Month Upgrade!

Death from above comes from YOUR hands as a Kanataka Warrior, but the LAST day to get this gear is Thursday!  Unlock the Kanataka Warrior set with a 1 Month Membership before 5pm this Thursday, July 11, 2013.  Find it inside the payment window in-game (click the "Get Membership" or "Get ACs" button on your Dragon Menu, then look for the Specials tab) or on the Portal Site.  

"Honor. Loyalty. Victory." - Kanataka Warrior Creed

Who are the Kanataka Warriors?

The sons and daughters of Yokai nobles are chosen at a young age and train for the rest of their lives to hone their battle skills.  They are prepared to slay any enemy (or sacrifice their own lives) in order to protect the lives and liberty of the people who depend on them.

What comes with the set?

Inspired by the hawks which soar over Yokai Island, Tyronius crafted a set celebrating the Yokai's most sky-worthy warriors!

  • Kanataka Warrior Armor
  • Taka Crest Helm
  • Hikoyoku Wings
  • Hariken Cape
  • Inazuma Staff
  • Book of Lore AND character page badges

Shadowfire Emissary on Deck!

When the Kanataka Warriors finish recruiting and fly back to Yokai, the Shadowfire Emissaries will arrive! Should you prefer the shadows to the skies, purchse a 1 month upgrade starting this Thursday night to get your own version of the Shadowfire Emissary set (all pieces color-custom)!

What color is YOUR shadow?

The Shadowfire Emissary package comes with the following:

  • Shadowfire Emissary armor!
  • Shadowfire Battlecowl!
  • Wings of the Shadowfire Clan
  • Polearm of Callousness
  • IFear & Cruelty (dual katanas)
  • Book of Lore AND character page badges
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