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September 29, 2015

2015 Achievement Tracker Updates

The more you play, the more rewards you'll unlock!

Every time you log into AQWorlds, you've got some goal - whether it's to meet up and battle alongside your friends, rank up your class, or finish that last Chaos Lord Saga and start the Queen of Monsters storyline - and the sense of satisfaction when you accomplish that goal is one of the best things about playing AQW! But if you think you've done everything inside AQW and gotten all the best gear... guess again! The Achievement Tracker is HERE!

NEW Achievement Tracker Rewards for 2015

  • 7 years played: Light Mage armor set
  • 6 years membership: Fiend and Void Pets, and Orb Pets with quests
  • 300,000 ACs: Swordhaven Mansion House

These rewards will launch next Friday, on October 9th!

What IS the Achievement Tracker?

If you're just hearing about the Achievement Tracker, it is one of the ways we reward you for staying, playing, and supporting AdventureQuest Worlds!

  • 3 different achievement categories: Sagas completed, Time Played, Loyalty
  • 48 badges and 170+ items
  • 3 of the badges are NEW this year: 7 years played, 6 years upgraded, and 300,000 ACs
  • 170+ permanent reward items for you to unlock, including the NEW gear below! 

The Achievment Tracker will let you more easily display those accomplishments to your friends and show you new goals to strive for.  Some of these rewards may take a while to unlock, but don't worry... they will never leave, so you can keep battling towards your goal!

Time Played Badges track how old your account is (1 week, 1 year, 5 years, etc)

Sagas Completed Badges track which of the main storyline sagas you've finished

Loyalty Badges tracks the support our Legends and AC buyers have contributed

And the best news: ALL of the progress you've ever made count towards the Achievement Tracker! So on Friday, be sure to check your Book of Lore to get all of the gear you've already automatically unlocked!

How to unlock your rewards:

  1. Once you see an achievement unlocked on your Tracker, head in-game
  2. Open up your Book of Lore and go into the Achievements tab
  3. Scroll through your badges until you find your new badge and its shop
  4. Open the shop and get all the gear (0 ACs for free storage!)

Now... on to this year's NEW rewards! 

7 Years Played Reward: Light Mage Armor Set!

Unlock all 10 items in the Light Mage set - the Light Mage armor and accessories, plus bonuses and animations - when you play AQWorlds for 7 years!

6 Years Membership Reward: Nulgath Evolution Armors!

Unlock Primal Orb 2.0 and Void Orb Pets PLUS the Evolved Fiend of Nulgath PET and the Evolved Void of Nulgath PET when you when you purchase 6 years of membership! Then head in-game and begin the quests to unlock the armors that match the pets!

These armors are based on two of Nulgath the ArchFiend's most popular armors from WAY back in the early days of AQWorlds. Legendary artist Zee has paid homage to those originals while bringing them into 2015. you can see how here: Fiend Evolution and Void Evolution!

But beware, we are going with the same quest requirements (exceot for rare items) that the original armors required, so you will get instant rewards in with the four pets, but to unlock the armors, you'll need to get in there and BATTLE ON!

We want to give the members who have shown so much support a real over-the-top reward, and these are some of the most amazing and popular armors we've put out recently. To me, these are truly a way to honor those players, and since so many of you long-time supports are real, hard-core Nulgath fans, this will be a real blast to the past!

300,000 ACs Reward: Swordhaven Mansion!

Unlock the Swordhaven Mansion House with its four interior rooms (plus armor customizer room!) when you purchase 300,000 AdventureCoins!

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