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June 10, 2013

OathKeeper Set Leaves Tomorrow!

Take the Oath and Become Epic

Last Tuesday, Dage the Evil unleashed his infamous OathKeeper Armor Set in Battleon’s Featured Artist Showcase Shop. With SOOO many Rare items to choose from, you’re bound to become Epic in 1 way, or, more accurately, in 22 ways!

Dage's OathKeeper Armor Set in online fantasy games

Here is your LAST CHANCE at owning Dage’s OathKeeper Set before it leaves FOREVER tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday June 11. And here is the breakdown of all of Dage’s items so you know which ones you just HAVE to get!


Bright SoulSeeker: 45,000 Gold; Member

Bright SoulSeeker: 225 ACs

Kindred SpiritHunter: 175 ACs

Kindred SpiritHunter: 17,500 Gold; Member



Alloyed Legion SpiritHunter: 215 ACs

Alloyed Legion SpiritHunter: 21,500 Gold; Member



SoulSeeker Spear: 18,500 Gold; Member

Two-Headed SoulSeeker Pike: 225 ACs



OathKeeper: 600 ACs



OathKeeper Cowl: 75 ACs

OathKeeper Razor Cut: 5,000 Gold

OathKeeper Shroud: 65 ACs

OathKeeper Shroud: 10,000 Gold; Member



OathKeeper Array: 115 ACs

OathKeeper Array: 15,000 Gold; Member

OathKeeper Halo: 100 ACs

OathKeeper Halo: 18,500 Gold; Member

OathKeeper Mantle: 125 ACs

OathKeeper SpiritHunter (Sheathed): 75 ACs

OathKeeper Wings: 15,000 Gold



Legion SoulSeeker Pet (w/Quest & Rewards!): 1,000 ACs

SoulSeeker Battle Pet: 50,000 Gold; Member


As you can see, a bunch of these items are Member Only, or sell for AdventureCoins. And because summer is here, now is the PERFECT time to Upgrade your Membership and score a bunch of ACs!

Did you know…

When you purchase your 12 Month Membership package, you’re getting:

  • the BEST deal
  • exclusive Golden Fury Armor Set (6 items)
  • AND saving the MOST money!

Golden Fury Armor Set exclusive for Members in online fantasy game AQW

Let me break it down for you: a 12 Month Membership costs $57.95. So when you break that down, you’re only spending

$4.83 a month!

Dude. I spend MORE than that on my Frappichinos. Everyday. Why can’t Starbucks offer a sweet membership deal like AQWorlds? I’d totally buy it!

But it gets even better. Your 12 Month AQW Membership includes:

  • A whole year of Membership access
  • 7,000 bonus AdventureCoins (valued at $28.00)
  • Exclusive Golden Fury Armor set (priceless!)
  • Option for an addition 5,000 ACs for only $5.00 more (valued at $19.95)

So when you take ALL that into account, you’re really only spending

$1.25 a month!

This is FUN! Wanna break that apart even more… by day!? OKAY!

$0.04 per day!

Are. You. SERIOUS?! Oh yes. Very serious indeed. Check my math if you don’t believe me… even though I quadrupled checked just to make sure =D

12 month membership bundle for online games

Obtaining your 12 Month Membership is by far the best deal in the whole world—and the whole world wide web!

Looking for epic summer adventures without breaking the bank?

Want to flaunt your coolness during the scorching summer heat?

Wanna become epic, get epic items, score epic bragging rights, and obtain the most epic deal?

Upgrade your AQWorlds Account now!


June 05, 2013

Dage’s Featured Artist Shop

Keep the Oath of the Undead Legion!

The OathKeeper Armor Set has just been unleashed upon your favorite online adventure game, AdventureQuest Worlds!

Dage's OathKeeper Armor Set in online fantasy games

Love the Undead Legion? Love Dage the Evil’s amazing artwork? Then you’ll LOVE Dage’s OathKeeper Armor Set in Battleon’s Featured Artist Showcase Shop!

  • OathKeeper Armor,How to get Dage the Evil's items in online adventure game
    600 ACs

  • SoulSeeker Blade Pet,
    500 ACs (coming Friday!)

  • OathKeeper Wings,
    15,000 gold

  • OathKeeper Halo cape,
    100 ACs

  • OathKeeper Array cape,
    115 ACs

  • OathKeeper Mantle cape,
    125 ACs

  • OathKeeper SpiritHunter (Sheathed) cape,
    75 ACs

  • Bright SoulSeeker sword,
    225 ACs

  • Kindred SpiritHunter sword,
    175 ACs

  • OathKeeper Shroud helm,
    65 ACs

  • OathKeeper Cowl helm,
    75 ACs

  • Alloyed SoulSeeker daggers,
    10,000 gold

  • Alloyed Legion SpiritHunter daggers,
    215 ACs

  • OathKeeper Razor Cut hair,
    5,000 gold
  • OathKeeper Array cape,
    Member 15,000 gold

  • Alloyed Legion SpiritHunter daggers,
    Member 21,500 gold

  • OathKeeper Halo cape,
    Member 18,500 gold

  • Kindred SpiritHunter sword,
    Member 17,500 gold

  • OathKeeper Shroud helm,
    Member 10,000 gold

  • Bright SoulSeeker sword,
    Member 45,000 gold

  • OathKeeper SpiritHunter (Sheathed) cape,
    Member 7,500 gold


Take the Oath:
Become Dage the Evil’s OathKeeper now!

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