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August 25, 2015

This Weekend: Third Spell from the Sun

You Might as Well Be Battling on the Sun!

When a mysterious force begins to steal light from Lore’s sun, Warlic and Cysero know there is only one Hero to call upon - you! This Friday, gear up and get ready to go out of this world (and out of your body!) to keep our world from being plunged into eternal darkness!

Last week, we said this week's release would be the introduction to the Brightoak Grove Saga, and up until about six hours ago, that was true. But when J6 sent a message saying he wanted to do a really amazing job on the hub town's map, of course I said -- we can swap this week's release with next week's... because we have more of the Round 1 Stars from the Release Design Contest!

free rpg MMO Magic Sun Trip
You can tell Cysero's just chillin' with the sun because he's giving a thumbs up.

So this week we will be releasing Ergotth's "Third Spell from the Sun" story - and man, is the ending hysterical! It's not something we've ever done before... and probably will never do again! 

Introducing New AQWorlds Team Members

Ergotth, Plank, and Venthos are three of the newest members of the AQWorlds team! They are bringing fresh eyes, voices, and ideas to the AQW dev team. Starting this week, Plank and Venthos will begin their journey towards mastering the art (and madness) of quest design, while Ergotth is going to join the writing team as an all-around awesome-idea-and-continuity guy!

We are really excited to have them with us, but that is not all! Boxer502 is ALSO joining the team as a release tester. I am going back over the applications from our last tester hunt and contacting more people, so if you applied, keep an eye on your inbox - all email invitations will be sent by next Monday!

Shops Leaving this Friday

This is your last chance to get the Anseri Destroyer gear from the Cysero's Secret release Rares shop!

And don't miss the Eternal Groveborn and Grovebreaker armor sets and items. They leave Friday, too. You can find both shops in your game menu!

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