Design Notes

March 30, 2012

When Good Becomes Evil

The time has come for BATTLE!

Blood in the air and lions on the prowl! When both Rolith the Knight-Captain and many of the Pactoganol Knights go missing, Alina decides that the time to sit back and watch others fight has passed; it's time to decide whether being Evil in the service of saving lives is worth it. Enter the Battle PoisonMistress!

He'll want to take the Knight off after that.

Battle through a /poisonforest full of loyal knights put to the flame and traitorous deserters to reach the Lionfort! Let the battlerage consume you as Alina poisons her way through a forest of enemies to reach the captives!

Things are heating up now!

As Alina comes to terms with what she is willing to do in the name of Good, YOU will need to make your own choice to determine the fate of this week's villain. Be careful, because once you learn his identity, you'll understand the far-reaching consequences of this decision!

Thanks to Hizu for his work on the Traitorous Lieutenant monster and to Samba for pushing through a crashing Flash (9 crashes in one day) to rock out the cutscenes! Check out Alina's Armory shop, it's got some great new gear from Jemini for members and free player gold!

Limited Quantity Shop: Saturday at 10AM EST

Don't forget, tomorrow morning at 10AM server time - the first Limited Quantity Shop of 2012 releases! With epic equips like Zard Rider, Dragon Rider, and the Toxica set, you'll want to make sure to get in line before they're gone! To find out what time 10AM is in YOUR region of earth, check out this timezone converter!

 Who knew Zard Riders could /samba in sync?

For pictures of the items, check out yesterday's Design Notes! Here's a reminder of the shop's items and their prices/quantities: 


  • Zard Rider - 1,000 ACs - 9,000 quantity
  • Dragon Rider - 1,000 ACs - 9,000 quantity
  • WyrmTamer - 800 ACs - 7,500 quantity
  • Toxica Armor - 725 ACs - 6,000 quantity
  • Solrac Legacy - 38,500 member gold - 10,000 quantity



  • Zard Rider Hat - 85 ACs - 9,000 quantity
  • Toxic Horns - 85 ACs - 6,000 quantity
  • WyrmTamer Hood - 75 ACs - 7,500 quantity
  • WyrmTamer Helm - 75 ACs - 7,500 quantity
  • Legacy Locks - 16,500 member gold - 10,000 quantity
  • Shorn Legacy Hair - 16,500 member gold - 10,000 quantity


  • Toxica Scythe - 200 ACs - 5,000 quantity
  • SolarEdge Armblades - 35,000 member gold - 10,000 quantity
  • Toxic Smasher - 35,000 free gold - 20,000 quantity

I herd u like dragons, so I put a dragon on your dragon.


  • Dragon-back Cape - 500 ACs - 8,000 quantity
  • Sol-Wrap Cape - 10,000 free gold - 12,000 quantity

Coming Next Week:

  • Grenwog!
  • Player Suggestion Shop update!
  • Treasure Chest loot update!
  • Update on the winner of I Can Has Mod winner IF they reply!

That's it for this weekend, guys, but we think that's quite a lot for one weekend! Enjoy the releases!


March 26, 2012

Poison, Member Class, LQS!

Poison: Good or Evil?

Death. Life. All contained within a single vial - the power of poison. To harm or heal, cure or kill... to be Good or Evil... all contained in a single drop. We all must make choices, and we must all grow into our decisions. Life is not black and white and, as we've seen, neither are alignments. Even the most toxic poison can sometimes cure*.

Lion lion, metal-bright, will we
do what you think is right?

Return to the Potionmaker storyline this Friday as Alina decides whether to remain passively making potions or take up her poisoned blade to save a life... and change her future! To begin the Potionmaker storyline, head to Swordhaven castle and take a right when you reach the drawbridge. You'll find Alina with a tale to tell and potions to sell!

* That also means the most potent medicine can kill.

Mid-week Member-only release: BloodAncient Class!

We didn't think it could be done, but it looks like we WILL be able to release a member-only class during one of Cysero's mid-week releases! To that end, prepare yourselves for the BloodAncient Class! With skills like Draw Blood, Soul Grip, and Aspect of Mist, you'll find the battlefields left bloody in your wake!

You will be able to earn this Class just by playing this week's mid-week release in Darkovia OR by purchasing it from Itzachi in Battleon for Adventure Coins! (But ONLY members will be able to use ACs to buy the class.)

Limited Quantity Shop: Saturday, March 31st at 10 AM!

For epic rare items galore, you'll want to log in this Saturday at 10 AM EST, no foolin'! The Spring Limited Quantity Shop will feature awesome armors, wicked weapons, and amazing accessories from your favorite AQWorlds artists! Check out our first art preview from Solrac, Solrac's Legacy:

His legacy is Cyborg technology.

Watch the Design Notes for more art previews throughout the week, and make sure you know when the shop opens for YOU with this timezone converter!

I Can Haz Mod Contest!

Remember, the last I Can Haz Mod contest ends THIS FRIDAY, March 30! So if you haven't purchased your Last Golden Cheezburger from Cleric Joy in Battleon, hurry! The winner will be granted one selfless wish AND get to spend 2 hours with their favorite AQW dev or mod, AND get temporary modship (and all attendant privileges) for 2 hours!

Coming up!

  • Look for a skill breakdown for Blood Ancient Class to come this week!
  • Next week: Treasure Chest loot update!
  • Next week: Suggestion Shop update!
  • Next week: Grenwog returns!
  • Artist Livestream Week! 1 AQW artist a day will stream live in-game to show how art for AQW is created!
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