Design Notes

January 25, 2013

Jade Samurai Set is Here!

Unlock the Jade Samurai with a 1 Year Membership!

Upgrade your account with a 1 Year Membership Package, to become a Jade Samurai, one of Yokai's elite military commanders! The set comes with an armor, helm, single and dual katanas, Gitou sword, and character page achievement! Unlock pets, member-only servers, exclusive zones/items/battles, and more! 

Command the battlefield and control thousands of warriors as a Jade Samurai! Long honored across Lore for their battle prowess, the Jade Samurai is also one of the highest ranks in the Emperor of Yokai's elite personal guard!

Double EXP Weekend, Bring All Your Friends!

Login tonight on ANY server to get DOUBLE experience points from any battle or quest! This boost stacks with the AC XP Boost available in the Class Shop in Battleon, so if you needed help leveling up, this is the weekend to play!

And Members who play on Sir Ver and Evil Sir Ver will get a DOUBLE REP boost on top of the Double XP Boost, plus a little MORE XP than regular servers! Perfect timing for the new ThurnderForge Rep quests releasing tonight)! We can do these at any point in the future, so keep an eye on the homepage and Design Notes for random boost announcements!

Happy Birthday to MANY Team Members!

We've got a number of staff birthdays happening right around now!

  • Captain Stratos, BugMaster General and Asst. Lead Mod
  • Vokun, Asst. Artist for AQWorlds
  • Captain Rhubarb, Programming Pirate Captain
  • Draven, Web Design Destroyer
  • Stryche, HeroMart Ninja
  • True Mortal, Artist for DragonFable

Happy birthday to all of them! Cthaptain Stratos AND Vokun will each have an in-game birthday shop, too! Find Stratos' in Battleon, and talk to Vokun in Shadowfall!

Australia Day Shop Arrives Tomorrow! 

Oi, we can't NOT celebrate Australia Day! Login tomorrow for awesome aussie Gear! Aranx is already hard at work crafting new versions of last year's extra-aussie items! Those will release TOMORROW in Battleon!

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