Design Notes

June 18, 2012

Time for Chaos

The clock is counting down to Chaos!

There lies to the West an unexplored land... but not for much longer! Journey this Friday to The Span, the hub town for the next Chaos zone. Where a vast wasteland once lay, there now stand the ruins of a town ravaged by a long-ago war. How it got there, no one knows. The people walking its streets APPEAR normal. The monsters roaming the alleys do not; their like has never been seen before in your world.

Night Hunter Armor, sold by a small, strange vendor

The taint of Chaorruption is not strong here... yet. The townspeople in Swordhaven whisper the name "Tibattleonia." It means nothing to you now, but that will change VERY soon. Hurry to The Span, Hero; it is vital that you experience all that awaits you there!

This Friday: 1 Year Golden Membership Package!

This weekend, for a limited time we will be offering a NEW membership package with an incredibly shiny bonus! (And we're not talking about the ACs.) Starting THIS FRIDAY, purchasing a 1 year membership will get you:

  • 1 year of AQWorlds membership (and the growing list of perks that comes with it!)
  • The Golden Plate set (armor, helm, cape, weapon)
  • 7,000 Adventure Coins (that's an extra 1,000 ACs!)

Dage crafted a blindingly bright, super-shiny version of the original AdventureQuest's Golden Plate! Once this offer is gone, the Golden Plate set will NEVER return!

There's only one word to describe this set: AU-some!

Even if you're already an AQW Member, getting 1,000 extra ACs and a RARE armor set for the same price as the regular 1 year membership1 is a pretty good deal!

Suggestion Shop Update!

This is hardly a petty Suggestion Shop update... because we're offering FOUR new pets by Samba! She's created the Unicornasaurus Rex, Draglin, Flame Butterfly, and Chibi Fox envisioned by your fellow players!

Butterfly in the sky, your flame's gonna make me fry!

And to make things even COOLER, Aranx has made some hot gear based on the suggestions posted on the forum. Make sure to /join Yulgar this Friday to pick up a pet or armor of your own!

Srs Mid-week Member-only Update is srs!

HAY GUIZ! Srsly, lolcats? Ya rly, lolcats! If you've only just signed on to the internet, you have missed a crazy cat-based caption sensation! This week's member-only update is based on the lols and lore one only finds when you combine cat-like creatures, horribly-contagious grammar, and the mind of a mad Weaponsmith! Log in Wednesday to experience this rly kewl release!

Design Notes done!  I'm going to go see how much damage Artix did to Rolith's boss in tonight's D&D battle! (Who would have expected him to roll a natural 20?) Have a great night, guys!

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